This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ni Boniface Njankenji. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Titalah Ivy on June 2, 2021
Dady, Your Death came as a shock to us and what can we say? you are in the arms of the Lord, and your family, friends and colleagues are altogether mourning your death. It’s all right as each of us have the Lord beside us as we say our farewells. Your body might be gone from this world but your spirit will live on in our hearts forever. Please tell daddy we send our regards.
With love in our hearts,You will forever be missed
Posted by Navoma Pamela on June 2, 2021
Daddy the best, president your friend used to call you
Daddy,what will you eat today
Daddy should I prepare nchanga bonsu and foo foo corn?
Ok ma Pam bring it to the office,so I can eat with some friends
Daddy gone but not forgotten
As IDP in Douala:
Daddy will always say enter into my room,do a video call let me select the coats that I will like you to send to me in Douala
Daddy you left a vaccum in my heart.
Daddy you are forever in my memory will always pray for you
Daddy,so soft spoken, gentle,full of ideas and having a business brain
Daddy, i will always remember, how you to sit with friends discuss and crack jokes,
Daddy, going back memory lane, on your Bach Eve, you were asked to say a few words about Adele:
What attracted me to Adele was her rounded legs etc
Daddy as I will always call you
Rest in peace
Fare thee well
Forever in my heart

Ma Pam
Posted by Kestine Nahbi on June 2, 2021
Daddy my heart is so heavy words can’t express how I feel, if tears could bring you back I could cry an ocean, gone to soon it’s difficult to accept you are no longer with us, you were a man of few words your memories will never fade away We love you but God loves you more daddy may your gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace

Kestine Nahbi

Posted by Jossy Mossle on May 30, 2021
My Dear Brother,

What can I say, We have a jealous God, We think we love you but it happens that God our creator loves you best. We will miss your beautiful smile, your generosity, your words of encouragement, and most of all you as a person. I remember the times you and Ma Adele visited us in Maryland, and how you and Ma Adele help take care of my daughter while I was at work. You both are a beautiful wonderful couple. Words can not express how I feel.

Life is a journey that all of us are bound to take, some people's journeys are long while others are short. My dear Ni Boni I never knew your journey will be this short. I'm heartbroken for this terrible loss. However, Your candlelight will always be lit in our hearts. I choose to retain the memory of the beautiful time we spend together as a family. My Dear Ni Boni, we will miss you. Rest in Peace.
Posted by Gilbert Nyonka on May 30, 2021
The Key to my American Dream,
Ni Boniface Njankenji

Life is so brutal, unfair, empty, and pregnant with so many unpleasant surprises.
Here I am in search of words to chronicle what will be called a tribute to a mentor, big brother and personal friend.
A literary piece is evaluated from different perspectives; the ryhme, schemes, figures of speech, content and context.
I elect to pay my tribute to Ni Bonney from my own perspective as I interacted with him at natural settings. If you have flown in an airplane before, your understanding of words like take off, leveling the plane, turbulence and landing is in all likelihood different from that of someone who has never flown.
Ni Bonney did not write an autobiography and at this point has no way to do a rebuttal of what may be said accurately or inaccurately on his behalf. It's that fear of what he did not say or do that warrants me to be more prudent as I try to make my recollection in this tribute.
Ni Bonney had established Bonn Group office at the New life Annex Building at hospital round about in Bamenda. He was dealing with medical supplies and was affiliated to ABBOTT Laboratory making frequent business trips to South Africa and other countries. I worked with China water & Electric Cooperation (CWE) during the construction of the Bamenda Batibo Road project (1998 to late 2002)
At the culmination of the contract, my plan was to travel abroad and I needed someone to benchmark my findings and directions from. Ni Bonney was the only available reference who could give me a listening ear and would advise on important aspects.
He even offered me his office fax number and email services to assist me with international correspondence at no charge. He instructed Chris (May his soul Rest in peace) to always assist me whenever I showed up in his absence. I had a good relationship with his staff including his elder brother Ni Rudolf and Browning Fondo. Ni Bonney told me that he was going to provide me bank statements whenever I was ready with my documents. This commitment he honored in 2003 when he drove me in his Mercedes car to Union Bank at commercial Avenue, Bamenda to get the statements done.
I left for Yaounde for my visa and at my interview which was on a Thursday, the consular officer asked me a question about the bank statement and said that I should come with the response on the following Tuesday. Ni Bonney was in Douala for a business meeting so I called him and he made it possible for me to get the needed document and return to the embassy that Tuesday. When I came with the document, I was asked to pay my visa fee and instructed to pick up my passport later on. To me, Ni Bonney was a true big brother looking after his younger brother. He was the guy who actually cracked the US code for me.
I traveled to the United States and got settled down. I am pleased that of all the times that Ni Bonney visited the US even with his family, I made it a duty to meet with him and his family. I recount one time when Elton (their son) was here and they had so much fun as I took them to the park and they played with our first son Bikayi and Ni Rudolf's daughter Balbina.
The recollection that gives me goose bumps is his last trip to the United States with his wife. I scheduled to visit them one evening so my wife prepared food for me to take to them. I went there and we had a good time, ate and drank Hennessey and spent like four hours together at Ni Rudolph's. This is now what I remember as my last meeting with Ni Bonney.
As President of Ndahntod Cultural group Inc. Washington DC metro Area, I recount every time he visited the United States, he attended our meetings and even made monetary contributions to support the meeting.
We have lost a very caring family man, a great inlaw who did so much for his family. I remember Quinta's wedding in Mozambique, the entire family flew there to attend.
My heart bleeds for his wife and son. Very difficult to imagine how they will cope as his life revolved around them. He would always call and check on them everytime he came here by himself. God is a perfect being and in our imperfections we strive to do the right thing each day. Ni Bonney may your Good deeds speak for you. Grant him rest Lord.

Gilbert Nyonka
Posted by Bridget Kaspa on May 29, 2021
Ni Bonny!
I have finally summoned the courage to write something. I am still in shock. It pains me to write this!

You were larger than life! You were one of the smartest people I have ever come across in this life. You were creative, imaginative, you could make water out of a rock. You were kind, you were simple despite your successes. You were categorical a very successful and yet humble person. Your love for Adele was palpable. What is she supposed to do now?

Your transition from this world will never make any sense to me. I try to forget the news and fool myself that this is a bad dream, it doesn't look like I am going to wake up from any sleep at any time and know that this is a dream.

I literally break down in tears when I think about the fact that we will never talk again. You were my brother, a friend, a business partner, and much more. Your text messages to me, checking on me and the kids and your brother were a constant.

Ni Bonny, the medications you asked me to send to you on March 31st are still at my brothers residence. Ni Bonny, why? My hear bleeds, my heart hurts. I feel like I could have done better, if only I knew. It pains me to see that you an I sourced medications to mange so many peoples ailments and when it was your turn, I was not able to do anything. Oh boy, how do I live with the feeling that I did not do enough? It hurts and most of all there is no second chance.

Go well brother! You did your part, and you did it well. May your creator receive you in his bosom. Rest on Ni Bonny. We will meet again in the greater beyond. Njiit Mbonked Ni Bonny. We will truly miss you forever.
Posted by Ma Christy on May 29, 2021
Ni Boni, you were not only my son-in-law but you were also like my first son and the head of this family. I have always believed you will be the one to bury me but now I'm the one to bury you. Well, if it's God's will who am I to say no. I love you Ni Boni but God loves you more. When will I ever hear your voice again. You used to tell me; mami, I want to eat fufu and njanga bonsu or porridge cocoyam but when will I ever cook for you again. It feels like a dream that you are gone too soon. May your gentle soul rest in peace.
Posted by Patience Ndi on May 29, 2021
Tribute to Ni Boney from Anthony Ndi. Frisco, Texas.

Ni Boney was a unique, charming personality, who instantly struck all those who encountered him in any meaningful way, not because he was gigantic in stature or because of any boisterous behaviour and colourful dressing style but simply by his gentle, quiet and magnetic demeanour. The more you knew him the more attractive he became. There was something magnetic about his being.
  It was my privilege to have known and interacted with him at several levels: social, business, cultural and even more, as a brother-in-law. These connections gave me the opportunity to know something about this great soul, a highly principled,God-fearing, successful entrepreneur, who stood for peace, transparency, hard work and justice as principles of life and business. An ambitious young man full of equanimity, nothing seemed to surprise or shock him. He was always calm and level headed, disposed great wisdom, and was calm and calculated in word and action. I never heard him raise his voice in any situation. He was too mature for his age and displayed outstanding leadership qualities.
   It was always certain that he would be requested to chair occasions at which he was present. Since, unlike others he did not have a long string of qualifications and titles tagged to his name, it could be said that he largely garnered his knowledge and wisdom from the ‘school of life’ much like the great philosophers and sages of old, who set the standards and values for others to follow.
   At social occasions he would serve lowly and amicably with humility, dignity and respect saying little and always ready to make generous contributions as the need arose.
   I worked closely with Ni Boney, when as a group of friends, we set out to launch a micro finance undertaking. Even though it was a team of highly qualified professionals and individuals, he was unanimously elected chairman of; ‘Standard Savings and Loans Ltd.’ He distinguished himself as a dedicated, diligent and meticulous organizer, focused and knowledgeable in business matters. He sacrificed time, energy and money towards the success of the project gratuitously leaving whole sections of ‘Kemvi Tower’, his magnificent structure at Meta Quarters in Bamenda at the disposal of the business.
    The best of Ni Boney emerged, during the crisis that cropped up. This happened when the ‘gentle’ lady selected by the Board members turned out to be a crook. She methodically swindled away all the savings and crumbled the budding enterprise. Members were mad but Ni Boney was magnanimous and stood for peace and reconciliation after a careful examination of the situation instead of crying over spilled milk. That the vicious lady turned down the olive branch for an amicable settlement and resorted to litigation was her choice. She ended up in jail. Everybody lost and though he was the greatest loser he still stood for peaceful resolution.
   The passing of Ni Boney marks the loss of a young aspiring distinguished entrepreneur, who showed proof of uncommon business acumen judged by his enormous achievements in his short life . He was a rare pearl and hopefully his darling wife and equally indefatigable business partner would keep the torch of Bonn Group alight. May his soul Rest In Perfect Peace . Farewell Ni Boney.
Posted by Ephraim Abam on May 29, 2021
My dear friend and brother Boni, why are you gone so fast? I remember when our brother, Edwin invited Wilson and me to meet with him at your residence in Nkwen, Bamenda in September 2013. You and your beautiful wife Mamun Adele opened your door to us without hesitation, and welcomed us into your home with such warmth that made us feel at home. Since then, our friendship has grown and we've become family. When my father passed away in 2015, you and Adele were there to comfort and support us. Since we first met, we've stayed in touch as a family would. When you and Adele visited us in New Jersey in 2019, I did not know that would be the last time Pandora and I will see you. Even though you promised coming back with Adele and the kids to visit us, God decided that he has better plans for you. You tried so hard to stay with us but your fight was not in vain. God has taken you to His loving home and freed you from your pain. We take comfort in knowing that you are no longer in pain, and you are resting peacefully in the bosom of our Lord. A true friend is never truly gone. We trust in The Lord that your spirit will remain with us forever. We wish you a safe and peaceful journey back home to be with our Creator until we meet again. For Adele and the children, Pandora and I pray for strength, peace and harmony during this difficult time. The God of ALL will be your shield and protector, and everything else you need Him to be especially now.

We wish you God’s eternal blessings!

Ephraim and Pandora Abam
Posted by Yvonne Kwende on May 28, 2021
Ni Boney, our hearts are broken. Daddy, it's been so painful accepting you are gone from this earth. However, we are comforted knowing that God only takes the best and that you are in His hands, watching from above. You were a goal getter, busy bee and an always active mind. Daddy, we all enjoyed the time God let us spend with you. Rest in the hands of our Lord and continue to watch over Ma Bi, Elton and Glory.
Journey Well Daddy! Always loved. Never forgotten. Forever missed.

Lesline Fogam
Posted by Patience Ndi on May 28, 2021
Tribute from Gwanyama Irene Fomukong and Children.

Chaiiiiii Ni Bonny, after putting in your utmost to see us through with Ba Nkom's funeral, you couldn't wait for us to come together and say THANK YOU???? All our plans for a better tomorrow....”Ma I, drink this that bread...take zinc ....come to Douala and rest....go to Dubai and have fun,... When you're ready, just let me know and I'll direct you to the best hotel..." Chaiiiiii Ni Bonny. What is the way forward for Palmer, Dr Bengyella and Dr Noella? Their mentor "Daddy" . They still can't believe you're gone!!!!!
With a very very heavy heart I say 'It is well with your soul’: And to mummy Adele, 'God is your refuge and strength'.
Posted by Pedkuna Queenta on May 28, 2021
Message from the Siliya´s family in Mozambique,

Our dear Brother-in-Law and Uncle.

• The Njankenji´s Family!
• Dear Adele and Elton!
• Ladies and gentlemen!

It was with great pain, sadness and dismay that the SILIYA´s family in Mozambique received the unpleasant news of the physical disappearance, and the departure of our dear brother-in-law Boniface ''publicly known as Ni Boney''.

The Siliya´s family in Mozambique presents to the Njankenji´s family, Adele and Elton, our heartfelt condolences for the death of the man who was a pillar to all.

For his achievements and the interest, he had for developing the Republic of Cameroon, which also raised the name of the Njankenji’s both home and abroad, we consider his death as a blackout within the family and the nation at large. He was a person who lighted the path of many.

How do we mourn Ni Boney's death? Should we just put our hands on our head and cry?

No! we should honour Boney's personality and memory by ensuring unity within the Family and preserving what he achieved while on earth.
The Family Njankenji must preserve what he left behind. He was a rule model to many and always strive for success. He was a peaceful and humble man and will like his family to remain united, remember him the way he lived his life.

The Siliya’s family always prays that God will console the Njankenji,s family and that sadness will endure only for a moment but peace and happiness will come in the morning.

The Siliya family in Mozambique, are with you, as we were yesterday, when we got married in your family and will be with you in the future.

To the Njankenji’s, the land that Bonney stepped his foot on and some of you, awaits you and you can come whenever you want.

To Adele and Elton, we pray that God should strengthen and pour His divine comfort upon you because God loves you, and will know how to fill the void he created. 

And to you Boney, the Siliya’s family, can’t believe you’ve journeyed forever, but we believe that God wanted you on the 25th April 2021. Your mission here on earth was over. You fought a good battle.

The Siliya’s and Mozambique as a whole will remember you forever. May your soul rest in peace.

The Siliya’s
Carlos Jorge Siliya
Pedkuna Queenta Siliya
Aziz Jorge Siliya
Dalilla Jorge Siliya
Daniella Jorge Siliya
Posted by Adele Njankenji on May 27, 2021

Twenty years ago I went into a covenant with God.
Twenty years ago I knew not what God had willed.
Twenty years ago I did not know what God had planned.
God gave you to me, flesh of my flesh and bone of my bones.
Twenty years came and passed like the wind.
Hélas! You are gone but it seems like yesterday.
Twenty years of true love and happiness.
Hélas! My heart still beats for you even in death.
Twenty years of true meekness and true gentleness.
Twenty years of true simplicity.
Twenty years of true generosity and true humility.
Twenty years of impacting generations, especially with your business acumen.
What manner of man were you?
What love did you not shower me with?
What empowerment did you not give to us?
What place did you not take me to?
What indelible marks have you not left us with?
What manner of man were you?
Yes, you always purchased two tickets for you and me.
Yes, you now purchased a “one way” ticket this time around.
Yes, Kofi Awoonor tells Kutsiami, the benevolent boatman in the Journey Beyond, “When I come to the river shore, please ferry me across”.
Yes, I implore the Heavenly Angels to ferry you across to the heavenly realms.
Yes, I implore them to give you the best banquet dinner to wine and dine by God’s right hand side.
Journey well, my dear husband and best friend.
Journey well, a rare pearl and gem.
Journey well, my elder brother and counselor.
Journey well, my confidant and most unique being.
Journey well, my mentor and role model.
Journey well and have that PEACE as our Lord has given you.


From your beloved wife,
Posted by Yvonne Kwende on May 26, 2021
How do we deal with death, especially the death of a LOVED one? It is a difficult thing to deal with, but we have to deal with it no matter what. Some people think funerals are a waste of money, but I think funerals like this don't just recognize a life has ended, but they recognize that a life was well lived. Ni Bonny, your life is a celebration. While you were here with us, we enjoyed every second, minute, hour, day of it. The wonderful memories will forever keep us going and we love you forever ❤ We miss you, until we see you again! Bye bye & keep watching over your family especially Elton, Glory & Ma Bi. Rest in Perfect Peace, Ni Bonny!!!

Always, Ma E
Posted by Nkwah Beatrice on May 26, 2021
Sorrow feels my heart and I find it difficult to accept this and it hurts to be writing eulogies for you. Your sudden departure is a bitter pill for me and many other staff and former staff of Bonn Group of Companies. For the short period I spent with you, I found such a selfless boss, dynamic, courageous, innovative, and knowledgeable. You made work environment so conducive that we found it difficult to say “sir” to you and preferred to call you “Pa and the Managing Director “Ma”. Though a staff under you, you never called me by my name. You addressed me as” Ma Bea” and it’s by that name that all the staff and partners knew me. You could challenge every staff in his/her domain to get the best performance but doing so jovially. Your mastery of each of your business lines, no one could challenge. You love to have things done as planned.
I appreciate the confidence you and the Managing Director, your darling wife Ma Adele, had in me. Even when the crisis started and posed some economic restraints, and things could not work as planned, you assured me that I was going to remain part of your Group of Companies. You kept to that by calling me for short assignments from time to time. Staff safety was your priority. For the time that we managed with the crisis, you did not oblige any of your staff to take any risk to come to work when it was not safe to do so. What about the planned modern coffee installations and many other huge plans. Who will take Imagine Bakery to the next phase? I wish this crisis permitted you to carry out some of the plans before now. How can the captain of a ship suddenly get to sleep at the middle of the sea?  At the ripe age when you were to uplift the image of Bonn Group of Companies, especially with the inspirations you had, you get to sleep to wake no more? Young you have gone, but your works remained. No doubt, you named the Office Building at Metta Quarter “Ke-mvi” meaning, vanity.
Good night Pa.
Posted by Alice Lima on May 26, 2021
I cannot believe that I am talking about Ni Boney in the past when a few months ago we were all having good conversations with Ma Adele on building good relationships and living a meaningful life. How you were blessed to have such an empowering spouse, Ma Adele , and you were thankful to God for her. Well, my dear brother, you are gone but those words of encouragement and wisdom you gave me over our last conversation on phone will never be forgotten and I say thank you very much. We pray God Almighty continue to strengthen Mamun Adele and the children.
Your memories remain in our hearts forever.
Posted by Eveline Nahyeba Nguti on May 26, 2021
Ni Boney......I do not have words to describe how I feel.I am heart broken,our cavalier,our gossip partner,our well of were not a professor but you were so inspiring that one wondered weither you were a sociologist a historian or a business magnet.
You hardly Said anything negative about anyone .You promised to take Adele and I to an agricultural show. said"ma Eve,we have not spoken since your returne from the hospital" many unfulfilled dreams.Right now my mind is clouded with so many unanweredifferent questions. You repetedly and insistently pleaded I take a health rendez-vous with a certain hospital;you did your findings and reservations for me just because you feared losing me to death;I would have been a hermit,if not for you and Adele.
Even on my mother's dying bed,she knew there were no two people she could call out to,if I needed freedom and consolation,now,Adele is helpless,I am helpless...who do I turn to?I am so sad ,Adele cannot rely on my emotional support right now because I am emotionally broken too.

Hoping you are where God's mercy has prepared for you,intercede for your family and friends lest it becomes too difficult for us to cope with this painful departure ...I want to go on and on but it will do you no good now,I wish I told you all the good things you stood for.Please be the guardian angel Adele and the childen need.
Adele, nsuna ,mfela ,mu namu, take heart that is all I can tell you.It is heart breaking,you were into what we call holy matrimony, an example of lovers,friends ,confidants,play mate and had no borders.We discused from politics,religion,to almost the most intimate of subjects;my sister,I know it will never be easy for us but please,let us call in the Omnipotent to help us out...
Euh,euh euh, my heart bleeds!!!

Posted by Miranda Mambo on May 26, 2021
Words seem so feeble in moments like this. It's hard to write this knowing we will never meet again physically . We didn't see this coming. The pain is unbearable, we will console ourselves knowing the Bible tell us "to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord". I will say your life on earth was too short but you amazingly impacted so many lives. So many questions asked with no answer. The pain is very sharp, our hearts are bleeding. Ni Borni you were very kind, humble, peaceful, down to earth, God fearing, very smart & a gentle man. You had so much to offer to the world but gone too soon. I can't believe you are gone, oh death were is your sting. I will miss you Ni Borni, the precious moments we all shared. I know if tears could bring you back you will be here with us. As you lay at the throne of the Almighty intercede on our behalf especially for your soulmate ma Bi. May your peaceful spirit continue to linger around us. Sleep well Ni Borni until we meet again.
Posted by Ernest Bendinga on May 26, 2021
Ni Boney,Monsieur le driecteur,I certainly don't deserve this knockout punch.No, not from you,inspite of the fact that I sent a special petition to the Lord for you.
Your knockout punch almost landed me in a place of hopelessness, when of a sudden The Holy Spirit cautioned me
of His displeasure with people who mourn hopelessly,(Thessolonian 4:13-14)
Ni Boney,You married my younger sister,
and then you became my older brother par excellence.You were an engineer,yes a true social engineer as all will bare testimony to.
Now that you've left us all with this physical void and thriving in your Father's House,your novel mission must surely be that of spiritually guiding Adele who is now flying like a plane on one engine,Elton and Glory your cubs.
Ni Bony,the dust may settle some day over your agonizing exit but your memory lives on.Adios!
Posted by Godlove Njankenji on May 26, 2021
Ni Bonnie, big bro,

It is hard to believe that I'm say farewell, though it's the road for all, but atleast was not suppose to be now. I remember the last time we met, we talk and talked, to me was like we will be on this earth for ever reason why I decided not to say anything about the advice you gave me one Sunday afternoon after church at your house at Foncha Street "I CAN GIVE U MONEY IN A BAG BUT I WOULDN'T BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO BE YOUR OWN PERSON, CREATE YOUR OWN HEALTH". I was planning to one day tell what that advice has done in my life. Today my heart bleeds that you will not be around to hear me. You were your own person, unique and touched people in different ways but to me you were just my big brother... I will miss you... rest well brother...
Posted by Patience Ndi on May 25, 2021
Tribute to Ni Boni from Ma Eli Fomuso nee Gwanyama.

Dear Ni Boney,
I write with tears in my eyes. I'm heartbroken. You usually called me “Big Sis”. Ni Boni, I am still surprised and shocked that you are No More. But as hard as it is, may your gentle soul rest in peace my dear Bro. During Ba John’s burial you played a great role but today you two are No More. May you rest in the Bosom of Abraham, but wherever you are today, look at the children you have left behind; your faithful wife and all Family. I am speechless. Rest in the Peace of Christ till we meet to part no more. RIP.
Posted by Nkeng Dingbula Nkeng Ding... on May 24, 2021
My brother,
You were my closest brother in Douala and we usually shared our ideas together. Now you left me alone I don't know where to start. We loved you but God loved you more.
2 Tim 4:7 (You have fought the good fight, you have finished the race, you have kept the faith).
Rest well Ni, until we meet again.

By Ndango Edwin
Posted by Caro Ngwi on May 23, 2021
Ni Boney,
Where have you gone to and when are you coming back?
Your sudden Departure is not Funny at all. When I was told that you were admitted in the hospital, We went down on our kneels asking God to heal you but he alone know why he didn't answer our request because he knew what was best for you..
My Heart is bleeding . May your Soul Rest in peace
You shall be Missed by many.
Posted by Alfred Sibedwo on May 23, 2021
It is unreal to me that I am writing this about you at this time, referring to you in the past, not seeing you in person, not listening to your distinctive soft voice, your smiles, and laughter.
A time when we were expected to be mapping/making strategies for our next business deals, making arrangements to help the next person or group of persons in need. I am deeply touched by your passing. Who are we to argue with the will of God?
I just want you to know, that during your very short stay here on earth, you positively impacted the lives of so many people in so many ways. Your act of kindness, the ever-ready spirit of assisting anyone that came to you, and your act of giving to those in need is the wealth that you have created here on earth and it will shower your love once that you have left behind.
May the holy Angels guide you as you travel to your creator and may he provide you with his everlasting comfort until we meet again.
We love you, but God loves you most. You will forever be missed. (RIP)
Posted by Dobgima Sigalla on May 22, 2021
Uncle Bonni, it’s still hard to believe you’re gone because you gave us so much to remember. You led a very lively, elegant and humble life that we all admired. You touched the hearts of so many people, even those you barely knew with your words of encouragement, funny stories, kindness and hard work. We are so sad that you are no more but thanks for all the memories because they will never fade. Uncle you are always loved and never forgotten, may your soul Rest In Peace
Posted by Richard Caspa on May 10, 2021
I am yet to recover from the news of your passing massa Nwa. I have lost a brother, a friend and my ninety minutes man. Go in peace brother to prepare a place for us. When i heard the news of your passing i remembered yet another similarly sad event when i was visiting in Bamenda during one of my vacations and having a drink with my mates when you called me from out of town to inform me of Ni Eze's passing and how you needed me to go help get the remains to the mortuary in Bali. I haven't seen ni Eze for a while depite knowing he to was unwell. That day the funjih clan had lost a ferocious soldier and have not stopped mourning for him. Now you too have followed him. Go in peace brother and greet all those who have gone before you. Join them to prepare a place for all of us left behind as we all continue on this heavenly race.

You were a very special breed and almost everything you dreamed of as a kid you did realize with the blessing of the Lord. I remember back in primary school within the confine of our humble compound in Njenka, Bali when you playfully told us that you thought making money was very easy. You concluded you were going to be a "money manger". That was the first time i heard that word and only made meaning of it years later in our adulthood. You were a true brother and a model to many. You fought a good fight, lived a humble and examplary life but God says you have completed you job here on earth and must return to his heavenly kingdom. Go in peace brother. It is well in Jesus name. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.
Posted by Clementine Andin on May 10, 2021
I feel truly saddened that you are no more with us. May God bless you. A thousand words won’t bring you back, I know because I’ve tried; neither will a thousand tears, I know because I’ve cried. Rest in peace. Treasured in my heart, you'll stay, until we meet someday again. Rest in peace. I can’t hold the tears back. It wasn’t fair that your life had to end this way. I'll always keep you in my heart. Rest in peace Ni Boni Goodbye for now, I believe more than ever that someday I will see you again and never let you go. Sleep well and sweet dreams.
Posted by DeGaulle Cabinda on May 8, 2021
Where can I start? It's been a tough one to swallow. We prayed so I am at peace. But it makes a great difference to approach this the kingdom way. There, it is more palatable knowing where you are now, being with the Lord! A great place to be. We all want to be there but the prerequisite is that one has to die. That's the bummer. You are a good example for us to follow and be sure that whenever we exit we are sure where are heading to.

I count myself privileged to have known you. A fine gentleman, a business prodigy, purpose driven and focused.

I had recognized you more than a decade ago as special and was tapping from you that nugget you possessed. But dead came, stoled and cut this short. Like all things of the devil does which is to steal, kill and destroy. Unfortunately for the devil we will continue with your legacy and put the devil to shame.

A small space like this will not do any justice to talk of what you have accomplished. All I can say is that you had a major impact on this world and left it a better place than you met. It goes to promulgate that adage: it isn't
how long you lived but what you accomplished with the time you lived on this earth. John 17:4 Personified (Boney glorified you on earth, having accomplished the work you gave him to do)
You had a midas touch! I will take it further to say whatever you were associated with or touch became golden! Boney, we will miss you and I know that you are/were an inspiration to many.

May the Holy spirit the great comforter strengthen Madame, a very good person indeed and let many be inspired by her.

DeGaulle Cabinda MD

Posted by Feh Baaboh on May 7, 2021
also known and called Ni Boney affectionately (now in heavenly places).

Ni Boney, my entire world was devastated when the sad and shocking news of your passing on reached me in the wee hours of Sunday the 25th day of April in the year of our Lord 2021. It's Ba Nkeuti Gwanyama who did the breaking sad news as he arrived his home at Upper Marlboro, after he and his lovely family had spent the whole Saturday evening visiting my family and I in Frederick.
You had just left us rather unceremoniously. It was before 1:00 AM Eastern Time (or before 6:00 AM West African Time). It was still dark in either location. Death was sure to snatch you stealthily under the cover of darkness because it knew if it came in broad daylight, we (your dear family and great friends, even some valiant foes) would see and fight back, if fiercely. Trust me.
When Ba Nkom Tita Robert pre-deceased you (just one day shy of three weeks before) on 05th April, your cousin and infant friend of yore, Ba Nkeuti Gwanyama, told me you were hospitalised in the same clinic at Bonapriso where Bob had passed on, but that your case was far from life-threatening. That explained away why I had been finding it hard to reach you by phone to condole with you upon Ma Helen Tata's death. Of course little could I (or anybody for that matter) imagine that the end was imminent, in sight.
We last met on 26th February at your Bonaberi Ancienne Route shop (where we shared some non-alcoholic beverage on you), moved to a joint, one or two hundred meters away (where you did not drink even the good wine you selected) and, then to DK Hotel, when we saw off Ba Nkeuti back to the US, who had been around for the twin funeral of his two brothers who had both departed in quick succession, within weeks. We (in the company of your wife, who was also your friend, inter alia) took pictures in funny postures (always wearing broad smiles on our gleeful faces) which have suddenly turned out to be memorable souvenirs now that you and Bob are no more. If anybody had told me that in under two months I would be talking about you in the past tense I would have looked at "that anybody" with a bad eye.
Your father and mine were great friends and as one of the signs thereof, they gave the same marriage names (Sadmia and Nahnyuma) to their respective wives. As another sign of friendship they did cross-border trade together between Cameroon and Nigeria. As yet another sign of friendship they were members of the same njangi groups in Bali.
We grew up to inherit that friendship. But it is an open secret that, because your business sense was quicker than mine, you inherited their business talent. I must thank God for making me to know you as brother and friend whom I was wont to calling, brotherman.
Boney, to those of us who had the privilege to have you as friend and brother, you were such a soft-spoken, genial, cool/calculating gentleman (of good fortune) who would keep good company all the time anywhere, cracking practical jokes that caught fire always. With a knack of telling short interesting stories, you were friendly and pleasant. This made your society cosy and attractive. In effect each time I found myself in your company (whether in the comfort of your plush office, perched at the left wing of the top floor of Keh-mvi Tower in Bamenda or, elsewhere) I would want to stay on and on.
Your business acumen was exceedingly high; so high that you had the trappings of a prodigy. In just ten short years, 1997 to 2007, you made your mark (indelible as it were) in the business landscape and became something of a household name as member of the economic elite of Bali.
If intelligence is defined as the ability to adapt quickly/positively to new situations, then you would be said to be of superior intelligence. The way you adapted in record time as IDP in Douala speaks for itself. Before they knew it, you had suddenly overtaken many people who had been operating in Douala long before you came, which confirmed the old saying that "life is like a motorway in America with several lanes, overtaking (by the right or by the left) is allowed". Anyway don't worry, Mamon Adele, who went through the crucible of your mentorship will continue with your good work. I trust her.
Ni Boney, now that you have proven that you can be faster than some of us, in more ways than one, me thinks it is time for us to discuss some rather personal matters. I remember you had some health issues as far back as more than a decade ago. Your nerve problems made me to introduce you to Dr Clet Tchaleu (a neurologist) in Bonapriso in 2009 or some time thereabout. Soon thereafter you told me of BP issues and that your doctor simply advised you to slow down. But is that enough reason (or excuse) for you to have left the scene so soon, without whispering goodbye even to your lawyer? Needless to say legion are the people who have lived with those conditions to a ripe old age.
You were a very careful and health-conscious person and I admired you for that (discipline). With the outbreak of COVID-19, you know how frequently you did steam therapy at your waterfront home in Bonaberi. You also know how often you did voluntary COVID tests to be sure you were safe and sound. For this, Mamon Adele can bear me witness. To the best of my knowledge you never abused any substance. For short, with the exception of when it came to 1) looking for money and 2) loving your wife, you were the quintessence of moderation. There is a saying that "blessed are the moderates (in lifestyle) for they shall inherit the earth". Yet you departed so soon - at such a relatively tender age. Anyway what you did in just 52 years is what the average man would not achieve in even a century, thus confirming the adage that "it is not the years in your life, but the life in your years, that matter." 
Looking at it from this more or less assuaging angle, that by-the-way you lived a life fulfilled, my conscience is now clear to say, "adieu brotherman" as I imagine you in heavenly places singing hallelujah in the midst of the army of angels.
Before I drop my pen, only one request, please: intercede before St Peter to enjoin the heavenly host to watch over your surviving dear wife (a good woman) and illustrious son (a young man with a bright future) who are now abandoned to themselves in the middle of nowhere sort of.
May your dynamic soul rest in peace, perfect peace, as you shall remain sorely missed. Needless to remind you that the vacuum your untimely departure has created in our hearts is yawning.
Fare thee well.
Feh Henry Baaboh, Esq., your brotherman (in Miami)
for Ma Jab and the kids.
Posted by Solange Ndibabonga on May 7, 2021
A man of few words, a man with an enriching business brain and witty mind. Always ready to advise and offer help when and where needed. Is with a heavy heart am writing this tribute to you so soon daddy Boni. The news of your death reaching me in Buea at about 5:30am that Sunday morning of April 25th was so shocking and watching you being put in the mortuary later that morning was more like a dream which am still to wake up from it.
  Daddy you did inspired me a lot. You and Ma Bi added so much value and meaning to my life. You mentored me into the strong and powerful business woman I have become. You made me see reasons and importance of being self employed. With your mentorship I produce great results within a short period of time with in Buea and Limbe. This made you and Ma Bi proud of me that you totally handed over South West Region to me, qualifying me as your partner in the South West. Most times I face challenges on the field you will both encourage me to be strong. I remember times I felt weak and you helped me build a positive mindset, you even told me to read the book titled "Rich Dad Poor Dad". This book change my mindset on self employment till date.
  Daddy Boni, you departed so soon from this world. But as you go, may you enrich Ma Bi with that great business brain of yours and those of us you mentored to be able to continue in your foot steps. Give us the strength to accept your absence especially to Ma Bi, Elton and Glory. Daddy I will miss those moments when I visit your home, especially your witty ideas and jokes during breakfast,i will also miss you during containers offloading and above all I will miss your advise and mentorship.
  Daddy you fought for your life but it happened as God desired. We love you daddy but God loves you more. Only God knows why he permitted the cold hands of death to snatch you from us. We can't question Him. Farewell till we meet again. Adieu daddy Boni.
Posted by FLORENCE FEH NJINJOH on May 6, 2021
Ni Boni, my heart bleed each time I remember that when next I come to Douala you will not be there for us to go out for business. Your generous mindset in helping all those who came your way. A gentle man who never hide his knowledge from those who needed help. You advised me to do business, I told you I am not good in doing business. I can still hear you telling me Ma Flo you can do it, business is the best for you at retirement each time I visited you people in Douala. What of the business strategies and the importance of doing business we used to discuss while taking breakfast. What of the smoothie you used to asked us to prepear for you. My in law as I used to call you, what of your plan to make Mrs Bila a successful business woman, where have you kept Adele, Elton and Glory. What of those good dreams you and Adele had for the children. The good memories will forever remains. Ni Boni we loved you but the almighty loved you more. RIP
Posted by Thecla Konyuf on May 6, 2021
Love leaves a memory no one can steal,but death leaves a memory no one can heal. I will really miss you Sir. Never knew you would leave us suddenly. But again it is a loving memory for me. You were not only my boss but my father. The good memories remains with me forever knowing the ability impacted in my life, all the things you taught me. An intelligent and intellectual man full of jokes, always stresses the importance of education and hard work in life to become a great person.
Sir, my heart bleeds each time I remember you are gone but your loving and caring fatherly role will continue lingering in my heart. I don't know where to begin but I will do my best to carry on in your footsteps.
I am happy to have met you in this life. I thank God for using you to impact many lives.
Farewell Sir.
Posted by Adamou Siddiki on May 6, 2021
Receive my deep tributes, Mrs Njankenji.

Your husband was a great man. I had to work with him during our tenure at the Chamber of Commerce and he was a great captain of industry.
It's a pity we won't be able to realize our common ambitions in the North, that were discussed together for long hours.

Goodbye Dear Boniface!
Rest In Peace my Friend.

Adamou Siddiki,
Économie Operator in Maroua.
Far-North Region.
Posted by kennedy kwende on May 6, 2021
Gentleman man of the core, gentleman with words, gentleman with mannerisms, gentleman with each step. A gentleman with business clairvoyance. A gentleman with humility framed with a gentle smile always. A gentleman who always put others first, a gentleman in whom respect was embedded and knew no boundaries. A gentleman in whom generosity knew no boundaries. In as much as you were not an angel ,no man is perfect, your imperfection no man can judge. We welcome and embrace the gentleness, generosity and humility you have left us with and will struggle to ensure that Ma Bi, Elton and Glory enjoy such. You live forever Ni Bonny.
Posted by Mbah Yayakhan on May 6, 2021
Oh Ni Bonny aka Bonsgroup international as we used to call you in telemedico at hospital round about Bamenda in the late ninties. Oh what an ambitious and headworking young Man. Truly this Life is a dream that we only wake up from it the day we checked out of the flesh. I will always remember your kind and brotherly advice to me. May your soul rest in the bossom of the Lord God Almighty in Jesus mighty name.
Posted by Elvis Voma on May 6, 2021
Ni Boni, this sudden departure is not funny. You were a man of your words. Spoke little but achieved much. My prayer is that as you journey home to our Heavenly Father, may the immediate family and the entire family of friends and brethren, find strength to bear and move on.
Your many lively words can never be forgotten.
Safe journey.
Good night Ba.
Posted by Mary Oben on May 6, 2021
Dear gentle and soft spoken (Delegue) as I used to call you.
Unquestionably elegant and kind hearted,your voice so serene,how your presence could eliminate an environment.
I can still hear your telling Adel that "You see this lady,Dem don turn Bamenda up side down)
Memories of you will remain indelible in my thoughts.
Heaven is blessed to have you within it's kingdom.
A sleep in Jesus, peaceful rest!
Whose waking is supremely blest,
No fear,no woe shall dim the hour that manifest the Saviour's power.
Sleep well small brother
Marie Oben
Posted by Titatang Kingsley on May 6, 2021
Your exit is like a theatre in my eyes.
You made me ask lots of questions about the meaning of such swift exit at the prime of your age.
What kind of thing have you done like this to your nice friend and son?
No time to see your dreams and vision of given hope to all hard working minds.
Three things I vividly remember you and your wife:
Generosity like the tiles and cake donated during the PCC Ntanfoang 100 years in October 2014 and my induction as Pioneer Secretary of Bali Presbytery.
Your Developing mind towards all and you ever hopeful persuasion.
In all of the above,you decided to support the leadership of the RT.Rev.Fonki Samuel to build Prescraft and make the malls at PCC Azire great but....
Travel well to that heavenly home till we shall meet one day.
Live for ever!
Rev.Titatang Kingsley
Posted by Patience Ndi on May 1, 2021
Very dear Ni Boni,
You have really dealt with us. Where have you gone to? WaO!!! Without a word!!
Well Ni, what can I say, what can I do? What of our “njanga bun su”? You didn’t even stay back so we could be killing that soup with Ma Adele’s excellent foofoo corn?
We loved you but the Lord loved you more really. It was your time because, if there was one person who was careful, it was you. If there was one person who knew how to handle certain health issues, it was you. So go in peace but remember that you will do more from Heaven than you did on earth here. Go to your reward. RIP.
Patience Ndi.

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Posted by Titalah Ivy on June 2, 2021
Dady, Your Death came as a shock to us and what can we say? you are in the arms of the Lord, and your family, friends and colleagues are altogether mourning your death. It’s all right as each of us have the Lord beside us as we say our farewells. Your body might be gone from this world but your spirit will live on in our hearts forever. Please tell daddy we send our regards.
With love in our hearts,You will forever be missed
Posted by Navoma Pamela on June 2, 2021
Daddy the best, president your friend used to call you
Daddy,what will you eat today
Daddy should I prepare nchanga bonsu and foo foo corn?
Ok ma Pam bring it to the office,so I can eat with some friends
Daddy gone but not forgotten
As IDP in Douala:
Daddy will always say enter into my room,do a video call let me select the coats that I will like you to send to me in Douala
Daddy you left a vaccum in my heart.
Daddy you are forever in my memory will always pray for you
Daddy,so soft spoken, gentle,full of ideas and having a business brain
Daddy, i will always remember, how you to sit with friends discuss and crack jokes,
Daddy, going back memory lane, on your Bach Eve, you were asked to say a few words about Adele:
What attracted me to Adele was her rounded legs etc
Daddy as I will always call you
Rest in peace
Fare thee well
Forever in my heart

Ma Pam
Posted by Kestine Nahbi on June 2, 2021
Daddy my heart is so heavy words can’t express how I feel, if tears could bring you back I could cry an ocean, gone to soon it’s difficult to accept you are no longer with us, you were a man of few words your memories will never fade away We love you but God loves you more daddy may your gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace

Kestine Nahbi

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An unselfish human being

Shared by Alfred Sibedwo on May 23, 2021
As we write about Mr. Boniface in the past, it is extremely important for us to let the world know that this was an unselfish person we have ever seen. I personally experience his selflessness on so many occasions. I can not enumerate them here. Only God knows them. You acted on my behalf on so many business transactions at a moment's notice, with that I thank you. You had been a good man, an excellent husband, a philanthropist, and just simply a good human being. We will forever remember your excellent attributes and try to emulate them for the good of humanity. I am humbled and appreciative of ever knowing you and your family. RIP.