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BORN FROM A FAMILY OF THREE, Netasha is second child to Mr & Mrs Simwanza, with her Elder sister Martha and junior brother James

Born in Zambia Luskua,  she was named Nankamba after her Fathers mother - "Daddy's girl from the onset." Like her Dad, very very high IQ. Netasha came to london at the ago of 5 and went to Henry Maynard infants & Primary -Walthamstow girls school

Her good sense of humour a is Legacy many will relate to for the longest part. Her passion for sports and a good run gained her nick name from "Miss Active" from infancy and the name stood true till her passing on 14/05/2021

A breath of fresh air when it comes to music- singing to Rn'B , never really a dull moment when with Netasha, full of fun and jokes.  Netasha was a peoples envy for her great sense of humour

Amazingly, Netasha never had to study as much, yet passed with amazing GCSE

She loved and lived life:
In pursuit of understanding the economy and looking for new opportunities, Netasha was the centre of  sharing her dreams. She loved analysing large amounts of data, correctly researching market trends, in the hope of a future design of her own company- she would say, one with policies to solve problems, and develop economic policies.
Her first career path was to become an Economist, so she went to Epping forest college to do Economics.

Not long she started her first job as a researcher, quickly realized she was far to cleaver for that, She went to look for a Job in a law firm. 
From that time on, she just went from strength to strength pursing BIG DREAMS

Netasha bought her first flat at the age 25 - came home one day and said "I am moving to Romford" What the family thought was a big joke was actually a reality.
This was Netasha.

By the time she was 30 she had travelled around the world, Italy, France, Egypt, New York, Turkey, . . . we lost count, but she was the one to tell us where to go if any member needed a holiday -
That was Netasha.

She loved her friends and her family.  
A Loving daughter, an amazing Sister and  Auntie  to Obaa-yaa and Semiya 
She was the girls favourite, the girls were her hand bags literally!
(Taking Obaa-yaa in her holiday trips)  was BRAVE - but
This was Netasha.

Talk of Sister love; proudly she protected both Martha & James, loved so much and to think that love is no more, has left a void unreplaceable  from this world 

Netasha got married to her child hood sweetheart Chris Essel, had their first Son Sebastian in 2019. All she ever wanted is to provide for them in everything  without lacking, by the Grace of God, and infinite mercies, God gave A Bride, A wife, and A  Mother - - - 
he then took her to bud and blossom in heaven.- Gone too soon. 

Our hearts are broken at the sudden call, but she didn't go alone, part of us went with her, the day God called her home.  Missed but forever in our hearts.
                                               x x x x x x x x x x x x

Sometimes, when burdens overwhelm, and  times feel hard and hearts feel heavy, we are reminded that we’re not alone in this journey.


God's words give strength, purpose, and grace in whatever we might be facing. They alone can bring inner calm and security, that nothing else in the world can give.

In thee we Trust.

A heart of Gold, a brilliant look too.

Shared by Reflextions r'us on June 10, 2021

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