Ni Dan Kicha
Let the memory of Ni Dan be with us forever.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our beloved brother, Ni Dan Kicha, Alias Ayissi. You lived a short but memorable life. We will remember you forever.


The celebration of late Dan's life  is scheduled for Saturday 29/06/2013.

CHURCH SERVICE / Viewing of the corpse.

Venue: Christchurch, Reading Road Chineham, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG24 8LT

Time:  13:30 – 15:30


Please join us @ Pamber Heath Memorial Hall, Pamber Road, Tadley, RG26 3QT after this for a wake keeping & Celebration of Ni Dan's Life.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by abigail tala on 2nd July 2013

"Ni Dan, when first met you, I met a humble intellengent personality, a community builder. How I wished the day I was informed you passed away was a day that did a PhD presentation. God is no respecter of person and bore in honour to God's wish in memory of you. May your humble gentle soul rest peacefully in your resting place."

This tribute was added by George Mbah TIMAH on 1st July 2013

"Dear brother and friend Dan, what a surprise to us.....I still remember the early 70s, when we started friendship and forever shall we remain to be...we had common views and we counted on one another.  All the Anong people, family members and friends, will miss you forever but never will forget the time spent together. Thanks Ni Dan for all you did to us . RIP. Adieu."

This tribute was added by Gilles Anjoh on 30th June 2013

"Ni Dan what a shock to hear of your passing, you were such a big brother who always have something positive to say in any situation. Your contribution to our ADA Diaspora forum was so immense that I hope somebody will step up to keep the candle burning. Ni Dan I an going to miss your humor during our online chatting. I pray that your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Adieu Ni Dan."

This tribute was added by Ophilia Mbelli Tumanjong on 30th June 2013

"Ni Dan, I find it hard to believe you are no more. God has a better place for you. You were kind, caring and always happy. October 2010 was the last time I met you in Coventry. I will remember those happy memories. Rest in peace. May God give your family the strength and ability to deal with your loss. We will miss you. Adieu"

This tribute was added by Bernard mbah on 29th June 2013

"Ni Dan. I know why i address you Ni. Where is the write up you had to produce as regards Anong water project after our chat online early May. Where our Ayissi?  Anyway, God's plan is the best. As you get to our final home say Hi to Dad ( Jacob Ndatu), Prodence and Celine. We loved you but that Man upstairs loves you better.... ADIEU NI DAN

This tribute was added by Therese Sunche on 29th June 2013

"Daniel, as i used to call you. it was with great shock that i was called to inform that you are no more. You have been one of my devoted customers always sending money to your family in Cameroon. We have not been opportune to meet each other facially but one thing i remember about you is your caring nature towards your family. May you find everlasting Peace with your Heavenly Father."

This tribute was added by Mbah Viana on 29th June 2013

"Danny Danny, is this a joke or you are really gone for real? I have a pain in my throat and I can`t withhold tears from running down my cheeks. Did it ever occur to you how much A.D.A., Friends, your SIBBLINGS, MOM, your WIFE and KIDS will miss you? Danny, you have done your worst! What a loss!  Well, we are not masters of our destiny: GOD knows why, to HIM be the glory. RIP my brother."

This tribute was added by Therese Sunche on 29th June 2013

"Daniel as i used to call you, it was with great shock when i was called that you are no more. You have been one of my devoted customers always sending money to your family in cameroon. I feel deeply touched that i will not hear from you again. May you find peace, and love with your Heavenly Father. Adieu"

This tribute was added by Prisca Nkwocha on 29th June 2013

"Hey Ni Dan this is biggest shock in recent times. We are missing your contribution on the ADA forum already. The constitution you worked on will be up dated and used. Your humor massa will be missed. Na really wa for you oh? Mami cried a lot saying why did you call her and then just go like that. Well my big brother God loves you more. Shalom Prisca Nkwocha nee weregwe"

This tribute was added by Adolf Ndam on 29th June 2013

"dan you were more  of a  brother than a friend to me .your selflessness and generosity was prove to be a manly man following the tribulations your family went through. you were supportive to your mother and siblings.i will never forget your smiling nature over all aversities.issue as we fondly call ourselves may ur soul rest in peace ur friend Asanga charles"

This tribute was added by helvesia fru on 29th June 2013

"Ni Dan, you were a very dear friend to me. i knew you a short time but this time was meaningful and length of it did not matter. i will miss you. May God turn the lights on as you make your way to HIM, opening His arms to receive you. good bye  and rest in peace"

This tribute was added by Adolf Ndam on 29th June 2013

"Daddy u were a strong loving,caring and peaceful husband.u were always there to make peace when things went wrong.i find it so hard to believe u are gone but i know the most high God loves u much and needs u to be by his side.although we are apart ur gentle spirit leaves within me for ever in my heart.u were a special person in my life i love u and miss u very dearly. from wife(Florence)"

This tribute was added by Adolf Ndam on 29th June 2013

"DADDY i was expecting to receive u back with joy not with sorrow. all these years i have waited for u so that we can build a happy family but god has his own plans.where are ur smiles that always brighten my days? where are ur thoughts of warm and love that always smooth the way for me? daddy, i am hear broken to hear that u are gone. who should i and children run to? from wife"

This tribute was added by Adolf Ndam on 29th June 2013

"DAN, Ur untimely departure from us is very shocking, i thought u shall indue time join Ur cousins to lay me rest but now it is the reverse. i wish i could see u even on sick bed but it was not possible. u have left many things undone who would care for Ur MOTHER, EVAN, AND FLORENCE? Wee DAN it is rely a painful lost. we love u rest in perfect peace; ADIEUS. MA TEBOH ESTHER (UR ANTIE)"

This tribute was added by Adolf Ndam on 29th June 2013

"daddy ,you left us and went to Britain.we missed u thinking That we shall one day leave as a family in Cameroon or in Britain.we were shocked to hear that u are gone with no farewell nor good bye to us.u were the source of our strength advice and protection. daddy why leave us in this trauma? daddy we love u so much and we know u are going to be leaving in us. Ur children ENGOH AND YVAN"

This tribute was added by Rowan Teboh on 29th June 2013

"Ni Dan! ah! the smile at the top right corner of this page brings together tons of memories about you. It is so disheartening to have lost you.Speechless! hmmmmmmm death. We will miss you until the day we follow and come to understand what actually happens after this mystery of death.We can only say you have taken the lead.
May you rest peacefully in the Lord. Ha! die you try oh."

This tribute was added by Martha Nchungong on 28th June 2013

"I take it April 2013 was my last time to see you, when you and my humble uncle Giddeon came over to Southampton at mind. I remember offering some fresh chewables I brought from my last trip from Cameroon and some Jack Daniels (JD) shots which you said preserve some for later when you next come round you will drink,so when is this next time coming, was this your own way of saying goodbye.RIP"

This tribute was added by Abu'u-Ngaku Bri on 28th June 2013

"Dan, What happened to you? I'm shocked, still in denial...But as days go by, and I still can't find you or hear your voice, it's becoming real. It's hard for me to say you're now in a better place, since, I'm convinced that better place is here with us, your family. Only God knows what is best for He called You home. Greet all loved ones. Miss you.  May you rest in Perfect Peace! Sis Bri"

This tribute was added by Tecky Ngwa T on 28th June 2013

"Ni Dan, you may be gone too soon, but for sure you did enjoy your life on earth. You always had an ever ready smile and a joke to share. You will be greatly missed but your memories live on. You were the uncle ever present at the kids birthdays, always ready to show support to anyone and everyone in good and bad times. May your gentle soul Rest in Perfect Peace."

This tribute was added by George Fomba on 28th June 2013

"Ni Dan, your death has really shocked this community to its core, but serves to remind us how vulnerable we all are. May God grant you eternal rest until we meet again.
As the Lord says, there are many rooms in my father's house. I pray and hope you are rejoicing in one of them."

This tribute was added by charlie tayong on 27th June 2013

"Our beloved big brother Ni Dan, you once stood as a giant, larger than life,
With a smile and a wit, and a heart of gold.
Your name was prefixed (Ni) born out the role model
you played for which all friends should long.
You  lived adventures, when we use to share a common job site,
still loved to be told.
A generous man, not afraid of giving,
I easily say; all that knew you loved you.
It wasn’t"

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Tanyi on 26th June 2013

""Ni Dan" ,Farewell, dearest friend,brother and father. Never to see one another any more till at the right hand of Christ.Peace be with the loved once you left behind."RIP"Big bro."

This tribute was added by Stephen Angafor on 26th June 2013

"Life is a moving train. Ni Dan you arrived at your final destination and got off. Thanks for the company you gave us on the train. We did not stop laughing and feeling really good in your presence. Your jokes kept coming, the fun rolled on. We cannot think of the rest of our journey without you, but go you must. The Lord gives, He takes, nothing personal, just business. Go well Ni Dan. RIP"

This tribute was added by Mbah Ephraim on 26th June 2013

"Pa Dan, your throne is in heaven today. On earth you did & permited to be done alot to many. Clouds and darkness are around you now but righteousness & judgement are of your throne. I watched and experienced your love for your people as you silently fought with death during your last days with the response “AM ALRIGHT”. Now that human strength has failed, faith prevails & love adores.  

This tribute was added by vincent mudame on 26th June 2013

"Ni Dan, it hasn't sunk in that you are gone. You were a caring brother, frank, open, reliable and spoke your mind sincerely yet with respect for each other's opinion. You were considerate and generous, always willing to share even at your own expense. Your sense of humour and the zeal to belong / socialise sum up who you were. We love you but God cherished you most. Adieu brother."

This tribute was added by Roseline Ndatu Atuh on 26th June 2013

"Ni Dan,  I never thought it could be you. But just as I love you, God loves you more. May your spirit soars in freedom from the fears that gripped you tight as you under went the pains of ill health under my watchful eyes. May you find the peace that you longed for among families, mates and social groups. Do tell Daddy, sisters Prudence and Celine that I can feel you always. Miss you foreve"

This tribute was added by Muwah Humphrey on 26th June 2013

"Ni Dan I will  forever miss you . I will miss your for courage while in Douala and your contributions to the Anong Family  Meeting Douala Branch.
I can not mention the  contacts that you  put me through that I would miss forever . I will miss all these . Where do people die and go ... Ni Dan RIP"

This tribute was added by Giddeon Angafor on 25th June 2013

"Uncle Ni Pa Dan, the big brother, friend and apprentice who has gone too soon. I have asked and will continue to ask the question 'Why' did it have to happen to you, why at this point in time? Yet, I know God your creator knows best. Ni Dan, 'Eyeah', you taught me how to be gentle and humble.
Go in peace and rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Asome Bide on 22nd June 2013

"RIP Kicha. God gave, God took. You will be remembered for your ever beaming smile and good sense of humor, especially in our College Bilingue de Yaounde days. Aurevoir."

This tribute was added by Charles Ashu on 20th June 2013

"Ayissi, you have always been very supportive and full of life. You will lend a hand irrespective of the person.
The one thing that made a mark on me is your willingness to succeed. I can vividly remember how in the 70s, with a few friends, you knocked on the doors of the then dreaded ministers and directors of Cameroon to promote scouting in Yaoundé. We will miss you bro, RIP."

This tribute was added by Lenin Akum on 18th June 2013

"Ni Dan, you were a fabulous big brother. A big brother that was energetic, bubbly and charismatic. You were humble; you embraced everyone and showered unflinching love everywhere. You were a pivot of entertainment with a good sense of humour. You have left behind indelible memories. It really hurts to think you are gone.
As you have gone, may you go and rest in peace with the Lord.
Adieus Ni."

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