Nathan J Otero
  • 27 years old
  • Date of birth: Jul 26, 1985
  • Place of birth:
    Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
  • Date of passing: Oct 17, 2012
  • Place of passing:
    Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
You were and always will be loved Nate.~

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one Nathan Otero. We can't even comprehend why you are not with us today. Your life meant so much to so many. They should of never taken You from us. God knows who took you from us and will bring you justice my friend. This memorial is for you, to honor your life. We will love and miss you always and forever.  

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Lori Boucher on 25th May 2017

"Hey Nate, sorry haven't been around for a bit. You've been on my heart a lot lately. I wish that God would allow the one who took you from us would be caught. Until then we keep praying that someone will have the nerve to come forward. I miss you my dear friend. I hope that some day you will be able to rest in peace, that your family will have closure. Why don't the police do anything about this case? Well, you are in God's hands now. Until we all see each other again rest easy my friend and know that we all love and miss you so very much. Still hurts...always will remember you always and forever."

This tribute was added by Lori Boucher on 26th July 2015

"Happy Birthday Nate! It's sad that we cannot celebrate the day God gave you this life together. You where taken from us by a selfish uncaring person....but there is no more pain for you and I thank God for that. God knows who this person is. He will bring this person to justice for you. Until then celebrate your knew life with the Angel's of God. You will never be forgotten my friend. We miss and love you very much Nate. Until we all meet again....Happy Birthday my friend.... xo"

This tribute was added by Lori Boucher on 7th March 2015

"Been thinking of you Nathan my friend sitting around talking about what happened. Still can't believe that someone would do this to you and go on living like nothing ever happened. I ask God were is Nate's justice Lord? Lighting a candle for you until God brings you justice. Sleep well my are never forgotten always in our hearts....."

This tribute was added by Lori Boucher on 20th June 2014

"Nate...have been thinking of you my friend. We really miss you Nate. I pray to God that someone will come forward. You deserve justice. God will bring you candles for you until they find out who took you away from us. I'm starting to think no one cares. Why aren't they solving this thing? Then our Heavenly Father remind me, everything done in secret will be brought out into the light. You will have your day Nate....missing you a whole bunches...Love Mike and Lori"

This tribute was added by Lori Boucher on 7th January 2014

"Nate....We surely did miss you this Christmas. Our hearts torn apart from the heart ace of your passing. I Know that God didn't "take you" from us.....He received you. There is someone out there who "took" your life. You know who you are. You are walking around this earth with your life while Nate's daughter, his family and his friends are without him. How dare you live your life like there is nothing wrong. Please turn yourself in. Nathan deserves justice. I don't care what people think, what kind of person Nate was. He was a human being that did not deserve to die this way. Nobody does. And you police officers I go before God everyday asking for justice for Nate....please do all you can do. Your all we've got to solve  this mystery....Love you Nate....xo"

This tribute was added by Lori Boucher on 17th October 2013

"Well my has been one year today since you fell asleep to this world and woke up in heaven. It seems like it just happened yesterday. The pain in our hearts are still to much to handle....but today we celebrate your new life with God. We miss and love you so much my friend....Candles lit for you until they find out who did this to you. Rest well Nate...always in our hearts xo"

This tribute was added by Lori Boucher on 29th July 2013

"Hello my friend...sorry I didn't get here until today. I just wanted to wish you "Happy Birthday!." Even though you are celebrating with God, we do wish you were here. Your birth is def a reason to celebrate. Instead of your physical birthday celebration we will celebrate your Spiritual birth. Rest easy my friend. God did not forgot those who took you from us...until then we love an miss u"

This tribute was added by Lori Boucher on 13th July 2013

"Hello my have been on our hearts a lot lately. I've gone to the site were you were taken from us. God re-assured me that your justice will be very soon...I thank Him everyday that you came into our lives. Not a day goes by were you are not missed. A candle is lit in memory of your life in our house every night. Until we all see each other again my friend. You are loved."

This tribute was added by Lori Boucher on 20th June 2013

"It's been 8 months since you've been gone my friend. Your not really gone. Your in our hearts and always in our minds. We love and miss you very much. We light candles for you knowing that God will bring these people out for your justice.....until then RIP  my dear friend..xo"

This tribute was added by Lori Boucher on 15th May 2013

""Just thinking about you today my friend....looking at your picture with your little angel Natalia...listening to the song in the backround, "Gone to soon."....My heart is so heavy. We all miss you my friend. God is watching over your little one. She has your face. Someday God will bring these people who did this to you out into the light. Then you can rest my deserve to rest"

This tribute was added by Lori Boucher on 30th April 2013

"Hey my friend....six months already. I can't believe that this time has gone by so fast. Every day that goes by we miss you even more. I have been writing about you in your honor. The more I write the more I tear up. Still cannot believe this happened. But God reassured me that this injustice will not go unnoticed. This book is for you Nathan and for your daughter Natalia we miss you alway"

This tribute was added by israel walker on 1st March 2013

"I miss you dearly baby bro,  =  (    
Not a day passes by.... I often think of you...This is a sad, painful, & upsetting experience... I love you & I promise that you will never be forgotten, & Natalia will be taken care of, Rocky &  I will remind her of how much you loved her & we will let her know  who her daddy was...  May GOD bless your soul ...."

This tribute was added by Lori Boucher on 16th February 2013

"Hey Nate....Another month has gone by and it hasn't been easy. Even though you are with God it still hurts. We light a candle for you every night, we look at your pictures, we talk about you. We laugh, we cry....and hope that someday God will bring whoever took you from us out into the light. Your blood cry's out for justice my friend, We all love and miss you...until we see each other. xo"

This tribute was added by Lori Boucher on 17th January 2013

"Today it's been 3 months....someone took away the wonderful life of my friend Nathan. This pain in our hearts still hurt so much. You may be with the Lord Jesus but it still hurts. I can't wait for the day when we all get to see each other again. Everyone misses you dearly and we all love you. You might be gone my friend but you will never be forgotten. We light this candle for you....."

This tribute was added by Lori Boucher on 29th December 2012

" were one our minds today and think how this Christmas was a blue one. Although you are celebrating Jesus' birthday with the Lord himself, we just miss you. No words can say, only hurting hearts. We miss and love you Nathan more than you know. I put another pic. with the others that say's it all.....until we all see each other again.... :)"

This tribute was added by Lori Boucher on 23rd December 2012

"On Dec. 17th was two months....words cannot say my friend how much we love and miss you. This Christmas will not be the same without you here. You will never be forgotten my friend. We lite a candle every night untill we can all see each other again. Nathan we all love you and your brother Israel loves you more than you know....sleep well my friend...until next time....  xo"

This tribute was added by Lori Boucher on 17th November 2012

"I can't believe it's been one month already...10-17-2012 is the day you fell asleep to this world and woke up in heaven. We love and miss you so much Nate...the pain is just as if it happened yesterday. Hold tight dear friend God's got your back. He will bring justice for you then you can rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Lori Boucher on 8th November 2012

"Hey Nate....I light a candle every night in your memory. We have photos of you all over the house as you know....We are still hurting from this unbelieveable tragity that has happened to you. I pray every day that the police will find the one who has done this....I know God will do this in His deserve justice. This should of never happened....we love you dear son...."

This tribute was added by Lori Boucher on 31st October 2012

"Just wanted to say, last night we sat around talking about you. We miss you so much. The hurt is still so unreal...Steph looks strong but I know she misses you. She lights a candle for you everyday, we all do. It's so hard to believe this happened. Rest in peace my friend, God's got your back.....His justice for you is near...."

This tribute was added by Lori Boucher on 24th October 2012

"Nate....It's been a week today and the pain in our hearts are still so raw. We miss you everyday. I know it takes time....just wanted you to know that we will never forget you and God will bring this person out into the in peace my friend....we love you...."

This tribute was added by Angie Bombard on 22nd October 2012

"I'm so sad by the sour acts of the coward who has done this to you may you rest in peace,my thoughts and prayers are with your family may you take hold of those angel wings and guide them through this pain god bless you"

This tribute was added by Jessica Salcedo on 22nd October 2012

"I didn't know Nathan personally, but I hold his family very close to my heart.  May the peace of the Lord be forever with you all.

‎"Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place to wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, said the Lord." - Romans 12:19

"Amados, nunca os venguéis vosotros mismos, sino dad lugar a la ira de Dios, porque escrito está: MIA E"

This tribute was added by Lori Boucher on 22nd October 2012

"Today is a solemn day. To sad for words. Today we've laid you to rest. We go to bed thinking about you and that awesome smile, we awake thinking about you. We all miss you already. This shouldn't of happened.God knows and will seek justice for you my dear friend. We will not rest until justice is served. For you and your precious daughter and for your wonderful family. We love you always."

This tribute was added by israel walker on 22nd October 2012

"Baby Bro, I'm hurting inside, This is too painful for all of us, I'm gonna miss hearing your voice, your smile, & your "Yo Izz  I got this" ...This was a senseless act, You will always be in my heart, Gone but not forgotten, May God bless your soul, Rest in Paradise, Say Hi to Dad for me & give Grandma a hug for me, Miss you tons !!!~
Love you forever"

This tribute was added by Carmin Ot on 21st October 2012

"My condolences go to all the family and precious daughter. Nathan you will be miss my prayer be with you. You will always be remember in our memories with a big smile and contagious laughter. Rest in peace my nephew . We love you! From Titi  Carmen L Otero and Sons"

This tribute was added by MIKE BOUCHER on 19th October 2012


This tribute was added by Lori Boucher on 19th October 2012

"Woke up today thinking how incrediabley wrong this is. You should be here with your family, your little daughter and your friends. I promise you my dear friend that God will seek justice for you. My daughters heart is breaking, our hearts are breaking. We miss you dear friend. You were like a son to us....we miss you Nate and we are praying for Natalie and your family...."

This tribute was added by Mary C. on 18th October 2012

"I didn't know Nate but I know his extended Family and he was blessed to have them in his life...I'm praying for his daughter, his girlfriend and adopted parents...God's Love will prevail.."

This tribute was added by Lori Boucher on 18th October 2012

"Nate....We never got to say goodbye. You were taken from us too sudden. You told me once that "I have no one in this world that loves me. No one but my daughter." Remember what I told you? Nate, we love you. Mike and I and Steph love you." We weren't lying...Your family, your friends love you...and God loves you. Now you are with Him...Rest in paradise my friend....."

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