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Shared by Elvira Ajah Njuibi on January 10, 2020
Gone too soon

Gone like the Wind.

Shared by Calixte Namvou on January 6, 2020
Kizito you used to tell me to let you bother me because some day I will miss it. You liked to tell
me that I am you mom, your big sister, your “famiglia”. In July last year you told me you will be back in MD after the girls are settled in school. Mid-September you called me and was suspiciously calm... it felt like a punch in the gut when you told me your Dx. From then on, we talk every other day, your caring nature never let you one bit, you were concern about your mama Eli’s health and made sure no one tells her about your disease, “mama Eli doit guérir”, you did not even want my sister to be informed, you carried her through her first round of chemo, singing to her “ôTamne Pius tiens bon”. I told you it was just the other way around, and that you will hold on tight and be strong just like you told my sister. You ask about her each time we spoke, you told me to do everything I could to get her back to America so she could live longer. 
some day you made me talk to Paris, you told me thereafter to always encourage her future ambitions. How didn’t I read between the lines? You knew you were leaving soon. It is heart braking to Think you went through all that alone. You never once wanted all the attention onto you. 
When you started Immunotherapy I taught you had increased chances to find healing. God decided otherwise Grand Mopao, because he love’s you more. 
I am consoled by thinking the Angels will be dancing for you, and with you.Go and look over your Girls, I know they are your “world”,  until we meet Again my “son” my “little brother”
So Long.

Shared by Mylène Minkoube on December 29, 2019
Je suis sans voix kizi "my  gorgeous nubian Queen" tel est le surnom que tu m'avais attribué honnêtement l'anglais n'a jamais été mon fort mais j'étais heureuse de l'entendre me dire. jusqu'à ce jour je sais pas la significations exacte de ses mots mais ils me manque cruellement.
je sais même pas quoi te dire si ce n'est dire malgré mon coeur brisé, Merci le soleil de mes nuits d'avoir apporté un peu de ta lumière dans ma vie, Merci  pour les fou rires le son de ta voix restera à jamais gravé dans mon coeur. Dans cette immense douleur j'ai une consolation c'est que tu as trouvé ton créateur, tu as trouvé la lumière, celle du paradis tes statut watsap de tes derniers jours sur terre en sont la preuve. A jamais tu restera gravé dans mon coeur.repose en paix my  african  king

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