Live, Laugh, Love to every extent. Life is too short.
-Nara Arida
  • 42 years old
  • Born on August 17, 1970 .
  • Passed away on October 6, 2012 in Bellingham, Washington, United States.

Nara was an Amazing Woman, Mother, Daughter, Sister and Friend. Words cannot describe the Legacy she left for those of us she left behind. We would like this website to be a way to remember Nara and her Legacy. Please leave a memory that you have with her. You may also post a photo of her as we will be collecting them for a power point presentation. Nara, Rest now in the arms of the one you lived for Daily!

 Nara's service is scheduled for Thursday, October 11, at 6:30 pm at Green Acres Funeral home in Bellingham with a reception immediatly following. It is at the corner of Lakeway and Woburn.


Posted by Luis Higgie on 6th October 2015
Nara really touched everyone she met and I will always remember her smile and her attitude of service! She trained me at my work and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't remember or appreciate Nara!. You are greatly missed every single day and I count it a blessing to have known you! "Those who have been ransomed by the Lord will return. They will enter Jerusalem singing, crowned with everlasting joy. Sorrow and mourning will disappear, and they will be filled with joy and gladness." Isaiah 51:11
Posted by Tony Segar on 6th October 2015
We remember Nara dearly and wish she was part of our team. I hope her girls are doing well.
Posted by Tony Segar on 7th October 2013
Nara. Here at the Spanish department we miss you. We continue to offer pastors a great tool for Bible study as you did. What a great thought you no longer need Bible study is needed as you behold the savior.
Posted by Ana Espinoza on 7th October 2013
We miss you at logos and our customers still pray and remember your kindness.
Posted by Luis Higgie on 7th October 2013
Not one day goes by that we do not remember Nara and her smile and positive attitude towards life!! Customers ask about her on a daily basis and because she trained me, at my job, I have emails, notes and all kinds of helpful information that that keep her fresh in my memory. She was a one-of-a-kind type of person and I will always miss her!! Thank you Nara for crossing paths ...!!
Posted by Leigh Ann Mullen Fraley on 17th April 2013
Miss you.
Posted by Petra Karber on 12th October 2012
One word comes to mind when I think of! Nara had the most beautiful smile and always s kind word. I am so blessed having known you.
Posted by Aimee Leonetti on 12th October 2012
I always thought we'd get together "someday." I always thought I'd make a road trip up to her. I am so saddened by this news. My condolences to the family. I will make the trip up to see her no matter the circumstances.
Posted by Donna Bryant on 11th October 2012
Nara will indeed be missed by many. I had the pleasure of working with her for a time in the accounting office at Logos and I know that the employees here are grieved at her passing. May our Lord comfort the family, particularly her girls and give them direction. Nara was always so proud of them and enjoyed being a part of their lives.
Posted by Pete Heiniger on 11th October 2012
Nara had this smile that always made you change your mood! Her kindness and generosity was shown through her great friendship with my wife Shara. Whenever they were together - laughs and cackles. Sweet, sweet spirit. No words....just beautiful memories of a wonderful woman and dedicated mom! "...and grace led her home..."
Posted by Evelyn Hernandez on 10th October 2012
This is so hard for me that's why I didn't want to write anything down but here I go. I will always remember my cousin Monica. I remember when we use to hang out at Daly City & we use to play SEGA. We use to cook, we use to make pasteles, & we had a lot of fun doing that & we also use to go shopping together. She had a big heart and that's why I will always love her and I will miss her!
Posted by Evelyn Hernandez on 10th October 2012
From tio quique, My beloved niece Monica, it has been a trajic loss for quique. He remembers you when you first came to El Salvador, you were a little girl. I remember some of the travesuras that you did. Tu tio siempre Te tuvo un gran carino Cuando llegabas de visita donde Marlene. Para tu tio quique hacido Una gran perdida pero always remember you!!
Posted by Lindsay Shearer on 10th October 2012
Monica was such an inspiration to so many and will be greatly missed. I didn't get to see my cousin too often, but when I did, it was as if we'd hardly spent any time apart. The family will definitely feel her void but knowing she is in a a better place is a comfort.
Posted by Tom Fay on 9th October 2012
I so can't believe this. Nara was so kind and helpful. I am so saddened by this news and wish I had stayed in touch in recent times. You were such a good friend and co worker at Logos. May God bless and comfort your family in a big way.
Posted by Celina Shearer on 9th October 2012
My dear niece. You are the most generous person I have known here on Earth.You loved everyone unconditional and this is the reason you left so many friends. I used to defend you and Tony when kids picked on you in Glendale, used to take you trick or treat. I have a lot of good memories; every time we saw each other. You are missed by all of us that are left behind. Love you tons
Posted by Celina Shearer on 9th October 2012
Monica was loved and will be missed by everyone who knew her. She was not judgmental or mean spirited but had a great attitude toward everyone. We know that she is back in the presence of a loving Heavenly Father and will rest eternally from all earthly troubles and worries. May God bless all her loved ones who remain behind that love her and will miss her spirit. Scott Shearer
Posted by Stephanie Coon on 9th October 2012
Nara taught me what it meant to be a true friend. We were Mary Kay sisters and I was her director, but first she was my friend. If she was upset with me, she would let me know it! We shared some great memories and some amazing faith journeys. I will never forget leaving a very scary situation and Nara called me within seconds because she just "knew" to call. We prayed and cried.
Posted by Jerry Godfrey on 9th October 2012
God gave us a precious gift in Nara. We will miss her deeply, but the light of her life will shine on through her lovely daughters Tacia & Jerah.
Posted by Rick Hernandez on 9th October 2012
Nara(Monica),my mom remembers when you were 1 and came to El Salvador and then when we came to San Francisco we brought your favorite cheese that you loved.we know that God is going to receive you with open arms and tell you come my child.Tell your uncle Ricardo,grandma and Juan Hi from Rick ,Susan and zonia and we will always have you in our hearts,we love you and see you soon.
Posted by Nancy G Hernandez on 9th October 2012
I know we didn't spend that much time together i always we remember you has my cousen. And i know you in a better place now. I will see you there later.
Posted by Scott Lindsey on 9th October 2012
Not quite sure what to say... what a huge loss. Honestly, not sure anyone's smile lit up a room like yours. Such an example of someone who lived their life for His glory. It was an honor to know you and so thankful someday I get to see that smile again.
Posted by Maggie Segar on 9th October 2012
My Dear friend Nara, I will miss you. Words can't express the pain to see you go so suddenly, I know the good Lord was calling you home. You were so kind to me all this years, you always protected me in the mornings as we were walking together from the parking lot, I was always scared but you were not afraid. You never gave up and always loved your daughters
Posted by Denise Chatterton on 8th October 2012
Nara was the 1st person in Lynden to introduce herself. She was our next door neighbor. She was also my Mary Kay lady! :) (She was never pushy either!). Her and the girls also use to baby-sit our boys so we could host small group... we will miss you Nara!
Posted by Melissa B Todd on 8th October 2012
I met Nara 11 years ago when I signed up to do Mary Kay. She helped me do my very first facial. I remember thinking how sweet she was and she had a sparkle to her eyes, like they were smiling. So when she started coming to our church I thought how neat it was. She always spoke an encouraging word or some word of kindness and always a smile. You will be soo missed Nara.
Posted by Jacqueline Williams Scott on 8th October 2012
Nara to me says "Gentle Spirit" as that is what always comes to mind when her name comes to me! I met Nara about 10 years ago. What a wonderful blessing she and her family were to me! She is a champion friend and I love her dearly. Tacia looked after Michelle as a young girl and they all bonded as she became continuously welcomed as a family member! Cuddles and hugs from Nara! Love!
Posted by Sara Neff on 8th October 2012
You said to me once, that if I ever needed to talk you would be there. And you were. You were a strong woman of God who believed in moving mountains, every Sunday you would come to me and say the same encouraging words that gave me hope week after week, "as long as you have faith as small as a mustard seed you WILL, not can, but WILL move mountains" and today I did. Thank u Nara. Love you
Posted by Chari Arida-Torres on 8th October 2012
Nara was my sister, my big sister. I will never forget the memories we built from the time I was born until the time she past. I remember every time I would tell her I love her she would reply with "shut up" and then giggle or "yeah yeah, shut up" lol she would always know what to say when I needed advise, she was there for me even if we were mad at each other. She truly will be missed.
Posted by Jenny Hernandez on 8th October 2012
My sweet sister, I will truley miss you with all my heart, I will miss your wonderful sense of humor and your loving heart. this is hard for me beacause im the older one, it wasnt supposed to be this way.The only thing that keeps me together is knowing that you are resting now with our heavenley me a spot. I will always keep you in my heart.I LOVE YOU.
Posted by Elisabet Soria on 8th October 2012
I met Nara and her family around 1994 when my family & I begin to attend Calvary Community Church in San Bruno,Ca. Nara was a wonderful friend, who had a beautiful singing voice! I remember how she gave my daugher her 'first job' in the nursery. I am so sorry to hear about her passing, my prayers go out to the entire Arida family, Nara was and still is a beloved woman of God...
Posted by Tony Arida on 8th October 2012
This is extreamly Hard For me .I am the oldest of 4 ,,the only Brother of the girls ,Jenny, Nara and Charissa. I feel like I am missing a piece of my puzzle..I will truly miss you Nara.I know you are looking down at us .We shall all be together soon..Tell Abuela,Abuelita and Abuelito Hello..MISS YOU LITTLE SISTER.
Posted by David Kaplan on 8th October 2012
Nara, I will miss you and our morning talks very much. You were a real blessing to me in my life.
Posted by Faith Whaley on 8th October 2012
My favorite memory of Nara was one of the first times i had met her. I had won a facial from her and so me and my mom went to her house. She made me feel like I was so important to her. Like everything i did and said mattered.. I left there with so much self esteem and feeling good about myself. I feel like Nara did that a lot for me and others! What an amazing Woman!
Posted by Tony Segar on 8th October 2012
Nara was a great contribution to the Spanish Department here at Logos. Always very willing to help and follow up with customers. Great team member helping us promptly in all things needed. Even when she was sick she would give 100% of her energy she had left to move the department forward. We will miss her labor of Love here.
Posted by Lydia Rodriguez Jenson on 8th October 2012
Nara, I still can't believe your gone. You were an amazing women, mother & friend. I feel honored to have met such a sweet soul. Your legacy lives on in your 2 beautiful daughters Tacia & Jerah. You will be greatly missed. Love you!
Posted by Robin Brant on 8th October 2012
My heart is sadden for those of us left behind, but joyful that my dear friend is in the arms of will be missed Nara!
Posted by Dave Jones on 8th October 2012
Nara, was always so sweet and helpful, Her cheerful presence will be greatly missed.
Posted by Sean Fields on 8th October 2012
Always a smile. Always a hello. Nara always met you with joy and happiness as you passed her in the hallway or lunchroom. What a wonderful woman and example of joy. She will be missed.
Posted by Kathy Richardson on 8th October 2012
I met my dear friend, Nara, about 2 1/2 years ago when I started working at Logos Bible Software. I am so blessed to have the privilege of calling her my friend. My head understands she is in the arms of Jesus. My heart is heavy and I do not have adequate words to express my feelings. Nara will truly be missed by those who had the honor to call her friend.

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