My beautiful cousin❤️

Shared by Amii Louise on April 23, 2021
Natalie where do I start nothing will ever be the same without you ... I have so many memories I don't know where to start...from playing schools as kids to robbing all the adults drinks to family parties. You was the most loyal Iv ever laid eyes on nat. Your answer to boy trouble was take the phone of the girl and hide it so she can't speak to them and that's exactly what we did that night when you hid my phone so I couldn't speak to Connor and didnt we just have the best night ever!!! Life's sooo cruel but I promise I will see you again one day❤️❤️ Sleep beautiful my gorgeous girl and I'm forever thankful to be able to call you cousin ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Shared by Michelle Storer on April 21, 2021
We always saw you as a bright spark, full of life, confident and friendly at family get togethers. Rest in peace baby girl, you will be missed by everyone. Family life will never be the same without your bright light shining bright. 

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