This memorial website was created in memory of our loved father, husband, brother, grandfather , friend; Njikebeng Niboh Ntangsi. Daddy you will forever be in our hearts. Love you tons! 
Posted by Bernadette Vejufambuom Nt... on April 22, 2022
Daddy I can't believe its 1 year already since you left us in this horrible world.we continue to miss you,your calmness and all the advices you gave us while u were with us.Your memories forever in our hearts..we love you daddy..Continue to RIP and watch over us
Posted by Vewessee Jude on April 19, 2022
How time flies. It still feels like you are around Daddy. We continue to miss you.
Posted by kebieh patricia on April 19, 2022
I can't believe it's one year already with your memory still fresh in our minds. Continue to rest in peace njkebeng.
Posted by Ntangsi Ngwe on April 18, 2022
Oh! Njikebeng, just like a joke one year is gone since you left us. Continue resting in the peace of the Lord. Forever in our hearts.
Posted by Mbolo Yufanyi on April 18, 2022
Daddy, you are still in our memory and shall always be.
As a son that you brought up, I can now understand the powerful effect of your calmness, eloquence and steadfastness.
You taught me a lot and most of all, that a wise man can play a fool but a foolish man can never play wise.

Your love and kindness for me was beyond boundaries and infinite.
I pray you to guide, guard and protect us wherever you are now and I am overjoyed to have you as an Ancestor.

I will always love you daddy.
Still in memory and forever.
Posted by Akembom Ntangsi on May 29, 2021
Tribute to Late Big Uncle, Fidelis N. Ntangsi

Big Uncle in Limbe, as we always called you. Always serene, noble looking with a beaming smile. Ohh Big Uncle, we wished you stayed longer to guide us through the paths of life.
From the stories we’ve heard about you, it is without doubt you were one gem of a person.
We are not only mourning your death but celebrating your life. Your death is indeed a big loss to the family chain. Though you are not with us anymore Big Uncle, your legacy will always live on.
Farewell Big Uncle! May you rest in peace in the bosom of the Lord.

Your Nephews,
Akembom Jim Harris Ntangsi, Gemuh Bill Austin Ntangsi, George Nkeng Tabi Ntangsi, Kakiembom Jo Bradley Ntangsi & Shiembom Ellen Sybille Ntangsi
Posted by Pauline Welang on May 25, 2021
Njikebeng, you will be remembered for your humility, truth and peace loving. Throughout my High school days and the University, I spent ALL my holidays with you and was so privileged to enjoy these virtues of yours. Go well my brother and my father. I will forever miss you.

Pauline Welang Ntangsi
Posted by kebieh patricia on May 25, 2021
Njikebeng, Chih Ri, Daddy, you told me on our phone conversation that you were doing fine and that you would only be going to the hospital for check up. You were instead worried for us, how we were coping with the crisis situation in Bamenda. You asked me to take care of the children. Little did I know that conversation was our last. When Pa died, you were made our Njikebeng and you assumed your responsibilities perfectly well. Your soft talk, your gentiness, your humility, you saw something good in everybody or situation no matter how bad people thought they were. You were a born Njikebeng, one of the most peaceful people I have ever known. On that faithful Sunday morning, very early in the morning, when that call came to me that Njikebeng was no more, I felt like it was just a night mare because I couldn't believe that you were really gone. I am consoled because I know that you have just added to the host of angels to watch over us. Bring my greetings to our father, Ni Joe and the others who had gone ahead. Goodbye brother, till we meet again to part no more. Your memories will forever live with us. Ntangsi Patricia Mbih. Your kid sister
Posted by Bernadette Vejufambuom Nt... on May 24, 2021
First, thank you all for being part of this celebration of our uncle’s life. Here he is, at the end of his long, eventful journey - back where the adventure began.
I still can’t believe I am writing a tribute to him as it is. Words cannot describe this difficult moment, but this being my final goodbye, I count myself blessed to have lived this life as his nephew.
You are here because our father/uncle touched, appreciated, and loved you, and found an infinite number of ways to tell you that.
We are each known and remembered for what we are, and especially for what we give. Our uncle was a lot and gave a lot to lots of people. He touched so many lives by his legendary selflessness - always giving and never expecting any favors in return.
Wherever he served he stood out by a work ethic of dedication – always ready to pass the ball for others to score. Many young men and women he took under his wings at a personal and professional level are living testimonies of his mentorship and generosity.
One needs to know how much the playing field has changed between when he began and when he ended, to appreciate the steepness of the mountain he climbed, and how many real lives he transformed positively.
He loved the simple pleasures of life like no other. I don’t know anyone whose daily life included more ceremonies or church service. He taught his children how to live with the boundless enthusiasm? He loved his family and friends with rare passion and left his indelible mark on everyone he met. 
Regardless of how we all knew our uncle, the one thing we all had in common is the impact that his work had on our lives. We all stand here today because he created the conditions that propelled us to places that were previously unavailable and unimaginable to us.
His wife, siblings, colleagues, and friends could always count on him to attentively listen to their problems, and offer solutions to them, drawing from his huge wellspring of intelligence, wisdom and experience.
As a source of comfort, he was endlessly present for us, and though we did not always understand it, he was always teaching, without expecting us to be like him. Indeed, his dream for us was not to be like him but better than him, so he laid bare to us his wealth of experience, impressing everyone with his hard work and stoic silence.
In writing this obituary, I realize that it is impossible to list his multitude of qualities. Now I actually hope I forgot some, so that, after this, we can remember them and share his stories together and forever and laugh as we always did with him.
He had an amazing life. He grabbed the bull by its horns, set goals, and made things happen. That’s why he was a successful entrepreneur, a fantastic family man and a leader in his community. Even though he is known for his accomplishments, I would like to tell you about another side of uncle today. He was one of the kindest and gentlest men I’ve ever known.
Our father/uncle was also a dedicated husband to his beautiful wife, our mother. Their 53-year relationship seemed so perfect that they made marriage look so effortless, even though there is no perfect union.
He was a good man. And, there are challenges inherent in having a good man for a husband, father, uncle, or brother. Good people cast large shadows and their example can be hard to emulate. Our uncle knew something about that, being the son of good man. He knew how to ease the burden on those in need without depriving his children of his attention and love.
Now, tell me, how do you say “Goodbye” to someone – when you haven’t come to terms with the fact that they are gone? A wonderful Uncle, a loving brother to his “siblings”, the world’s best father to my cousins, and the most magnificent Grandpa ever!” How do I say goodbye to that kind of man?
We are all blessed to have known you; blessed to have loved you and to have been loved by you; blessed to have called you “our own” - MY uncle, MY brother, MY grandpa, and for my dear cousins, MY dad. We’re blessed to be able to say this with so much pride and gratitude to the Almighty. We are a blessed family indeed.
You came. You conquered all our hearts. Lived life to the fullest. Then left. Your being here – on this earth, in this world, mattered. You have left us with a beautiful legacy, and that we shall keep alive. You will always live with us long after this adieu. I pray that your soul finds peace and rest in the bosom of the almighty.
And for you, who came from far and near to wish him goodbye, we thank you again, and may God’s protective hand shield you from any discomfort as you journey back home.
Blasius Awonsang

Posted by Ntangsi Ngwe on May 23, 2021
  Njikebeng, Tih Ri, Daddy, Ni Fidelis, brother, What happened after we separated on Saturday the 17th of April 2021? Its terrible , its terrible, i see.( daddy's usual exclamation) What a coincidence , the Bible says "Early on Sunday morning while it was still dark , Mary Magdalene came to the tomb of Jesus and found that the stone had been rolled from the entrance. Indeed! that was that hour (Early Sunday morning 18 April, 2021) it was still really dark that i received a call " Njikebeng is no more" that was really, really terrible, somebody with whom i was the previous day. Not withstanding, i celebrate Jesus for you daddy. You died while we were still in the Easter season. To this, I'm comforted that you are with the Lord. Moreover, im happy for our last conversation which we shared at the eve of your departure which was focusing on things above for they are everlasting and not on things below because they are temporal and will fade away. I went further telling you to abide only in Jesus because He is the highest physician. Finally, daddy i told you that, as Jesus walked on water , i see Him walking on your burdens. I strongly believed that these things I shared with you was not on my own accord.
 Little did I know that Angels were already encamped around you ready to take you away . I'm so greatful we chatted at the eve of your departure. Daddy you were someone who had always seen something good in every misfortune and every foolishness on people. Ah! I lack words to analyse your altitudes. Infact, you possessed the mind of of God. No one is an angel but i want to say that an angel was here.
    Adieu brother. May your gentle soul rest in the peace of the Lord.

Your kid sister, Ngwe Eveline Toh ( aunty Ngwe)
Posted by Motsineh Ntangsi on May 16, 2021
"Chei Ri" is what I was fond of calling you. It's sad that you left us so soon but at the same time, it's consoling that we were privileged to meet a man of your caliber in our generation. Your lifestyle indeed has inspired many. God is the ultimate, we are happy that He gave you to us, even more now, we celebrate that you accomplished your mission and He has taken you back to His bossom where you truly belong. Bring our greetings with you to Grandpa and the others. Rest in the Lord until we meet again. Adieu Uncle.
Motsineh Pryde Ntangsi (Niece)
Posted by Dake Akuli on May 15, 2021
“Ba” was my appellation for you! Your transition to glory came to me as a bombshell. I felt terrible and still regret why in March I briefly passed mile 4 not knowing who was in the house and didn’t even stop to check ... well the purpose of this life is to live it fully. Ba you have lived a fulfilled life. You had seen and done a lot in your 75 years. We are sad, yet we mourn. We mourn because you have gone back to you Maker and we still miss you in this world. You feared God and was very soft spoken and humble. You were a true father who never wasted your words. The words that came out of your mouth were either wisdom or you would stay silent. Ba I thank God for the exemplary life you lived: Prayerful and hardworking. May you receive the crown of glory in the Kingdom of God. I remember vividly when Pa Akuli (my late dad) passed away and you gave me some money and instructed me to offer mass on the burial day. In church you came to me and checked if I gave the mass intention. This was what Pa Akuli preached. You kept his words. You respected what he taught - that we should offer masses and pray instead of performing pagan traditions. Now that you are with him on the other side I am happy he will welcome you his faithful son - in - law. On our side left behind we will continue to emulate your good example: gentle, soft spoken, prayerful and above all your kind and welcoming heart to ALL family. Ba rest well
Damian Akuli Ketsemabom
Posted by Bernadette Vejufambuom Nt... on May 13, 2021

I was saddened to hear about your passing. I didn't know you well but I sensed you were humble, loyal and a visionary father figure of the family. Your spirit was always driving to make the world a better place. The few times that I was blessed to meet you has been indelibly stamped on my memory. We are all blessed to have called you "our own", my uncle, my brother, my grandpa and for my dear cousins "my dad". You have left us with a beautiful legacy in your beautiful daughters. The whole extended family across the globe is mourning for your loss. We love but God loves you more and we know he has you resting comfortably in His everlasting arms. You will be sorely missed! Adieu Uncle! Bibiane Nsangleh Ntangsi
Posted by Memfih Max on May 11, 2021
Tribute to FN Ntangsi

Once more, the Ntangsi’s family is in tears with the passing away of their Head; Njikebeng Ntangsi Fidelis Niboh. What a loss to us - Njikebeng has gone so soon. Our father Papa Paul Barnabas Ntangsi passed away in 2002 at 84 years and I remember he frequently asked whether we will live that long whenever he was sick and was being taken to the hospital. I really did not take him seriously then. Ni Joe left us at 69 and you have done so at 75. Papa’s statement is now ringing a bell in my mind. We are in real agony and indeed dumfounded. Our two most senior brothers and mentors are all gone. When I met you at the hospital in Mutengene on April 14th 2021, we discussed at length but you were only looking at the ground and could not look at me from the face as you usually did. I asked you why and you said there was no problem and that everything was fine. Little did I know that it was the last time we were talking. I programmed to come and visit you at the house in Mile 4 Limbe on April 18 and this could not happen because you were no more. I instead went to leave your remains at the Limbe General Hospital Mortuary on that day early in the morning.

You lived a happy life which we all admired and always considered you as a model. You were so assertive, honest, humble, orderly, respectful, truthful, and above all God fearing. You believed in people and took them for what they were. You were a family man and will not hurt even a child and this explains why children loved living with you. You always talked of enabling people to live deserved lives and your wish to take care of our remaining mothers will be fulfilled.

I keep on imagining where you are now and believe that you are jubilating with Ni Joe, your mother, Papa and many more that have left us. We will miss you forever. We loved you so much but God’s Will is final. Adieu.

Max Memfih Ntangsi (Uncle Max) 
Posted by Roseline Ntangsi on May 9, 2021
Roseline Vinyeh Ntangsi

I received the news of your passing that faithful morning with shock and disbelief, waiting for someone to tell me it was a mistake. You were more than a brother to me. You assumed the role of papa and did it so well without any reservations. You always had a big smile on your face, no matter the circumstance. You are the most selfless person I have known. You took everyone you came across like one of yours. You have impacted many lives and this impact will live on. Fly high in the sky and watch over us. There is no doubt that Heaven has gained a treasure. You lived a God fearing and exemplary life that everyone would want to emulate. Rest well with the angels until we meet again in glory.
Posted by Bernadette Vejufambuom Nt... on May 8, 2021

A tribute to my caring and loving grandfather,Mr. Ntangsi Fidelis.
How could you grandpa? Your death was a shock and unacceptable, i wondered that how could you leave me so soon , when i had a lot to learn from you , but even though i will cherish and teach the values you have taught me to my own and i will cherish all the moments we had together even though it was very little even so little i will learn to never forget them and grandpa I really miss you alot, but nothing last forever i love you and may you rest in peace.
From your grandson Hubert Achogeh.
Posted by Bernadette Vejufambuom Nt... on May 8, 2021

Tribute to my best father in law/daddy,ur life with us will always be remembered. You have been a perfect gentleman to everyone you came across since you were born.
You will always be remembered for the different things you were to one and all.
To all of us here which you left behind,you are the man who loves your family,love your news(CNN) and ofcourse sudden news: but most of all you loved God.
To the church you faithfully serve and support in your quiet,caring way.
To your wife you never stop loving her.Your love for her remains constantly strong.
To your children Ri,Marie, Ju,chan,faus,maggi,Ben,Otto,eleanor, Yan,grandchildren, nephews and nieces you were a good father, grand father and uncle.You gave them the very best in life.Every single one of them got the very best from you. Your role in their lifes will forever remain exemplary.
To the Cameroon Development Cooperation you dedicated 42 years of service to the cooperation.You climbed gracefully through the rank of your career as a Field Management Trainee to Charge d' Etude in the General Mnagers Office.
In the words of those who were working with you in the cooperation "You were one of the Best workers ".You were indeed a great asset to the company and the government agencies.
On a personal Note: You always pull me to the side and ask that I stop answering you sir. You are not sir,you are daddy. It is painful to lose you now daddy,but God knows what's best.
We wish you farewell as you join my biological father Pah Arreymbi James and all the many other family members in the bossom of God Almighty and our Lord and Saviour Jesus christ.
May saint Peter and all the saints open wide the gates of heaven as the Angels welcome you with great trumpet and open hands.
Farewell the perfect gentleman!
May we rise and send our father,daddy,mentor,papa Ntangsi Fidelis
Niboh to the Holy Spirit in heaven with the greatest round of applause for a job well done on Earth!

Posted by Vewessee Jude on May 7, 2021

Oldboy, as we fondly called you. When I heard the news about your passing to glory, I was so shocked. I thought it was all a dream. I continued thinking that someone will say; “get up, you are only dreaming.” Yet no one did. I can’t harbour the thought that you are no more . Knowing that I just left home three weeks ago before your passing away. On arrival to my destination you were so happy and encouraged me over the phone to work hard. Daddy who will remind me again of morning mass, who will lead us again for prayers in the evening, who will keep encouraging us when we feel defeated? Hearing the sound of your bath room door was always a reminder that it’s time for morning mass. You always reminded me of church activities and taught us good virtues through practical examples. You didn’t only talked the talk but you also walked the walk through the impact you had on many lives. I will forever remember them. You where the best daddy and you finished the work God gave you. Thank you so much, I love you daddy but God loves you more so go and rest with your master and saviour. I bid you good night daddy.
Posted by Vewessee Jude on May 7, 2021

Tribute to my Loving Dad ,Mr Fedelis N. Ntangsi.

Oh , my caring Dad, I usually called you (Old boy). I am still in shock that you are no more. Daddy you gave me alot of encouragement and hope that you were recovering on that Saturday evening. I went home with joy and happiness with my faith in God that you will improve. Little did I know that it would be my last moment with you. You lived an exemplary life, it’s our turn to copy as your children. We promise to follow your foot steps. A loving and caring father to all; a peace maker; a counsellor by every practical term. We love you so much and miss you in our mist. However, Jesus loves you best Daddy. Forever in our hearts.

Your daughter Faustine Ntangsi Basung.
Posted by Vewessee Jude on May 7, 2021

Grandpa, thank you for taking care of me and raising my mom who is a good mother. 

Grand son: Mathew Ozaze
Posted by Vewessee Jude on May 7, 2021

A tribute to my loving and caring grandfather,Mr Ntangsi Fidelis.
Oh grandpa what a wonderful grandfather you were. I was really shocked when I heard that you were dead. I still can't believe if I’m dreaming or not. I really miss you a lot. I wish I could spend more time with you but such is life. Nothing lasts forever. You always used to encourage and urge me to do better in my academics. I will never forget what you told me one morning; ''Playing without learning makes Jack a dull boy". But to God be the Glory and Honour,may your soul rest in perfect peace.

Your grandson Emmanuel Niboh Basung.
Posted by Vewessee Jude on May 7, 2021

Precious Daddy!! You were the best dad in the whole world. You loved us unconditionally and sacrificed all that you had for us to be educated in Mission schools. Love was your way of life and you demonstrated it by the way you treated everyone that crossed paths with you. You were a very humble and peaceful person who strived to live peacefully with everyone. You had a very grateful spirit and always appreciated all the little assistance that we gave to you. You were a man of few words whose wisdom has impacted our life and many who knew you. You were a devoted Christian and when you came to visit us in the U.S, we always read the Bible and prayed together. Your favorite lines,( if my father and mother forsake me you Lord will not) Psalm 27:10. Daddy you have fought a good fight, you have finished the race, you have kept the faith. From now on there is the crown of righteousness reserved for you, which the Lord the righteous judge, will give you on that day. 2 Timothy 4:7-8. Daddy we love you so much, you will be greatly missed, but you will remain in our hearts forever. We look forward to the Glorious Day of the Resurrection when we will see you again! "Death will be no more; mourning
and crying and pain will be no more for the former things have passed away".Revelation 21:4
Posted by Bernadette Vejufambuom Nt... on May 6, 2021

Tribute to late pa Ntangsi Fidelis
Oh death! How painful is thy sting,a sting which has hit many but has only made them stronger.
 Life! What an interesting but sometimes shocking journey always with twisted turns,hills and valleys just to give us surprises.
 The last time we chatted was on Saturday when you called me to come and shave you and you left us on Sunday early in the morning.Was that a way to tell us bye bye what is this life ehh?
You always called me,direct me and encourage me to keep working hard even in time of great difficulties and you always say" duty is duty".Your strength,determination and resilience was an inspiration to me.An over comer you where!A counselor! A peace maker! and a man who fear God.
Our faith remains focused on the lord that you have always served who will wipe away our tears of sorrow and strengthen the entire family at this period and grant us the fortitude to bear the loss.our Hero, coach and model you will always be in our hearts
 Your son in law Edmond Basung
Posted by Vewessee Jude on May 6, 2021

My darling husband! it seems to me like a dream,that you have gone ahead of me. You took great care of me! You pitied me in this condition. I give thanks to the Almighty God for spending this precious 52 years happily in marriage!! When I came to America for treatment, little did I know that I will return in a rush. I give thanks to the almighty God that He gave me the opportunity to say a prayer and a scripture with you on that last Saturday. Before the LORD took you home early morning Sunday. I love you but God loves you best. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace of the Lord Jesus Christ Scripture John 14:6. Jesus said ''I am the way and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.''

With love from your wife, Angela
Posted by Vewessee Jude on May 6, 2021

Daddy, your departure has left a vacuum that may never be filled. We had a great time together in the hospital and at home. You gave me hopes of recovering from your sick bed.I remember telling you about my plans to travel out of the country as soon as you are back on your feet. You looked at me and smiled. Little did I know you were going to leave so soon. Seeing you give up the ghost after prayers on that fateful Sunday, April 18 2020 is still a dream to me.
Daddy, my eyes are full with tears and my mind is still on dream mode because I belief I will wake up from this sleep and talk to you. Where do I begin ?
Who will stand for me again when I'm in difficulties?
God alone knows why and so in everything, I give God thanks.
Daddy,rest well until we meet to part no more.
Posted by Vewessee Jude on May 6, 2021

Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Thank God for giving you to us. You were the best dad! I couldn't have wished for any better than you daddy. We are very shocked and sad at your sudden passing away to glory. We are all crying. Daddy we love you so much and miss you but God loves you more. On the other hand we are comforted and have peace because we know that you are in the bossom of the Father. You have fought a good fight. You have finished the race and there is a crown in heaven reserved for you. We also have hope that we will be reunited with you again on the last day. O what a joy that day will be!!! We pray that the good Lord will help all of us fight the good fight of faith and finish the race as you have done so that we can spend eternity with the Lord and with you. Daddy you gave away yourself for us and our children that we may prosper and have a better future. You would rather provide for our needs than buy a new shirt or a pair of shoes for yourself. You gave us Jesus the greatest gift a parent could ever give to their children. You raised us up to know God and you even sacrificed to pay our fees in Christian schools to further instill in us Christian values. You were a man of few words but you lived the Christian life as best as you can right before our eyes. You were a very humble man and different from your colleagues. When others took bribes, stole and cheated the company you stayed away from all that and stayed honest and did an excellent Job by putting in your best efforts with all your heart and might. You were underlooked many times for positions in your company because of how humbled you were and some even dispised you but you put up with it even though you graduated with honors from Sasse college and was the best qualified candidate for the Job. You left vengeance with God. That was why the manager of Cameroon Development Corporation had to call you back to receive some medals of appreciation after you had retired from the company for more than 10 years. Your service of excellence was recognized at the end. Glory to God! You loved mom and respected her. You are familiar with suffering because of the many challenges you had to face in your life. As we became adults you suffered with each one of us with our own trials that we were faced. You were even more hurt than We were. You were always there. You prayed for us. You gave us your blessings as a Father should. You sought first the kingdom of God and it's righteousness by the special grace of God. Every body was your friend it didn't matter who they were. You raised up many children which were not yours and loved them equally as your own born children. You were contented with your salary and didn't try to use fraudulent ways to get more money even though you had opportunities like that and you could have used a little extra. You shared your food with those who needed it and when you visited you always thought of your friends. You have made a contribution to your generation. You didn't just exist but you lived. You will always be remembered.
Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His faithful servants. Psalm 116:15. The Lord has given the Lord has taken. Blessed be the name of the Lord.
Posted by Vewessee Jude on May 6, 2021

(Oldboy) that is how I called you. You leave this world better than you found it . A great ICon. Very humble and always ready to help any and everyone. WE WILL FOREVER MISS YOU ….Until we meet again .
Posted by Vewessee Jude on May 5, 2021

Daddy! My adviser and role model. It's hard for me to believe you are no more. I can't forget the fatherly love, care and attention you gave me. I will miss you daddy. God alone knows why you left us and I know you are with him in heaven. Your son, Atto.
Posted by Vewessee Jude on May 4, 2021
Chantal Nayoh Ntangsi

Daddy you were my hero, a great dad you were the type that does not get offended easily. Your kind is rare to find. You showed me so much kindness, love and compassion. You were always so good to me and very understanding too. You will always be in my heart. I love you to the moon and back.
Posted by Mbolo Yufanyi on April 29, 2021
From Corni (M. Yufanyi)

The last of my 3 fathers is gone! Daddy, no words can describe what and how I feel now. I feel lost, empty, confused, sad, strange,... the list is infinite, But I also feel joy, happiness and pride, that you were a father and will always remain a father to me. When I spoke to you last month, I never knew it was the last time I would ever speak to you again in this physical medium. I never knew that in a way, I was saying goodbye, daddy! It wasn't a farewell daddy, I will keep those moments forever.

I am proud that I had and still have you as one of my 3 fathers. I am lucky to have had 3 fathers who loved me unconditionally and unequivocally. You and Mami made me what I am today and it is not little that you gave, you gave me all. I still remember how I always sat behind you on your motorbike and you riding me to school at Moquo Camp (in the Mondoni palms estate) where your office was, at 6:30 am, early morning.

I vividly remember the recent incidents last year where you were barraged with insults by your children (my direct siblings and cousins) for standing for the truth. You have always been that father whose yardstick was the truth, bound with faith and love. I laughed when you told me that you were so angry and disappointed with them, that you told them to shut up. That's how you are and will be remembered daddy, your anger never surpassed your compassion and love. You have always been there for me and I know you will always be there even in your physical absence. I have loved you and will always love you. My love for you is everlasting.

Go well daddy go well. Too soon lovely one too soon. Join your brothers and extend our greetings and beg for our forgiveness and plea for guidance and protection for us you left behind. You are a loss to the world and us, your family but your legacy will burn and the lights you brought to this physical medium will shine forever. Go well daddy go well!!
Posted by Bernadette Vejufambuom Nt... on April 28, 2021
Daddy I wake up every day after the news of your departure hoping it's all a dream..Accepting that I won't see you again is so hard for me.i was hoping to bring your latest grand daughter to see heart heart hurts.You were the best dad,grand dad anyone could ever have.You sacrificed so much for us.You gave us the best any father could give his children.You were such a selfless,gentle,patient and passionate dad.Your love for us and other children is indescribable.You were always there to correct me and show me the right path with soo much love.I remember you telling me to always take God seriously and put him first in everything i do.You were my biggest cheerleader.Always encouraging me to work hard and do better.I will always be grateful for raising me into the woman I am today and always remember all the advices you gave me..Thanks for everything you thought us by example that we should give without expecting anything in return and we should share our food and home with those who dont have.Your latest grand daughter loves you.I will make sure to tell her how wonderful her grandfather was.Your memories and the good values you instilled in us will never be forgotten will forever be cherished and live in our hearts..Watch over us daddy till we meet to part no more.RIP daddy
Posted by Vewessee Jude on April 27, 2021
Always tranquil; Daddy, you were one of a kind; peaceful, always lending a hand out to support, good at listening to our problems, you spoke only when necessary and it was always wisdom. Tears won’t stop rolling down my cheeks for, we have lost a hero, a mentor and certified good man. Your words still resonate in my mind like earworms; you told me 3 weeks ago that at this age, anything can happen and then on Sunday April 18th you slept peacefully forever. I strongly believe you are smiling and watching over us from a better place. Adieu Daddy

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Posted by Bernadette Vejufambuom Nt... on April 22, 2022
Daddy I can't believe its 1 year already since you left us in this horrible world.we continue to miss you,your calmness and all the advices you gave us while u were with us.Your memories forever in our hearts..we love you daddy..Continue to RIP and watch over us
Posted by Vewessee Jude on April 19, 2022
How time flies. It still feels like you are around Daddy. We continue to miss you.
Posted by kebieh patricia on April 19, 2022
I can't believe it's one year already with your memory still fresh in our minds. Continue to rest in peace njkebeng.
his Life



Mr. Fidelis Niboh Ntangsi was born in 1946 to Papa Paul Barnabas Ntangsi and Luwain Angelica Meshi Ntangsi in Babanki Tungo, Tubah Sub Division in Mezam Division of the North West Region. The parents are all of blessed memory. He was the second child in the Ntangsi’s family. His elder Brother; Professor Ntangsi Joseph Viyoff is also of blessed memory.


He attended the St. Patrick Catholic Primary School in Babanki Tungo from 1952 to 1959 obtaining the First School Leaving Certificate in 1959. He proceeded to St. Joseph College Sasse, Buea during the academic year 1959/1960 and obtained the General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (GCE O’Level) in 1964. In October 1965, he went to the Regional College of Agriculture in Bambili and graduated in December 1966 with an Agricultural Assistant Certificate. As a pupil and as a student, he was always among the best in class in terms of academics and behaviour.


He joined the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) in November 1964 as a Field Management Trainee (FMT) and was posted at Moliwe Palms. From June 1965 to September 1965, he was transferred to Idenau Palms still as a Field Management Trainee. Between October 1965 and December 1966, CDC sent him to the Regional College of Agriculture in Bambili for further training. Upon completion of his training, he returned to Moliwe as FMT from December 1966 to December 1967. He was promoted to Junior Field Assistant (JFA) and was sent to Tole Tea Estate in January 1968 and he was there until June 1971. In July 1971 he was transferred to Tombel Tea Estate until June 1972. From July 1972, he was once more transferred to Mungo Palms and he worked there as JFA until June 1976 when he was promoted to the Position of Field Assistant. From July 1976 to June 1980, he was sent to Moliwe Palms in the same capacity as Field Assistant. Between July 1980 and June 1986, he was sent to Idenau Palms as Field Assistant. Between July 1986 and December1987, he worked in Mondoni Palms Estate still as a Field Assistant until January 1988 when he was promoted to the rank of a Senior Field Assistant (SFA). Between July 1988 and June 1992, he was Senior Field assistant at Bota Palms. From July 1992 to March 1994, he was transferred to Debundscha still as Senior Field Assistant.

In April 1994, he was promoted to the Position of Acting Estate Manager in Bota Palms and confirmed Estate Manager of Bota Palms in January 1995 and was there till September 1997. Between October 1997 and September 1998, he was Estate Manager in Debundscha. Between September 1998 and August 1999, Mr. F,N. Ntangsi was transferred as Estate Manager to Mungo. In September 1999, he was moved to the group Oil Palms Manager’s (GOPM) Office. In February 2000, he was appointed Manager of Small Holders Scheme, a position he occupied until October 2005. In January 2006, he was appointed Chargé D’Etude at the General Manager’s (GM) Office and he occupied the position until he retired in December 2006. In all, he worked with CDC from 1964 to 2006, a total of 42 years. Only a devoted and ardent worker can do so. During this period, he was awarded various Distinctions and all categories of Medals (Bronze, Silver and Gold).


Mr. Fidelis Niboh Ntangsi got married to Ms Angela Lingeh Che on the 28th of April 1968 at the Small Soppo Cathedral. They have been blessed with 9 children all living. They are Rita Vemombi Bettin, Marie Mareya Amenkian, Judith Phuobong Takwi, Chantal Nayoh Ntangsi, Faustine Mbichoo Basung, Margaret Nambu Akume, Bernadette Vezhufambom Arrey, Ransom Otto Ntangsi and Eleanor Movuh Ntangsi. He was blessed to have seen and lived with more than 10 Grand Children and 2 Great Grand Children. He brought up my children, some being relatives and others being children of friends – showing that he was an example of a real African father.

In 2005 with the death celebration of his father, Papa Paul Barnabas Ntangsi, he was made the Family Head (Njikebeng) of the Ntangsi’s family; one of the biggest families in Babanki Tungo. He has maintained peace and serenity among thee Ntangsi’s family and was highly respected by everybody.

He was a loving Husband, father, Grand Father, Great Grand Father, brother and Friend. His ability to bring people together was immeasurable. He was always putting on a smiling face even during periods of extreme difficulties.


Mr. Fidelis Niboh Ntangsi was an ardent Christian and a Catholic by Denomination. He was baptized in the early 1960s while at St. Patrick Catholic Primary in Babanki Tungo. Since then, he has been a Church Leader where ever he worked and always belonged to various groups in Church. Before his passing away, he was fellowshipping at Catholic Church, Bonadikombo, Mile 4 Limbe.


Mr. Fidelis Niboh Ntangsi lived an honorable Life and where ever he was, people admired him as an excellent example of a humble and honest person in all aspects. He leaves behind 3 Step mothers, a wife, 9 children, more than 10 grandchildren, 2 great grandchildren, more than 18 brothers and sisters, many relatives and friends to mourn him. 
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Reminiscing on the good old days with a caring dad

Shared by Margaret Akume on May 7, 2021
Mmhh! Words are inadequate to express how I felt when I got that phone call that daddy had answered the call to meet with God Almighty . A very kind, loving, peaceful and humble man he was. He demonstrated to us that love, patience and godly principles trandscend yelling and "whooping" in raising up a child. He effortlessly commanded the respect of his children and many others in a very subtle way. He cared not only for himself and immediate family but even reached out to help others. What a selfless man he was. I thank God for using him to raise me up. What more can I say?......  God is the author and finisher of our faith. Phil 1:21 For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain. Daddy is in the hands of the Almighty God. To Him belong all the glory by Christ Jesus. Peace