He will be Daddy, Fiancé, Son, Brother, Friend...Always & Forever
  • 27 years old
  • Born on October 21, 1981 in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, United States.
  • Passed away on September 18, 2009 in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Nicholas James Warne who was born on October 21, 1981 and passed away on September 18, 2009. We are thankful of all the precious moments we were able to share with Nick.

On the day of his passing, by chance or fate, he spoke to all of his family on the phone.  He got to tell his babies, Jayden, Kyla and Kali that he loved all three of them so very much.  He told his fiancée, Kayla that he loved her and could not wait to be home to hold his family.  He was excited for the weekend and movie night at the Rugland's.  Throughout the day, he also spoke with both of his parents, Dale & Sherry and his brother, Chris! It was truly amazing that we all were able to hear his voice that day! We miss him dearly and will remember him forever.

Remember Nick with us :: Please, feel free to share your stories and photos.  We would love to hear all of the memories everyone has created with him.  Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support; we are truly blessed with such amazing friends and friends.

 :: remembered ALWAYS & FOREVER missed ::

Posted by Kayla Warne on July 29, 2014
Today, Kali was going through her movies and she watched your memorial video - over and over again - she smiled so sweetly as she saw all of your memories <3 We miss you every day and love that you will be a part of us always. xo
Posted by Dale & Sherry Warne on October 21, 2013
Today is your birthday son, wish you were here eating your favorite choc. cake with us. Jayden, Kyla, Kali and I sent off balloons up to heaven for you today. The kids said they were going really high so they thought you should get them. We all miss you so much and not a day goes by without thinking of you. Love your Family
Posted by Kayla Warne on September 18, 2013
Remembered Always & Forever Missed. I see you every time I look at any of the 3 of your babies. I know you will always be with them. I pray that with each day we all get stronger and they know how incredibly proud you are of them. Thank you for being such an amazing man while we had you, I will remind them of that often Nicholas James. xoxo
Posted by Sam Hjelle on September 18, 2013
Always thinking of you and the fun times we had! Love you cousin. Continue looking out for the family!
Posted by Dale & Sherry Warne on September 18, 2013
Thinking of you today Nick, like every other day wishing you were here with us. 4 years have gone by and still feels like yesterday. Your children are growing up so fast and everyday I see something of you in them more and more. We love telling your children stories of you and they love to hear them. We love you and miss you.....
Posted by Kayla Warne on October 21, 2012
Happy Birthday to my love. We miss you every day, but especially on days that are supposed to involve you. your little girl is so strong and she loves u so much... your big girl and your son have been so strong for their little sister...and it will always break my heart they had to do this so young. we know everything will be alright though, because you're our angel watching over us. xoxo
Posted by Dale & Sherry Warne on October 21, 2012
Happy Birthday Nick 31 today.... seems like yesterday you were our little boy full of energy you and your brother seeing what you could get into, and then growing into a wonderful Man our son. We sent up a birthday balloon for you today,flew high straight to heaven, cause we will always celebrate your life.
We love you and miss you love Mom & Dad
Posted by Dale & Sherry Warne on October 18, 2012
i remember when we went to 7 clans whith,kayla,jayden,gpa,gma,you. i love you dad and i reali reali miss you a lot., forevermiss big girl kyla and big boy jayden.  xoxoxo
Posted by Dale & Sherry Warne on October 18, 2012
dad i reali miss you i wish you were here with me i think of you every day and when i think of you i cry. xoxoxoxo
Posted by Dale & Sherry Warne on October 17, 2012
dad you still are the best dad ever no matter what i love you very very much i think of you every day your daughter kyla.
Posted by Cody Warne on September 18, 2012
I love & really miss you Nick!
Posted by Kayla Warne on September 18, 2012
Earlier today I went for a drive to think and right when I was about to cry I stopped myself and said, "stay strong today".....a second later HOME by Michael Buble came on and I knew it was Nick's way of saying,"... its ok babe, you can cry today." Thank you God for always keeping him so close to our hearts <3
Posted by Dale & Sherry Warne on September 18, 2012
It has been 3 years today, and it feels still like yesterday. We miss you so much. What makes me to smile is when We think of you and having Kayla around watching your 3 children grow up - you would be so proud them (they are so much like you) We feel your love everyday pouring down from heaven and we send our love up to you
Posted by Kayla Warne on September 18, 2012
3 years of strength through faith, love, memories & our baby girl together as my driving forces. We love you and miss you every day NJW. Always & Forever [Isaiah 40:31] Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary.
Posted by Jenna Wensloff on September 14, 2012
Seeing the pictures of you playing Guitar Hero make me smile :) I miss you Nick! Your girls and Jayden are such wonderful human beings!! Thank you for watching over them each and every day!
Posted by Kayla Warne on July 26, 2012
Our baby wrote a note for you the other day, went outside on the deck and held it in her palms, high above her head. She whispered its for you Daddy and held it up higher, and waited. (when it didn't go up "to you"like the balloons do) she hung her head and began to cry. I asked her what was the matter and she said Daddy wouldn't take my note.
Posted by Kayla Warne on July 26, 2012
It breaks my heart to have to explain all these things to our little girl so early on in her life and what breaks my heart more is that she understands far more than a 3 year old should ever have to...but this is what God has chosen for us and I will always do my best to embrace this strength. We love you always & forever Nicolas James. xoxo kmw^2
Posted by Kayla Warne on May 29, 2012
Our baby girl is the strongest, most precious 3 year old I have ever met. She just understands far too much at such an early age - it will make her a extremely strong young woman, but some days i am afraid it will be too much. We miss you everyday and I know you would be so very proud of all 3 of our little ones. Rest in Peace Nicholas. xoxo Always & Forever ~KMW
Posted by Sherry Warne on January 4, 2012
It's your daughters birthday today! We took her and mommy out for breakfast and the whole time she made us laugh doing things that reminded us so much of you Nick , she's her daddy's little girl
                           Love Mom & Dad
Posted by Kayla Warne on January 4, 2012
January 4, 2009 | the most amazing day of my life | Three years ago today, we welcomed our baby girl into this world! <3 I have never been more happy than the moment they put her in my arms and you whispered "I love our family so much baby" ...something I will cherish forever & always. xoxo 
love you~ yours girls
Posted by Sherry Warne on November 19, 2011
jayden shot a deer with his dads gun durning hunting season.(taking off in his dads foot steps)
Posted by Sherry Warne on October 21, 2011
Happy Birthday Nick - You would be 30 today Jayden and Kyla sent balloons up to heaven today for your birthday we all love you, miss you, and know you are here with us .....LOVE MOM-DAD AND YOUR FAMILY
Posted by Dale & Sherry Warne on September 18, 2011
Two years today - watching your children grow and seeing YOU in them. Jayden loves to be out in the woods, Kyla loves to fish, and specially kali she has your sense of humor.
         Love you always Mom & Dad
Posted by Chrissy Cope on May 22, 2011
Remembering your happy face today and missing you.
Posted by Kayla Warne on May 22, 2011
The Lord gives his people strength. The Lord blesses them with peace. [Psalm 29:11]
Posted by Dale & Sherry Warne on April 14, 2011
"I looked at all your pictures again today and my heart aches so much for you, a part of me is so empty. I try to be so strong for everyone but the tears are still so strong. I miss you so much my son love Mom
Posted by Kayla Warne on April 14, 2011
Words can't describe how deeply we miss you Nicholas. Kali asks me about you all the time, she loves you so much. Our memories give me the strength to do this. I will love you always & forever NJW
Posted by Kayla Warne on February 1, 2011
Kali and I are looking at pictures and videos of us while you were here. She is really beginning to understand that although you are her Daddy, you are you are in Heaven with God. Every time I tell her that you are in Heaven, she folds her hands and says, "Pray, mommy." It is truly an amazing moment each time. We miss you & we carry on each day with strength from knowing you are in a better place.
Posted by Kayla Warne on October 21, 2010
Happy BIRTHday Babe!!! Wednesday 10.21.1981 @ 11:46a.m. you graced the world with your presence and then made 27 years of unforgettable memories!! && You are still here as strong as ever, we love and miss you so much! xoxo Always & Forever
Posted by Jindallay Warne on September 15, 2010
You may not be where you were before, but now you are wherever your children are and that makes me smile. You are loved over and over when we think of the memories you've left us. Watch over your loving parents and brother and give comfort to their pain. I love you.
Posted by Jindallay Warne on September 15, 2010
Death ends a life, not a relationship.
Her heartache will never heal so be with Kayla always and forever. xoxoxo
Posted by Kayla Warne on September 14, 2010
Hold our hands Always & Forever...especially this week! I can feel it getting closer, I can still remember everything like it was yesterday. I can still feel you here, like you have never left. Stay with us always Nicholas James! We miss and love you with all of our hearts!! xoxo 

Always & Forever,
  your little family <3
Posted by Dale & Sherry Warne on August 30, 2010
Jayden Warne lit a candle on 30th August2010

"I will always remember you and LOVE YOU!" "I just want you to now that I miiisssss you alot!!!!!"
Posted by Jessica Hjelle on August 19, 2010
Missing you so much...still cant believe it, just waiting to see your face at thanksgiving etc.
Love you nick, miss you xoxo!
Posted by Jackie Bakken on August 19, 2010
You are missed everyday by your friends and family. We all wish you were hear with us. Kali is getting so big it's crazy to think she is almost 2 years old. Watch over Kayla and the Kids xoxo
Posted by Dawn Knutson on August 14, 2010
Thank you for Loving my Daughter with all your Heart, and Blessing me with a Beautiful Grand-daughter. I am Honored to have had you in my Life...Watch over Kayla and the Kids.
Posted by Samantha Hjelle on August 14, 2010
Nick I miss you, Keep watching over the family as they grow. Every time I look into the sky and see the stars I think of you. Love you and miss you cousin!!
Posted by Kayla Warne on August 13, 2010
I will love you Always & Forever NJW. Not a day goes by that you are not with me. 

always & forever,

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