his Life


Nathan Dominic Pulice, born Sept. 2nd 1983. 
The meaning of Nathan is Gift of God and for all who had the pleasure of knowing Nathan, he was truly a gift of God. From the time he was a small child, Nathan was a lover, not a fighter. He was such a loving, kind hearted child and he grew into a very loving, kind hearted young man. He meant the world to his family and was a loving son to his parents, Dom and Kim and a great brother to Ryan and Evan and a great friend to so many.
When Nathan was small he loved all animals and all things in nature. He paid attention to the birds in the Spring and the flowers blooming. He was the first to notice when the leaves changed color in the fall or how pretty the snow laid on the trees.  He was so attentive and noticed the littlest change in things. I used to say he should have been my girl. He used to love when we would have a “fancy dinner” as he would call it and he would help me set up everything in the dining room to make it special. He loved to be outside and take walks in the woods. 
 He was sensitive and caring and never wanted to hurt anyone.   Even with 2 brothers, one older and one younger, he did not like to fight. He would get hit and he would not want to hit anyone back. But that was just Nathan and the way he was. He did not like controversy and just wanted everyone to get along. He had so many friends from all walks of life. No matter where he went he seemed to know someone. His easy going personality and his brilliant smile made him a welcoming force to so many. He was a hard worker and helping hand whenever he was needed. 
I know I am partial since Nathan was my son. But I am so grateful to have had the blessing of such a wonderful son. Yes, Nathan was a Gift of God and I enjoyed the gift for 25 years. There were good times and bad times. But I must say I am very proud to have been the Mother of such a wonderful young man. He left this world leaving so many behind that miss him. To this day I will see someone that Nathan used to work for or knew Nathan in one aspect or another and they will tell me what a wonderful, caring young man he was. He had his problems, but he had such a good and kind heart. He made his mark on this earth with his gentle kindness and that will never be forgotten.
 Sometimes I feel this world was just too cruel and God took him so soon to keep him from becoming too hardend. During his short time here on earth he touched the hearts of so many. He may be gone from this earth but he will always be with us in our hearts and he will never be forgotten. We look forward to someday, by the power of God, we may meet again. Until then I know many of us have a very special angel watching over us. We miss you, Nathan!