If you would like to donate in Neil's honor, his family has identified two missions Neil was passionate about:

To help us always remember Neil and all of the wonderful memories he helped create, please feel free to share any pictures, videos, and/or stories on this memorial website.

Posted by Jamie Lash on March 26, 2022
Three years without you- missing your wisdom and daily love tokens- but eternally grateful for 48 years with the most wonderful husband in the world!
Posted by Erin Sdl on February 6, 2022
I had recently found the online resource of "Jewish Jewels" when trying to find more about ancient Jewish weddings and the tie-in to our bride groom in Revelations. It was so exciting to understand better what He has done and continues to do for us. I started watching your videos and just kept coming back. After about a week of enjoying them, I did more searching to see what you were doing currently. My heart was filled with sorrow when I saw the obituary for Neil. I felt like I had lost a brand new friend, and shed many tears for someone I have never even interacted with. His ministry continues, and I thank you for the light you both have shared.
Posted by Jamie Lash on June 10, 2021
Happy Birthday in Heaven, my beloved partner of 48 years. Birthdays were never a big deal to you- except if it was MY birthday. I thank God for your life- my greatest blessing aside from Messiah.
Love forever and ever,
Posted by Wanda Tellechea on June 1, 2021
Tears, to hear your words Jamie. Rabbi Neil and you were a couple that worked together for so long. I would have to say Yes to your question. You have touched so many life's, like mine. You are amazing, but God!
Posted by Jamie Lash on May 31, 2021
Memorial Day 2021

You are on my heart this morning as I remember the yearly celebration at my childhood home with all the Salvation Army officers coming there after their service at the cemetery. They went there to honor those of their ranks who had been promoted to glory. Now you, my beloved of 48 years, have also been promoted to glory.
I remember that you served in our country’s army, but also served valiantly in the Lord’s Army. I am trying to follow your example, but every day I realize what an impact you had on so many lives, and can only hope that in some way the Lord will use me as well. I am going to the cemetery to bring you a little American flag. Will you see it?
Posted by Wanda Tellechea on March 26, 2021
Jamie and Family,

Just this past week end I said I can't believe that Rabbi Neil is not with us. Many things brings him to mind, things I do or see reminds me of our Rabbi. Many times I say Rabbi Neil I miss you.  With Love to you all, Wanda
Posted by Jamie Lash on March 25, 2021
Two years today without you, Neilie. I miss your smile, your sense of humor and how we always held hands. People would stop us and comment on how cute we were, that we were still holding hands. It was just the natural thing for us to do. I can’t wait to see you again, but there is still kingdom work to be done, so the Lord is keeping me busy. Your legacy lives on in so many people who have contacted me today, and of course in our two sons. Liam still remembers you, and you impacted his life, even though he only had you for a little over two years. Good night, my love. Yours forever.
Posted by Marsha Carol Watson Gandy on March 25, 2021
Dear JAMIE AND FAMILY, I am remembering April 11, 2016---the one year anniversary of my husband's going to heaven. I have a true understanding of what you and your Dear Family are feeling.

I guess I can say it does get a little better over time....but truthfully---We miss them everyday and night times are even worse. We just pick up the pieces and look to Yeshua for our help---and we realize that our hope comes from our Faith in GOD.  We will always in this life feel as though we are only one half of a person....For me it has been six years and that is the way that I feel. You probably will feel the same way.

Our Great Hope is when we see them again, and how WONDERFUL IT WILL BE.

YOU are in my prayers.

Most sincerely,

Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

Posted by Wanda Tellechea on January 11, 2021
I totally agree with you Jamie. I know his answer would be but God, always miss you. You were more than a rabbi more than a friend. Just a wonderful man that we could all depend on.
Posted by Marsha Carol Watson Gandy on January 10, 2021
Jamie, It is so wonderful to see you and Neil still on JEWISH JEWELS. I am watching your this week's program right now. (Colossians 2) We all still have Neil with us.....You Beautiful, ... and Neil handsome. His love and adoration for you is so very precious---week after week and year after year....What a wonderful marriage you had....and it is still shining through each week. WHAT A JOY IT MUST BE TO WATCH THESE PROGRAMS OF YOU TOGETHER---AND WHAT A COMFORT.

Marsha Carol Watson Gandy
Posted by Jamie Lash on June 21, 2020
Another Father’s Day without you...But so blessed that God took you home before this pandemic. How proud you would have been today to hear your son Jonathan preach about your favorite saying: “With God it’s all about the heart.” Pray for us Neilie. Time must be short down here. Also know that the son of your old age, Jesse , hovers over me with love and care. Puppy
Posted by Jewel Shindler on April 1, 2020
Neil was a very kind man. He was always very loving and approachable and easy to talk to. It is such a loss that he is gone. He and Jamie had a wonderful ministry together.  It must be so wonderful to see the Messiah in heaven and to enjoy the afterlife. I'm so sorry for your loss Jamie. 
Posted by Jamie Lash on March 25, 2020
Dear Neile, I miss you more today than ever before. The world has turned upside down since you left it. It was good to cry at the cemetery today, to see that the marigolds are still living at your grave, to not have a problem with social distancing, and to thank God for all the wonderful years we had together. I baked brownies, so strange for me, even though you are not here to eat them. Our precious son Jonathan was so thoughtful to pick up lunch and bring it here so the two of us could be together. I gave him brownies to take home. Chocolate – to remember dad. You are forever in my heart. Love, Puppy.

Posted by Wanda Tellechea on March 25, 2020
Rabbi Neil, We miss you so much, in our new world today we could use all of your wisdom. 
Posted by Marsha Carol Watson Gandy on March 3, 2020
Neil and Jamie have been an inspiration to multiplied millions for years. Their abiding love for each other and their marriage lived before us on JEWISH JEWELS for many years left permanent Blessings on all of us who faithfully tuned in week after week and year after year.

Their Darling little boys who grew up before our eyes to be fine men has been such a thrill to all of us. The first time I watched their JJ on Christian TV at the end when they were in Israel as they came together and took hands and with the beautiful singing: "YESHUA IS THE LIVING WORD" I WILL NEVER FORGET. I waited with patience and joy for the end of each program.

JAMIE, my Beloved husband passed away on April 11, 2015. I cried day and night for two months. He had Parkinsons and did not walk for 2 years. I cared for him at home with sweet help. I did not put him off somewhere. I still miss him every day and nights are worse. After he died I prayed night and day that Yeshua would give me a dream of him. I felt I just had to see him one more time. On June 7, 2015 I had the dream . It broke the grief so that I could function. I will see him again.
Posted by Jamie Lash on February 7, 2020
Feb 7,2020- Our 49th wedding anniversary. I was so sure we would make it to 50, but God had other plans. I was moved to tears today to receive a beautiful floral arrangement that came with the following message: “ With love from Jesse and Pop Pop.” You are still buying me flowers, even from heaven. How I wish you could have been with us at dinner tonight at Jonathan and Nancy‘s beautiful home! Nancy has become a wonderful cook, and such a gracious hostess. We all miss you very much. One day we will be together again.

Posted by Jamie Lash on November 15, 2019
No one can fill your shoes, Neilie, but I have been asked to minister this weekend at Temple Aron HaKodesh- without you. I hope that you are praying for me in heaven, because it is no easy task to do this solo. But God. Jonathan and I have just loaded up the trunk of the car with six bags of your clothing and shoes to go to the mission field in Honduras. I felt like this would be pleasing to you, given your heart for the poor. I am having to let go, little by little. God is merciful. So were you.
Posted by MJ Belko on November 13, 2019
I just heard about Neil's passing today and offer my condolences to Jamie and the boys.
Posted by Emma Myers on September 28, 2019
Just found out today about Rabbi Lash’s passing and still in shock, but know that we’ll ALL see him again one day, in his new glorified body and be able to celebrate with him then. Neil and Jamie opened up my eyes and heart even further to learn about my Jewish Savior, Yeshua HaMashiach and our Heavenly Father Yahweh. I thank God for their ministry and lives which proclaimed the Good News of the Bible EVERY time. He is missed already but thank Yahweh, for his time here with us. Will definitely keep his wonderful family in constant prayer, and ministry as well as both move forward with the Good News of the Kingdom.
Posted by Jamie Lash on September 25, 2019
“ Live joyfully with the wife whom you love all the days of your vain life Which He has given you under the sun…” Ecc. 9:9
Neil did this, until six months ago today when he was promoted to Glory.
We enjoyed abundant life together for 48 wonderful years, and there is no way to explain how I miss my partner in life . But God has been faithful to me in these six months since Neil’s passing, And everything I wrote about Him in my books has proven to be true. His love never fails!
Posted by Joe Levy on September 10, 2019
I thank HaShem for the life of this pioneer in the Torah Messianic Movement of the US. Niel left a legacy & still continues to bless the body of Messiah along with the cloud of witnesses. I had the pleasure to meet him & his wife at a 2008 MJAA Orlando conference. Their humility & smile are evident. They are pioneers in expanding the roots of the Faith through television etc. before the growing programs today. Blessing the Jew & Gentile alike in the One New Man. Thank you Jamie & sons for making the vision happen along with the rest of the
mishpocha behind the scenes. May the Lash Generations speed the light of Messiah. Shalom
Posted by Jamie Lash on September 5, 2019
September 2, 2019

Today is your born again birthday (sorry, technically September 2nd was but I had to repost this for mom since it originally said it was posted by me, not her. Signed, Jesse) and I am remembering the day that you received Yeshua as your Messiah in 1973. We celebrated you in Bird in Hand Pennsylvania, with our dear friends the Barkmans. We all miss you so much Neilie! It is bittersweet being here, seeing all the places we went to together, Staying in the very room we were in when we were called into full-time ministry. So much is the same, but it is all different since you are no longer with me. Ervin preached yesterday, and wore your favorite plaid shirt that I brought here as a gift for him . We was so honored, and spoke so beautifully about his “rabbi” , as he liked to call you.

The Lord got me out of Florida , for the second time , as a hurricane approaches our shores. I even have fond memories of hurricanes with you . It was five months on August 25 . Missing you . Love, Puppy.

By Jamie Lash
Posted by Jamie Lash on June 25, 2019
You left us and went to heaven three months ago today on March 25, 2019. Yesterday your first granddaughter, Lucia Paz Lash, came into the world. My heart breaks that you did not get to meet her. She is perfect. I held her a few hours after she was born, and blessed her with a deep abiding knowledge of God as her Heavenly Father. That is what you would have done. Missing you so much today, and yet my confession remains, “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.”
Posted by Joann Macdonald on June 18, 2019
How blessed you are to have had such a man given to you from God. 
Your memories will have such a sweetness to them as our loving God intended. The man He gave you represented Himself and so you had all your married life living and knowing the goodness of your Elohim.
I sorrow with you in Neal's passing, but I know that your Father has His hand securely on you and your family for all the days of your life.
Love to you
Joann Macdonald
Posted by Helen Celestine on June 11, 2019
I thank God for this ministry, I watched Jewish Jewel often, I did not learn of Neil's passing until today's newsletter. Jamie, my sister, I love you and your family, will pray for continued peace and comfort many blessings to you.
Posted by Jesse Kirkcaldy-Lash on June 11, 2019
Yesterday would have been my Dad’s 83rd birthday. My mom would’ve wanted to make some special celebration and he would’ve tried to downplay it as much as possible because life wasn’t about him. In going through all of the photos of him as we prepared for his memorial service, this picture stood out to me because my dad was 53 when I was born. He didn’t rollerblade. He didn’t play hockey. Yet here’s a guy in his 60s learning to rollerblade so he can chase around his wild children, selflessly doing anything and everything he could for us. I miss him a ton but am also so grateful that I had so many years with him as my father.
Posted by Jamie Lash on June 11, 2019
Tonight we watched Neil’s Surprise 70th birthday celebration, held at Temple Aron HaKodesh on Shavuot, 2006. Jesse led praise and worship. Jonathan preached one of his first sermons at age 20. Neil was totally surprised about the service, but was his usual composed, godly, wise, affirming, thankful self. How I miss his words and wisdom!  He was so patient with my outrageous antics, such as red rose petals falling on him from the ceiling, symbolic of the tongues of fire at Pentecost. Nancy baked a chocolate cake in Pop Pop’s honor today. Lisa bought him two yummy chocolate cupcakes. I hope there is chocolate in heaven for him. Happy first birthday in heaven, Neilie. I love you forever.
Posted by Andre Granston on June 8, 2019
Jewish Jewels was one of the first ministries God directed me to when I began to see that the best way to understand the words of Yeshua/Jesus were in their Hebrew context - and that the Jewish people were still central to God's plan.  That was about 10 years ago and I still enjoy watching Jewish Jewels when time permits. When discerning Rabbi Neal I always got a sense of his humility and his genuineness. I thank God for the ministry that He gave him. I pray the family will be comforted.
Posted by David Weisskopf on June 7, 2019
Baruch Dayan HaEmet. Neil was a true gem and friend of Israel. We will miss him tremendously. Rest in peace, my friend.
Posted by Ann Bonnie on May 25, 2019
I moved home recently and came over a box holding many recordings of "Jewish Jewels", so have been watching them all day today. Dont know why I lost touch with the program but became curious and looked on line to discover that Neil had passed. I am so sorry to have learned this as I really enjoyed the programmes done by himand his lovely wife. Twenty years ago I visited Israel as a one off visit , and was hungry to learn more and really got that teaching through this programme, hence the fact I have been eighteen times to Israel and I am still learning. May I convey my sincere condolances to you Jamie, and I wish you and your family Ha Shem's richest blessing, from Scotland.
Posted by Colleen Cardinal Anderson on May 24, 2019
Thank you Jesus for Neil Lash! I learned so much from him over the last 20 years of watching his lessons and reading the newsletters. My only regret is that I never got to meet Rabbi Neil this side of heaven. To Jamie and her family, Jesus promises to comfort those who mourn and to heal the brokenhearted. Our dear savior always keeps His promises, so I know He's holding you now. I will meet our dear Brother in the air someday.
Posted by Carol Marriott on May 20, 2019
I watched "Jewish Jewels" and got Jamie's "Kiss a Day" book which has been such a blessing. I was impressed at what a sweet, honest, and gentle spirit that Rabbi Neil and Jamie had. He will be greatly missed. I loved the program.
He has truly "finished the course and kept the faith and awaits the crown of righteousness, laid up for all who long for Yeshua's appearing". 2 Timothy 4:7, 8.
I pray that Jamie is comforted in these days and will feel the Lord's presence and love. I met Jamie at the Jewish Jewels booth at MJAA Messiah Conference in 2014 and she was asking for me to pray to go to Israel with their group. I couldn't due to work, but have prayed about it. 
Such a wonderful ministry. May you all grow in grace in Yeshua's blessing.
Posted by Ryan and Jennifer Tooill ... on May 3, 2019
We were deeply saddened today to learn of Rabbi Neil’s passing. Today was spent in reflection on how Rabbi Neil’s and Jamie’s life has touched ours and in thanksgiving to God for the blessings over the years as a result. After watching the funeral on YouTube tonight, we are again so grateful to have known, even from a distance, Rabbi Neil.
I, Jennifer, began watching Jewish Jewels back in the late 80’s when I was still in high school. My family would come home from church and I would sit at the table closest to the living room so I could keep one eye on the tv to watch the program as I ate my lunch!! It was still Love Song to the Messiah, or at least what was showing on tv was still called that! I was connected at once and intrigued by the concept of understanding that there were Jewish roots to my faith as a Christian!! I began receiving the newsletters. (I also loved the cooking segments with Jamie and Tante Rose ❤️)
I was touched by how Neil and Jamie presented the topic each week and I learned so much. And, of course, watching the boys grow up was always a part. Fast forward to 2010. Ryan and I are married and we have a precious daughter, Keren. Neil and Jamie blessed us with postcards from time to time, a seashell, and a comforting and encouraging call from Rabbi Neil when our first foster baby went back to her birth family under questionable circumstances. When our twins were first in our home as foster premature infants all the way through to being adopted, we were blessed again with knowing they were praying for us and at times communication from Rabbi Neil and Jamie. Another time, we had a difficult situation with a friend and church member who was being led astray by false teachers and I reached out to Rabbi Neil for wisdom regarding the name of Yeshua and some other difficulties with the false teachings. His response was so meaningful and really helped Ryan and I. Even though there is a great distance between Ohio and Florida it seems nothing because there is no distance between believers in Jesus. We are so thankful for each way Rabbi Neil and Jamie have deposited truth, love, encouragement, kindness into our lives. Rabbi Neil will be greatly missed.
May the Lord bless you and keep you all as a family and may the Lord watch between us until we meet in Heaven. Psalm 103
Posted by Edward Schneider on May 2, 2019
It was in 2000 that I first came across Jewish Jewels. I was serving in a home church and with my parents, was helping the pastor publish books he was writing on the bible. He had written 3 books at that time and each had some kind of reference to the Jewish culture. It wasn't until he wrote a book on the Feast of the Lord that I began to look at the bible from an eastern view point. It was at that time that I started following Neil and Jamie on Jewish Jewels. I found their teaching style to be easy to understand but very profound to what I knew about the Holy Scriptures. It was through them that I received Yeshuah as my Messiah. I saw Jesus not as the church had portrayed him. He is more than a savior to me. Yeshuah Is my everything. I trust him for everything I now have.
I was saddened to hear of the passing of Neil, but after watching the celebration service, was encouraged by his life. What struck me the most was his saying, "Life is about choices. Every choice comes with a consequence. Choose God. Choose Good. Choose to be a blessing." I have a close friend in the church that I serve at now that says, "Life is about two things, Choices and Relationships."
Because of Neil and Jamie, I no longer consider myself a part of a denomination, as I have attended several, but a Messianic Christian.
Posted by Bessie Quick on April 16, 2019
Rabbi Neil officiated at my 50th wedding anniversary and my mother-in-law's memorial. He prayed for my husband when my husband had a cancer scare even though he was in chemotherapy himself. However it wasn't only what he did but who he was. He was kind, compassionate, gentle and wise. I still say "Every decision we make has consequences so choose wisely". Neil and Jamie were truly "one flesh" and an amazing couple. I admired both of them and my family will miss Rabbi Neil.
Posted by Carl Brome on April 15, 2019
Rabbi Neil was my first Rabbi and he made my transition into Messianic Judaism welcoming. I will never forget the many teachings I have garnered from him as I use these timeless nuggets even out on the missionary field. As a matter of fact my wife and I were in Africa when we learned of his promotion to glory, and the church where we were ministering consented to allowing me to recite the Mourner's Kaddish on the Rabbi's behalf; little did they know that some of the teachings they received were inspired by his teachings. Your memory and teachings will live on Rabbi Neil.
Posted by Jamie Lash on April 14, 2019
It has been one week since the memorial service for my best friend, life partner, traveling companion, teacher and other half. There were so many things about Neil that I could not mention at the service due to time constraints. I miss his witty sense of humor, that flowed out of his awesome intelligence. Neil enjoyed the comics. He especially liked ZITS. He made me laugh every day. Neil spent 48 years answering all of my questions. Wherever we went, I asked him to explain things- how things worked, why things were the way they were, what era in history things happened. He knew almost all of the answers. Neil was brilliant. Neil loved to worship God.The first song he ever learned as a believer in Messiah was: “Thank you Lord.” That became a theme of his life. Neil was thankful for having hot water every day. He took no blessing for granted. After our trip to Cuba, he was thankful for full shelves in our supermarkets. He was so thankful that we did not have a storage unit. He left this life with almost no personal possessions. All of his treasure is in heaven.
      I am forever grateful to God for giving me the precious gift of Neil A. Lash as the love of my life. I miss him very much.
Posted by Sheri Miller on April 13, 2019
Rest In Peace, Rabbi Neil, and may Yeshua bring your family strength, comfort and His shalom-shalom.
Thank you, for being one of 'the rabbi team', all of whom were there after shabbat service, to dedicate and bless my two children, 25 years ago.
My girls were also blessed to have attended Sar Shalom Hebrew Academy, there at TAK, of which you and Jaimie were an integral part.
I enjoyed the wonderful 'Jewish Jewels' programs, there are none like them!
May the good deeds, love shown, and the things you did for TAK and community, and for Israel, and to forward the enlightenment of The Jewish people, I pray that these things continue through those who knew you.
Thank you.
Posted by Marisa Frydman on April 11, 2019
Thank you Neil,Jamie, and sons for all the good and love From 2003-2009..... I moved to Florida in 2003,and shortly after hurricane Wilma, Neil Lash became the new congregational leader at Tak......Neil showed to be génerous / I recall during my bday celebration in a greek restaurant,aprox.2007/2008, he came w/Jamie and sons,they were generous /kind to me...Also, one lesson I remember he taught was " seek relationship vs seeking to be right"....he also gave me advice regarding my Car after an incident, when I needed advice, and he was accessible via phone,which nowadays its not that available to congregants, Thank you!!! ,blessings,enjoy Eternity.....✌, and my condolences to his dear family that I know miss him so very much...
Posted by Michael Frierson on April 10, 2019
I first attended Aron Hakodesh in May 2018 with my girlfriend, now fiance Lisa and I met Neil and Jaimie in person for the first time then. It happened to be Neil's birthday.
We were blessed and fortunate to be able to be there and celebrate hi birthday on Shabbat with him.
I has watched several episodes of Jewish Jewels on television over the years and have heard many good things about Temple Aron Hakodesh. I had been interested in attending for years before I finally did.
I am glad we went. We have been going regularly and always had joy when we saw Neil and Jaimie his smiling and clapping during praise and worship unto The Lord We will cherish the memories
Posted by Wanda Tellechea on April 8, 2019
Rabbi Neil, I think I could take a few hours to tell of you.
Yesterday was amazing seeing so many people that had story's to tell. I have to tell mine again because I don't remember what I said.
During a time of prayer at TAK, you walked up to me and said I am going to pray for you as a Father, and you did, you also blessed me,
you never knew that my Father died when I was 3 yrs. old , I never knew That I carried such a sorrow until you prayed.
You did walk worthy !!! Praise to Our Lord for you!
Wanda T.
Posted by Angelo Agnone on March 29, 2019
Neil was a wonderful person. I first watched the television show "Jewish Jewels" in 1998. He is going to be dearly missed by everyone who loved him.

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Posted by Jamie Lash on March 26, 2022
Three years without you- missing your wisdom and daily love tokens- but eternally grateful for 48 years with the most wonderful husband in the world!
Posted by Erin Sdl on February 6, 2022
I had recently found the online resource of "Jewish Jewels" when trying to find more about ancient Jewish weddings and the tie-in to our bride groom in Revelations. It was so exciting to understand better what He has done and continues to do for us. I started watching your videos and just kept coming back. After about a week of enjoying them, I did more searching to see what you were doing currently. My heart was filled with sorrow when I saw the obituary for Neil. I felt like I had lost a brand new friend, and shed many tears for someone I have never even interacted with. His ministry continues, and I thank you for the light you both have shared.
Posted by Jamie Lash on June 10, 2021
Happy Birthday in Heaven, my beloved partner of 48 years. Birthdays were never a big deal to you- except if it was MY birthday. I thank God for your life- my greatest blessing aside from Messiah.
Love forever and ever,
his Life


In 1973, Neil had a “burning bush” experience with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob which changed his life forever. In 1975 he and his wife Jamie founded Temple Aron HaKodesh, a Messianic synagogue in Fort Lauderdale. In 1977 Neil and Jaime began the Ministry of Love Song  to the Messiah. In 1983, Neil left his teaching profession and entered into full-time ministry as a teacher of the Jewish roots of Christianity. He and his wife Jamie began co-hosting Jewish Jewels, a weekly one-half hour Messianic Jewish Bible teaching program, in 1980. It is still seen in cities throughout the U.S., Europe and Australia.


On February 7, 1971 Neil married Jamie Suzanne McChain in Valhalla, New York. Their first son, Jonathan Isaac was born in Florida on July 9, 1985. Their second son, affectionately called the "Son of My Old Age" by Neil, was born in Florida on January 10, 1989. His grandson, Liam Jacob was born to his son Jonathan, and his daughter-in-law Nancy, on August 4, 2016.Jesse married the love of his life, Christine Kirkcaldy, on November 24,2017.


Neil graduated from the City University of New York with a degree in electrical engineering and worked in that field for several years. His teaching career which began in 1963, lasted for twenty years including ten at a technical high school and ten at Broward College. During that time he earned a Master’s Degree from New York University and a Doctorate from the University of Missouri.

Recent stories

Jewish Jewel Needs Healing

Shared by Robert Crocheron on September 9, 2021
As a Christian Zionist, I have been receiving the Jewish Jewels newsletter since Feb. 2021. I have finally found the tv programs and been recording them for future viewing. In the September newsletter, Jamie mentioned having breast cancer return. Since my 1st and my present wives both successfully battled that disease, I was curious about how Neil was dealing with it. Unfortunately, I did not know he had “gone home” until I read the Aug. 2021 newsletter. I went on-line and found lots about Rabbi Neil. For Jamie: the Lord will see you through this! Numbers 6:22-27. Shalom

Four months without you

Shared by Jesse Kirkcaldy-Lash on July 26, 2019
I went on our annual July 25th excursion to the beach without you Neilie. My special day:  I met you on July 25, 1970 .  I met Yeshua on July 25, 1973.  My seashell ministry began on July 25, 1979.   I have always considered July 25 to be the most important day in the year for me. It was difficult this year , since July 25 coincided  exactly with the 4 month anniversary of your promotion to glory.  I tossed my usual seven seashell messages into the ocean on Fort Lauderdale beach, but you were not by my side. And yet, God was there. His love is still unfailing.  You must be up in heaven  praying for me. Your love is eternal, like God’s. I am grateful for you both.     Jamie  (Puppy)

THE AWESOME PRESENCE of ABBA -the last Shabbat with our Rabbi.

Shared by Lisa Bryan on April 8, 2019

Dear Jamie and Family,

This sincere message from Lisa Bryan.I was going to wait a few weeks and write to Jamie but yesterday you announced this site. At some point please share with our beloved Jamie Lash.

Jamie, Saturday March 16th, I was dancing and worshipping and feeling HIS mighty presence.  I did a 3 point turn and saw Rabbi Neil sitting with his head low in prayer or basking with the Lord -not sure -and I saw Jamie standing there with her hands out singing and my heart started aching and I started crying on the dance floor.  To me Jamie looked tired and still so trusting.  I started praying to our ABBA as I was dancing that HE hold Rabbi Neil tight all of his remaining days that he always feel ABBA with him until he calls him home and I was praying for Jamie as I felt the time was near and I know Jamie trusts in the LORD with all her heart and soul -but there is going to be a time of mourning and I started mourning for her loss already -and I said ABBA -Let me worship you in this dance, hold them tight and let me stop crying ABBA.

WELL, DO YOU KNOW – Jamie, I am not sure if Rabbi Neil mentioned that weekend service and if he felt anything different or if you did notice HIS amazing presence that day.  I took a video of Priscila Dancing with flags and Claire dropped to her knees -there were others on their knees -in fact I could hardly stand to video but felt the need to focus and zoom in on your side of the room. When Claire fell to her knees -You will see from the picture -she is not facing the alter -NO she is facing Rabbi Neil -for the LORD’s Mighty Presence was right there! Right there!  When Rabbi Joe was standing hands in the air -he was not facing the alter as usual -he was tilted towards Rabbi Neil!  Yes, the most amazing hush in the room at that moment and HIS presence was surly surrounding the beautiful Lash couple.

I posted the video on the TAK website and I posted the pictures-I hope if you have a time to look you will be amazed – OUR ABBA knew this was our beloved Rabbi Neil’s last time worshipping in the temple that the Lord gave him to lead.The following Saturday HIS Presence was amazing again -but throughout the entire temple not just that side of the room - as many people were probably doing as I was doing-dropping to our knees and thanking HIM for Rabbi Neil and for our temple. God makes no mistakes -and I am thankful Rabbi Neil listened to HIM or I would not be who I am today!

I am praying for Jamie -as I can not imagine losing the love of my life.I know she will be ok -but I know she will be grieving and tell her it is OK to grieve and hold tight the Hem of His garment.She and Rabbi Neil have ALWAYS been an inspiration to me in many ways. Though I do not talk to them like others as I am shy -I am always there admiring them, giving thanks for them, and praying for them and their family in my own little way.

Rabbi Neil -I know you are not tired up there!See you again.I am sure.

Love always, Lisa Bryan