Posted by meghan smith on February 27, 2018
Happy 21st birthday Nic!! Theres not a day goes by that your friends and family dont think about you and miss that great big smile! I miss you so much!
Posted by meghan smith on January 25, 2015
I miss you so much Nic. I remember everything about you & all the fun we had! I wish I could give you one last hug so you knew how much I love you! Rest In Peace baby!
Posted by Dominick Francois on October 21, 2014
Love you Nic
Posted by Jeff Sowa on December 4, 2012
#RockinForNic That's everyday
Posted by Jasmine Pickens on October 8, 2012
Nic, today makes a year! A year ago from today I got the worst news of my life. I never imagined you would be gone so soon. I hate that I never got to tell you goodbye. You know how much I love you though! But Nic this year has been pretty hard. I think of you every day some days more than other. But I really love and miss you dearly Continue to rest in paradise gone but never forgotten <3
Posted by Precious Brianna on October 8, 2012
Wow, I Can't Believe Its Been A Year Since Your Gone. It's Still Unreal. I Miss You Baby Boy ! We've Been Friends Since Summer Camp Back At Sports Zone && I Never Thought It Would End Like This. I Miss You And Love You So Much ! <3 <3 <3
Posted by WeRockin ForNic on April 29, 2012
Goodnight Nic, I Love You =)
Posted by Jaquala Foster on April 10, 2012
I miss you so much Nic , still cant believe you lefted us so soon . I think about you every single day that goes by , without you here with us is hurting me so bad . Why YOU ? its still so unreal to me that your gone , just come back please , is that too much to ask for .... You have so many people that love & care for you . Im trying everyday to stay strong for you , its hard . I LOVE YOU
Posted by Jasmine Pickens on February 27, 2012
Happy 15th Birthday Nic ! I love you so much man <3 <3 <3 <3
Posted by Angelique Rogers on February 8, 2012
Jasmine, losing Nic is the hardest thing that I could ever imagine. I love him so much but when I look at the things that his friends post, it let's me know that you guys truly loved him. The way you guys take care of me means so much because I couldn't make it thru the pain. I love you and appreciate everything you do for me and Nic

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