Let the memory of Nelson be with us forever. May God continue to help us keep the lessons he has taught us etched in our hearts.
  • 57 years old
  • Born on April 6, 1957 in Ughelli, Delta State, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on February 21, 2015 in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.

This memorial website was created in memory of our dad, Nelson Ovhori, 57, born on April 6, 1957 and passed away on February 21, 2015 in a car accident. 

Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure... You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure..

We will remember you forever.

Posted by Lawal Audi on 8th August 2018
I can never stop missing my Nelson!
Posted by Joy Iyeye on 8th August 2018
Just can't deal with the fact that you are no more even after years, months, weeks, days rolled by. Your memories is all that your little sister Mrs Grace Iyeye , me and the other children which had kept us going, knowing you still live in our hearts. Your memories are ones we can't part with, they are the ones to behold at all times. your stories are always on our lips. Am happy to have you as an uncle and if there is life after life I will still choose a blood line with you. Uncle you were the best of them all and still the best. I love you and still miss you and I will keep missing you. I remain your niece Ekavwo
Posted by Patricia Ovhori on 6th April 2018
Nelson You would have been 61yrs old today and together with your children and grand child I celebrate you. I'm sure you know there is an addition to the family , your grand daughter-Audrey. She will soon get to know more about you . For You are not a memory . You are a living presence. You will always walk with us Darl even when you have walked thru the gates. I cannot see you but I know you are with us still . You live inside my laughter and you are crystallized in every tear drop . You are my first love and my first heart break and nothing on earth can separate that . Not time, not space ---- not even death . Efe
Posted by John Emore on 6th April 2018
Happy Birthday Bro. You have a beautiful grand daughter now. You are always on my mind. Miss you
Posted by Chukwuemeka Arah on 21st February 2018
Nelly, may your soul continue to Rest In Peace. We really miss you.
Posted by Duke Ophori on 3rd October 2017
Engineer Nelson: Your passing has stunned me beyond words till now. Hopefully, someday, I will find the words. Meanwhile, your beautiful wife and children, and your many dear friends that you left behind for us, are helping to reduce the pain gradually. What about our many tête-à-têtes on our family at Abuja, Lagos, Warri, Ughelli, and Akperhe? Oh! Rest in Perfect Peace. Your Brother, Professor Duke Ophori
Posted by Edesiri Oghwegha on 2nd October 2017
Many months have rolled by so quickly. Thoughts of you pop up in my mind every now and again. I still can't believe you left when you did, and the way you did, you were still too young in my opinion...  I still miss you like it was just yesterday, and when tomorrow comes, I'll still be missing you...  I still feel nostalgic whenever I think of you, cos there are some aches time won't dull...  I still wish we could have you back down here, even if for a second... I still wish I could turn back the hands of time, and blot out February 21st, 2015 from the annals of history completely... Uncle Nelson, as uncles go, you were the greatest, kindest, most generous, most jovial. You were a trillion uncles wrapped into one! Once, when I was a lot younger, I told my mom that in my next life I would want to be born into your immediate family, she simply laughed. Knowing I had an uncle like you put springs in my steps and gave me this top-of-the-world feeling! Need I begin to recount all the good things you did for me personally? You were nothing short of an angel. I miss you, my most precious uncle, I'm glad to have been on your team. Rest. Your spirit lives on. Your favourite niece, Edesiri.
Posted by Eloho Ovhori on 4th September 2017
I think about you everyday but today I miss you more than ever. Forever is a long time to live without you but i will continue to take it one day at a time. I'm grateful for the memories I have, the husband and friend you were to mum and the father you were to us all. I'm also thankful for many other things especially for the amazing friends you had that have truly been a source of support for us. Love you always! Daddy's girl ❤️
Posted by Sope Edwards on 1st July 2017
I don't know why, but you were in my thoughts tonight Sir. I googled your name and decided to write a little memorial in your honour. I had always known you from a distance, sometimes not too distant, through your son and my classmate Tito. You were always so radiant and full of life, constantly smiling. I am privileged to have spent some time with you in July 2014, I was and still am grateful for the generous hospitality you showed me. My thoughts about you from a distance became even more pronounced during those few days. I could truly feel the kindness and love radiate from you constantly. You live on in the memories of those who were privileged to know you.
Posted by Efe Ovhori on 7th April 2017
Darl, Today is your posthumous 60th birthday and more than ever , I miss you today. There is a link death cannot severe. Love and remembrance last forever You are forever missed You are forever remembered Silent memories true and tender Just to show I still remember Treasured thoughts of one so dear Often brings a silent tear Thoughts of scenes long past Years roll on but memories last You left many happy memories That will never fade away Your kindness, selfless nature Will always be remembered When we lose someone we love, it is as if time stands still What moves through becomes silence, a quiet silence, a longing for one more day , one more word, one more touch.
Posted by Efe Ovhori on 1st April 2017
Today would have been our 28th Wedding Anniversary and I'm thinking of you but that's nothing new. I thought of you yesterday and days before that too. I think of you in silence, I often speak your name. Not a second passes when you are not in my mind. I would have given anything to have you well and standing by me today. Your love I will never forget. I'm still hoping the hurt will ease with time. Many tears I have seen and cried. They have poured out like rain. All I have are memories and your memory is a keepsake dearer than gold, from which I will never part. Life can be the same after the loss of a trinket But never after the loss of a treasure You are loved beyond words. Missed beyond measure. God has you in His arms. I have you in my heart. Your Darling Wife Efe
Posted by Chukwuemeka Arah on 21st February 2017
Still miss you Nelly! May you continue to Rest In Peace!
Posted by Lawal Audi on 21st February 2017
Truly forevermissed!!!
Posted by Joshua Iyeye on 21st February 2017
When I remember you, there is so much joy in my heart a bold smile on my face, but the thought that you are no longer with us brings so much pain to my heart. If tears could show the quantity and quality of pain in my heart by now my beloved country Nigerian would have been flooded with my tears. But I know God loves u more that is why you had to leave, UNCLE, IT'S A PAINFUL ANNIVERSARY.
Posted by Joshua Iyeye on 21st February 2017
When I remember you, there is so much joy in my heart
Posted by Patricia Ovhori on 6th April 2016
I remember you today and always on this 59th anniversary of your birth . It's been almost 14 months since your demise and my Heart is still aching. I'm still grieving . So many people tell me to stop grieving and I know they mean well but they can never understand cos they are not on my shoes . How can they understand that when you love more you grieve more. After all Jesus wept for Lazarus so that we will know that mourning is not disbelieving . Flooded eyes don't represent a faithless heart .His tears gives me permission to shed my own . Grief does not mean I don't trust , it simply means I can't stand another day without Nelson , the love of my life . If Jesus gave the love , He understands the tears . So I grieve but I do not grieve like those who do not know the end of the story . 'For the Lord Himself will come down from heaven with a commanding shout -------' All the Christians who have died will rise from the ground ' 1 Thess 4: 16 Till then I grieve but not like them that have no hope . And I listen . I listen for His voice , the voice of Jesus . For I know who has the final say about death .
Posted by Lawal Audi on 24th February 2016
I'll continue to miss my Nelson and pray for his loved ones. He was a true friend!!!
Posted by Oghwegha Edirin on 24th February 2016
It's one year without you,I still can't find words to truly describe how I feel.No day passes without me stopping at some point to think of you.i miss ur presence around. The greatest pain at the moment is looking into the face of Mummy and knowing you won't be around her again to give her ur unique beautiful jokes that always makes me wonder what you both were talking about each time I hear u both laugh in the house.This is one pain that we all can't get over.Am always tempted to think that God was in a hurry to have you all to himself.You were one of His angel.Otodee Daddy!!!
Posted by Elie Tannous on 22nd February 2016
I miss you and miss your advices as a big brother. you are always in my mind
Posted by Mary Nwanze on 22nd February 2016
We remember you today as always and pray for your family. May God continue to bless and strengthen them.
Posted by Steven Ovu on 21st February 2016
It is difficult to put words together to convey the indelible state of emotions. When I fall into despair because of how terribly missed you are by many, especially your immediate family, I remember the word of The Lord in 1 Thessalonians 4:13. We will draw strength from this divine hope. To the one who lives and reads this, please continue to strive for more of Him and less of you. God Bless.
Posted by Ejovi Ovhori on 21st February 2016
It's been one year since the worst day of our lives and we still miss you. I know this feeling won't truly go away, I don't think I want it to. We remember you everyday; sometimes in silence, every time we pray, every time we laugh, every time we face challenges and and every time we celebrate. We are comforted by the thought of you smiling down, rooting for us. We see you every day, your wisdom, warmth and joviality are felt in the choices we make in our words and actions. A million tears won't bring you back, even for 1 minute, I know because you’re still not here. God has been our strength and he has sent angels in human form to serve as our support system when the load has been overwhelming here. I know He'll continue to strengthen us even as we continue to pray for your soul. I miss you D-Jo
Posted by Joshua Iyeye on 21st February 2016
It has been one year without you, and it's like only yesterday the incident occurred and the wound in my heart is still fresh Uncle it's a painful anniversary
Posted by Eloho Ovhori on 21st February 2016
One year without you.. You are always on my mind and forever in my heart. I miss you dad..
Posted by Joshua Iyeye on 17th October 2015
Posted by Joshua Iyeye on 17th October 2015
Uncle even up till now my heart still bleeds and tears always rush down my eyes when I remember your name that is why I have been avoiding this website. TO THE WORLD GREATEST UNCLE. ENG NELSON OVHORI you are the best
Posted by Oghwegha Edirin on 1st August 2015
Ohh how i miss you so much. Thoughts of you wake me up every night with so much pains.Looks like God is taking His Saints home,I miss you everyday. This is one blow that life has thrown to me that is going to be unforgettable.I love you so much. Otodee daddy!!!!
Posted by Eloho Ovhori on 21st June 2015
Today is 4 months since God took you home and also Father's Day. Dad, I miss you as much today as I missed you the day you left. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't, at some point, think of you. I'm holding back tears remembering the precious times I spent with you. I love you beyond words and I could not have asked for a better father. You will forever be in my heart. Happy Father's Day!
Posted by Eloho Ovhori on 14th June 2015
Another sunset without you is another day closer to you. Till we meet again..I miss you dad.
Posted by Sanni Aliyu on 12th April 2015
Rest in perfect peace !!! May The Lord's benevolence rest on those you left behind.
Posted by Haji Victor on 11th April 2015
Rest in peace, you are in a better place.
Posted by Ofunne Osaji on 6th April 2015
Happy Birthday To A Great Boss, We'll Alway Miss You Sir.
Posted by Fred Ophori on 29th March 2015
The Engr Nelson I Know Quoting from the Holy Bible, Ecclesiastes 3:1, the Bible says. “To Everything there is a Season and a time to every purpose under the heaven”. Nelson had a humble birth. His parents were Mr Samson Ukeke of Akperhe and Madam Onodjowhoyovben Arumala of Umolo all in present Ughelli South local Govt of Delta State. At birth, he was given the name “Officer” which means redeemer, liberator, Commander. At a very tender age in Primary Six, the Ovhori children were exempted from the payment of One Pound levy because the brilliant academic performance. This levy presented many children in the town from going to school at the time. He was the first in the school to draw the map of Nigeria correctly which was then hung in the Headquarters office. He was never found wanting on inspection by teachers. He passed out in Grade A in his final Primary Six leaving certificate. In his secondary school, he was also an academic giant. Through him the first science laboratory was built in Asoro grammar school when he opted for science which was not popular amongst students at the time. At school, his motto was “Success is for the hard workers”. Engr Nelson worked hard to earn a scholarship that enabled him complete his secondary school education. At the University, his brilliant academic story was the same. He came out in flying colours with a 2nd class upper division only five marks short of a first class. He was not happy. His marriage was a beacon of peace, love and prosperity. There was no time of misunderstanding with his wife and children. The Ovhori family took him as the family tree, all in all he had always rescued them from all forms of distress calls. He also stood by them during periods of rejoicing as he rose up from grass to grace so he raised the Ophori family from poverty to riches. He provided food on the table countless number of Ovhori today that are graduates are countless because of him. The numbers of the Ophoris that are gainfully employed are countless through his efforts. There is no space to go on. Engr. Nelson touched his immediate and extend family, his friends and colleagues., his community and his environment at large and everyone that came across his way. What then is the conclusion of this matter Ecclesiastes 12:13 “let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter, fear God and keep his commandment, for this is the whole duty of man” Engr Nelson feared God and kept his commandment. Our prayer is that God will have mercy upon him in judegement and accept his soul in heaven. Our prayer fro him is for God to raise up his children to be ambassadirs in the kingdom of God in their various professions. Our prayer is that God give us the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. Our prayers for is endless. May his soul rest in peace. DSC Ophori F.I
Posted by Princess Joy Chukwulobe on 23rd March 2015
Am lighting this candle cos is difficult to say goodbye until few days ago when u were laid to rest. Am in short of words. ADIEU SIR
Posted by Nelson Airewele on 22nd March 2015
Uncle Nelson, I cannot believe you are not here with Us. I find it hard, so hard to believe, So painful to understand, that you will transcend so soon, So unexpectedly, and so shocking. You were the definition of gentleness, kindness and Love. I watched you quietly how you loved and cared for your family. Or how can I forget how you took care of me when I needed it the most. You were not a son in-law to my parents, but a son. You were not a brother in-law but a brother. I want you to know, that no one can ever replace you- no, no one. I pray the comforter, Who gives Beauty for Ashes, Strength for Fear, Gladness for mourning, Peace for Despair, Would comfort Us. Farewell Uncle, Till we meet again- Rest in the bosom of our Lord.
Posted by Eloho Ovhori on 21st March 2015
The man that loved deeply, gave silently and lived life… Daddy, I tried to put off writing this tribute for as long as I could because part of me could not believe you are gone and part of me hoped, and is still hoping, that this is just a horrible nightmare that I will soon wake up from. I haven’t woken up yet. I want to ask God why, why now, why you, but I am reminded that His ways are not our ways neither are His thoughts our thoughts. I miss you daddy. You loved deeply… I must first of all say that I am truly grateful for your life. I am grateful for the relationship we had and I am truly blessed to call you dad. You made it a point to call me regularly. I still have your voice messages, it is comforting to listen to them now. Every time we spoke you reminded me that you loved me and when you told me you loved me I had no doubt in my mind that you truly did. It was something about the way you said it. I would never forget the way you hugged me when I came back home last year for baba’s funeral. You hugged me for what must have been 10 minutes and called me by the special name you always called me, Lilo. You didn’t mind that there were several other people around us waiting to talk to you. There were 2 times I saw you cry. One was when I left home for the first time to start university. As we said our goodbyes in the airport, I saw tears roll down your eyes. It was strange to me then. Now I look back, I realize that you cried because it was the first time your little girl would be all by herself in “another man’s land”. You had no idea what the future would hold, but you trusted God that it would be great. You watched as she spread her wings and soared. When I got to school, you emailed me every day to ensure I was settling down well and I lacked nothing you could provide. You worked so hard and sacrificed so much to ensure we had the best education money could buy. You believed knowledge is power. You once told me that my education is something no one can take from me. That was a great gift daddy but the greatest gift you gave me was just being you; being such an amazing dad. I remember when you taught me how to drive a few years ago. I was not the fastest learner. I remember being in tears during one of our lessons. I made up my mind there and then, that driving was not for me and I told you this much. I decided that I was just going to deal with the fact that I would never know how to drive. You didn’t let me give up. You were determined that I would learn. Passersby stopped to stare as I cried and begged you to let me go home. I was completely embarrassed but you waited for me to stop crying and you continued to teach me. You taught me not to give up. I watched as you and mommy would laugh together over jokes that were funny and others that were not so funny. You understood each other. You loved each other. I remember when we were much younger, my brothers and I looked forward to your trips back to Lagos. Not only because you always bought kilishi for us but also because we could have our own special tales by moonlight. We would all sit by the balcony in the evenings as you would enchant us with stories of the animal kingdom, especially the tortoise. I always marveled at your repertoire of stories about the animal kingdom. You seemed to always have a different and even more interesting story for us each night. You even had songs about the tortoise and we would sing along in excitement. Now that I look back, I realize that all of those stories had the same overarching theme. They emphasized the importance of humility, compassion and integrity. I remember how you would give me and my brothers piggy back rides. You were a busy man, but when you were home, you always made time for us. You were a great dad. You lived life… I remember the last dinner we had together as a family last Christmas. It was such an amazing time. It was important to you that we spent time together as a family. You made sure you got home at 6pm like you promised you would so we could make dinner on time. That night we reminisced about old times, we discussed future plans, we joked and we laughed. I can almost hear your deep and captivating laughter. I remember wanting to take so many pictures that night to capture the moment forever as if I knew it would be our last. I remember during Christmas, about 15 years ago, you took my brothers and I to buy a goat from the abattoir. We saw the goat being killed and we decided we were never going to eat goat meat again. Later on that day, I overheard you telling mummy “maybe I shouldn’t have taken them.” Not to worry daddy, it only took us about a year or two, we started eating goat meat again. I remember when you came for my university graduation ceremony. No one could miss the pride in your eyes. I remember you telling me you were proud of me then and multiple times besides that. I always responded by thanking you and telling you I was proud of you too. You gave silently… I always knew you were an extremely generous and kind man and even now I hear stories of people attesting to how you changed their lives, invested in their education and were always there to help. You were the type of man that didn’t need to let your left hand know what your right hand was doing. You gave and sacrificed silently. I couldn’t be more proud of you now. I will be forever grateful that you are my father. I would not trade the times we spent together for anything. “We do not mourn as those without hope.” We will be celebrating you and ensure your legacy will live forever. I remember our last conversation, the day before you passed. We were making plans for your visit in a few months. We also joked and laughed about plans for my wedding. I had no idea it would be our last conversation. I remember telling you I love you. Daddy, when I said that, I meant every word. You responded by saying you loved me too and we would talk later. I can’t write all my memories of you here but I will always keep them in my heart. Daddy, I still can’t believe you are gone. I know you are with God now. I know He only loaned you to us and that He called you because heaven needed you but I miss you so much. You will always have a special place in my heart. I am rest assured that I will see you again in a place where death will never ever separate us again. Otode daddy… Eloho Isimeme Ovhori
Posted by Ufuoma Oghwegha on 19th March 2015
I tried for so long not to write this tribute, hoping that Jesus would come n wake you like He did to Lazarus, I came home last night d first thing I saw was your burial flyer n it struck me so hard that you won't be coming back. I was always so proud to have a uncle like you, always marvelled at how you lived, you were indeed an angel who walked amongst men. I kept asking God did you really permit this? the only answer I got was that, He is always right, just as the heavens is as far away from the earth, so are His thoughts from ours. You were actually the best uncle to walk planet Earth. You will be forever missed. Adieu uncle!
Posted by Ovoke Oweh on 19th March 2015
I barely knew you but the little I know is that "you had a nice,good,humble and patient personality!My condolences goes out to your family,colleagues and friends.I pray God strengthens you all in this difficult time....Rest on Sir
Posted by Osahon Idemudia on 13th March 2015
To my dear Boss, Senior Colleague, Brother and Friend, I write this with pain in my heart and tears in my eyes. All the words in the world cannot bring you back neither can the collective tears of those who love you turn back the hands of time. You were a wonderful boss, an outstanding officer, a caring director, brother, friend and a perfect gentleman! Though you lived but for a short time on this earth, you touched many lives and impacted everyone you came across with your smiles, brilliance and kindness. Your leadership qualities and dedication to work made you exceptional. Your fatherly/brotherly disposition towards your subordinates made you loved by all and sundry. Your superiors admired you, your peers respected you and we, your staff whom you guided and mentored in the course of our careers practically adored you!!!!. My dearly beloved boss, you will be sorely missed! Your legacies will never be forgotten and your memory will linger in our hearts forever. I pray God comforts your family and keeps them in His warm embrace through this difficult time and always, AMEN. Rest in perfect peace, Sir. You were loved. Engr. Osahon Idemudia Infrastructure Development Department, Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs
Posted by Lawal Audi on 13th March 2015
The moment I learnt of Nelson's demise was one of the saddest of my life. My wife's comment was: his likeness and respect for you were genuine. In fact they were mutual to the extent that I used to call him "my Nelson". Our friendship started in 1993 when I was a Special Assistant to the then Hon. Secretary of Works and Housing. Nelson was an Assistant to the Director General. He was later posted as Engineer's Representative on the rehabilitation of Fufure-Gurin road under a World Bank program I coordinated. My relationship with Nelson blossomed when he assisted me on the Road Vision 2000 Steering Committee after the successful completion of his project. I am sure most of those shouting FRA now and claiming credit are not aware of Nelson's immense contribution towards the road sector reform process. My intimate personal relationship with Nelson could best be illustrated by the nice way he accommodated my nephew in his home in Lagos during the time the boy applied for a Canadian visa and his assistance to him in currently pursuing a doctoral degree in the USA. I pray to God to continue to guide and protect the loved ones Nelson left behind, while promising to keep close touch with them until I'm also called to our Lord.
Posted by Jacob Inyanda on 13th March 2015
Oh our boss, You came in a flash; We saw you; But we couldn't meet you! Like Moses, We believe you are resting at the feet of Jesus. We pray that ourselves find the path and grace to be at the feet of Jesus, where then we can meet, and never to part again. Amen. Our consolation is in the word of the Psalmist, "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His faithful", Ps 116:15. May Almighty God grant the family and all connected to him the comfort of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Oh our boss, R.I.P!
Posted by Chikezie Akudu on 13th March 2015
Nooooo!!!! It’s not true! My boss, Engr. Ovhori cannot die! I had screamed on that fatal Saturday. Even when the reality became obvious and the possibility started forming an inevitable picture, I had, in all innocence thought he could not sleep in a morgue stretcher over night. Sunday morning, it became apparent that the news had continued to spread then anger, frustration and disbelieve, questions and all took over my whole being. Among his personal staff, I and his driver saw him last less than 24 hours - on Friday before he left on that ill-fated journey. As usual, Oga was full of health and vigour and in his usual intimidating strides, without premonition of any form of danger lurking around the corner. No word is enough to describe the depth and extent of our loss. I have known him since 2009 but from August, 2014 when he assumed the position of Director, Infrastructure Development and became my immediate boss, his infectious true good human nature touched all of us and indeed those who came his way. He was simply a good man – unassuming, intelligent, philanthropist and a professional to the core. Life and death will remain a divine mystery shrouded in secrecy. May God give all of us the solace to, still come to terms with this inexplicable untimely departure that had inflicted deep pain and loss that will remain unbearable and unforgettable. May God accept the gentle soul of our amiable Engr. Nelson Oketaye Ovhori in eternal repose.
Posted by Eddy Agu on 13th March 2015
The news of your sudden departure was too shocking. It first sounded like a dream but has proved to be real. As i join your numerous former Staff, colleagues, friends and indeed the family you've left behind to mourn this devastating loss, it is my prayer that God consoles all that have been greatly grieved. Adieu Engr. Nelson Ovhori Brief amiable Director of infrastructure Development,MNDA. From Engr E.O.Agu.
Posted by Isaac Okah on 13th March 2015
Tribute To Engr. Nelson Ovhori Director Infrastructure Development Ministry of NIger Delta Affairs "It is still difficult for me to believe that you are gone. You were humility personified, A friend to all and enemy to none. Within the short period you functioned as Director (Infrastructure Development) you took tough engineering decisions with amazing ease as no official file stayed a minute longer than necessary on your table. You were a team player that carried everybody along. Now that u have set the ball rolling,the ugly,cruel,cold hand of death struck. May your gentle and soul rest in perfect peace. Engr.Okah Isaac Ikechukwu.FNSE Deputy Director MNDA Abuja.
Posted by Tayo Aluko on 12th March 2015
Tribute to a Consummate Professional and an amiable former Boss: Engr Nelson Ovhori, is a consummate professional, an all around great human and a gentle man. A man of the people as well as a committed family man. He was a rare breed of man who exists on a level that all aspire to but few reach. I have worked with him and I can say that his human relation to everyone both junior and senior is unequal. There is the old saying we have all heard numerous times since childhood that states – if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing. This simple, yet seemingly impossible phrase for most to practice, speaks volumes to the character of Engr Nelson Ovhori. I have never, not once, heard him utter a single disparaging word about anyone or anything. He will be greatly missed by all of us his colleagues at Federal Ministry of Works. Rest in the bossom of our lord my Engineer. I will forever miss you. Engr. Tayo Aluko
Posted by Charles Okonmah on 12th March 2015
Nelly and I were in the class of ’83, at the Department of civil Engineering, Uniben. After a rigorous undergraduate program, we pretty much built our careers in the same establishment. I remember in the nineties, when he was on posting in Yola, my house in Kaduna was his half way home. He would stop by on every trip to lagos by road, and we would catch up on past times. 2.​Nelly was a friend in need. He was compassionate, gentle, affable, dexterous, witty, always willing to please, never to hurt. He was a good man, gone too soon. What endeared him to me was his ability to speak his mind always, never talked glib. 3.​Nelly was always enthusiastic even in work. I once asked how he was coping with the rigors of his new office as Director (infrastructure), and his short response was “you trust now”. He would often say that he has had a good career, and I thank God that he found fulfillment in his work. 4.​We spoke on Thursday the 19th of February; never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that that would be the last. I have come to know that God is not the author of evil, nor does he ever will it. I seek solace in that fact. Sorrow thrives as a constant reminder, that this unjust world with all its imperfections will not endure. 5.​Thank you Nelson for the beautiful toast you gave at our wedding reception. Thank you for the quality advice you gave whenever I sought them. And it is with a heavy heart that I once again exclaim; Nelly-O, Nelly ma boy, where are you? Well. Rest in perfect peace. Engr. Charles Okonmah. Director Highways Federal Ministry of Works
Posted by ADEJUYIGBE JIDE on 12th March 2015
TRIBUTE TO A CONFIDANT AND A SPECIAL FRIEND: ENGR. NELSON OKETAYE OVHORI When I was recruited into the Ministry of Defence as a young professional in 1985, little did I know that I was going to meet with a confidant, reliable, honest and sincere friend in Engr. Nelson Oketaye Ovhori. As young and ready to work professionals in the building industry at the then Building Engineering Services Department (BESD) of the Ministry of Defence, we were assigned an open hall as office. Young but great minds from various institutions, staying together, sharing thoughts and seriously working for the nation. To date, the time I spent at BESD remains the best period of my practice as an Architect. We were getting private works and before you knew it, we became “partners”. Myself as the Architect, and my friend Engineer Nelson as the Structural Engineer on such awards. Together, we handled so many projects, both public and private buildings all over the country. The relationship later became a family affair as our wives and children became very close. Engineer Nelson loved his family and all those he came in contact with, a cheerful giver who was always ready to assist people. “The Mandela” as I used to call him, influenced and made me cherish St. Valentine’s Day as a day to show great love to one’s wife. I am sure my friend did not fail on any of such Valentine’s days to stay with his lovely wife - Efe. The last one - February 14, 2015, I called to gist with him and confirm where he was. We spoke for about an hour, and this happened to be the last time to talk ……. my friend is no more! Again on Saturday 3rd January, when he called to inform me that he was coming to visit me, we arranged to meet on a project site for convenience and stayed over 3hours, where we discussed so many issues after going through the project. This was not our plan! Why, Why and Why? Well, who are we to question our Saviour? My confidant and special friend…….Goodbye. ARC. JIDE ADEJUYIGBE
Posted by Hibiyemmy Ogunade on 12th March 2015
So sad you left so soon, though have not met you bt know your lovely wife sis Efe in TCH Bible college. I pray that God will comfort n protect her and the children you left in her care until when we all meet and part no more on the resurrection morning at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ. Sleep on beloved. Ibiyemi Orhorhoro
Posted by Andy Airewele on 12th March 2015
Uncle Nelson was the name I often called him but in my heart his name was compassion. The part that remains a mystery to me about his personality is the unobtrusive way he went about being compassionate. Uncle Nelson could save the whole world and you wouldn't hear the sound of a pin drop. How is it possible to touch so many lives so silently. I once sent an old classmate of mine a Civil Engineer who at the time had been unemployed for several years to Uncle Nelson. My friend was just blown away by the reception that was accorded him, he did not understand why he needed to be treated like a Prince when all he wanted was a job but he did not at the time understand that he was dealing with a man whose name was compassion, a man who had a heart of gold. To Uncle Nelson, not only was the job important, the way the job was provided was equally important. In the days and weeks that followed, I never picked up the phone to say thank you for helping my friend, today I ask myself why and the answer jumps at me, Uncle Nelson made doing so irrelevant, compassion was a way of life to him. Life is a mystery, there are many questions and no answers. February 21 without question remains the saddest day of my life, on that fateful day and in the days that followed I lost all enthusiasm for living but go on I must even though my questions remain unanswered. My trust is in my consoler in chief the mighty God almighty who is able to console us and and give us the energy we need to go on . Uncle Nelson, I will miss you but I know that God has his reasons and one day I will know all things.
Posted by Oghenegweke Okoro on 12th March 2015
"Your Niece, Suoghene Edaah" TRIBUTE TO MY DEAREST UNCLE If everyone could have half the kind of heart you had the world would have been a better place. Your boundless love was shown not just to members of your family but to everyone that crossed your path. You touched lives far greater than the rays of the sun. I remember when i was in school, how u assisted me with my project and even gave money to buy a laptop. Uncle, you are too good, you are simply the best uncle i have ever had. I will miss u my dearest uncle.

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