Posted by Ugonwa Banjo on March 30, 2021
I am still in denial, I don’t want to believe this and at the same time I can’t question God. Sis Ngozi was there for me, from my first day in university. You took me under your wings and looked out for me like the big sister I never had. I remember your laughter, beautiful smile and vibrant personality.......
There is so much I could say but the words are just too heavy to pen down.
Rest on with the angels
Posted by Laura Omang on March 28, 2021
The Exotica

The beautiful Ngozi

The vibrant friend

The exotic one

The life of the party!!!

Rest In Peace with God

The one who called everyone Tozaquin” yet was the most exciting of us all
The warm laugh... the ever ready smile
The highly animated girl

My own dear EXOTICA

I constantly watched you in amazement when we worked together how you would sing along to music, and laugh out loud at jokes., and call out to colleagues walking far down the hallway and blow kisses their way... How they would break into laughter and shake their heads in amazement......So much love and excitement always surrounded you

For all the advice, and the little chats, the long phone calls, the parties attended together, and all our memorable birthdays...
For the long hours spent at your parents dinning table from Ogba, to Ikoyi, to Lekki Phase 1.
Oh my friend I will miss you so much.

I will miss ridding in the back seat going places with you and Ifeanyi all day long. And the warmth and comfort that a hot meal would be waiting in your parents house when we return.

Rest In Peace my dear friend
Rest In Peace with God

I am comforted by the words of the Bible that says” The souls of the just are in the hands of the Lord”

Rest In Peace Ngozi, you will be dearly missed.

Laura Omang
Posted by Sheri Izegbuwa on March 28, 2021
Hmmm, Ngozi dear I have found it very hard to give a tribute to you. I had to summon the courage to do so today. I remember our NYSC days we served together is same set and same Organization at Amazing Grace Plaza. Oh that your beautiful smile and when we talk about football Man Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea. Oh dear your vibrant spirit we will miss you greatly however I take solace in the fact that we will meet to part no more. I pray God gives your Husband and entire family the fortitude to bear this loss in Jesus name. Amen. Adieu my dear friend.
Posted by Chiko Obilana on March 27, 2021
Ngozi you will be truly missed, I continue to pray for God’s comfort and strength for your family and friends during this difficult time. Rest In Peace till we meet again.
Posted by Uzoamaka Akwaeze on March 26, 2021

To our amazingly loving sister and friend,

Words cannot begin to express the immense impact of your sudden passing. Yes, it was sudden but we know that God Almighty knows and understands all things. Firstly, we will say thank-you to God Almighty for your beautiful gift of life, an incomparable blessing to us and so very many others.

Ngozi, your warm and gentle smile, your perpetual friendship, your hearty laughter, your dance to the tune of the music of life we all shared as children, and the memorable journey to adulthood, is one that will forever remain profoundly treasured with all of us.

Know that your memory lives on, as it’s not just a memory, but has now become an undeniable part of who we are. As you charitably contributed to our lives, you’re forever a part of us.

Ngozi, as speechless as we are, these words are just a fragment of the expression of our love for you, our dear sister and friend.

Rest now dearest and ever beloved Ngozi.

With heartfelt and warmest expressions of our love,

- FGGC-OSHA 94 Set
Posted by OLUWAKEMI SOBANJO on March 26, 2021
Good night Ngozi! Sleep on. You will surely be missed
Posted by Uche Onuoha on March 26, 2021
Ngozi Nwanne m. I’m still in shock at your passing, but you are in a far better place! Continue to rest in perfect bliss and rest until we see again. You will be missed!
Posted by Olakunle Fakiyesi on March 26, 2021
I Lost a friend, sister, mother,13yrs colleague to the cold hands of death . You were so much more to me that i confided in you on almost everything even though we argue a lot. 
I have a lot to write but my fingers has failed me because of this rude shock of your sudden demise.
NG Mama, may you rest in Peace.
My prayers are with your Family. God will console your elderly parents in this trying time.
Your Husband shall find peace and be consoled too.
NG Mama, I am still dealing with this shock because it is not easy.
Rest on Beloved ...... Till we meet to path no more
Posted by Onyinye Ekwonu on March 26, 2021
Words fail me.... death took you away just when I had the opportunity to get closer to you and enjoy your beautiful company. I keep asking God why he had to call you home now. You are a rare gem who touched the lives of every single person who came in contact with you. You will be greatly missed and fondly remembered...

Rest in peace dear aunty and may the lights guide you home.

Posted by Benita Maduadichie on March 26, 2021
I honestly don't like to say goodbye because it makes me sad. This is not goodbye, and I was certain of it the moment I was told you had left us to be with God.

It brings me sooo much joy when I remember how full of life you were, and mehnn I saw your dance moves FIRE! When I came around the house, you were either gisting with your parents or chatting with your siblings and they enjoyed your company. You understood what Family was all about, constantly holding everyone together like a correct ADA.

You were constantly working both at the Office, in your Family and in Church. You understood what your mission on earth was, see the numerous good things your family, friends and colleagues have to say about you. I am sure God would be so proud to receive his loving and hard-working daughter.

I know you will be watching over us through all the celebrations you would have loved to be part of physically. Ohhh you had told me earlier in the year how you were preparing for them, it’s painful you won't be here. Biko make sure you sing the loudest and dance the most for us in Heaven.

Gaa nkeoma Ezigbo Ada Ohalete
Posted by Omokolade Ogunleye on March 26, 2021
Never did I thought this is the way we'll part ways. Yes, I know we'll meet again, but I didn't want to be saying that now. God knows what I didn't know.

I first knew you as an enforcer, then a leader, then a friend. You were Ma'am No-Nonsense and a go-getter, yet you care so much. You work so harder, but you ball way harder, too. You were full of life and as well full of fun. God knows.

I still didn't believe I am doing this right now, Ma'am Ng. Where are the plans? What about the progress? Not to mention the well-deserved height you worked and fought so hard to attain? God knows the best.

While you've left us, your family, friends, and co-workers dangling on thoughts of what has changed that you've decided to go too soon, our hearts continue to hurt.

We know you'd want nothing less than peace for us even as we struggle to bear the vacuum you left here. We still couldn't help it as you're irreplaceable. No one can wear your hat, Madam Ng and I can go on and on.

Posted by Ifeyinwa Okeke on March 26, 2021
I struggled to put words here and words cannot describe how I feel or felt when this happened- all I know is you went home early to help our Lord prepare our mansions. Rest In Peace Ng! Miss you so much but God loves you more.
Posted by ALAO VICTOR on March 26, 2021
With simplicity and zealousness of heart you served the Lord. Your kindheartedness will greatly be missed. Thanks for giving to the Lord inspire of all.
Posted by Buwa Umoren on March 26, 2021

My bold , bright and beautiful sister
Shining radiantly from near and afar
Always happy, gallant and free
Full of love as life should be
Defender of justice and truth
Never afraid to speak the good
Your steadfast love for God
Encouraged us to seek him more and more
Ngozi Sister, Friend and Pillar
We will love you forever and ever.

Anyabuwa Ozieh Umoren
Posted by Chidi Obi-Anoliefo on March 26, 2021
Hmmmm Ngozi!!! Gizzy Hols! I still can't wrap my head around this whole episode; feels like a dream. This is a reminder that life is like a smoke; it vanishes just like that. I am glad that our paths crossed in my life time, you were really compassionate and a very supportive friend. Nne, the scriptures say "precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of a saint". This is my deepest comfort that your death is precious to God, heaven rejoices over you. However, We love you and miss you so dearly❤
Posted by Michael Okezie on March 26, 2021
Madam Ngozi.... Ahhh this really sad i can't still believe am typing RIP, you where really a lovely colleague personally i got a lots of things right through you, good bye may God almighty accept your soul !!!
Posted by Edna Ngozi Akagbusum on March 25, 2021
Ngoo, how so painful for your Aunty to write a tribute for you. How so heart- breaking it is for me to digest that its goodnight to you. How hard it is to say goodbye to a loved and lovely younger one. I pray God to give us the fortitude to bear your loss.

The last time we were together in the village, at grandma's burial, it never crossed my mind that it could be the last I will see you.
You were such a loving and lovely soul that cannot be forgotten at all.
Ngoo, if its possible, be an angel to take care of your parents, especially your Mum.

Rest on in the bosom of Our Lord our darling daughter. May your soul continue to rest in perfect peace.
Good Night Nwaoma.
Posted by Pamela Duke on March 25, 2021
This is so difficult to accept and hard to believe, wow this one hit us real hard. You were always so bubbly and nice, full of life and happy for everyone. I remember the last time I saw you, you were so happy to see me . I know that you are in a better place and heaven has indeed gained an angel. We will definitely miss you. Rest in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by Emmanuel Ikeh on March 25, 2021
"Madam NG!", I'd call you and you would always respond with "Hippie Boy!" because of my dress sense and silly haircuts. (-sigh-)
Life's unfair.
I worked with you for 3 years+ and watched you work, toil and put 110% effort in literally every circle you were a part of; from work, to family, church activities and even down to personal relationships.

We laughed and giggled on Friday,12th of March 2021 and you were bubbly and full of life as usual not knowing it was the last time I'll set my eyes on you.

Death snatched you at your peak and inasmuch as there's no undoing that, I take solace in the fact that I took a lot of positives from the life that you lived and I know you're in a better place.

Rest Easy Madam NG; I love you ️❤️️
Posted by Onyi Onuoha on March 25, 2021
Ngozi, it’s still a shock. Trying to wrap my head around it. It’s just too soon. We will certainly miss you, the legacy you left will live on....
May your soul Rest In Peace!!
Posted by CHI EZE on March 25, 2021
I am not sure where to begin. You have always been a big cousin sister. Always making smiles and most especially laughter to stick on my face with your jokes and words so much that I forgot all my worries in a dash.

You will forever be missed and remembered at heart always.

Adieu big sis!! May you rest in peace in God's blossom until we meet again.

Chiomi(as you always called me)
Posted by Anyaga Obaji on March 25, 2021
Nne ohhhhh. i have cancelled my sentence over and over again because i cant believe am using a past tense for you. Nne ohhhh. Amazing, caring , loving, a great organizer and always fun to be with. ..... It is well.

Sleep on dear.
Posted by Kelechi Ohalete on March 25, 2021
Sister Ngoo!!!!

Adaukwum. It's still unbelievable when I recall you are no with us. I was blessed to have you as a sister, a friend and a colleague. In all you did, you gave it your best and nothing or no one could do better. You always brought so much energy and brightness with you every time, motivating, and pushing us all to do our best. You inspired me so much as a sibling and a professional. Even in disappointments, you took it with a cheerful attitude and will always say do it for God and that always brought peace and calm.

I cry when I remember you, but I can’t for long because all the memories I have of you are full of Joy, Laughter and Love. So, I smile when I remember how you always call me KeleGuy, how you always engaged mama and papa with gist from work and church, how you celebrated everyone’s birthday as if it were yours, how you would celebrate every Man United win with a chant of “Man U Mu”, and all the errands I had to run for you. What I would give to run one more.

The tears from missing you will dry up eventually but the joy, laughter and love you gave us will always remain and I will cherish and keep them. I know you’ve gone to be with God whom you did everything for. Rest Peacefully in the bosom of our Lord till we meet again on His glorious return.

Adieu Ngoo mu.

Your Baby Brother,
Posted by Ayodele Olayiwola on March 25, 2021
Ngozi, It is so so sad that you have passed on to the great beyond just a few days after you still posted that you loved your camomile tea. We are assured that you are with your maker. You were so full of life...with your loving smile and always bringing laughter and joy to where ever you are. May God rest your beautiful soul, comfort your husband, parents and the whole family. God knows best.
Posted by Gabriel Okon on March 25, 2021
It is still a shocked to me that you are no more in this present planets. I will always remember you, because you contributed positive impacts that'll always make me to remember you. Rest in the Lord till we meet again.
Posted by Rukky Emekpe on March 25, 2021
My senior, I will always remember all the fun memories i had with you, the moral support. Thanks for being a good friend. May your Soul Rest in Peace. Amen
Posted by Jibrin Jekeri on March 25, 2021
They say in time it gets easier, I believe this isn't true
Because even after all this time,
I still don't have a clue.
Many tears i have seen and cried.
They have all poured out like rain.
I know that you are happy now
cause you're no longer in pain.
Rest in Peace Madam Ngozi.
Posted by Cynthia Henshaw on March 24, 2021
Beauty is found in a heart that loves, shares, laughs, plays, and dreams. You were beautiful inside and outside. Ngozi, the news weaken me because you had dreams and aspirations, most were beginning to materialize.
May your soul Rest In Peace!! I pray God consoles the family, friends, and loved ones you have left behind..
Chai!! My only yellow pawpaw, Omalicha, Ada daddy, you will always be in my heart... Adieu dear friend!!
Posted by Chiamaka Orjiekwe on March 24, 2021
Dear Ngozi, You left us too soon. Words can’t express the loss we feel. Our comfort rests in knowing that you are with the Lord. Rest In Peace, till we meet again.
Posted by Nedu Mbaekwe on March 24, 2021
NG, we lack words to express our shock when we heard about your transition. Barely two weeks ago, we were together in a meeting. NG you were purposeful and diligent in your engagements. You like to finish whatever your hands find to do. We shall miss you NG. Rest on NG, till we meet to part no more. Ije Oma!.
Posted by Pamela Uketui on March 24, 2021
You fought the good fight of Faith.
May your soul continue to rest peacefully in the Lord's bosom. Adieu sis!!
It is well.
Posted by Imeh Etuk on March 24, 2021
Ngozi, this was a most shocking news for me. You were a friend besides being my colleague. I am still trying to come to terms with this. May God grant your gentle soul peaceful rest IJN. Amen
Posted by Oge Ezeogu on March 24, 2021
Words fail but.... May God rest your soul nwanne, you will be missed, but God knows best.

Loads of love
Posted by Isa Mohammed-Ifabua on March 24, 2021
Every life starts and ends the same way.

It is only the way we lived, the lives we touched, the people we loved and inspired that differentiate one woman (man) from the other.

You were unique in so many ways. Adieu NG
Posted by joshua mbak on March 24, 2021
For all the years we have known you, Ngozi, you have brought joy and sweetness to all of us in Dominion City Church Chevron. We are better for having met you. Saying goodbye isn't for us. Instead, I will say that "I look forward to seeing our friend again"
Posted by Prince Graham on March 24, 2021
The news of your demise came to me as a shock as the very last memory I have of you was at the communion table the day before. We fellowshipped and broke bread not knowing it was your very last supper with brethren. We cannot question the author of life since it pleased Him to receive you at this time. There is so much to learn from your life here. Your kind and accommodating heart amongst many other qualities stands out, you are very detailed, articulate and committed to any course you came across. Sister Ng we'll miss you dearly, we take solace in the assurance that you are in a better place. Continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord till we meet again on the resurrection morning.
Posted by Ihunweze Blessing on March 24, 2021
May God grant you eternal rest and comfort those you left behind.
Rest in the perfect peace of the Lord.
Posted by Uchenna Nwosu on March 24, 2021
Awwah, Touched by an angel and like candle in the wind you are gone. I am consoled by God's word that precious in his sight the death of his saints.
I know you are in a better place where good health, peace and Joy is overflowing.
Ng bekee, you came, you saw and you conquered. Sleep tight in the bosom of your creator.
May God strengthen the family you left behind.
Jee nkeoma Ada Jesus.
Posted by Peace Mfon on March 24, 2021
It’s sad that I cannot get to see your face again. Can’t believe we can only now live in remembrance of you. You were a constant inspiration, I could always bring all my complaints to you. I’m still wondering who will have time to listen the way you used to. You always had a solution to all the hitches. No other could beat your proactive approach. You were always there for us.
We however find solace in the fact that you lived well and served your creator and are in a better place now.
You will always be in our hearts.
Sleep on till we meet again on that resurrection morning.
Posted by Kelechi Ezeogu on March 24, 2021
Ngoo! this is so heart breaking how do i start, just this new year i had a video call with you little did i know that it would be the last time to hear your voice and see your face. Ngoo the gist master i have felt useless since your death though no words can bring you back only God knows best and will comfort our family and friends as he receive your soul. Ngoo may you rest in the perfect peace of our lord . Adieu sis. ❤❤❤
Posted by iheanyi ohalete on March 24, 2021
Nwanne’m Ngozi, Ada anyi, can’t still believe I will be writing a farewell speech for you. Words are so difficult to find as memories still run through my heart. You have always been my chilled Sis who I can always run to knowing you would always see things the way I do. Who would nudge me on? Who would tell me to keep fighting to be the best I can be? I will definitely miss your warm heart, your smile, your energy and how you lit anyone up no matter how bad ones day may seem. From childhood you have been a role model and path maker. This has by far been a difficult pill to swallow but again cant question our maker. The world will surely mourn but I know u have attained the best possible miracle by going to be with our maker in His heavenly kingdom. I can only imagine how lit heaven would be at your arrival, just thinking of the way you call me Anyi guy when you need me to do something for you. You will forever have a place in my heart Sis and continue to rest with God
Posted by Margaret Ejiro-Edoja on March 24, 2021
Ngozi, sleep on. May God grant you eternal rest.
Posted by Stella Chilekezi on March 24, 2021
Ngozi....My gist partner, my colleague turned sister.

I’ll remember you in so many beautiful ways. My heart is so heavy, but then i can't question God.

Today I grieve for you, and cry for you and even smile because of you…

And in all the tomorrows, I’ll feel you gone in some ways, but your presence ever near.

Go well…stay well…Rest on Mama
Posted by Bernice Chukwurah on March 24, 2021
Continue to rest in peace. God grant you eternal rest and console your loved ones.
Posted by Andy Eseka on March 24, 2021
So hard to believe! My hands are so heavy to write. Ngorr, you were the first to wish me happy birthday on March 13th only for me to hear about your departure from this sinful earth on 14th? Too bad. I will always remember our discussions about Man U issues - all that gone? 
You will always call me Elder Andy.... humm. Ngorrr.... so hard to think about not discussing with you again. You were so lively and concerned about the welfare of others. RIP Ngorrr. (in tears)...
Posted by Obinna Ohalete on March 24, 2021
Ng, Sis like no other,it still feels like a dream,but God knows best. Ngozi is one sister I always looked up to when there is no hope.Anytime she walks into a gathering everyone smiles. She has this gift of making everyone smile. I will always miss the times we watched football together."Ndi Man Utd Ka anyi bu".
 Ngozi was a loving,caring sister with the biggest heart,even when the work load was too much, she always a way to give her best,like she will always say"more experience in my Job Description".
One thing I learned from Ngozi is PATIENCE.She has a way of bringing the best in everyone. She is one lady that can gist with everyone starting from the Boss to the gateman.she never looked down on anyone. ADANNE MU you fought the good fight. WE WILL ALWAYS MISS YOU.
Posted by Tolulope Adeniyi on March 23, 2021
May her soul rest in peace.May God grant Ifeayin and the entire family the fortitude to bear the loss.
Posted by Chimezie Udechukwu on March 23, 2021
You have run the race
You have fought the good fight
Now the Master welcomes you home, into his Wonderful Light.

We will miss you here
Earth's loss has become Heaven's gain.

Zukwa ike na ndokwa.
Posted by Femi Edun on March 23, 2021
We are short of words and can only pray that God will comfort and strengthen Ifeanyi and the family left behind. Rest in the bosom of Christ.
Femi & Ngozi Edun
Posted by Adaobi Agbalugo on March 23, 2021
No words... None whatsoever. It’s completely heartbreaking. Our consolation is the beautiful footprint you left behind...

Rest On Sister Ngozi.
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