This memorial website was created in loving memory of NFORBI KIZITO ( LE GRAND MOPAO, NFORBIKO, KAIZER) who passed away on December 20, 2019. He shall be remembered for his compassionate, caring and loving heart. Throughout his journey on earth, he impacted so many lives. We are saddened by his passing onto glory but consoled because we know that God always takes the best. Your memory lives on...

O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory (1 Corinthians 15:55)
But who can question the ways of God!! His ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts...

Posted by Joseph Ngock on January 23, 2020
Just can't believe it....that charming smile put out forever. Rest in peace bro, you remain forever in our hearts.
Posted by MIRANDA Etti on January 20, 2020
I just can't wrap my head around this. Rest in peace, Fine Boy Kizi, until we meet again.
Posted by Philippe Mbakop on January 19, 2020
Uncle Kizito i heard about you through my mom “maman Ngassa” whom you took care of during her hospital days.She told me you always told her to be strong and when in turn you were sick God decided to take you away from us...You were surely too good for us...I never had the opportunity to show you how much grateful i am.We may feel you’re gone too soon but,great light of Jesus illuminates the darkest places of the human soul and shines forth even through our experience of death.
May your soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Valerie Claude Nicole Dzo... on January 17, 2020
My Dearest, loving father. May you rest in peace with God. You lived a wonderful life and I love you so much. You will forever be missed. I remember whenever I was sad or needed help, you were always there for me. Now, I know that you are still watching over me. All of the amazing times and memories with you will always be in my heart. May your soul rest in the kingdom of God.
“A righteous man may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all”
Psalm 34
Love your daughter, Paris
Posted by Prince Satak II on January 17, 2020
Mon frère le Mopao ... Capo Di Tuti. Quand demain le 18 janvier tu prendras la route pour ton dernier voyage, sache que nous garderons de merveilleux souvenirs de ton court séjour parmi NOUS...
Que le Seigneur te reçoive dans son Royaume de Paix. ☘☘☘.
Posted by Yvonne Nkamsi on January 17, 2020
Hmmmm Nforbi!!!!!! Alors là, tu as fait fort. I must admit it is extremely hard for me to put in a word because it simply means you are gone for real!
In our last conversation you reassured me you were responding well to the new treatment...immunotherapy you said. So I am unable to understand what went wrong just 1 week later. Honestly, I still can't digest the fact that you are no more Nforbi, it is surreal. Each time I attempt to process your passing, tears swell up in my eyes and I immediately push aside the thought.
I could go on and on but I need to let you go. I am happy I was part of your life and we shared some priceless memories. Despite the pain and void this is causing, I am grateful for 2 things: you are pain free now and forever, and you are in the presence of our Maker, the Lord Almighty.
I will miss you Nforbi... you just being you!
All I pray now is that you rest in perfect peace my dearest Nforbi, and watch over your girls and your loved ones.
Rest well my dear, rest in peace Nforbi.
Love always
Posted by Ivanoviçio JR on January 17, 2020
Dear Kizito, you were more than just a cousin to me, I regard you as an uncle, because of how great a man you were, strong at heart and mind no matter what. I’m still searching for a father that’s greater than you, because I watched in awe, your unshakable love for your three kids. I’m deeply in your debts! Rest In Peace Uncle!!
Posted by Denise Charline Teikeu on January 16, 2020
Kizi, Kizi my in-law and my husband,
Les mots me manquent... j’arrête pas d’espérer qu’on me dise que c’est un rêve ! Oui lèves toi et dis nous que tu dors ooo ! Yah
Ce vide que tu as crée dans nos vies comment allons nous le combler? Tu demeureras dans nos cœurs et nous ne cesserons de prier afin que tu reposes en paix auprès de l’éternel...
Veilles sur ces princesses qui ont encore tant besoin de toi et que malheureusement tu n’auras pas la grâce de voir grandir, mais rassures toi Kizi, nous allons veiller au grain et elles ne manqueront jamais de rien.
Dors en paix mon beau ! Dors en paix car un lion ne meurt jamais.
Tu resteras à jamais vivant dans nos cœurs!
Posted by Michael Ananga on January 16, 2020
Baabaa! Baabaa! Baabaa! We have been friends and brothers all our lives; from our childhood days in Essos, Yaounde, to our days in Sacred Heart College, Mankon and to our time in Atlanta, Georgia. ...hustling and always helping one another better shape our lives and future. Your death came to me like thunder without rain! I still get very emotional and speechless upon every memory of you. I thank God for your life and our time together. God's ways are not our ways. I have accepted that! I love you, bro, but Yahweh has a better plan. You were a great friend and a better brother. A wonderful daddy to your girls, awesome son to your mom and an asset to humanity as a whole. The Lord will take care of your 3 girls. Our prayers and efforts are relentless. I miss you bro and I gotchu! Rest easy easy. Baabaa! Baabaa! Baabaa! God take total control!
Posted by Ajah Enongene on January 16, 2020
I have been hoping every day that I will wake up to a different reality ….a miracle, and that of all of this was an error or a nightmare. What an irreplaceable loss! Only a few days before we chatted and you were upbeat and reassuring. The pain even hurts more because you are that one person who was so skilled in consoling others and breathing hope into others in their gloomiest moments.

In you I found a brother, you never called me your in-law. I will always remember you as an intelligent, selfless, loving, serviceable, and humble person. A passionate father. Kizito, coming to America again will hardly ever be fun without you. How can I forget your resonating laughter, your fun loving nature and the great attention you gave to cleanliness. 
You were full of life and had too much to live for. If all the love you shared with the world could add your days and if all depended on you, you would still be here with us especially for your girls. I console myself with the thought that God himself called you to rest in his bossom (Psalm 73:24-26).

You fought a very big fight so silently but tenaciously, with the utmost courage and bravery. I can only imagine all that you may have endured during your short period of illness.

Safe journey brother…you are not dead, you just transcended to Glory. You will be  remembered for a very long time for your candle just burned out before your legend ever will. Thank you for the moments we shared, thank you for the many sacrifices, thank you for all your Love…Adieu!!!
Posted by GIA NCHANJI on January 15, 2020
Bobore, Bobore,
We are still suffering from the shock upon hearing the sad news that you left us. You were always soft spoken, gentle, jovial and full of a sense of humour. Your little champion Germayne Jr and your tough cookie Gianna miss you dearly. Your dear Mami Vero and I are saddened. We missed all those phone calls and visits. You said you would find me and smoke me out where ever I go. Who would now? Sending prayers up for your beautiful Princesses Karmen, Paris and Giorgia.May the good Lord comfort them during this difficult moment. May your gentle, caring and fun loving soul find rest in the Lord's blossom.
Posted by Patrick - Joseph Chattad on January 14, 2020
Kizi, you can no more answer me!
We would miss your gentleness and attachment to family !
A few years back you gave me a memorable reception at your home in the USA,and a few years afterwards,you visited us in Yaounde and my memory pictures this very fatherly gesture of you walking each of my children into their classrooms!
You are gone too soon to rest in the bosom of our creator !
Why so soon,we are tempted to inquire,but our faith in God,comforts us to put our trust in God's will even in this challenging moment in our family !
Kizi,may God grant you eternal rest I would pray and conclude, though with so much tears in my eyes!
Posted by Rose Anye on January 13, 2020
“Mon fils” , who will call me “la mere ci”, then the contagious and unique laughter as the man behind it. ?
Loosing you at this age rocks the very foundation of our view of the world as a good place. We have so many unanswered questions about the very essence of life; the rationale of living a decent and quality life. Kizito you were by all accounts a gentleman,so confident in yourself, high standards frick ,I can go on and on. All of these embodied in one humble person. You were an optimist who truly believed that things would work out in the end. Yes things still worked out according to God’s plans. I am glad you kept your faith in the lord burning till the end. May you find a resting place in the lord’s bosom till we meet to part no more.
Adieu “mon fils”
Posted by Anna Wango on January 13, 2020
With the publication of your funeral program ,it finally dawned on me as well as many others that yes you are really gone.Gone with your radiant smile.Gone with your brilliance.Gone with you capacity to put a smile on people’s faces .Gone with your love for family and friends.Yes indeed Kizito you are gone to meet your maker .May your loving family and friends find comfort in knowing that you are now free from pain and suffering and at rest in the company of angles and you dear grand parents.May comfort be found in trusting Gods plan even when it might be hard to understand.May comfort be found in Gods promise of a resurrection where we will meet to part no more .Rest in peace Kizito and May fond memories of you bring comfort on the darkest of days .Much love and sympathy.
Posted by Immanuel Okwen Okwen on January 11, 2020
My dear bro Kizi,
How do I write this eeeh! This is your 'Cowboy'. You seem to have given everyone a name. Our relationship was interwinned from various angles...We were born in the same month, classmates, friends, in-laws, cousins, etc.
You always kept me on my toes with endless jokes an teasings, , yet i enjoyed it all. You were a proud father who always updated me with pictures of the kids. Who would continue what you have left? Peace bro!
Posted by Calixte Nomeny on January 11, 2020
Gone so Soon.                          Kizito you used to tell me to let you bother me because some day I will miss it. You liked to tell
me that I am your mom, your big sister, your “famiglia”! In July last year you told me you will be back in MD after the girls are settled in school. Mid-September you called me and was suspiciously calm... it felt like a punch in my gut when you told me your Dx where was that suddenly coming from, you’ve always been a healthy and strong guy. From then on, we talk every other day, we FaceTimed couple of times, your caring nature never let you one bit, you were concerned about your mama Eli’s health and made sure no one tells her about your disease, “mama Eli doit guérir”, it was your focus besides the girls well being. you often ask about my sister that you carried through her first round of chemo, singing to her “ôTamne Pius tiens bon”. Making sure that she remained positive, “le cancer c’est le
Mental la mère” ! "C’est rien”! “Tu vas battre ca". I told you it was just the other way around, and that you will hold on tight and be strong just like you told her. You told me to also keep it a secret to her, so every time she will tell me she has been unable to reach you, I will just say that you must be busy, that I have been expecting you since September. You ask me to do everything I could to get her back to America so she could live longer.
some day you made me talk to Paris, you told me thereafter to always encourage her future ambitions. How didn’t I read between the lines? 6 days before your passing I promised you to find sometime to come and see you, thinking we had the whole time before us, I kept telling you what type of food was good for you, at times you will be upset, you never said there was no need for good food for your body any longer, you should have said something. You knew you were leaving soon. It is heart braking to Think you went through all that alone. You never once wanted all the attention onto you.
When you started Immunotherapy I taught you had increased chances to find healing. God decided otherwise Grand Mopao, because he love’s you more, no more pain, no more throwing up, no more unanswered questions! K.Nforbi,
I am consoled by thinking the Angels will be dancing for you, and with you. Go and look over your Girls, I know they are your “world”, continue to be happy, the man, the legend.”, until we meet Again my “son” my “little brother”,
So Long.
Posted by Pascale Tata on January 10, 2020
Our always happy and handsome bro, may your soul rest in peace. Thank you so much for reaching out and giving us the opportunity to cook for you, pray with you, joke with you, and even laugh with you. You were so brave and positive during the trying times. You did well brother, you fought well. Thank you for fighting. This was your last message to me 10 days before you left to go be with God: "I love you guys, I'm fighting not just for me, but for all of you.. to God be the glory ". Until we meet again...
Posted by Thomas Fanfan Kono on January 10, 2020
Parti loin des yeux depuis si longtemps déjà, tu étais néanmoins resté dans le coeur des potes de galère. Pas toujours restés en contact,l'espoir étant que l'on se reverrait des yeux un des ces jours...helas!J'espère que cette transition s'est passée sans grande souffrance. Nous sous reverrons de l'autre côté. May your soul rest in peace bro.
Posted by Polycarp Tanjang on January 9, 2020
Hurray Kizito Nforbi! 
Again i say Hurray!...for you are a good man in an infinitely happier place now.

Only a short while ago we held hands and walked side by side on the face of the earth, treading the same familiar pathways on our pilgrimage in this strange land which is not our home and we are just passing through...

Hurray Kizito! We were privileged to see you, the family man, the caring, devout father, carrying your angelic daughters one after another on your shoulders, smothering them with love, as only you could...

Time and again, we saw you taking them out for their favourite treats, snacks, ice cream...and those were the happiest times for you all...

We also saw you happily accompanying them to school in the morning and picking them up in the afternoon...
At other times, they were pictured perched on your knees, as you imparted to them some of your wealth of knowledge, or thrilled them with those good-humoured, witty stories and jokes that gave them fits of laughter till tears of joy bedewed their tender, gentle cheeks...

We saw it all and we were awed, enthralled and inspired..
So we all say Hurray Kizito!
For you were a good man, a Godfearing man,
perhaps a man after God's very heart...
Which is probably why the Almighty handpicked you to go ahead of us a trailblazer, continuing to chart the course left years ago by your homonyme Uncle Alex...
I can see him and the host of our other faithfully departed ushering you into the Niba family wing in God's heavenly palace...

Wherefore we shall no longer mourn your crossing of the Rubicon, Kizito; we shall instead join the heavenly hosts in hailing and heralding your triumphant entry with trumpet blasts and thunderous applause in thanksgiving as they welcome you into God's majestic presence for an eternity of celestial happiness...
Fare thee well Kizito!
Uncle Ta'Njang
Posted by Ndonwie Paul Ndonue on January 9, 2020
Waaaa my brother and friend Kizito, decades not seen only to get of your demise. Rest in peace and may Christ rain down comfort on the family. Such a great motivation and inspiration you were. Adieu!
Posted by Dr. Therese Atanga Wansi on January 9, 2020
Kizito our son, you will be forever missed. It’s just like yesterday when you arrived the USA and we came to your dormitory to collect food and “ kaba” sent by aunty Mary Niba. Your upbeat spirit instantly captivated my husband. Your catching smile was so contagious, you brightened a room just by walking in. You were an absolute pleasure to be around. Where have you gone to Kizito? How will your mom and aunty Mary carry on?

A few months ago when we came to visit mama Eli, you said I had been on your mind and promised visiting soon. That never happened. So, where have you gone to Kizito? Aunty Mary Niba loved you beyond words could express, how will she ever heal?

Adieu our dear son. You were so loved, but the Lord loved you more. RIPP
Posted by Agnes Elangwe on January 8, 2020
WOW Kizi!!!!
You tricked me big time!!! You remained cheerful all through. You kept me hopeful! You were always a breath of fresh air even when things started going down hill. You promised to be a great Guardian uncle to Henry all through his years at Georgia Tech. Henry is right there; we are looking for you, my dear friend. This PAIN Kizi... I can't describe it nor rate it. But I will describe the vacuum you have left in me when we will meet again. Rest on my dear. You have won this battle. Say me well to McEtienne. I miss you sorely Kizi. The tears won't stop running down my cheeks....
Posted by Francis Toh on January 7, 2020
Salute il capo di tutti capi!! Riposa in pace. Amen
Posted by Stan Niba on January 7, 2020
Mapao Mokonzi, je ne vais pas pleurer car en grand frère tu as tout fait pour partir  en nous préservant de la souffrance et du chagrin. Tu as affronté ton destin seul comme un homme digne et avec courage. Va et repose en paix ! Tu nous precedes tout juste...
Posted by Josephine Niba Awounfac on January 7, 2020
Kizi, in spite of the fact that everything came to a standstill on that fateful 20th of December, I'm still hoping that this could be a long nightmare and that someone will awaken me from this slumber. i still browse through the messages we exchanged: the pictures with the girls, some of your videos full of elegance and laughter that contaminated everyone, excepts in which we praised God together, and lastly, a video of pretty Carmen playing.. i am utterly amazed by your faith in God and bravery . Kizi, how could you ask that no one discloses anything to me too, as you did with Big Ma and Mama???
So, Mamie Yossa to you is really this chicken -hearted? I might have been, but growing up with you, although being your Auntie, you have been a source of inspiration to me. Although young, you were so intelligent, smart, bilingual, bold and optimistic, , light hearted with your famous laughter that chased away any worries... most of all, you were a good counsellor with a very caring and God fearing heart.
I remember a T-shirt you wore, which read "The Man, the Myth, the Legend" When I ponder on your short but fulfilled life on earth. I can't help thinking about the Matyre after whom you were named. You have touched our lives with your selfless love and you have taught me, that life is so short.
Kizi, we love you. But your Heavenly Father loves you most. I'll continue to pray for the Angels to welcome you so that you intercede for all your loved ones. Adieu. Till we meet again. Mamie Yossa
Posted by Gladys Njong on January 6, 2020
Oh my dear kizito i remember how you were so full of life and always very happy .
Your untimely death has left all of us in a state of shock .
We know the almighty father has prepared a place for you in heaven .
Farewell and may your gentle soul R I P
Posted by Ntchatcho Njende Noella on January 6, 2020
Fratello Mio,
Gone too soon Kizi!!So selfless,bore the pain almost in secret.Did not want attention to be focused on you.Courageously you faced it all until father God called you to rest.But It was a big shock for us.You left us speachless Kizi.Twas too sudden.Have been reading over and over the last time we comunicated on whatsapp.As I commented your positive postings on your status.This consoles me ,because I am sure you had a peace of mind.May God our loving father receive you in His Eternal home so you can watch over and console all the loved ones you leave behind.
Till we meet again dear Kizi.Forever in our hearts.
"Sorella tua" as you fondly used to write.
Posted by Leila Marina on January 4, 2020
Uncle Kizito,
I have been avoiding this because I am at a loss for words; each time I try to organize my thoughts for this tribute, memories leading up until December 20 2019 haunt me. Today, however, I am actively choosing memories of you in your true element; unapologetic, well informed, jovial and pimping! I am no longer saddened by the selfless choices you made prior to that day. Rather, I am honored to be part of your bloodline, as well as grateful that the pain is all over. I know this because the only environment fit for a soul like yours is one with the Lord. Even though I can neither see you nor hear your contagious laughter, I can still feel your presence. I will always be there for my mama eli, Eric, Elvira, and my three little sisters as you have been and continue being there for me. We will all keep your noble acts close to our hearts. Rest in power my dear uncle Kizito. Until we meet again...
Lots of love from your Mamie Leila Lum, as you would call me.
Posted by Samuel Ndinjiakat on January 4, 2020
Kizito! Bro,
Really! Gone too soon!!!!! I still remember you asking me “u bi doctor, where is this cancer from?”. Even during the last days, you will call me to just encourage my wife and to check on her. Our last conversation was about immunotherapy and you told me about this medication called Keytruda. You did a lot of research about your illness and you took good care of yourself. My brother, you considered me as your brother. You and I remained in touch and you showed me that you were really my brother. It took me by surprise to hear that you were sick but you were worried about your Mom and pleaded with me to keep it confidential which I did. You demonstrated the true way to fight cancer and I believe you did your best but God decided otherwise. I am struggling to write because I cannot believe I am writing about my Brother Kizito in the past. I will missed you; your advice and sense of humor. I still remember all your jokes Bro. Whenever your were on holidays in Yaoundé, when I was staying in your house, you will make fun of me asking about my girlfriend that will visit me very early in the morning. You nicknamed her “Cinq heures” I still remember, how u will
Laugh, and say Cinq heures est là. You were really our leader in the house. Remember how you got us in trouble when we took Mom’s taxi and we crashed it and blamed it on the taxi driver? When Mom found out, we were grounded and Che Neba and I blamed you and you told us to start using our own heads? For you it was funny but we were serious. Your common sense approach and always there to support your friends and always being yourself was really unique. Bro, Kizito why u leave us? Gone too soon but not forgotten. RIP
Posted by Simon Niba Ndonwi on January 4, 2020
A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts and minds, through us, they live on. Surely he will not be forgotten.”Kisito” will always be within our heart and the many others that loved him and as close as a beautiful memory.Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Today and always, may loving memories bring you peace, comfort, and strength.
We're keeeping you close in our heart and prayer for the loss of kisito .Our deepest sympathy.
Posted by Niba Paschaline on January 3, 2020
I still can’t believe am scribbling this for you! You asked me to pray for you and promised to fight that cancer with everything in you! Hélas!! here I am all alone with tears trickling down my face! Nforbico you don do we I swear!!! I am confused and devastated that you sacrificed everything for our happiness even unto your dying bed! However heroic and selfless that act may be it still hurts to know that you could battle this ordeal alone without letting us know how bad it was. I think I would have..... or could have……!! Hélas its too late and you’ve gone too soon!

Again you beat me to it as always!! like all the sweet ‘peppeish’ achu soups, corncharff and all other delicacies Mami used to give us to share back in the days of Ntahbanjong. You would hold my hand and ask me to go get some drinking water while you hastily munched it all. On my return the plate will be empty and I will only have my eyes to cry and then you would turn back and tell me not to cry. Always a fighter, comforting, kind, light hearted, courageous, passionate, stylish, loving, selfless, generous and smart

Yes - you still have outsmarted me again and I am here weeping with no one to comfort me. You were my junior but you always acted like my senior brother. Ever so protective ; you would tell everyone how I was your junior sister and dare anyone who tried to get at me while I insisted that I am your senior and Aunty. Nobody believed me anyway!

I can go on and on cause the memories are infinite in my mind and I can only smile through my tears as I reminisce on how you would laugh out boisterously after each of your taunts before turning back to say “Ma Pascha no mind you yah! Ashia Yah! I go deal with anyman wey e want worry you ya!”

Pa, my heart aches, my mind is confused and my soul is troubled! I feel so empty I can’t stop the questions. Why why so soon?? I believe you fought to the end and that God has taken you for a purpose for His ways are not our ways. Seeing your lifeless body only reminds me of how fickle life can be. I will not question Him.

Nforbico as you depart from this wicked world to heaven to your loving grandparents Mami Agatha, Papa George and above all God, my only prayer is that you intercede for God’s continuous guidance and protection on Mama Eli, Paris, Carmen, Georgia and the whole family you’ve left behind.

Like a comet blazing cross the evening sky
Goon too soon
Like a rainbow, fading in the twinkling of an eye
Gone too soon
shiny and sparkly and splendidly bright, here one day, gone one night
Like the loss of the sunlight on a cloudy afternoon
Gone too soon
Like a castle build upon a sandy beach
gone too soon,
like a perfect flower that is just beyond your reach
Gone too soon
Born to amuse to inspire and to delight here one day gone one night
Like a sunset dying with the rising of the moon
Gone too soon by Michael Jackson

Adieu my bro Nforbico till we meet again;
By Paschaline NIBA (Ma Pascha, as you fondly called me)

Posted by Antoine Gnintedem on January 2, 2020
Kizi, I met you on December 27th, 2003, my first night in the United States. I had just just arrived on a late night flight from Amsterdam, and you so kindly picked me up from the airport in Atlanta. You allowed me to spend a couple of days recuperating at your place in Alpharetta before continuing my journey to Mississippi. During my stay with you, you gave me invaluable advice on how to effectively settle down in this country. 

You did not have to do any of these things for me, but you did them anyway, out of immense kindness, something you had in limitless supply. It’s a privilege to have benefited from your tremendous kindness, and for that, I am profoundly grateful.

The angels in heaven are honored by your presence, and I pray that God would grant your family the fortitude and comfort that they would need to deal with the tremendous pain caused by your sudden departure.

Rest in absolute peace, bro!
Posted by Paschaline Niba on January 2, 2020
Tribute to my Uncle Kizito from Bradley Niba

It is so surprising to know that someone so kind, loving and hardworking like you could die. It was a huge honour knowing you Uncle Kizito! To me you are not gone because you are with us in spirit. I know that God takes the righteous early to heaven. I know that your departure will make us strong and prepare us for the Narrow Gate of heaven.
Farewell and rest in peace Uncle.
Bradrey (as you used to call me)
Posted by Raoul Nzeugang on December 31, 2019
Kizito Nforbi (Moukouloukoulou le grd Moupao Kenzo le Capo).My beloved friend and bro its me Raoul Nzeugang (Moukouagne )as you called me.I still have hard time to believe this happen i am just speechless my heart is so in pain i deeply miss you bro.I remember when we first meet back on the first week in this country january 2003 so about 16yrs of frienships.Since then we have been very close hanging out ,spending quality time with each others family our childrens become family our first born Paris and Shaila have same age 13 today they are close then ever.Where do this cancer come from ?oh jesus you look so healthy again just fews months ago august i remember you always checking,taking care of yourself on your health how on the earth it did not get detested early stage i am just devasted.Dont you worry about the children's we will taking care of them.Hang it there bro Rest in Peace one LOVE.
Posted by Abah Ofon on December 31, 2019
You aren't gone Kaiser, your presence lives on in our memories and the laughs we shared.
Posted by Marilyn Gosha on December 30, 2019
I can't believe i am writting this. Ohhh Kiziii, only God knows how i miss you. I can never forget the day you called me and said you had Cancer. After, crying, i asked you, what is the stage? You said stage 1. That calmed me down because i just knew that the doctors will just go in and surgically yank that nonsense out. I just knew that it would be an easy fix. We had many conversations after that day. We talked about the benefits of switching to an alkaline diet, constant prayer etc etc. I just knew that you will be fine. I remember you telling me how Chemo is killing you softly. You said, you wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy. We talked about possible switching to Immunotherapy. In fact, the last time i heard your voice, you told me that you got approved to start Immunotherapy and was going to start the next week. I just knew that you will be fine.

I promised to visit you the next time i am in ATL. Just for me to get a phone call that you are no more...Why!!!!!...I needed to see you Kiziiiiiii.

We miss you ohhh. You wife and your girls misses you Papa. Your lovely mom misses you Kiziiiii!!. Your friends misses you. Our community misses you Kiziiiiiii!!!!. I will always cherish our frienship.

You fought a good fight Kizi. You were in pain and needed to rest. I know you are just in a deep sleep, resting. In due time, you will hear Jehovah's voice and wake back up to life on this same earth, never to get sick or die again (John 5:28, 29). See you in paradise, my brother,

We love you, Kizi, K4B, 4B4EVER!!!!

See you in Paradise.

The the one and only, Ms Mbi and D&G, as you always call me

Posted by Ola . on December 30, 2019

It’s Mami Ola, as you fondly called me. I can’t believe I’m writing this. Remember I was supposed to cook you some local delicacies at some point. Kept procrastinating cos we thought there was all the time in the world for it. How fleeting life is.
I remember you coming down the stairs, making gestures and cracking jokes that lit up the whole room. You were so smart and charismatic, and your laughter was most infectious.
Your family loves you, your friends love you, and your kids love and miss you. That can only be a testament to the kind of person you were and the life that you lived.

You had a smile on your face the last time I saw you, and I know that means you’re happy, fulfilled, and at peace. Continue to rest Kizito. Your memories will live forever.
Posted by Nack Leila Azizah on December 30, 2019
Bro...                                      C'est commeça que je t'appelais et tu répondais gde sœur... On s'est connu à nsimeyong quartier ou résidait nos patents et nous avons sympathisé et sommes devenus une famille... Puis tu es parti et Facebook nous a remis en contact... Belle RETROUVAILLE!!! Puis whatsaap tout les jours à prendre des nouvelles de papy NACK et le reste de la famille... Et tu as appris le Décès de papy Nack... Tjrs là pour me remonter le moral... Weeeeeh les mots me manquent... Suis sûre que je rêve ooo. Broooooo 10jrs avant ton décès tu prenais encore et encore de mes nouvelles et j'étais souffrante tu m'as surprise en m'envoyant un mandat de 50 mil pour que j'achète des médicaments... en me disant sans que je ne te demande que je pouvais Tjrs compter sur Toi... tu me disais que tu étais malade hospitalisé et que par la grâce de dieu sa allait mieux... Tu me laisses sans voix... Maintenant à nous les larmes et à toi les fleurs broooooo... Je sais que le Seigneur Dieu t'accueillera dans sa maison et les anges veilleront sur toi... Toi aussi veille sur maman, tes filles et ta sœur... Que la lumière de l'éternel brille sans fin sur toi broooo... DOUX REPOS !!!
Posted by Nadia Souleymanou on December 29, 2019
It always amazes me how fast change can occur. One minute we’re on a video call and you’re laughing and showing me how much meat you have in your achu soup, and the next minute, your hands are cold and your body is lying still. At last, at peace. “Mamamieh,” as you used to say, was and still is my reaction to your passing.

You taught me how to drive, to always have a kind heart, and to believe in myself unapologetically. You praised me for my accomplishments and assured me that you were rooting for me. You fueled my passions with your words of encouragement. You remain alive through the lessons you have taught me.

I am grateful to have known you, to have experienced your joyful and peaceful nature, and to have witnessed the unconditional love that you poured unto my little sisters. I will always take care of them.

Your sudden “passing forward” is something that no one can explain, but it consoles me to know that one day we will meet again.

“God looked around in Heaven and saw an empty place/ Then he looked around on Earth and saw your tired face./ He put his arms around you and lifted you to rest./ With the help of His angels, they flew you to your heavenly place.”
Posted by Mary Njende 6 on December 29, 2019
My Kizi
I remember when you were born.How does a mother write a tribute for her son.My pain is so great Kizi.Who am I to question Father God.Rest in perfect peace Kizito.God will give me the serenity to accept what I cannot change.I count on your prayers.

Posted by Aunty Ngonda Hegngi on December 29, 2019
Hello Kizi l lack words to write. You know very well that Mom them don"t bury their kids but the lord should be your Sheppard as you enter the gate of heaven.Rest well and Goodnight. The peace you did not fine on earth should be in the kingdom of our Lord.
Posted by Ayiyu Fontem on December 29, 2019
I reminisce back in the days how with the other guys we used to plan our future, when we'll become men, how we'd look after our parents and family when we're grown up, how we'd go places, do things that will make people proud. That time has come and where are you?

I still read some of your whatsapp messages starting with... 'BOBO' , the jokes, the little arguments we used to have.

Words can't explain how hard this is to bear. RIP bro, you have just gone ahead and I pray that the Lord will grant you a place in the land beyond till we meet again.
From Ayiyu (Bobo), the one and only
Posted by AJAH ELVIRA on December 29, 2019

You never said am leaving
You never said goodbye
You were gone even before we knew it
And only God knows why...
If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane
I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you back home again.
My heart aches with sadness and secret tears still flow and will always do
What you meant to me, no one can ever know.
You kept your pain away from mum and I because you didn't want us to worry and cry
That is a great mark of sacrifice and shows how noble your heart was.
Now I know you want me to mourn for you no more
Those special memories of you will always bring a smile...
Tu n'est peut-etre pas a mes cotes

Ma Njuibs (as you fondly called me).

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Posted by Joseph Ngock on January 23, 2020
Just can't believe it....that charming smile put out forever. Rest in peace bro, you remain forever in our hearts.
Posted by MIRANDA Etti on January 20, 2020
I just can't wrap my head around this. Rest in peace, Fine Boy Kizi, until we meet again.
Posted by Philippe Mbakop on January 19, 2020
Uncle Kizito i heard about you through my mom “maman Ngassa” whom you took care of during her hospital days.She told me you always told her to be strong and when in turn you were sick God decided to take you away from us...You were surely too good for us...I never had the opportunity to show you how much grateful i am.We may feel you’re gone too soon but,great light of Jesus illuminates the darkest places of the human soul and shines forth even through our experience of death.
May your soul rest in perfect peace.
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Shared by Elvira Ajah Njuibi on January 10, 2020
Gone too soon

Gone like the Wind.

Shared by Calixte Namvou on January 6, 2020
Kizito you used to tell me to let you bother me because some day I will miss it. You liked to tell
me that I am you mom, your big sister, your “famiglia”. In July last year you told me you will be back in MD after the girls are settled in school. Mid-September you called me and was suspiciously calm... it felt like a punch in the gut when you told me your Dx. From then on, we talk every other day, your caring nature never let you one bit, you were concern about your mama Eli’s health and made sure no one tells her about your disease, “mama Eli doit guérir”, you did not even want my sister to be informed, you carried her through her first round of chemo, singing to her “ôTamne Pius tiens bon”. I told you it was just the other way around, and that you will hold on tight and be strong just like you told my sister. You ask about her each time we spoke, you told me to do everything I could to get her back to America so she could live longer. 
some day you made me talk to Paris, you told me thereafter to always encourage her future ambitions. How didn’t I read between the lines? You knew you were leaving soon. It is heart braking to Think you went through all that alone. You never once wanted all the attention onto you. 
When you started Immunotherapy I taught you had increased chances to find healing. God decided otherwise Grand Mopao, because he love’s you more. 
I am consoled by thinking the Angels will be dancing for you, and with you.Go and look over your Girls, I know they are your “world”,  until we meet Again my “son” my “little brother”
So Long.

Shared by Mylène Minkoube on December 29, 2019
Je suis sans voix kizi "my  gorgeous nubian Queen" tel est le surnom que tu m'avais attribué honnêtement l'anglais n'a jamais été mon fort mais j'étais heureuse de l'entendre me dire. jusqu'à ce jour je sais pas la significations exacte de ses mots mais ils me manque cruellement.
je sais même pas quoi te dire si ce n'est dire malgré mon coeur brisé, Merci le soleil de mes nuits d'avoir apporté un peu de ta lumière dans ma vie, Merci  pour les fou rires le son de ta voix restera à jamais gravé dans mon coeur. Dans cette immense douleur j'ai une consolation c'est que tu as trouvé ton créateur, tu as trouvé la lumière, celle du paradis tes statut watsap de tes derniers jours sur terre en sont la preuve. A jamais tu restera gravé dans mon coeur.repose en paix my  african  king