This tribute was added by U Bhaijee on February 11, 2014
Naseem aunty, a kind and considerate person with amazing personality. So glad to have met and known her. Shocked and saddened by the news. Aunty will always be remembered. RIP dear Naseem Aunty….♥
This tribute was added by Murtaza Jivanjee on January 26, 2014
Dearest Naseem - we will always treasure our beautiful friendship. Your friendly nature and helping hand will be greatly missed and will always be remembered by all who knew you. Indeed your care and warmth has touched very many people and us forever. You are sorely missed. 
Rest in eternal peace Ameen.
Murtaza and Zeenat Jivanjee
This tribute was added by Hatim Ali on January 10, 2014
I and my family have known Naseem Ben and Shamoun Bhai since we came to Canada. She was a very pleasant and loving person and inspired a lot of people. She will be missed very much, may her soul rest in peace forever and Allah grant her Jannat. Amen.
This tribute was added by Asghar Methiwalla on January 9, 2014
I met Naseem in Leeds University in early 60's and was struck by her grace..then lost touch until the 21st century., 35 years later she was even more graceful!
My children and I will also never forget that Naseem came to deliver her condolences after my wife's death all the way to Barrie, despite being quite ill herself.
This tribute was added by Lubaina Fidaali on January 8, 2014
"The breeze"
She was a sweet breeze in our lives
Warm during stormy weather, cool in hot summers
It looked for our troubles, unearthed them, blew them away
It was as playful as it was kind, tickling us, making us laugh
For it was God himself breathing,blowing gently
Loving and comforting always
Until one day He gasped, the air stilled
Even he shed a tear then
Creating a storm in our lives
That made us angry, lost, sad, very sad
Longing for the waft to return
As it will, if we remember to
Love each other as the breeze loved us all
And spread the kindness that we learnt
A new breeze will lift our spirits once again
This tribute was added by Zebun Sachak on January 7, 2014
The life my sister lived with always extended her helping hand with ought any expectations nd has served and fulfilled her duty towards the family I have no words how to express her kindness nd good deeds. Allah Naseem ne Jannaat Naseeb Kare Ameen
This tribute was added by Nandini Patel on January 7, 2014
Naseem aunty from the little that I knew her was an amazing, graceful and one of the most wonderful woman inside out and always had a smile on her face. She is one person I will never forget, I pray that god grants her Jannat n may she be reincarnated into our lives again.....RIP NASEEM AUNTY U WILL ALWAYS BE MISSED N LOVED.......
This tribute was added by Shehnaz Banduk on January 6, 2014
We are very saddened by the sudden passing away of Naseemben. She was a remarkable lady, always warm and affectionate. Our families have been friends since East Africa days so the friendships go back for many decades. Naseem ben will be truly missed. May her beautiful memories live on in the hearts of her family and friends. May Allah grant her Jannat and the strenght to Shamounbhai, Maya ,Ishu and families to bear this tremendous loss. Ameen!
This tribute was added by Kauser Noorani on January 6, 2014
Remarkable Woman...
Naseem Aunty (Kauser Noorani) and Naseem Bhen (Zafer & Nargis Noorani),
A remarkable woman is what you were.
Shining like the brightest star.
Always taking the time to show loved ones how much you cared.
Never once turning them away.
Not you, You wouldn’t dare.

A kind heart, tender words and your love you had for all.
We feel that you were guided by the choicest angels above.
You had seen many through their darkest hour(s).
Not once judging like so many others.
Your kind soul was more beautiful than the prettiest flower.
Showing such love and dedication for all around you.
Who came knocking at your door at all times of the day and night.

Never once really complaining about all that was on your plate.
Taking the time to shower all with your tender love and care.
Always making time to just share.
Always SMILING through everything – never a glum face.
Shining like the brightest star.
A remarkable and beautiful woman inside and out.
A remarkable woman of great honour, strength and integrity.
Shining each day like the brightest star.

We loved and respected you, both as a beloved aunt and sister.
You will be greatly missed by us all.
May your soul rest in peace.
May Allah give the family strength and courage to bear this irreplaceable loss.
Our heartfelt condolences to the family.
This tribute was added by Urainab Peerbhoy on January 6, 2014
My children and I will always be grateful to Naseem behn for all the help and information she gave when Jawaid fell ill. She was very caring, kind and helped way beyond her duty as a friend. May Allah rest her soul in peace and give Shamoon bhai and her children courage and strength to bear this loss.
This tribute was added by Shaira Adamali on January 6, 2014
I have only met Naseem once many years ago but have been in touch with her numerous times in recent years. I run a charity in Kenya to support cancer patients. She was very helpful in raising funds. When I did a bike ride 2 years ago to raise funds she asked fir $10 from 100 of her friends and sent me $1,000. I give this example to many people and will forever be grateful for the support.
This tribute was added by Amir Jivanjee on January 5, 2014
Naseem we will miss you.
It is impossible to describe your many beautiful qualities in a few words but we will always cherish you in our hearts.
Amir, Kulsum and Sabiha
This tribute was added by Nafisa Patrawala on January 5, 2014
Goodbye Naseem-Yusuf and I will miss you always
Physically,you are no more but your legacy of Goodwill and Kindness and wonderful memories will live forever in the hearts of all those that you have touched-May Allah Ta'ala Rest your soul in the highest heaven and May He Give strength to Shamoun and family to get by these difficult times-Aameen!!!
This tribute was added by Gulshan Singh on January 4, 2014
Eshri I and family were very grieved to hear of Naseem's demise. Life indeed has a peculiar way of hood winking. often Eshri and I had thought of seeing both of you, now we regret that that opportunity is lost forever.The beautiful soul that Naseem "is", we are sure that she has found a worthy place, concomitant with her beautiful KARMA,
We pray that her soul indeed rests in PEACE, and ALLAH gives Shamoonbhai and family strength and courage to bear an irreperable loss.

Gulshan, Eshri and family,
This tribute was added by Iqbal Mandviwalla on January 4, 2014
Naseembahen was related to both my parents but apart from that she has always been a wonderful friend and a strong support to me and my entire family. I will remember her as a truly warm and caring person - a true angel. She will be sadly missed by us all.
This tribute was added by RUKHSANA & NAZIM HAKIM on January 3, 2014
Naseemben is gone.
Words fall short in expressing my sorrow. Our families have been friends for decades, but I came much closer to Naseemben and Shamounbhai after coming to Canada. I still vividly remember the last chat we had at a party and she gave me a few good tips to take into consideration. I looked up to her as an elder sister and whenever I needed a word of wisdom, she was the only one who always came to my mind. We spoke on the phone just a couple of days before she fell sick, when she expressed regrets at not being able to attend my get-together. I just can’t believe she has left us and whenever I remember her, I pray for her soul to rest in peace. She was a highly focused individual who lived her life for higher purposes and had no time to waste on frivolous or trivial issues. Her conduct was always calm, dignified and soft-spoken.
When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. She will be in our hearts forever. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Shamounbhai and the rest of the family for their huge loss.

Rukhsana/Nazim Hakim
This tribute was added by Naveed Lotia on January 3, 2014
Naseem behen was truly a gem of a person. Although we are related, we actually met Naseem behen and Shamoun bhai after moving to Canada in 2001. The first time we met her, we were struck by her warmth, grace and calm, elegant personality. It also felt like we had known her all our lives. In the course of time, we realized she was also a very good, loving and generous person and that she was made of great, solid stuff. 

We truly wish we had met her sooner and that we had had the opportunity to have more interactions with her. She will now live on as a fond memory.

May she rest in eternal peace and may God give Shamoun bhai, Maya, Ishrat and the rest of the family the patience and fortitude to bear this huge loss.

May God Bless You Naseem Behen.

Naveed & Mussarat Lotia
This tribute was added by Saif Rajabali on January 2, 2014
Naseembehn, you are being missed dearly.

You encouraged others by giving of yourself. The many phone calls and email exchanges we had, whereby you "saw" a need to assist and immediately jumped-in to help through action is rare in this ever busy life. I will sorely miss our exchanges.

Angels are those creations of Allah (swt) who come in many forms. They spread good thoughts, create positive energy and also provide help through action when it is needed. Once their "job" is over, they return back to Allah (swt).

You have returned back to Allah (swt) and we hope and pray that your Angelic spirit will continue to shape those you have left behind.

May Allah(swt), grant you paradise by giving you your accounts only in your right hand. Amin.

Fatema/Mariam/Hasanali/Zehra & Saifudin Rajabali
This tribute was added by Feroze Khandwala on January 2, 2014
myself and my wife shamim


myself and my wife shamim had the honour of knowing naseem when we were visiting toronto for the past 17 yeras. we have many wonderfull friends but among all of them naseem was a is difficult to accept that naseem is no more, but the will of GOD ALMIGHTY prevails. we pray that GOD ALMIGHTY in HIS infinite wisdom repose her soul in HIS chiocest place and give the bereived family the strenght to bear the immense loss amen feroze and shamim khandwala


dthe honour of knowing
This tribute was added by Bonnie Khanna on January 2, 2014
It is so difficult to express how sad we feel to lose such a good friend, one we had known for such a long time, both in Nairobi and in Toronto. We pray that Naseem's soul rests in peace and that God gives Shamoun and all the family strength to bear this loss.

Surinder and Bonnie
This tribute was added by Roshan Doctor on January 2, 2014
It is with very heavy hearts that Yusuf and I say goodbye to Naseem. She will remain a never to be forgotten memory, a friendship to be treasured for years to come. May God give Shamoun the strength to endure her loss. Remember we are there for you.
This tribute was added by Muna Pirbhai on January 2, 2014
Zainab and I will greatly miss our caring and loving friend with qualities too numerous to mention. She may be gone but she will never be forgotten by her many friends and family.
This tribute was added by Munaver Jafferji on January 2, 2014
During these days of sad breavement I believe Shamoun, your sorrow will be tempered by the knowledge that Naseem's life has not only been long but that it has been abundantly useful. She enjoyed the respect and affection of all who knew her and she was always so courteous and even-tempered.

Goodbye Naseem, you will be dearly missed,

Tahira & Munaver Jafferji
This tribute was added by Mumtaz Moiz on January 2, 2014
Naseem had a gift to touch lives of others with warmth, kindness and sincerity. We were fortunate to cross path and enjoy this friendship. She will always be remembered for the beautiful person inside out.
May Allah give her family the strength to bear this loss.
May Allah grant her soul eternal peace.
This tribute was added by Munira Sadikali on January 1, 2014
Naseem - My dearest cousin & friend
You truly were an Angel sent from God in heaven above. Naseem's untimely death will be great loss not only to Jivanjee and Noorani families but to all she came into contact with. Often times I would talk to her about my problems and very calmly she would listen and gave me comfort. Love never dies. It keeps our loved ones near us forever, tied-with a string of beautiful memories.
This tribute was added by Faiyaz Khandwala on December 31, 2013
Dear Naseem bhen we will miss you.

It was our honor and privilege to know you and share a small part of your life. Thank you for enriching our hearts and our life with your kind love and generosity.
Shamoun bhai, Maya, Ishu, Sukh, Kirk, your kids and all family members, our love and prayers are with you in these difficult time.

This tribute was added by Kubra Khandwala on December 30, 2013
Words cannot express our sadness. You always were and will always remain in our hearts. Thank you for everything you have done for us, Naseembhen. You may have left us but you will never be forgotten. We find solace in the fact that there is no other place but Jannaat for someone such as you - so giving and so generous of the heart. May Allah rest your soul in peace. We will miss you.
This tribute was added by Inayat Taj on December 29, 2013
Naseem, Shamoun, the Nooranis and Jivanjees have been our very dear friends for five decades. Naseem has left a void in so many lives which will be hard to fill.

Farewell Naseem. You will be missed.

This tribute was added by Adnan Tayebjee on December 28, 2013
You continue to touch our hearts.
This tribute was added by Abdulla Kirefu on December 28, 2013
Naseem willbe sadly miss by many, who's life she touched.
May Allaha rest her soul in pease and grant place in Jannat.

Abdulla / Kulsum
This tribute was added by Ed Aitken on December 28, 2013
It was with great sadness we heard of Naseem's passing. She will be missed by so many.  To know her was refreshing and pure. To befriend her was so natural and right.  She lived as she believed - fairness, kindness, equality and justice for all. While we mourn the passing of Naseem, we are comforted by the memories of her kind words and huge support to her family, friends and the community.

Ed and Ruby (Aitken)
This tribute was added by Mustafa Jafferali on December 27, 2013
The shining light of APDBO is diminished by the sad demise of this great lady. Truly a humanitarian and a humble friend. She will be sadly missed by one and all who had the good fortune to know her. May allah rest her soul in peace.
This tribute was added by Irfan Engineer on December 26, 2013
May Allah confer his mercies on Naseem Jivanjee and may her soul rest in Peace.
This tribute was added by Zainu Tayabali on December 26, 2013
Naseembhen we will sadly miss you. May Allah rest your soul in peace and place you in Jannat. Amen.

zainu, rashida & family
This tribute was added by Murtaza Diwan on December 25, 2013
We will sadly miss her and miss all the work she did and mainly her friendship to all of us.
We will miss her here but Allaha has granted her special place in Akherat.
We pray to Allaha to grant her Jannat and in the blessed company of Panjatan Pak for ever

murtaza / rasheedah

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