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Jewish Jewel Needs Healing

September 9, 2021
As a Christian Zionist, I have been receiving the Jewish Jewels newsletter since Feb. 2021. I have finally found the tv programs and been recording them for future viewing. In the September newsletter, Jamie mentioned having breast cancer return. Since my 1st and my present wives both successfully battled that disease, I was curious about how Neil was dealing with it. Unfortunately, I did not know he had “gone home” until I read the Aug. 2021 newsletter. I went on-line and found lots about Rabbi Neil. For Jamie: the Lord will see you through this! Numbers 6:22-27. Shalom

Four months without you

July 26, 2019
I went on our annual July 25th excursion to the beach without you Neilie. My special day:  I met you on July 25, 1970 .  I met Yeshua on July 25, 1973.  My seashell ministry began on July 25, 1979.   I have always considered July 25 to be the most important day in the year for me. It was difficult this year , since July 25 coincided  exactly with the 4 month anniversary of your promotion to glory.  I tossed my usual seven seashell messages into the ocean on Fort Lauderdale beach, but you were not by my side. And yet, God was there. His love is still unfailing.  You must be up in heaven  praying for me. Your love is eternal, like God’s. I am grateful for you both.     Jamie  (Puppy)

THE AWESOME PRESENCE of ABBA -the last Shabbat with our Rabbi.

April 8, 2019

Dear Jamie and Family,

This sincere message from Lisa Bryan.I was going to wait a few weeks and write to Jamie but yesterday you announced this site. At some point please share with our beloved Jamie Lash.

Jamie, Saturday March 16th, I was dancing and worshipping and feeling HIS mighty presence.  I did a 3 point turn and saw Rabbi Neil sitting with his head low in prayer or basking with the Lord -not sure -and I saw Jamie standing there with her hands out singing and my heart started aching and I started crying on the dance floor.  To me Jamie looked tired and still so trusting.  I started praying to our ABBA as I was dancing that HE hold Rabbi Neil tight all of his remaining days that he always feel ABBA with him until he calls him home and I was praying for Jamie as I felt the time was near and I know Jamie trusts in the LORD with all her heart and soul -but there is going to be a time of mourning and I started mourning for her loss already -and I said ABBA -Let me worship you in this dance, hold them tight and let me stop crying ABBA.

WELL, DO YOU KNOW – Jamie, I am not sure if Rabbi Neil mentioned that weekend service and if he felt anything different or if you did notice HIS amazing presence that day.  I took a video of Priscila Dancing with flags and Claire dropped to her knees -there were others on their knees -in fact I could hardly stand to video but felt the need to focus and zoom in on your side of the room. When Claire fell to her knees -You will see from the picture -she is not facing the alter -NO she is facing Rabbi Neil -for the LORD’s Mighty Presence was right there! Right there!  When Rabbi Joe was standing hands in the air -he was not facing the alter as usual -he was tilted towards Rabbi Neil!  Yes, the most amazing hush in the room at that moment and HIS presence was surly surrounding the beautiful Lash couple.

I posted the video on the TAK website and I posted the pictures-I hope if you have a time to look you will be amazed – OUR ABBA knew this was our beloved Rabbi Neil’s last time worshipping in the temple that the Lord gave him to lead.The following Saturday HIS Presence was amazing again -but throughout the entire temple not just that side of the room - as many people were probably doing as I was doing-dropping to our knees and thanking HIM for Rabbi Neil and for our temple. God makes no mistakes -and I am thankful Rabbi Neil listened to HIM or I would not be who I am today!

I am praying for Jamie -as I can not imagine losing the love of my life.I know she will be ok -but I know she will be grieving and tell her it is OK to grieve and hold tight the Hem of His garment.She and Rabbi Neil have ALWAYS been an inspiration to me in many ways. Though I do not talk to them like others as I am shy -I am always there admiring them, giving thanks for them, and praying for them and their family in my own little way.

Rabbi Neil -I know you are not tired up there!See you again.I am sure.

Love always, Lisa Bryan

My Neil Story

April 7, 2019

I met Neil in November of 1993. I was in the printing business and I got a lead to go see this company called "Love Song To The Messiah." I called the number that I was given and got Neil on the phone. I explained who I was and why I was calling. Neil said "I'll give you 5 minutes." So, loving the challenge, I headed up to his office which was in Temple Aron HaKodesh.

As I walked into Neil's office, the first thing he said to me after I introduced myself was "Do you know Yeshua?" I guess that I had a "deer in the headlights look on my face" so Neil says to me "Ya know...Jesus."

Well, I just happened to have given my life to the Lord two weeks previously. When Neil heard this, he proceeded to spend the next 2 1/2 hours explaining to me the Jewish connection to Jesus. Oh, and we spent 5 minutes on printing. I got the order and did business with Neil for more than 10 years. But, more importantly, I made a friend. 

And last year, my wife, Suzanne and I went  on a Passover/Resurrection cruise with Jamie and Neil. And we were blessed to be part of a service, with several other married couples, in which Jamie and Neil officiated over a renewal of Suzanne and my wedding vows.

I'll never forget that.

A Gentile's Rabbi

April 7, 2019

In Loving Memory of Rabbi Neil Lash

In Proverbs 10:7, the Wiseman penned the timeless words; “The memory of the just is blessed.” No one can give more credence to this observation than the gently wise and humble Rabbi Neil Lash, beloved husband of 48 years to Jamie Lash, and father of Jonathan and Jesse Lash.

The Lord answered a long-time prayer and deep desire of my heart when He blessed me and my husband Benny to meet Neil and Jamie in the summer of 2017 in the quaint town of Venice, Florida. We were vacationing in Tampa, and they were finishing up Jamie’s conference in Naples. They drove out of their way to meet us for dinner. I am not embellishing when I say about Neil that I felt I was in the presence of greatness; that’s exactly what I told my husband afterwards. Curiously, it was not because his demeanor was powerful or forward, but rather gentle and unassuming. But when he spoke, you knew this was a man who was intimate with his Lord. While Jamie and I bubbled joyfully at similarities we share in life and ministry, Neil’s interjections were both simple, yet heavy with the wisdom of God.

Last July we were delighted to meet Neil and Jamie in Washington, DC at the Museum of the Bible. What a wonderful memory I will always cherish. I was struck by how Neil and Jamie were so lovey-dovey, holding hands and sweetly considerate of one another. Again, I was blessed when we ate lunch, joining hands in prayer as Neil gave the blessing in Hebrew. I kept thinking how good the Lord is to me to let me have this experience. And I will never forget Neil jumping over the barrier rope to turn the heavy wooden crank on the replica of the first Guttenberg printing press, when no younger men volunteered.

You see, I had loved Neil and Jamie and their two sons from afar for many years. Having suffered a debilitating back injury, for years I was bedridden for 18 hours a day. Unable to attend church services, I depended on Christian TV to minister to my spirit. When I discovered Jewish Jewels, I fell in love. I have always been a lover of language and had studied some New Testament Greek, but as the Hebrew language of my Lord opened up to me, with all of its nuances and rich layers of meaning, my spirit was intrigued. And who couldn’t love Neil and Jamie—her effervescent love for her Messiah and his complementing spirit of grace—a truly dynamic duo!

I learned so much about the Jewish roots of my faith as I watched week after week. I ordered DVD’s and watched the 22 programs of the Hebrew alephbet series at least six times each. I felt like I knew them, and often wished I could meet them. But of course, that wouldn’t happen.

It was when Jamie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 that I reached out to her, weekly sending her cards of encouragement. One day, she wrote me back to thank me. In 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and I wrote her asking for prayer. This time she called me, and we have been happy friends ever since.

I minister in the church my father founded over 60 years ago in Baltimore. My messages have been greatly enhanced by the remarkable knowledge I have gleaned from watching Jewish Jewels, and our congregation loves the Hebrew nuggets.

And I have taken to shooting emails to Jamie to ask Neil to explain certain Bible passages to me. He always responded with the best answers. Recently I asked him a stumper, and he wrote back telling me to “ask God.” A few days later, he wrote again with a Scripture that hit the nail on the head.

I am really going to miss my Rabbi!

Psalm 112 states, “The upright is gracious and full of compassion…. He guides his affairs with discretion….” And in verse 6: Surely the righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance.”

In the margin of my Bible, next to this verse, I have written “Neil Lash.”

Minister Sharon Hardy Knotts 

March 25, 2019

Thank you Rabbi Neil

April 7, 2019

Me and my family remember Rabbi Neil fondly, on how he would embrace us and bless us. How Jamie and Neil would go over and beyond to love over us,make us a honey cake, fill us with Yeshua’s love. 

I remember in one of the conversation he mentioned, the Holy Spirit can and will show up anywhere. Always be ready for His showing and God appointments. Love you Neil. 

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