This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Nelly Iwenofu, 73 years old, born on June 21, 1947, and passed away on March 17, 2021. We will remember her forever.

In Honour of Our MOM
It is common knowledge that an eclipse should come with night
Yet your shadow casts a light so bright
Though your leaving leaves us in an inconsolable plight
The aura of your love that can never be snuffed out, the glow of who you are/made our pain ever so slight
You nurtured us to a height
Where all we see is your sunlight
To where the angels live you have taken a flight
But with you, Mama, out of sight is not out of mind
We will never forget because memories of all your motherly might
Will hold us your children in an affection ring forever so tight
Your leaving will not leave an agonizing blight Mama, for all that you stood for, for your values and honour, we will fight and fight

Posted by Ngozi Odilinye on June 22, 2021
Yes I remembered her on 21st june & prayed for the repose of her soul & well being of the children & grandchildren she left behind.Keep trusting God.It is well
Posted by Oge Dieobi on May 7, 2021

Dear Aunty ,
I cannot remember my childhood without mentioning your name .
You were beautiful, elegant , outspoken, intelligent and loved by all.
I was shocked and saddened to hear of your passing . It seemed unreal . I kept on contacting people to confirm the news.
I hadn’t seen or spoken to you since I left Independence Layout primary school but that is not to say that you were ever forgotten.
As God would have it on your last birthday on earth a number of us ( your students) called you on that day to surprise you.
I was so shocked how you remembered me and every member of my family. You just sounded the same after so many years . It was a very pleasant conversation. I was all over the place after that call . Little did I know that would be our last conversation on this earth.
God knows best and I remain grateful for that day .
I pray that the good Lord will console Adaobi , Nnamdi and their older siblings .
I know you will be watching over them from above
Adieu Auntie . Rest in peace Ma . Amen

Oge Dieobi nee Okeke
Posted by Valerie Ezinmo on April 28, 2021
To my dear teacher Late Mrs Iwenofu,

Your departure from this earth came as a shock. Your impact in my early years was huge and will never be forgotten. You helped mould me into the woman I am today. I say thank you. I wish to have said this to you whilst you were alive, hoped to, but unfortunately, that never came to pass.

I remember you so fondly, black beauty, confident, beautiful smile and passionate about what you did. I didn't particularly like Maths but you made it clear that I had to learn it as Maths is one of the core subjects in Primary and Secondary education.

You were firm but gentle, you were strong but never over bearing, you were warm and likeable. May God in His infinite mercy receive your gentle soul in His bosom and may He grant all your loved ones the strength to bear this irreplaceable loss Amen.

Forever in our hearts,
Ijeoma dear auntie,

From your student,
Nkechi Ezinmo (nee Okeke)
Posted by Nonye Ejikeme on April 26, 2021
Nee lkeh
Posted by Nonye Ejikeme on April 26, 2021
Mama Ujuu , Nnemuo, Ada Nnam,It is with a heavy heart and tears running down my cheeks that I just decided to pick up a pen and write this
tribute having accepted defeat after the service of songs held for you at the cathedral  church of good Shepherd Enugu. I have been finding it difficult and emotional to believe that death would strike so soon. We were closely knitted together, had a lot of things in common.
You had the interest of your siblings at heart, always wanting to know about everybody's welfare. We were always on the phone spending hours talking about everything under the sun. Mama Ujuu as I fondly called her loved her siblings so dearly that she would go out of her way to please everyone. No wonder she requested that her siblings should be called when she was in the hospital. Your absence have created a very big vacuum in our fathers house. You were a source of inspiration, role model, my confidant  a pacesetter counselor,meticulous, soft spoken but firm, a displinarian, wise and a good listener , a mother indeed especially to me. Your departure on this earth is a big blow to ur children in particular  my self and the ikeh's family in general. We cannot question God for what he did but I know that heaven sang a new song on the day you departed because it gained a soul .
I love you very much and your memories & legacies will forever remain alive in my heart.
Good night Mama Ujuu
Farewell Adanna m
Good night my precious pearl.
Posted by Nkem Dilim on April 25, 2021
Aunty Iwenofu, my teacher my friend! I met you again, almost three decades after I passed through your class. I was excited and called your name and greeted you. I was so shocked when you called my name "Nkemdilim" straight up. I was amazed to say the least because almost all my siblings went through your class and you didn't make any mistake identifying me. I remember the last time I saw you in church, you sang a song "O bu onye na akpo mama...nnem"! You danced a bit while singing and started talking about our times under your tutorship. I must say you did a good job with the whole lot of the pupils that attended ILPS. The bad characters our parents missed at home didn't escape your attention. You were fair, firm and at the same time humane. Aunty I can keep writing and would never stop. I remember our gist the last time I saw you and all your words of encouragement and advice. You have ran your race and I must say you finished well. We cannot question God but must accept His decisions over all mortals. Your legacies will continually speak for your light shines brightest through your loved ones you left behind. May your beautiful soul find the perfect rest you deserve in God's bosom. We shall all miss you. Adieu aunty Iwenofu and may perpetual light of God illuminate your path as you journey back to your maker, Amen.
Posted by Ijeoma Egboka on April 24, 2021
There are childhood memories that stay with you forever and there some that just fade away.
Mrs Iwenofu as we respectfully called her was my Math teacher in my early childhood primary education and was part of my childhood memories .. Imagine my excitement when her last son, Nnamdi informed me she was in Canada, my Canada... and I got to speak with her... oh my gosh... It was like there was no lapsed years in between... we carried on like we had so much to catch up on..
Aunty, thank you for being part of my life.
Thank you for being part of the team that moulded me.
You will be forever missed.
Your legacy will live on...
Rest In Peace .
Posted by Ifeoma Edeh on April 24, 2021
My beloved Math teacher, it is so painful to come to terms with the reality that you are no longer with us. Aunty you were an irreplaceable and inspirational teacher to me and so many students.

Always seeking ways to encourage each and every student so that they are able to fulfil their potential. The only thing I can hang onto now are memories of how you always tell me at your Math lesson "Ifeoma Anukwa I will continue to work with you on balancing these Math equations, until you can solve them closing your eyes".

I will forever be grateful for your true love of Mathematics and your innovative ways of teaching, high standards and expectations. May your soul continue to rest in peace Amen
Posted by Emeka Aniebona on April 24, 2021
My lovely mathematics Aunty. I am shocked you left unannounced. Just last year when I met you, I was so excited, you still looked strong and healthy. May God repay you for all your good works on earth, Mama and may your gentle soul rest in peace!
Posted by Ada Anumba-Okoro on April 24, 2021
I am still struggling to come to terms with this reality. Your moulded me and played the role of my teacher and my mother. Your smiles never faded each time you saw all of us in school.
Mother, the last time we spoke few months ago, you called me - "Ada, kedu? Ibia Enugu ibia fum inugo"
. . . My mum told me you always ask after me and my siblings- Chinny, Obinna, Adaeze and Nneka each time you see her in church.
Your voice remained the same after all these years. . . . . . .it breaks my heart typing this but as I get older, I know it is a reality we must accept.
Rest on our dearest Teacher ❤. . . . . You will never be FORGOTTEN.
Posted by Agubata Ngozi on April 21, 2021
Where do I begin? I have pondered for last month what would I say that could remotely sum up how I feel about your physical death. They say losing a loved one is one of the most painful experiences of our human existence, but one shouldn’t question God in such circumstances. I spoke to someone about this last part, and he said why not? Of course you can question God, the only thing is you may not get an answer; just live in the knowledge that God knows best. So I asked again,why;why did you have to go so soon? Mummy you were larger than life and the impact you had in my/our lives cannot be done justice by a tribute but I want to say to any one reading this that you were the best mum anyone could wish for.There was only ever one mummy, UzoaMaka Iwenofu I called her my second Mother. after I gave birth to my second son Chibuike mummy would make sure I always eat at the right time and would also bath Chibuike her grandchild. I remember the many nights we stayed together gisting . Who would understand the way I Feel except God. Mummy, it is so hard to believe you’re not here anymore , I try not to think about it but it’s difficult not to. The love you had for your grand child Chisom made you call me ”mama Chisom” So sad that I won’t hear you call me that again for the rest of my life. How do I begin to summarize everything that you where to me Mummy? What can I say that would do justice to the sort of mother? You were a protector,provider,disciplinerian and a teacher . I still remember how generous you were , you would always share your food stuffs to everybody in the compound living nothing to yourself determination I learned from you, selflessness I took as a virtue from you, always a mother figure to all, a manager of home and people what’s better adjective encapsulate your person, a star falling so soon with out notice before dawn. Always having encouraging words, wisdom filled advice an willingness to assist all person no matter the tribe, tongue or creed. Ever willing to share your time talents and treasure for the good of all around you. You are an enigma doing all things and exceptionally withcare and courage with out doubt as to eventually succeed, this virtue very few knew or appreciated about you many always took you for GRANTED and thought you will always be there to reap the fruits of your long labour of love to the family and Friends whose lives you touched in many ways too numerous to recount. WHY SO SOON? You were good to people that came around you. You always wear a smile on your face never a sad moments with you. You were a stron pillar not only to your immediate family but to people you met along life path doing so without expecting any reward immediate or deferred, you are one of a kind as you transcend the heavenly bliss, I can only say that you have done your best and reinforced the fact that life is indeed transition.Mummy you were my best friend, my role model, my prayer warrior, my confidant, the list goes on. l will miss you greatly but the memories of you will forever remain with me,My consolation is that you’re in a better place and I know you’re happy. I love you mum.keep resting till I see you again. Farewell my sweet second mother, farewell abadagu
Posted by Olatunji Solarin on April 20, 2021

Oh! Dear Mamaa !
You’re a Mother I received by friendship and love.
Recounting knowing you in the last two decades ?
A pleasant enriching memorable experience !
A caring loving compassionate Mother.
A strong supportive prayerful Mother.
A selfless disciplinarian self-sacrificing Mother.

Oh! Dear Mamaa!
You’re born Special in the Garden City on the special day of June 21.
You’re black and beautiful.
You’re quiet and easy going.
You’re a committed lover of God and ever prayerful.
You’re there to teach, nurture, discipline and have fun with your grand children.
You’re always there to counsel us from your wealth of experience and fountain of wisdom.
You’re a great source of inspiration and blessing to the whole family.
You’re a passionate educationist par excellence.
You’re a Star who had positive impacts in this generation.
Sound it out on the streets of Obosi, Enugu or Lagos….
It’s the same commendable testimonial.

Oh! Dear Mamaa!
Though you have been taken away from us to Glory.
Your beautiful memories can never be taken away from us.
You will always be there in our hearts.
Though your light has gone from our lives.
Though your voice is still from our lives.
Surely, we cannot forget your advice and counsel on in a hurry…
On forgiveness, love, oneness of spirit, peace and trust in God.

Oh! Dear Mamaa!
We shall miss you dearly our dear Abadagu.
So, rest in peace our dear Mamaa.
So, rest in the bosom of the Lord our dear Mother.
We love you so so much our dear Mummy Nelly, Mama UJ and Grandma.
The Almighty Father loves you lots more.
For He has given you the Crown you truly deserve!

Lord! Keep us One! Lord! Keep us Strong!
Lord! May your Grace be sufficient for those of us she had left behind!

Your Loving Son,

A tribute to Mrs. Nelly Uzoamaka Iwenofu (1947 – 2021)
Posted by Gbemisola Boyede on April 20, 2021
I met Mummy through her daughter Adaobi who is my very good friend and an awesome Paediatrician. Mummy was very loving and committed to the wellbeing of her children and grandchildren. She was always there for them and scarificial. It is always a pleasure to meet her - strong and always on point. We were hopeful and praying she would recover when she became ill but God knows best. We thank God for her life well spent in the service of God and humanity. May God comfort us all especially the family in Jesus name, Amen!
Posted by Chinenye Benita on April 19, 2021
Your demise came as a shock to me but l cannot question God's authority . It is so painful that you had to end this journey of life without saying goodbye .you are cheerful ,pleasant and interesting to be around happy all the time .you were a great source of encouragement in every aspect of my career life ,even with all my fault , mistake .the memories l have of you will forever be special in my heart .may the good Lord grant you eternal rest in his bossom.  Edeh chinenye
Posted by Cynthia Ofili on April 17, 2021
Aunty Nelly, your exit came as a blow to me but who am I to question God? All I have now are the memories which I will continue holding on to.
I really don’t know where and how to start from but really I have to write something.
You were like more than a mother to me, this is still like a dream to me.
Aunty Nelly there is no one to call me ‘ Libby’ again , I really going to miss you big time, no more bitter leaf soup which you had a specialty in, you were the best cook ever,but I know you are now my guardian angel watching over me from Heaven. Good bye Aunty, may your gentle soul Rest In Peace.
Posted by . . on April 14, 2021
We received news about your death with shock What a mighty fallen!!! Nelly you have been a good friend to everybody you were a hardworking teacher,always giving the best to your pupil's you were also very intelligent and knowledgeable all your problems was to know how to open the brains of your pupil's to impact them with knowledge. you were on of us the pioneer teachers of independence layout primary school Enugu situated inside federal government college Enugu. Your class had always been primary six which you handle. single handedly from 1982 when the school started till the creation of Enugu and Anambra states in 1991 you were a wonderful teacher because you brought glory to the school in that the school always scored hundred percent (100%) in primary six both federal and state common entrance plus Quiz competitions. Some of your colleague who are mourning you are___________ Mrs Miriam nkemdilim ude
Mrs Kate Agbo
Mrs Oluka
Mrs Mary Udegbunam nee Ogbozor
Mrs Julie Okeke
Mrs Carol Obiekwe
Mrs Florence Okwesili
Mr John
We are mourning you today with grieved mind God will receive your soul in his blossom. May your gentle soul rest in peace.May God console your children and family.
Adieu! Our dear friend and colleague  until we meet to part no more.
Mrs Miriam Nkemdilim Ude on behalf of your colleague in Independence layout primary school Enugu.
Posted by Ike Kingsley on April 13, 2021
Abadagu Nnee! Abadagu Nnee!! Abadagu Nnee!!!

 Where are you? Life is a vapor that comes and fades away, it was a trance, I felt so sad hearing the news of your sudden departure, death should not rejoice over you because while you were alive, you conquered it, your labour of love to God and Humanity will never be in vain, it hurts me a lot it is unbelievable that you are gone and I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that you departed this sinful world.
The more painful aspect is that you never left a word for me, it was so sudden and I never expected it, hence I found it difficult to overcome the trauma.

Abadagu Nnee! Kakaka! As you were fondly called by our late father, you were caring, kind, and always willing to please others even at your own expenses. Indeed you set example for Humanity, Honest, Respect, Kindness, simplicity, Faithful and love, immeasurable for people around you. For the fact we cannot question God, let every living soul say it is well, for God knows the best. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. You will surely be missed.

   Adieu Abadagu!!!
   Adieu my beloved
   Adieu kakaka!!!   

     Your brother
   Ikeh Clement
   (For the family)
Posted by Nwando Edeh on April 13, 2021
The news of your demise came as a great shock to us after prayers for your quick recovery but it pleased God to take you away from us.

As a Sister you were principled, corrected when we erred but never failed to love unconditionally.

Uzo Iwenofu, your presence will greatly be missed by everyone of us. Your demise has indeed left a void which cannot be filled by any other person.
Adieu my Sister,
Adieu Abadagu,
Adieu Adaeze,
Till we to part no more.

Your Sister, Joy N. Edeh
For the family.
Posted by Edith Anene on April 12, 2021
Posted by Yinka JACKSON-EKWUGUM on April 11, 2021
Grandma, I received the news of your homegoing with shock, pain and heartfelt grief. Meeting you through your daughter Dr. Adaobi during your 1st omugwo visit and subsequent ones totally endeared me to your quiet yet strong mien...You were sweet, very dignified and sophisticated. Thank you for the wonderful moments spent in your company. You are simply unforgettable. And all your exemplary qualities are apparent in your beautiful daughters. You are another good reason to ensure we run this race of life well so that we can continue our sweet fellowship yonder. Adieu Mama, till we meet in heaven. On behalf of the Jackson-Ekwugum's,
please accept our deep and sincere condolences - The Solarin's, The Iwenofu's and The Mbonu's.
Posted by Odebode Kenny on April 10, 2021
Your glorious exit was received with a great shock ,what a loss, mama have been a wonderful In-law to us and epitome of a virtuous woman.She is strong,peaceful,loving and prayerful woman.Your sweet
memories will forever linger in our heart,we will surely miss you
Rest in peace
Posted by Odebode Kenny on April 10, 2021
From Mrs odebode(grandma)
Posted by Odebode Kenny on April 10, 2021
Our loving,sweet, caring,elegant, prayerful grandma is gone so soon.
   May god grant her eternal rest and peace in Jesus name and always there for the children when it is convenient or not.May God grant the family fortitude to bear the irreplaceable loss "Amen".we love you but God loves you more
Adieu grandma till we meet to part no more
 May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace (Amen)
Posted by KEHINDE JAMES on April 10, 2021

We thank God for a live well lived.....we wished you had stayed a little longer more on this side, but it pleases God the creator to take you home now. Why we cannot query Him, we take solace in the fact that you are in a better place and resting with your maker. Rest in peace Grandma. The LORD will take care of the family you left behind

Olatunde & Bunmi Kehinde
Posted by Edna Obianagha on April 10, 2021
Tribute to a good friend, Mrs Uzoamaka Nelly Iwenofu

It was with shock and deep sense of sorrow that I received the news of your passing. I was taken aback and bewildered. lt was indeed very hard to come to terms with because you were in sound health some weeks earlier when we last spoke.

Meeting you was a blessing. You were an exceptional teacher who helped to nurture and impact my children during their formative years through your extra curricular lessons. Your work stood out as you not only taught them but also studied their behaviours so you could advice parents. No wonder your students always had amazing things to say during their time with you. You were indeed a blessing to a generation.

Knowing you means knowing a friend and a confidant. You were always willing give a listening ear or lend a helping hand. The role you played during the burial of my mother is something I was always appreciative of. A friend indeed.

Revelation 14:13
'Then I heard a voice from heaven saying, “Write this: happy are those who from now on die in the service of the Lord!” “Yes indeed!” answers the Spirit. “They will enjoy rest from their hard work, because the results of their service go with them.”

I have taken solace in the Bible passage above. It's God's decision that you rest now and I'm confident that your hard work will speak for you.

Adieu Friend
Adieu Abadagu
May Soul your continue to rest in the bosshom of the Lord

Lady Ifeyinwa Obianagha
Posted by Motunrayo Adekunle on April 10, 2021
Indeed you lived a virtuous life. You raised godly children and this is far more than rubies. The closeness you had with Dr Solarin was extraordinary!
Rest in the bossom of the Lord Jesus Christ.
God will surely keep the children you have left behind and their families. Amen.
Posted by . . on April 10, 2021

It is with a great sense of shock, grief and great pain that I write this tribute. Abada-agu, Mama Ikenna we all in our family call you. The news of your death was a big shock to me and for over ten minutes I could not recollect myself and I felt so much pain in my heart because I was postponing my visit to you at your resident in Indi. Layout and I felt so bad. Several thought came to my mind and I remembered your prayers in January to me on the phone, pouring out blessing upon blessing as if you know we will not see face to face again.
Abada-agu, you were such a kind hearted mother, who always like to give out to people especially my humble self.
You are a pillar to your family seeing to the well-being of your children and other children outside your family.
You made Ikenna your last child in a sincere heart, which many can testify to that and what he is now is your product right from primary 2 till now. May God bless you and accept you in His bossom.
Obviously a vacuum has been created as a result of your death, but I believe that the Almighty God will make it up.
Mama Uju, Nwunye my Boss I and my entire family miss your advice and motherly care. I love you but God love you more. Rest peacefully in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen.
Adieu Abada-agu
Adieu Mama Uju
Adieu Mama Ikenna.
You will remain ever green in our memory.

Josephine Ekesionye.
Posted by Obiageliakuchukwu Benjami... on April 9, 2021

I saw ‘Mama Uju’s ‘ picture on Facebook and assumed it can’t be her but possibly someone related to her has gone. l still didn't believe she is gone until l heard from Ada, to my shock. I will really miss her.
I enjoyed her quiet and peaceful countenance.
Divinely Abba Father connected me to be Neighbour with Adaobi's family in lagos and whenever Mama comes around we spend time together.
I saw how supportive she was to her children's family.

Mama was the one who told me the story of how close my late father, Mr Emmanuel Okoye was to her late husband Uncle Vincent Iwenofu . She met the husband and my late father living together. They were from this big family called Umuezagu but their friendship transcended and was so strong and contagious that we their children bonded as we grew .
I can't forget how she told me how my late father wept like a baby when his brother and friend Engr. Vincent died.
While she shared that with me, she was in tears. l could feel her emotions and love.

Mama Uju , l miss you and will yet miss you and your gentle spirit.
My comfort is that there is no loss in Christ.
May Abba Father comfort you/us all .

Mrs Obiageliakuchukwu Benjamin (nee Okoye).
Posted by Uju Mbonu on April 8, 2021
Celebrating a life well lived & lovingly remembered.

Mama Uju! ‘Na-eli’! What does one write and where does one start?

Yours was a life very well lived indeed and though there are still questions in our hearts as to why..., we do submit to God’s will as people of faith.

You will always be lovingly remembered. Rest In Peace and your memory will always be a blessing.

1 Corinthians 15:53 For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. 54 So when this corruptible has put on incorruption, and this mortal has put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written: “Death is swallowed up in victory.”
“O Death, where is your sting?
O Hades, where is your victory?”
56 The sting of death is sin, and the strength of sin is the law. 57 But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Dr Nathaniel & Mrs Victoria (of blessed memory) Anowi’s family.
Posted by . . on April 7, 2021

We had a wonderful aunt, one who never really grew old; Her smile was made of sunshine, and her heart was solid gold.
I close my eyes as I wipe a tear. I just keep wishing you were still here. Sweet memories fill me anytime I remember the advice you found pleasure in sharing with us and will forever be cherished. I will hold all the memories deep in my heart. Through these memories we will never part. Those we love don't go away they walk beside us every day unseen, unheard but always near, still loved, still missed, and very dear.
Nkiru OfiliAzogu
Posted by . . on April 6, 2021
You may have passed on, but your memories would always live on within us. Thank you for your sacrifices, your care and concern, your love, and everything that you have done for me. Wherever you are, I know you are in a much better place. I will be forever grateful and thankful that you are my 'grandmother'.
Ifeoluwasubomi Solarin
Posted by Kenis Fidelis on April 6, 2021
Grandma you are a great woman, one of a kind. You have so much love for humanity and that you shared without reservation. Grandma you filled a vacuum in the life of my daughter Chigozie whom you spent so much time together as though she's your real grandchild. We are happy our path crossed and we make bold to testify you're a good human being. Good night grandma. You will be greatly missed. ADIEU, Nwaanyi Mara mma                   
Posted by Ada Ikenna-Eze on April 7, 2021
It was with deep sorrow that I received the news of the transition of Mama Adaobi ,as we called her in the Abomimi Street Neighborhood in Enugu. I was a frequent visitor to their home due to my association with her daughter Adaobi,a dear friend and beloved sister. Aunty Nelly exuded a quietness that belied strength and tenacity. A quintessential teacher,many of the neighborhood kids,my younger siblings included ,as well as many others from across town were patiently tutored and prepared for common entrance exams by her.She was good at what she did.
Humble and soft spoken,she always welcomed us warmly to her home. When my dad passed away in 1997, Mama Adaobi made the trip to my hometown in Imo State and after I returned to Enugu,she called me and spoke kind words to me. With the unfortunate passing of her beloved husband a couple of years later,she was inconsolable. It was heartbreaking to see.However she learned to live and she found her strength in God.She missed my wedding but surprised me by showing up at our house weeks later with a thoughtful gift.A graceful woman is gone too soon.Beloved mother of Uju,Emeka,Obiajulu,Adaobi and Nnamdi. Caring aunt of my Gboko sisters-Ifeoma and Nwamaka Anowi and Ebele Ofili.
May the Lord grant you eternal rest in Paradise.May you rest from all your labours.May you bask in His radiant glory as you walk the streets of gold. May the Holy Spirit comfort your heartbroken children.We will see again at the resurrection. Sleep well,mama Adaobi.
Posted by Ngozi Osafele on April 5, 2021
Aunty, this pain is one that cuts really deep. I miss you dearly. U taught me what I know now when i lived with you when I was in uni. After my mum's demise, you filled the gap. Knowing I am alone with my baby, u constantly call to tell me what to do. U called my baby your twin because his birthdate is few days after yours 24th June and you said I should tell him he has a twin sister and that u will both wear same outfit one day, when will that day be Aunty? Hmmm, to be absent in the body is to be present with the Lord so I rejoice with the host of heaven for having you, till we meet again to part no more. I love and miss you Aunty.

Your Niece Ningi
Posted by Mbonu Chinazo on April 5, 2021
The news of your loss brought me pain I didn't know existed. It was so unexpected when my dad told after he picked from school, that i had wished it wasn't true. You were more than just “grandma” to me, you were a friend, always the teacher and the disciplinarian who never hesitated to put us on the right track. Though sometimes I wished you wouldn't shout so much at me, however I always knew it was for my own good.
I can never fully express how grateful I am for all the lessons, the knowledge you impacted in me, all I can say is, thank you Grandma. I know that right now, you are safe in heaven in the bosom of the Lord, and that gives me peace and joy.
Lastly, I wasn't really able to say this to you the way i would have loved to, and that is really painfull, I love you grandma, always and forever!
Posted by Lily Gardner on April 5, 2021
Never be forgotten my darling sister Uzo. That simply cannot be. As long as I am living, I will carry you with me. Your legacy will remain unquenchable . My heart still aches with sadness and tears still flow. What it meant to loose you no one will ever know. Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure. You’re loved beyond words. Your light will always shine in our hearts.
Posted by Ellah Iheanacho on April 5, 2021
Having you as my teacher was one of the best things that happen to me as a child....You not only taught me well but also prayed for us..I enjoyed the way you pray especially at the assembly ground in City primary never failed to correct and discipline us when we go wrong...I must thank u for that mummy because it helped to shape me to who I am today. I know u are in a better place in Heaven...may your soul rest in peace Ma...till we met to part no more
Posted by Ijeoma Ewurum on April 5, 2021
Chai.My mummy,my Aunty that always wants to see her students to be successful,disciplined and loving Aunty with a lovely smile even when i Left Secondary school you will always ask of me,we saw face to face 2019 and you gave me that smile and held me closer as a Baby,Ijee how are you Well, its so sad I won't see you again.we take solace in God that you are in a better place.Adieu Great mother and Great teacher. I love you mummy.
Posted by Oreofe Solarin on April 5, 2021
We had a amazing grandmother, One who never really grew old. All the lessons that you taught me, remain with me right here. From the corrections to the beatings and to scolding. I know you are in a better place, and now she sees God face to face. It won’t be the same now that she’s gone,
and I’ll find it hard to carry on.
Posted by Ngozi Odilinye on April 4, 2021
Abadagu as I fondly called you, the news of your passing into glory came to me as a big shock on Friday, 19th March 2021. When Dr. Ada called me about 8:43am, I never by any stretch of imagination guessed why she called, only to hear a very devastating news that I could not contain.
For days I thought it was a dream and I began to share the unpleasant news with PRODA connection. I kept referring to my call records to be sure it was Dr. Ada that talked with me, just to confirm I was was not spreading falsehood. On Wednesday 24th March, I picked up courage to call Dr. Ada to ask how it happened. Alas,it is true that a mother, sister, friend, confidant and prayer partner had gone home.
I recall our last conversation in first week of March 2021 when you told me you will be going for "Ito Ogbo" ceremony at Obosi and thereafter, you would be going to court for an on going litigation. I hold earlier offered to pick you to my country home at Uke for that weekend. The following week was mothering Sunday preparation that made me unable to call you. I planned to spend the weekend of 20th March 2021 with you not knowing that cold hands of death had struck - because the all knowing God allowed it.
Our friendship began in 2001, when after the death of your husband, who was my boss at PRODA, you moved into PRODA staff quarters to live with your son Engr. Emeka. God opened my eyes to see an agonising widow, always clad in white apparel whose emotional state was not hidden. Just as God directed Philip to go near the Ethiopian Eunoch and explained the scriptures to him, God directed me to you to be a source of encouragement and fellowship which I did. That association yielded a brand new woman of God. I picture your excitement at my first gift of "Our Daily Manner" devotional that revolutionised your prayer fire - before I knew it, she became an intercessor, standing in the gap for her family. We shared and prayed over very daunting challenges.
You stood with me when I lost my dad, husband and challenges in my family. When it pleased the Lord to uplift me, you were there cheering as my daughters got married.
When my daughter came to Enugu with my grandson, she said "mummy I must take my son to mummy Iwenofu." Truly we came and spend time with you. I visited you most often because you were alone in the house and we spend long hours sharing our pains and joy. I can never forget those memories in a hurry.
How can I exhaust the qualities of this loving, caring mother and teacher per excellence. Pupils that passed through your tutelage will mourn you. Though you speak slowly but you were firm and had good focus and expectation. We cannot question God. You have gone to your place of rest where there is no more tears, pains, heartbreaks. My Joy is that you loved and believed the Lord to the end. "You have fought a good fight, you have finished the race, you have kept the faith. There is laid up for you the crown of righteousness, which the Lord the righteous judge will give to you on that day, and not to you only but also to all who have loved His appearing " 2 Timothy 4:7-8.
Uju, Emeka, Obiajulu, Ada, Nnamdi and Nonye accept my condolences.
Abadagu jeep nke Oma
Mama Uju Adieu
Nwunye "Oga Iwe" rest in peace.
Your affectionate friend and sister
Engr. (Mrs.) Ngozi Odilinye
Posted by Uzoamaka Onyema on April 3, 2021
Tribute to my dear friend and mom
Those special memories of you will always bring a smile. If only I could have you back for just a little while, then we could sit and talk again just like we used to do, you always meant so very much and always will too . The fact that you're no longer here will always cause me pain
But you're forever in my heart unit we meet again mom . Good night mama ikenna
Posted by Nneka Ononye on April 3, 2021
Words aren’t always sufficient to capture thoughts or feelings.... Aunty how does one start to understand that an angel like you could leave so soon.... Soft spoken... kind and a mother to all! We all find solace in Isaiah 57:1 knowing that you left early to be saved from the perils of this world.... but then it still hurts. Je ofuma ezigbo mmadu. I pray that God will grant Uju, Emeka,Hans, Ada and Nnamdi the strength and fortitude to pull through this difficult time. You will be sorely missed and fondly remembered... Rest on dear aunty
Posted by Endaline Anunobi on April 3, 2021
You are in a better place Mrs. Iwenofu where there is no pain or sorrow. You lived a full life. I only met you very briefly on one or two occasions but the love you radiate is immediately felt even by those meeting you for the first time. You will be sorely missed and always remembered. Your legacy lives on forever in the lives of your children and all those you touched their lives even without knowing it. May your soul continue to rest in peace in the bossom of the Lord. Good night ma'am.
Posted by Onodugo Ejikeme on April 3, 2021
My dearest aunty what a blessing and privilege it was to have you as part of our family. How I idolized you as a child, you were so beautiful, intelligent and loving. The news of your departure, came as a shock to me, for you aunty i cried tears sea deep.i cannot mention the names of the most principled persons i have ever met without your’s coming first. You never fail to correct me whenever i make mistakes. You were always clean, compassionate and a good conversationist.Aunty you have left a remarkable legacy here on earth. Know that you will never be forgotten and always loved by all of us in the family.may your soul rest in peace ‘’Abadagu’ . As i fondly called you.

Ejikeme onodugo
Posted by Sandra Anidebe on April 3, 2021
A beauty of life, A woman of God.
Grandma's death came to us as a rude shock, uptill now we still can't believe she's gone. She was such a wonderful neighbour, and took my family and I as her's.
Grandma was truly a virtuous woman, a bundle of knowledge, I always learnt something during every of my encounter with her. I can still hear her calling out to me "Nwunye Onyeka, please look after my apartment I'm traveling...".
Mama so much believed in charity, always willing to share whatever she had with others.
Grandma we love u but God loves you most.
Adieu Abadagu!
Adieu Nwunye ndi be Iwenofu!
Till we meet again, continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord.From Chinelo Anidebe (Nwunye onyeka).
Posted by Kenis Fidelis on April 2, 2021
 I still can't believe you are gone mummy, you left us without a word. No word can express my grief of losing you in my life.
Memories of your face, warm smile, large heart and good deeds brings tears to my eyes every minute of the day. I am completely heart broken that you are gone forever,  I asked God *WHY* but I can't question him, he knows the best and he has plans for us and I strongly believe you are in a better place.
I came into your family at age of eight, you took me and loved me as your own son even our neighbours called you mama ikenna and you answer them without hesitation. You took your time to nurture me through my primary school especially in mathematics. You always made sure that I was on a right track, you taught me to be patient and persistent in all I do and never to give up.
I can never forget that fateful day you prayed for me and you told me you will be the most fulfilled mother when I will have my own family and give you grandchildren *BUT* this cruel hand of death had snatched you away from us, your death took away joy from my life but I will hold on to the beautiful memories of times spent with you.
I will forever love and adore you mum for everything you taught me in life.
Posted by Ebele Okere on April 2, 2021
Mama Uju, I never met you but I have heard much about you and seen your legacy in the lives of your daughters Uju and Adaobi. we may not physically see you but we can see you live on in your children and grandchildren.
Continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Posted by Oyinlola Idowu on April 2, 2021
Dear Mummy, you were such a loving and friendly woman. I cant forget your long stay with Amaka to take care of the Segun and his brothers. When i came visiting we would discuss many trending  issues .
We love you but God loves you most .Rest in peace beloved mum!

With love from
' lola Olaniyan- Idowu
(Amaka Solarin's classmate( Secondary)
Posted by Dr.Ronke Akinola on April 2, 2021
Sweet, gentle, soft-spoken and classy grandma! You may not be physically here any more, but you live on in your children and those you have impacted with your love, warmth, discipline and knowledge.
Indeed the memory of the righteous is blessed and ever green.
Rest on in the bosom of your Lord.
Posted by funmilayo chukwu on April 2, 2021
Memories of you flood my heart. A very supportive woman, a disciplinarian who will always call a spade a spade!
We never knew you will leave us so soon but God knows better. We will definitely miss you. Rest on at the bosom of Jesus ma.
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Recent Tributes
Posted by Ngozi Odilinye on June 22, 2021
Yes I remembered her on 21st june & prayed for the repose of her soul & well being of the children & grandchildren she left behind.Keep trusting God.It is well
Posted by Oge Dieobi on May 7, 2021

Dear Aunty ,
I cannot remember my childhood without mentioning your name .
You were beautiful, elegant , outspoken, intelligent and loved by all.
I was shocked and saddened to hear of your passing . It seemed unreal . I kept on contacting people to confirm the news.
I hadn’t seen or spoken to you since I left Independence Layout primary school but that is not to say that you were ever forgotten.
As God would have it on your last birthday on earth a number of us ( your students) called you on that day to surprise you.
I was so shocked how you remembered me and every member of my family. You just sounded the same after so many years . It was a very pleasant conversation. I was all over the place after that call . Little did I know that would be our last conversation on this earth.
God knows best and I remain grateful for that day .
I pray that the good Lord will console Adaobi , Nnamdi and their older siblings .
I know you will be watching over them from above
Adieu Auntie . Rest in peace Ma . Amen

Oge Dieobi nee Okeke
Posted by Valerie Ezinmo on April 28, 2021
To my dear teacher Late Mrs Iwenofu,

Your departure from this earth came as a shock. Your impact in my early years was huge and will never be forgotten. You helped mould me into the woman I am today. I say thank you. I wish to have said this to you whilst you were alive, hoped to, but unfortunately, that never came to pass.

I remember you so fondly, black beauty, confident, beautiful smile and passionate about what you did. I didn't particularly like Maths but you made it clear that I had to learn it as Maths is one of the core subjects in Primary and Secondary education.

You were firm but gentle, you were strong but never over bearing, you were warm and likeable. May God in His infinite mercy receive your gentle soul in His bosom and may He grant all your loved ones the strength to bear this irreplaceable loss Amen.

Forever in our hearts,
Ijeoma dear auntie,

From your student,
Nkechi Ezinmo (nee Okeke)
her Life

Biography of Mrs. Nelly Uzoamaka Iwenofu

Mrs Nelly Uzoamaka Iwenofu was born in Port Harcourt, into the family of late Mr Lawrence Obiekezie and Mrs Roseline Nwabialu Ikeh of Umuokwasalu clan, Umuota village of Obosi in Idemili North LGA of Anambra State on the 21st of June 1947.
Even though they were eleven children in the household, she was the third child of the eight biological children of her parents as three of her cousins were raised together with them. They all had respect for one another. Having a father who was a disciplinarian, every child in the household knew to behave well and perform their chores. She carried on with this sense of duty and responsibility with her siblings after the death of their father.
Mrs Nelly had her primary school education at Obosi Central School between 1954 and 1960. At some point, she lived with her maternal aunt, Mrs Afamefuna, a teacher at Central school Obosi. When Mrs Afamefuna relocated to the United Kingdom to join her husband, she moved to another aunt from her paternal side, Mrs Eliza Onwuemelia. Before enrolling in secondary school, she returned home to her family.
Mama had her secondary education at the Umunya Girls’ Secondary School from 1961 and was known to be a quiet and peaceful person, a good sprinter and played volleyball at school. It was during her secondary school education that she got  married to her now late husband and her education was briefly interrupted.                                                              
She got married on the 24th of December 1966 to Late Mr Vincent Nnaemeka Iwenofu of Umuezeagu clan of Umuota village of Obosi. God blessed the union with five children- 3 boys and 2 girls, all happily married today. Mum spent a good part of the early days of her marriage nurturing her children. After her fourth child, a trifecta of resilience, focus and a supportive husband made her go back to school to complete her secondary school education. Afterwards, she moved to Jebba in Kwara State with her husband where he worked at the Nigerian Paper Mill, and in 1976, they moved back to Enugu when he got a job at the Project Development Institute (PRODA). This was when she decided and chose teaching as a career because she believed it would give her the time to look after her growing children and her husband at the same time.
Mama began her teaching career after attending the Women Training College (WTC), Enugu. She taught at Army Barrack Primary School (1979-1981) and Independence layout Primary School from 1982 till she had to transfer to Awka following the creation of the state.
Not one for resting on her oars, her deep quest for knowledge propelled her to obtain a distinction in Associate Certificate of Education (ACE) from the University of Nigeria Nsukka in 1987. Following this, she signed up for a sandwich and pursued a university degree in Education in the same university while three of her children were studying various courses in tertiary institutions. Mama had grit and quiet determination to get to the top of her career and missed getting a first-class by a few points!!
Mama distinguished herself in her teaching career. She loved her job, especially Mathematics, and determined that every pupil she taught would like the subject too. Due to her national recognition as one of the outstanding Mathematics teachers of her time, her extra class lessons (the popular Mrs Iwenofu’s lesson) drew people from all walks of life, and they brought their children, especially to prepare for common entrance into federal government colleges.
Mama barely worked in Awka for a few months and stopped after her husband retired. They travelled to the United States of America for a holiday at the instance of our aunt, Mrs Ngozi Okagbue. It was while on this holiday, her husband after a brief illness passed on to glory on the 10th of February 2000.

Consequently, she moved in to live with her first son Emeka in his new house at Emene and took up a teaching position at the City Primary School where she became the headmistress of the school till her final retirement in July 2009.

After the demise of her husband, her relationship with God became stratospheric! She got involved in fellowships, prayer meetings and church activities. In addition, Mama took time to nurture her grandchildren, especially when one of her daughters had to travel to further her education.

Everyone around loved her, both young and old. Her patience, ability to listen and the ease of confiding in her endeared her to many. 

Mama never took her siblings and the affairs of her father’s house lightly and always stood up for her family in all circumstances. In the last few years, she put away her quietness and became vocal to ensure justice and fairness ruled. She played this role so well that it earned her the moniker ‘Nwanne ma Nwanne’.

Mama was firm yet loving, calm and very meticulous. Neighbours and children who lived around her fondly called her Grandma. She moved to her apartment in No 4 Joseph close by Ozubulu Street Independence lay-out after her son relocated to Canada. She was involved in church and was a part of the Cathedral Church of Good Shepherd community, Jesus wives group, and the love group fellowship in the church.

Mama is survived by her children, grandchildren, sisters, brother, in-laws, cousins and friends.

Recent stories

I Remember

Shared by Chichi Ejikeme on April 29, 2021

I remember the visit to PRODA Enugu when I was still a child. I remember calling her "Grandma" because everyone did that and I did not want to be the odd one calling her "Aunty". We took walks, visited people, fried garri and I remember learning lots of things like how alum is used to treat water. Yes, she taught me that.
"How was your result?", "Kedu ihe igbaa?" These were the questions that followed after she asked; "How are you?". I remember avoiding visits to her house when my result wasn't good enough.

I remember my time in secondary school; how I would take weekend exeats and go straight to her house, sometimes unannounced each time I got tired of staying in school. If you knew Aunty well, you'd remember how meticulous she was, especially how she always kept her house neat. I always had a mental struggle choosing between staying in school and doing weekend hostel chores or going to Aunty's house and brushing the rug everyday. I went for the second option because I ate a lot of good food; she made sure of that.
She never failed to scold me every time I did something wrong. I remember thinking she disliked me at the time until I realized she was nudging me in the right direction.
I remember everytime she came to my house we made "ofe nsala na azu ndu" and she would eat every bit of it to the bone! We teased her a lot; "Ndi Okwasala na anu" "Okwasala ejiro anu na azu egwu egwu" and then we would all laugh together.
On different occasions, she refused to sleep over even when when my mum pleaded. She always preferred to stay in her house. Even if she did spend the night, she'd be up first thing in the morning, all packed and ready to go home.

We got closer as I grew older. She never failed to call me on my birthdays, she would pray for me and bless me. On her birthdays too when I called and prayed she always found a way  turn it and pray for me "Ana m ayo Chukwu ka o kaba aru debe mu ndu ruo agbamakwukwo gi" and I'll always say "Aunty oche iga ano di n'iru", and we laughed.
On the 2nd of December 2017, I caught the bouquet at my cousin's wedding and the MC was asking if anyone wanted to take me off the market. I remember she stood up and took the microphone from him and told everyone how old I was.  " She's just a child" she said, incase anyone was thinking about it.
In 2020, when she visited we talked, we joked, we laughed and we went on walks. I remember on one of the walks we took, she  told me stories about the good old days, we talked about how much of a disciplinarian her Dad was. Coming back, she told me to run and I was a bit confused. She had spoken about how much weight I put on in the early hours of that day. I thought she was joking, she picked a stick and she chased me. I ran and ran, I looked back thinking she had stopped but she was right behind me. She made sure I ran until I got home.

I remember the night of the 9th of January 2021, that was the last time I saw her. She didn't want to leave me alone because it was late. She waited with me after the wedding until my brother came to pick me up. We walked her home that night.
She loved me very much and I REMEMBER every way she showed me.
I might not be able to write it all down but I REMEMBER EVERYTHING!! 
Shared by Oby Anowi on April 2, 2021
I m still in shock and pain over your passing. You took me in as a daughter and funny enough I later became family. You provided a safe get away through my teenage age till now. Always soft spoken and ready with your wise advices to redirect us. Aunt I miss you and regret not seeing you before Jesus took you home. Thank God for your life and the legacies you left behind. May God rest your soul aunt and give Snr, Emeka, Obi, Ada( my friend and sister) and Nnamdi peace that passeth understanding at this time and always. Love and miss you. 

A life well spent!!

Shared by seyi abolude on April 2, 2021
Granma was a person of discipline who loved God. I will personally miss her. I remember speaking to her over the phone & she felt accomplished,  fulfilling purpose.
Rest on Granma!!! Stay comforted Family