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missing you

Shared by freida jackson on November 2, 2011

I am missing you nick. Halloween was very hard and I am trying to prepare myself for Thanksgiving and christmas. You was here with us last year and we know you are still with us in spirit. You know we loved you very much and would have done anything in the world for you. Missing you and always thinking of you. You will always be in my heart, thoughts, and prayers you was like a son to me and i love you always.

Your monkey

Shared by Rachel Raymond on June 26, 2011

How you are miss. Dakota is still taking care of your fav monkey that I found in the trash jest after you guys moved. I kept my word that I would take care of it in till you came to get it one day. But now it is all I have of you. I know it was hard for you to leave it with me but sins your step dad said you where to big for it and that you was not allowed to have it back. You had know chose but to live it with me. Thanks to that Monkey that is how Dakota new about you because he would play with it and I would tell hem to take care of it for you because you was coming back one day to take it home.

I Love and Miss you so much. I will continue to take you of your monkey until I see you again

We tried

Shared by Linda Thompson Raymond on June 12, 2011

I tried so heard Nick to help you and Rex over and over I tried to help to give you a happy life. I tried so heard to get Sue to let you come home to Michigan this last time when she decided to go back to Ark. Oh why didn't she let you come thing would be deferent now. we just miss you so much and I failed you I should of tried hearder.

The Protector

Shared by Tina Sleight on June 10, 2011

Nick, there are no words in the world that can express the saddness I feel knowing that we could not protect you from the saddness and pain you felt, just know you are and always will be loved. You always had a way of making people laugh, Heather would come and tell me something you had told her and we would laugh about it and say he is so silly or he is so his Dads son, well we are still laughing Nick even trough our tears we are still telling those silly jokes! It is funny how even so many miles apart there was nothing that could tear the bond you and Heather had and for that I am greatful that you and her was able to have that, reminded me of your dad and I. Thank you Nick for being there for her protecting her and looking out for her. You was her LITTLE/BIG cuz LOL, thank you for being you. I love you and will always miss you, your smile towering over me your my angle in heaven keep Meagan company have fun you to but don't get into to much trouble up there together, we all know how your dads are LOL! Loving you always

Aunt Tina

Shared by freida jackson on June 6, 2011

The first time i met Nick he was coming to our to spend time with Katlyn. He was slouched over in my car because he was so tall. I asked him if his neck was hurting and he said no so I opened the sunroof and he stuck his head out of it. We got such a big laugh out of that. Then after spending time with me and Katlyn my husband Steve came home and asked him if he wanted to go ride fourwheelers. He was so Happy. He loved being at our house. Every room I go in reminds me of Nick. I love you Nick you always called me mom and you was definetly like my son. My heart aches because you are not here but I know you are safe from any harm now and you know we all loved you...........Katlyn, Me, Steve, steves family and most importantly your Dad Rex and your mom Ladeanna and your brothers and sisters. You will always be with us. wwe love you very much. RIP NICK

Shared by Katie Dickerson on June 6, 2011

I remember the first time i saw Nick on the bus. He seemed kinda shy, at first! And i thought to myself, "woah, this guy has a cool mustache i gotta tell lauren!" haha il never forget it. Though out the school year we became pretty good friends. He would randomly pick me up n the lunch line, or the hallways, and he would never put me down. Then EVERY single day he would take my purse and go hide it somewhere during lunch haha he was a crazy kid always smiling and laughing and pulling jokes. Nick told me and lauren some pretty strange things at lunch haha and hed tell us about his piercings and what not. The day he moved to Arkansas we ran into each other in the hallway, the last thing he said was "im moving, TODAY." and he picked me up one last time haha and gave me a hug goodbye. I will never forget Nick Taylor he will greatly be missed! R.I.P My big brother! i love ya.

Shared by Katlyn Whitworth on June 5, 2011

Nick will be greatly missed.

Nick and I had been texting all day May 30th, 2011 and he had told me he was depressed, I had told him everything would get better. And he told me that he loved me and was sorry for everything. I know that he loved me and many other people, he was a really caring and loving person.

He had spent countless days at my house. Including holidays and family cook outs. Here are some memories, on Halloween 2010 he had let my friend Whitney and I dress him up like a girl with make up a dress and all. He looked like a very cute female. Haha. Whitney and I made Nick go up to the houses and knock on the door, and on one house we were walking to was full of older men and Nick had a serious face and said "ABORT!" Haha. On another occasion, on Thanksgiving 2010 Nick, my cousins and I were in one of the rooms at a table eating and talking. I had one bite left of cheesecake(mine and Nick's favorite dessert.) and Nick says "let me feed it to you" I reply back "No, because you will either eat it or shove it all over my face." Nick being the persuasive person he was finally talked me into it. So he takes the fork out of my hand and goes "Chuga Chuga" and eats the cheescake. Then he goes and gets him a peice of cheesecake so I steal it from him and he goes to steal it and I take the cream cheese and wipe it all over his cheek. On countless occasions Nick would use my bathroom and every single time he went to turn the light on he would hit his head on a shelf being as tall as he was. On November 18th 2010 I had surgery and Nick had stayed there up until the end, and then when he came to my house for Thanksgiving and my Birthday party he had waited on me and got made when I tried to get up on my own.

Those are just a few memories. I loved Nick and so did my family. He had a way of getting into your heart. He was an amazing person and I'm so thankful I got to meet him. I am also glad that I got to talk to him and be such a huge part of his life. Nick(Boobear) you will forever be missed and loved. And I promise cubed(our little promise thing) that I will NEVER forget you or the good times we had. I love you Nick Forever and Always remember?

<3 Forever,

Katlyn(forever your babybear!!!) 

Great times

Shared by freida jackson on June 5, 2011

Nick  I loved the times you spent with us. You was with us on Holidays and weekends. It was great times. we love you and miss you but we know you are safe now with God. You will forever be in our hearts and our thoughts. Gone but never forgotten.

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