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Happy Father's Day

Shared by Michelle Martin on June 20, 2021
Happy Father's Day.  You will always be on the top of my dance card.  I miss you very very much!
Love you,
Shared by John Jelderks on June 15, 2021
We first met Neill in a Great Decisions class, when he moderated the group.  We were impressed with his breadth of knowledge on many of the topics, supported by his wide-ranging experiences while living in many parts of the world.

Later, Neill and Gretchen joined our Pub Trivia team, and their knowledge of the world helped with many answers.  He had a good sense of humor and we even had fun being humbled together on some occasions.

Our trivia team members have been guests in Neill and Gretchen's home, where we enjoyed their gracious hospitality.  We will certainly miss Neill, his bigger-than-life presence, and especially his entertaining stories.

Our hearts go out to Gretchen and the family as they mourn his loss.  We look forward to seeing Gretchen when we return to PebbleCreek.

Pub Trivia Champs at Pebblecreek!!

Shared by Bronwyn Kelch on June 11, 2021
One of the pleasures of life in Pebblecreek is the opportunity to meet and make new friends from all points of the compass.  A number of years back the combined knowledge of our American/Canadian/Australian team helped our Pub Trivia team, the Muddleheaded Wombats, take home the very valuable medal of honor!  
We've shared travel tales with Neill and Gretchen over the years, picked a lot of their lemons and when they moved into their newer home Neill shared some of his rock collection which is now adorning our backyard!
Neill's enthusiastic presence will be sadly missed - our love and support are extended to Gretchen and all the family.
Bronwyn and Doug Kelch 

Great Decisions

Shared by Gary Eppen on June 9, 2021
I knew Neil through the Great Decisions discussion group at PebbleCreek.  I helped him organize the sessions for a couple of years.  What do I remember?  He had a incredible breath of knowledge often enriched with a personal experience.  He was a real leader.  The group would have died without him.  Great in discussions - he knew how to listen and draw people into the discussion.  I was lucky to have him as a friend.

Gary Eppen 

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