Let the memory of Nengi be with us forever
  • Born on May 23, 1986 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Nengi Okpokiri . We will remember him forever.
Posted by Feibai Lokoson on May 24, 2019
Keep resting in peace Nengi my guy...one of my very few friends who genuinely accepted my dis-functions...
Posted by Moyo Babalola on August 15, 2018
Rest on Nengi! You were a great friend. I enjoyed your company. I thank God for the influence you had on so many of us. Peace and love.
Posted by Elle Uk on June 20, 2017
It's been a year and a couple of days. Can't be forgotten for any reason. Sleep well, rest on.....
You are missed.
Posted by Kenome Imoniovu on May 23, 2017
HBD boss. I miss you! Still hard to believe you're gone. But I know you're smiling down from above.
Posted by Fk Akinyanmi on May 23, 2017
My alarm for your birthday rang out at midnight, you would have been 31 today. your last birthday seems like yesterday especially reminding everyone to call you. How upbeat u sounded. Grateful dat d worst seemed ova. Planning your return: thanksgiving, business ventures and all.Didn't think it would have been the last time I'd speak with you. To think you crossed my mind the day you passed and I sent a message. Unfortunately, you definitely couldn't have responded.
Sleep well our friend, God understands why you had to go. May He comfort your family and everyone else hurting. Rest in Peace Nengi
Posted by Labake Ola on May 23, 2017
Happy PH birthday dear Nengi...We miss you...Continue to rest well
Posted by Oluwatosin Aladese on May 23, 2017
Your birthday brings warm memories of the life you lived, the laughter, jokes shared and discussions we had. Continue to rest on Nengi. Our last conversations touched on so many things and they continue to be a guide on the urgency of actions going forward.

Rest well Nengi. Much love
Posted by Akanna Okeke on May 23, 2017
I'm so thankful that I got to enjoy our friendship. Only God knows why it had to come to an abrupt end, Nengi. I remember you on this day -your birthday...Rest well my dear friend!
Posted by Akanna Okeke on August 6, 2016
After losing my brother six years ago, I subconsciously promised myself not to allow warm-hearted people into my life anymore. That was who he was and I concluded that such people led such evanescent lives that there was no point getting close to them.

You were already there. True to your nature, you warmed yourself into everyone’s lives. You were there with the phone calls that brought laughter and the chastisements that somehow had the same effect.

You will be missed, Nengi. Not just you, but every element that made you YOU: The cheerfulness that lit up the room; the entrepreneurial spirit that made us think of our lives; the selflessness that just made you so ubiquitous and the self-confidence that kept you in charge!

Though you warmly permeated through those walls I put up, I have no regrets. I am sure glad that I got to enjoy the friendship you so willingly gave, and absorbed bits of those elements that made you great!

Farewell my friend, and thanks for sharing your life!
Posted by Feibai Lokoson on July 8, 2016
so sad...u in a better place bro...we love u but God loves u more.
Posted by Tanimomo Adeyemi on June 26, 2016
Many dreams shared, many plans made but the sudden grip of death who can withhold. One thing we are sure of - When we live, we live for Christ and when we die(physical death) it is for our gain because of the assurance of eternal glory through Christ Jesus. Continue to dwell in the presence of the Almighty my brother and friend. I miss you Nengi!
Posted by Ighoroje Ese-ochuko on June 26, 2016
I didn't have a relationship with you personally Nengi, but I prayed for your full healing and restoration of health. And I was very optimistic that your story will be a testimony for the world to see God's Glory. But hearing about your passing away only made me realize again for a fact that God knows best and His ways are not our ways. It is well, I pray that the Holy Spirit comforts your family and close friends at this period of mourning and may you continue to rest in peace until the Lord our God comes again in His Glory.
Posted by Tony Nabena on June 25, 2016
My Brother & Friend...Am Speechless And Still Asking Questions..."Why Nature Would Allow Men,Good Enough To Live Forever,To Die?"...All Of A Sudden,You Left Without Saying A Word...Your Place In My Heart,Can Never Be Taken...I LOVE YOU & ALWAYS WILL MISS U.. Also Know You Are Resting In The Bossom Of The LORD & In A Better Place...Adieu My Brother...
Posted by Charles Okeibunor on June 24, 2016
Dear Nnengi, I never met you, but I prayed for you. I am consoled that you are with the Lord, in a place where there is no pain. Remain in his bossom until the resurrection morning where those of us who are still on earth but keeping faith shall join with the Lord for the marriage supper of the lamb. So to you its not goodbye but goodnight my brother...
Posted by Labake Ola on June 23, 2016
Nengi, it's still hard to accept that you're really gone...but we're comforted by the fact that you're in a much better place...free from this world's sorrow, sickness and pain...continue to rest in the bossom of our Lord...you'll forever remain in our hearts, dear Friend :'(

Revelation 21:4
Posted by Jesse Chichi on June 21, 2016
My Dear friend, words fail me in finding the proper expression, but am sure glad we got
to know eachother in this journey of life, my prayers go to your family in this time
and we are not hopeless because we know you are in a better place,
live on forever my brother...
Posted by Biobele Daminabo on June 21, 2016
Your life story inspires...Rest well Nengi!!
Posted by Damilola Makanjuola on June 20, 2016
Words fail me...Rest in perfect peace Nengi
Posted by Cynthia Graham on June 20, 2016
Rest on Nengi...
Posted by Felix Okechukwu on June 20, 2016
My day just went up in flames .. Really saddening .. Nicest guy you'll ever meet..
Posted by Irene Job on June 20, 2016
This has to be the saddest news of 2016. I can't believe you are gone and i will never get to chat with you on bbm. You were such a beautiful soul, one of the few MMI classmate i was still in contact with. I feel so sad that I didn't have the opportunity to pray/intercede for you while you were fighting for your life. I wish I checked up on you more and asked questions.
I know you are in a better place because heaven needed an angel.
Rest in peace my dear friend Nengi Okpokiri.
We all love you but God loves you more.
Posted by Eghosa Asabor on June 19, 2016
My brother, my friend, I thank God for the life you lived on earth. You will forever remain in our hearts. You will surely be missed.
Posted by Akisanya Adeyomi on June 19, 2016
Senator Nengi... the only Senator without a constituency. I am yet to come to terms with your demise ...We spoke in April ...didn't know that would be the last time ...sorry I couldn't call back after I missed your called 3 weeks ago.  ..even though we had our political differences..you were still my brother at heart . You fought till the end. You will never be forgotten
Posted by Diipo Owotumi on June 19, 2016
Your golden heart, your inspiring positive words, your humour, your depth and foresight, your courage... you can never be forgotten. Everything about you can not be erased by even death. Rest brother. Every hero needs to rest.
Posted by Roy Michael on June 19, 2016
Friend and Brother, You are always in my Heart #FriendsFirever #NengiLivesOn
Posted by Bamigboye Ibk on June 19, 2016
Rest on Nengi
Posted by Segun Dada on June 18, 2016
You always kept in touch... You had great dreams that inspired us all... You had so much to offer... You fought and believed till the very end... You will be greatly missed, rest on my dear friend.
Posted by Morayo Brown on June 18, 2016
Can't find the right words. Never will. Nengi we love you but God loves you more. Rest in the bossom of the almighty. Another treasure is gone. ..
Posted by Victor Adejumo on June 18, 2016
So sad to see you go, rest on great soldier.
Posted by Sele Douglas on June 18, 2016
We always think of life in the long term ... who we will grow old with, how many children we'd have , where we see ourselves in 10 years... Love those around u unconditionally for as long as you have them. Nengi was too good for this world
Posted by Babafemi Adejumo on June 18, 2016
My Oil and Gas chairman, port Harcourt big boy, Oyelle Money.....As I type this, it's hard for me to reconcile with the thought u won't be calling any longer. We just spoke a month ago and u said u were fine. I still picture u smiling and that will be memory of you forever Nengi. U will be missed
Posted by Ayomide Olatunji on June 18, 2016
Nengi, rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. You would surely be missed.
Posted by Bolanle Ayah on June 18, 2016
You will be missed, you were the first person to visit me in PH. Can still remember all your business ideas and great dreams, our discussion before you traveled for your treatment and how you kept in touch even after that.
Posted by Kalesanwo Ifarajimi on June 18, 2016
Senator Nengi, you fought the good fight and you have gone to rest with the beautiful ones. Rest in peace for you will forever be loved
Posted by Caulcrick Ayo on June 18, 2016
It's so sad. It is well. Can only wish death didn't take you away.Rest in peace bro. God grant ur family the strength to bear the loss.
Posted by Ebele Eneanya on June 18, 2016
We all will hold on to the good memories we shared with you. We will miss the smiles and good times. Heaven just received another angel. Rest well my brother Nengi.
Posted by Eddy Attang on June 18, 2016
Rest on Bro! Checked this site over and over again and still trying to believe its not you. God keep you
Posted by Tonye Bara-Hart on June 18, 2016
I can't believe my paddy is gone as we usually call ourselves. I am still in great shock & haven't come to term with this. I spoke to you first week of June & you were still very much optimistic about your health & life in general. You had great dreams especially fantastic business ideas. I will miss you so much!!
I will miss our skype calls & chats. I will miss your visits to my house & mostly especially our great conversations. Thank you for being a great & loyal friend. You will be greatly missed
May God grant you eternal rest. RIP Senator/ Paddy me.
Posted by Tayo Oluwadamisi on June 17, 2016
We will always miss you Nengi, thanks for bringing so much laughter to our lives..
Posted by Tayo Oluwadamisi on June 17, 2016
We will always miss you Nengi, thanks for bringing so much laughter to our lives..
Posted by Olakunle Abatan on June 17, 2016
I woke up to this terrible news today and I am still in shock. We spoke last month and even made plans to hook up before or in August. I wish I had come sooner to visit you. I wish I kept in touch half as much as you did. I will never forget our political bants.. You will always live in our hearts forever.
Rest in Peace Nengi.. #MyFriendMyBrother
Posted by Eze Nwokeafor on June 17, 2016
Oh no Nengi, I knew you from a distance but your warmth and calm demeanor were evident. I can't say this is fair. Fare thee well. You will be sorely missed, never be forgotten.
Posted by Oluchukwu Okocha on June 17, 2016
Hmmmm... So Nengi is gone. My heart is saddened as I type this. Rest in Peace friend.
Posted by Gbenga Olowokande on June 17, 2016
It's so sad to hear of Nengi's demise, it cuts deep into me. Nengi came all the way from port Harcourt for my wedding in lagos, I remember him walking into my engagement and into church and at the reception. He was too obvious to be missed, I promised my self I would do same for him when the time came but alas that would never happen. I really appreciate you nengi, God bless and recieve you to he's presence.
Posted by Ibe Ugonna on June 17, 2016
Senator sir, I was eagerly awaiting your return..had soo much plans for the future.you fought gallantly my dear friend...may you awaken to joyful activities..Rest on..
Posted by Kenome Imoniovu on June 17, 2016
I met this gentle soul at NYSC camp and became friends instantly! He was always laughing and looking happy and everyone loved him! Years after service Nengi was still jovial and happy-looking! I promised him I would meet him in good health but God had a better plan.....no more pain Nengi....no more pain!R.I.P
Posted by Ola Ade on June 17, 2016
You fought to end. Farewell Senator Nengi... #GodLovesYouMore #R.I.P.
Posted by Agbugba Onyinye on June 17, 2016
We spoke a few weeks ago! Howfar?! I can't believe we won't call ourselves and make silly jokes anymore. All the plans we had to rule the world aren't lost. Your in my heart till d end! Say hi to God and the host of angels. God needs you closer to him, your work here is done! Bye bro.
Posted by Lucero Mills on June 17, 2016
OMG! I'm still in shock of this news, i pray that God continue to grant you eternal rest. May God grant the family the fortitude to bare this great loss.
Posted by Victor Onyibe on June 17, 2016
sleep well in the arms of our Lord, Nengi... forever in our hearts...

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