"He walked worthy." Ephesians 4:1
  • 82 years old
  • Born on June 10, 1936 in Bronx, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on March 25, 2019 in Florida, United States.

Memorial Service

  • Sunday, April 7th, 2019 at 3:00 PM
  • First Church of the Open Bible ( directly in front of Temple Aron HaKodesh)
  • 4767 NW 24th Ct, Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33313


If you would like to donate in Neil's honor, his family has identified two missions Neil was passionate about:

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Posted by Bessie Quick on 16th April 2019
Rabbi Neil officiated at my 50th wedding anniversary and my mother-in-law's memorial. He prayed for my husband when my husband had a cancer scare even though he was in chemotherapy himself. However it wasn't only what he did but who he was. He was kind, compassionate, gentle and wise. I still say "Every decision we make has consequences so choose wisely". Neil and Jamie were truly "one flesh" and an amazing couple. I admired both of them and my family will miss Rabbi Neil.
Posted by Carl Brome on 15th April 2019
Rabbi Neil was my first Rabbi and he made my transition into Messianic Judaism welcoming. I will never forget the many teachings I have garnered from him as I use these timeless nuggets even out on the missionary field. As a matter of fact my wife and I were in Africa when we learned of his promotion to glory, and the church where we were ministering consented to allowing me to recite the Mourner's Kaddish on the Rabbi's behalf; little did they know that some of the teachings they received were inspired by his teachings. Your memory and teachings will live on Rabbi Neil.
Posted by Jamie Lash on 14th April 2019
It has been one week since the memorial service for my best friend, life partner, traveling companion, teacher and other half. There were so many things about Neil that I could not mention at the service due to time constraints. I miss his witty sense of humor, that flowed out of his awesome intelligence. Neil enjoyed the comics. He especially liked ZITS. He made me laugh every day. Neil spent 48 years answering all of my questions. Wherever we went, I asked him to explain things- how things worked, why things were the way they were, what era in history things happened. He knew almost all of the answers. Neil was brilliant. Neil loved to worship God.The first song he ever learned as a believer in Messiah was: “Thank you Lord.” That became a theme of his life. Neil was thankful for having hot water every day. He took no blessing for granted. After our trip to Cuba, he was thankful for full shelves in our supermarkets. He was so thankful that we did not have a storage unit. He left this life with almost no personal possessions. All of his treasure is in heaven. I am forever grateful to God for giving me the precious gift of Neil A. Lash as the love of my life. I miss him very much.
Posted by Sheri Miller on 13th April 2019
Rest In Peace, Rabbi Neil, and may Yeshua bring your family strength, comfort and His shalom-shalom. Thank you, for being one of 'the rabbi team', all of whom were there after shabbat service, to dedicate and bless my two children, 25 years ago. My girls were also blessed to have attended Sar Shalom Hebrew Academy, there at TAK, of which you and Jaimie were an integral part. I enjoyed the wonderful 'Jewish Jewels' programs, there are none like them! May the good deeds, love shown, and the things you did for TAK and community, and for Israel, and to forward the enlightenment of The Jewish people, I pray that these things continue through those who knew you. Thank you.
Posted by Marisa Frydman on 11th April 2019
Thank you Neil,Jamie, and sons for all the good and love From 2003-2009..... I moved to Florida in 2003,and shortly after hurricane Wilma, Neil Lash became the new congregational leader at Tak......Neil showed to be génerous / compassionate....as I recall during my bday celebration in a greek restaurant,aprox.2007/2008, he came w/Jamie and sons,they were generous /kind to me...Also, one lesson I remember he taught was " seek relationship vs seeking to be right"....he also gave me advice regarding my Car after an incident, when I needed advice, and he was accessible via phone,which nowadays its not that available to congregants, Thank you!!! ,blessings,enjoy Eternity.....✌, and my condolences to his dear family that I know miss him so very much...
Posted by Michael Frierson on 10th April 2019
I first attended Aron Hakodesh in May 2018 with my girlfriend, now fiance Lisa and I met Neil and Jaimie in person for the first time then. It happened to be Neil's birthday. We were blessed and fortunate to be able to be there and celebrate hi birthday on Shabbat with him. I has watched several episodes of Jewish Jewels on television over the years and have heard many good things about Temple Aron Hakodesh. I had been interested in attending for years before I finally did. I am glad we went. We have been going regularly and always had joy when we saw Neil and Jaimie his smiling and clapping during praise and worship unto The Lord We will cherish the memories
Posted by Wanda Tellechea on 8th April 2019
Rabbi Neil, I think I could take a few hours to tell of you. Yesterday was amazing seeing so many people that had story's to tell. I have to tell mine again because I don't remember what I said. During a time of prayer at TAK, you walked up to me and said I am going to pray for you as a Father, and you did, you also blessed me, you never knew that my Father died when I was 3 yrs. old , I never knew That I carried such a sorrow until you prayed. You did walk worthy !!! Praise to Our Lord for you! Wanda T.
Posted by Angelo Agnone on 29th March 2019
Neil was a wonderful person. I first watched the television show "Jewish Jewels" in 1998. He is going to be dearly missed by everyone who loved him.

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