If all would talk and then do as you have done, the sun of peace would shine forever.
  • 86 years old
  • Born on July 29, 1923 .
  • Passed away on June 14, 2010 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Natalie Heyman Mayer who was born on July 29, 1923 and passed away on June 14, 2010.  She was a deeply warm and authentically sweet person who, despite succumbing to cancer in the end, had a nice long and fulfilling life and was blessed with many loving friends and relations who she shared great joy with.  If you'd like, you are welcome and encouraged to add any memories, stories, anecdotes, poetry, photos, or thoughts about your relationship with her to this website.  Her surviving children, Toby, Robert and David, haven't finished the website yet.  We hope to write something in the Her Life section when we can.

Before going further, if the music annoys you click on the loudspeaker icon in the upper right corner.  (Mom used to play this, among other things, on our piano many years ago when us kids were young.  Isabel, her sister, tells me she could've pursued a career as a professional musician but chose science instead.  More about that when we have more time.)

NEW: Natalie's memorial service was held last Saturday, the 24th of July, at Hakone Gardens In Saratoga.  We thank all who came, about 50 people from many facets of her life.  We got a late start due to the horrendous traffic with most everyone arriving late, which was good in a way since Natalie's children were also victim to this and a bit panicked and scrambling to get things set up.   But after a bit of chaos at the beginning, things settled down and we enjoyed the combination of the beautiful sunny afternoon and honoring and celebrating a special life.  It was so nice to see so many friends of Natalie's together.  After some relaxation and mingling we gathered to share thoughts and stories about a quite remarkable woman who influenced and made such a strong impression on those around her.  She was clearly loved so much by so many.  Many who spoke shared experiences that were quite profound, though not at all surprising to all of us who loved her.  The only surprising thing, perhaps, was that so many had profound experiences with her.  Others spoke not of profound experiences but in tender ways that also captured her essence: her deeply caring engagement and the closeness she got with all who befriended her.  We thank everyone so much for sharing these stories that really enriched Natalie's memory for all who attended.  We hope these memories will last a long time with you and allow us all to be influenced by Natalie's wonderful nature.

After a short catching-of-our breaths, we will be returning to add some really fantastic pictures of Natalie to the website.  Please come back in a while to check these out!

Best to you,

Robert, Toby and David

NEW: p.s. Did you attended the memorial service and sadly find the little basket empty where the bookmarks were, next to the guest sign-in book?  Don't fret - we have more Natalie Mayer bookmarks.  We just didn't realize that we ran out!  Please contact Robert, Toby or David and we'll make sure that you get yours.  (Even if you couldn't make it to the memorial service, if you were a friend of Natalie's we have a memorial bookmark for you.)


For people inquiring about making a charitable donation in honor of Natalie, we have started a Natalie Mayer Scholarship Fund at San Jose State University, where she taught chemistry for many years and loved helping students in her capacity as undergraduate advisor.  The fund will support recognized chemistry majors that need financial help and is a lovely way to honor her.  If interested, here's how to donate.  Make checks payable to: Tower Foundation, SJSU.  At the memo line at the bottom of the check write Natalie Mayer Scholarship Fund, and mail to...
            Tower Foundation 
            San Jose State University 
            One Washington Square 
            San Jose, CA 95129-0257
            Attn: Carol Beattie, Development Director
Small donations are welcome since they all add up!  For questions you can email Carol at
Carol.Beattie@sjsu.edu  or call her at 408-924-1328.

Posted by Eric Fulda on July 13, 2010
Hi Robert, David and Toby,
Your description of your mother was how I remember her. She was always there and will always be there in you. Robert, please call and leave your ph# Eric 524-2767

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