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I Remember

Shared by Chichi Ejikeme on April 29, 2021

I remember the visit to PRODA Enugu when I was still a child. I remember calling her "Grandma" because everyone did that and I did not want to be the odd one calling her "Aunty". We took walks, visited people, fried garri and I remember learning lots of things like how alum is used to treat water. Yes, she taught me that.
"How was your result?", "Kedu ihe igbaa?" These were the questions that followed after she asked; "How are you?". I remember avoiding visits to her house when my result wasn't good enough.

I remember my time in secondary school; how I would take weekend exeats and go straight to her house, sometimes unannounced each time I got tired of staying in school. If you knew Aunty well, you'd remember how meticulous she was, especially how she always kept her house neat. I always had a mental struggle choosing between staying in school and doing weekend hostel chores or going to Aunty's house and brushing the rug everyday. I went for the second option because I ate a lot of good food; she made sure of that.
She never failed to scold me every time I did something wrong. I remember thinking she disliked me at the time until I realized she was nudging me in the right direction.
I remember everytime she came to my house we made "ofe nsala na azu ndu" and she would eat every bit of it to the bone! We teased her a lot; "Ndi Okwasala na anu" "Okwasala ejiro anu na azu egwu egwu" and then we would all laugh together.
On different occasions, she refused to sleep over even when when my mum pleaded. She always preferred to stay in her house. Even if she did spend the night, she'd be up first thing in the morning, all packed and ready to go home.

We got closer as I grew older. She never failed to call me on my birthdays, she would pray for me and bless me. On her birthdays too when I called and prayed she always found a way  turn it and pray for me "Ana m ayo Chukwu ka o kaba aru debe mu ndu ruo agbamakwukwo gi" and I'll always say "Aunty oche iga ano di n'iru", and we laughed.
On the 2nd of December 2017, I caught the bouquet at my cousin's wedding and the MC was asking if anyone wanted to take me off the market. I remember she stood up and took the microphone from him and told everyone how old I was.  " She's just a child" she said, incase anyone was thinking about it.
In 2020, when she visited we talked, we joked, we laughed and we went on walks. I remember on one of the walks we took, she  told me stories about the good old days, we talked about how much of a disciplinarian her Dad was. Coming back, she told me to run and I was a bit confused. She had spoken about how much weight I put on in the early hours of that day. I thought she was joking, she picked a stick and she chased me. I ran and ran, I looked back thinking she had stopped but she was right behind me. She made sure I ran until I got home.

I remember the night of the 9th of January 2021, that was the last time I saw her. She didn't want to leave me alone because it was late. She waited with me after the wedding until my brother came to pick me up. We walked her home that night.
She loved me very much and I REMEMBER every way she showed me.
I might not be able to write it all down but I REMEMBER EVERYTHING!! 
Shared by Oby Anowi on April 2, 2021
I m still in shock and pain over your passing. You took me in as a daughter and funny enough I later became family. You provided a safe get away through my teenage age till now. Always soft spoken and ready with your wise advices to redirect us. Aunt I miss you and regret not seeing you before Jesus took you home. Thank God for your life and the legacies you left behind. May God rest your soul aunt and give Snr, Emeka, Obi, Ada( my friend and sister) and Nnamdi peace that passeth understanding at this time and always. Love and miss you. 

A life well spent!!

Shared by seyi abolude on April 2, 2021
Granma was a person of discipline who loved God. I will personally miss her. I remember speaking to her over the phone & she felt accomplished,  fulfilling purpose.
Rest on Granma!!! Stay comforted Family 

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