Let the memory of Neil be with us forever
  • 67 years old
  • Born on October 13, 1946 .
  • Passed away on April 11, 2014 .

This memorial website was created in memory of my brother, Neil Basen, 67, born on October 13, 1946 and passed away on April 11, 2014. We will remember him forever. 

Neil Kiev Basen, 67 of Madison, WI, formerly of East Rockaway, NY, died peacefully in his sleep April 11, 2014.  Neil received both his bachelor and master degrees From Indiana State University and did his doctoral work at Iowa University.  He was considered an authority on the "Golden Age" of the Socialist Party and also a scholar on Kate Richards O'Hare, the "first lady" of American Socialism, as reflected in his publications and referenced in the works of other scholars.   Neil first came to Madison to work at the School for Workers. Most recently, Neil worked for the Union Cab of Madison Cooperative and was a labor arbitrator working with multiple companies throughout the country. 
Neil is now in heaven with his loving father and mother, Walter and Violet Basen and his recently departed sister (4/22/14) Marla C. Basen.   RIP Neil,

Your loving sister and brother-in-law, Dana and Richie


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Posted by Richard Dziki on 15th October 2018
Hello Neil, just wanted to say a belated Happy Birthday on October 13th. Your Milwaukee Brewers are playing the LA Dodgers for the National League pennant. The Brewers are playing well, I hope they can beat that LA team that abandoned Brooklyn. The midterm elections will be upon us very soon and getting a lot of media coverage. There must be some interesting discussions taking place with your parents. Please say hello to your Mom, Dad, and Marla. With Love, Affection, and Remembrance. Let's go Brew Crew!!! Rich
Posted by Richard Dziki on 11th April 2018
Hello Neil, hope you are enjoying all the nonsense going in our nation's capital, it is becoming quite a show, only you may know how it will all need. On a more important topic a new baseball season just started, and the NY Mets are off to their best start ever...yeah I know it's only 10 games, but you know us Mets fans, we are 'believers' (Let's Go Mets!!). All the best to the Milwaukee Brewers this season! As always please say hello to your Mom, Dad, and Marla. With Love, Affection, and Remembrance...Rich
Posted by Dana Basen on 11th April 2018
Hello Neil, Another year has passed and baseball season is here. That was one thing we had in common and enjoyed together. I was always impressed with your knowledge of baseball statistics and scoring. I miss you big brother. Hope you look down here ever once and a while and smile my way. Always, Dana
Posted by Richard Dziki on 17th October 2017
Hello Neil, just wanted to say a belated Happy Birthday on Friday, October 13th. Hope the Cubs can come back and make it to the World Series and maybe even play the Yankees...that would be something in Chicagoland!!! Hope you are making good fares up there and meeting a lot of new friends. Please say hello to your Mom, Dad, and Marla. With Love, Affection, and Remembrance...Rich
Posted by Dana Basen on 11th April 2017
Dear Neil, Not a day goes by that I don't think about you, especially now since it's baseball season. Rich and I missed you at Spring training. The best times we had together were at a baseball game. Your knowledge and passion of baseball always made those games special for me. Love and miss you big brother.
Posted by Richard Dziki on 11th April 2017
Dear Neil, so the Cubbies finally did it; winning their 3rd World Series and the first one since 1908. I know you were watching and probably had a pretty good view of the games. You are in our thoughts, especially this time of year during the Passover holy days when families gather to celebrate the exodus from Egypt and and remember those that have left us for a better place. We miss you and especially your insightful views of the world and sports. 2016 was a year to remember!!! Peace & Love Forever!!!
Posted by Dana Basen on 17th October 2016
Dear Neil, Hard to believe that you would have been 70 years old on the 13 and I was just 65 yesterday. I've had many conversations with you (in my mind), every topic you can think of, except politics. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and Marla. There's so many exciting things going on now, the Cubs are in the NLCS and there's an imminent Presidental election. hope you're watching from above! xoxo, D
Posted by RANDY Green on 17th October 2016
Hi Neil, It’s been ages since we chatted, so this may take a while to reach you:) We were actually closest when we were very young. You lived in Far Rockaway and my family-- and some of my parents’ friends-- spent a couple of summers in Far Rockaway... not far... from where you lived. The bungalow colony was long, narrow and filled with celebrating adults. So I rejoiced in the opportunity to escape when I could to meet you on the boardwalk. You were like the tour guide, showing me the area, and we even would get an ice cream someplace on the boardwalk. When we were teens and my parents would drive over to the Weiss’, you and Peter (send my love to him, too, by the way!) and I would play punchball on Walnut Road (I can’t believe I still remember this!!). You never ran out of things to say and had a story for everything... and many of them were quite funny. When you first moved across the street from Peter, you were so excited about your new home. You gave me the grand tour, the first time I came that way after you moved in. you were brilliant, and as I read through this site, i learned to my delight of your accomplishments. Way to go Neil!!! Then there was...ahhhhh... 1979. We were the same age and had gone to college during the 60s in the same part of the country: the midwest. You to Indiana State (Terre Haute, I believe-- correct me if I’m wrong...lol), and me to Michigan State. But back to 1979: “The Magic Man” against Larry Byrd for the most watched college national championship game... ever. We talked about that after the game for several years, though as our lives deviated in direction, our communication became more sparse. I was surprised and saddened to hear of your passing (still not sure what happened), but when I think of my family who have crossed that rainbow bridge, I often think of you. And I imagine you are regaling many of our late relatives with one of your tales. Rest in peace, Luv, Cuz Randy
Posted by Paul Bittorf on 13th October 2016
Thinking of you, Neil, always makes me smile. Getting to know your sister, Dana and her husband Richard was an excellent way to celebrate your life. I wonder of what you would think of Blue Jays vs. Indians in the ALCS?
Posted by Richard Dziki on 13th October 2016
Dear Neil, so do you think the Cubbies will actually do it this year, after all the Mets are not around to stop them this year. You are in our thoughts, especially this time of year during the high holy days when families gather to celebrate a new year and remember those that have left us for a better place. Be at peace Neil and LETS GO CUBS!!!
Posted by Dana Basen on 13th October 2015
To my big brother Neil, you would have been 69 years old today. Not a day goes by without me thinking about you. I love you, Dana
Posted by Richard Dziki on 14th April 2015
It's been one year since my brother-in-law passed away suddenly last year and Dana & I still share special moments about his life. As most people know Neil was a historical scholar who researched the socialist movement in the USA, but he was also a very down to earth kind of person. He never asked for much but always tried to give as much as he could. I always enjoyed discussing politics & especially sports with him...you could tell Neil really knew his stuff. Dana & I both miss him, but we know that he is in a very good place with his Mom, Dad, and dear sister Marla. Rest in Peace my brother Neil.
Posted by Mary Johnson-Sprecher on 11th April 2015
Hi Neil, I know you can hear me out there because you always stayed tuned in to what I had to say. I am sending this from a friend's computer because I won't have time to get to my office today. Thank you for bringing your sister Dana and her husband Richie into my life. Your memory lives on in our hearts and your friends at Union Cab all miss you. You would love to see the new technology we are installing. It makes it much simpler to do business and allows drivers to run more calls. Nothing not even this stuff, would change your speed. Keep on rolling Neil and I'll see you at our destination. With friendship, Paul
Posted by Dana Basen on 11th April 2015
Hi Neil, It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since you passed away. What a year it has been, first you, then Marla. But you’re both with Mommy (Mother) and Daddy (etc.) now and that is a good place to be. All of you are together; forever happy, healthy and whole. I'm sure you know that Richie and I went to Madison last June to celebrate your life with your friends/co-workers. I get farklempt thinking about our time spent there. They are such wonderful people. Rich and I felt welcomed and comforted by each and every one. You were truly loved, valued, respected and missed by everyone you knew. I now understand why you made Madison, WI your home and never came back East to live. We visited the places you frequented; the Historical Society, Union Cab Company, Miller Park and of course the Crystal Corner and left a part of you at each site, including in “No. 22”. Going through the boxes of your writings and materials was very overwhelming for both Richie and me. We understood their significance but in the limited time we had in Madison were clueless what to do with it all. Two of your wonderful friends, Laurie and Marty, came to our rescue. With Laurie's librarian skills and Marty's assistance, they were able to give order to your papers on Kate Richards O'Hare and your other materials and find a home for them in the Kansas State Historical Society. Because of their efforts your research has a home and you have the recognition as the scholar that you truly were. Rich and I are off to Florida in a few weeks and plan to scatter the rest of your remains on the same site we scattered Mom, Dad and Marla. We’re raised several glasses of wine toasting you this past week and some of your friends have added their own postings. I just got off the phone with Marty and he’ll be attending the Brewers/Pirates game tomorrow and along with a few of your baseball buddies hoisting a few with you in mind. Please know that I think of you, Mommy, Daddy and Marla every day and you all are always in my heart. Your loving sister, Dana
Posted by Richard Weiss on 13th October 2014
Thinking of you on your birthday.......Miss you and love the picture on this page,I was with you when it was taken. RIP Cuz, Richie
Posted by Nina Kuriloff on 28th May 2014
Dana, You created a beautiful memorial site for Neil. The photographs you chose are terrific and spark many memories for me, of both Neil and Marla. I wish you all the best, Dana. Much love, Nina
Posted by Susan Johnston on 28th May 2014
Dana, What a difficult year. And what a lovely tribute to Neil. Our family's best to you. Susan
Posted by Richard Weiss on 27th May 2014
I grew up across from the Basens on Walnut Rd. In East Rockaway. Neil was my cousin and laughed about so many things together.He loved th e Dodgers and I loved the Yankees and The Mick. Miss you Neil, send my love to Walter, Violet , and Marla. Peace and much Love, Richie
Posted by Richard Dziki on 21st May 2014
Neil was my brother-in-law and I had known him for over 25 years. I shared many special moments with him and my wife Dana, his sister. Neil was passionate about his work and beliefs, he was a recognized scholar in the field of labor relations and wrote frequently about the topic. He also loved sports and we spent many moments debating the value of professional sports athletes, especially baseball players. We did not always agree but I very much enjoyed our conversations. Neil was very knowledgeable about his work, studies and sports. I always respected his views because his arguments were always based on facts. I know my wife & I will miss him very much and we hope that he passed in peace and is now with his loving family in heaven. Rest In Peace Neil.

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