Let the memory of nickeeya be with us forever
  • 35 years old
  • Born on July 1, 1977 .
  • Passed away on March 19, 2013 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, nickeeya james 35 years old, born on July 1, 1977 and passed away on March 19, 2013. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Margaret James on 19th March 2019
Hey Nichole, It's been six years today since I heard your voice. I do have a voicemail on my phone that I listen to quite often. It's not the same as hearing your actual voice. This pain will remain with me for the remainder of my life, all I can say is, time has not minimized it. I will continue to live the kind of life you would want me to live with the best of my ability. I love and miss you every single day, continue to rest in peace. Love you always, Sheila aka Mom
Posted by Leroy James on 13th January 2019
Happy Founder Day Nicole
Posted by Leroy James on 21st December 2018
Another sad holiday no fatty no hoilday
Posted by Leroy James on 1st July 2018
Happy birthday always miss
Posted by Margaret James on 19th March 2018
Hey baby girl, Today makes , 60 months , aka 5 years. Time passes but you not being here , the longing for your presence is always on my mind. You will always be my shining star. Loving and missing you always. Mom
Posted by GINA GREGGS on 2nd January 2018
The world could surely use your bubbly spirit right now! Miss you friend!
Posted by Leroy James on 31st December 2017
2018 just like17 nothing changes it just not same without you
Posted by Leroy James on 2nd September 2017
your brother gave Jasmine a engagement ring in the Wright room tonight I could feel your presence smiling all night long.He finally did it see you at the wedding
Posted by Leroy James on 1st July 2017
Happy birthday wow still can't believe your not here we all miss you
Posted by Margaret James on 1st July 2017
Hey Nichole, Happy 40th Birthday, gurl you getting old, lol, Oh how I wish you were here so I could give you the biggest hug ever. I love and miss you every single day. We are havjng a little celebration today for your birthday, so contjnue to rest well baby girl, you are foreber in my heart
Posted by Leroy James on 19th March 2017
Four years of disbelief miss you much
Posted by Leroy James on 31st December 2016
Waiting for a bad year to end and still missing you 2017who cares
Posted by Ernest Fields on 1st July 2016
Hey nikki. Its Ernest. Happy birthday and i miss u alot. It different without you here and it doesnt feel right. Love ya and rest in paradise.
Posted by Leroy James on 1st July 2016
Happy birthday nicole
Posted by Leroy James on 12th June 2016
Watch your baby Jordan gratution going to high school she made you proud miss you much
Posted by Leroy James on 19th March 2016
miss you time dose not heal anything miss you fatty
Posted by Margaret James on 19th March 2016
Life took a wrong turn for me on March 19', 2013, all I can say is , I have not found my way, continue to rest in peace, love you always, MOM
Posted by Margaret James on 27th November 2015
Happy thanksgiving, baby gurl, missing you like crazy on this holiday, because I know it was one of your favorites. Cant get excited about holidays anymore, but hopefully that will change. Did tpu get the stuffing stuffing I left you? Tell Machelle hey for me. You guts continue to rest well, love always, mom
Posted by Leroy James on 26th November 2015
Thanksgiving it's not the same without fatty
Posted by Leroy James on 7th August 2015
mr cat died this morning nick rip
Posted by Leroy James on 30th June 2015
Happy birthday miss you fatty
Posted by GINA GREGGS on 19th March 2015
Rest in Peace Nikeeya!
Posted by Margaret James on 19th March 2015
24months , Still don't seem real, loving you and missing you everyday. Trying to live life without you, but it's hard , I know you want us to go on, but I'm gonna try, but I'm gonna put one foot in front of the other, I would give anything just to hear your voice once more, even for a second. Rest well baby girl, love you always and forever. MOM
Posted by Leroy James on 25th December 2014
Miss you fatty
Posted by Leroy James on 1st July 2014
Happy birthday miss you much
Posted by Leroy James on 18th March 2014
Nick James = pricless
Posted by Leroy James on 18th March 2014
Nick James = pricless
Posted by Leroy James on 14th February 2014
happy valentine day miss you much
Posted by Leroy James on 25th December 2013
miss you on these holidays not the same without fatty they didin your boy brody
Posted by Leroy James on 5th September 2013
Hey Nick football season starting Penn state won Saturday Nfl tonightSons ofA. Homeland it not the same miss you much
Posted by Leroy James on 10th August 2013
Hey Nick your brother has made you proud the kitchen done onto the bathroom
Posted by Emily Harrington on 22nd July 2013
"I didn't know you well, but you touched my heart. You were supportive and warm. You are loved by so many here on Earth- missed by so many. It's a sign of your beautiful soul and I know we'll see you again one day. I wish you could have stayed here longer, but thank you for staying as long as you did."
Posted by GINA GREGGS on 2nd July 2013
Happy Birthday Nik! Love you gurl! Some things you just dont want believe is real. This is one of those things. Miss you gurl!
Posted by Latoya Caprice on 2nd July 2013
Happy Birthday, Sis!!!
Posted by Kelly Smack on 1st July 2013
I love you. He loves you more. I miss you. He missed you more. I cry for you. He bled for you. Although it hurts, it's time... Happy Birthday dear friend, dear sister ❤
Posted by Naidia James on 1st July 2013
Posted by Boom Loca on 1st July 2013
Missing you like always. You showed me the true definition of what “REAL Sororly” love felt like regardless of how different a person was or what chapter they were from. I thank you for the knowledge, the laughs, the trips and the wisdom that you gave while you were here.
Posted by Shondra Williams on 1st July 2013
Nikki you are such a cool chick who showed me so much in such a short time. We were a different kind of sorority sister. Sure am sad we didn't get to plan that reunion vacation. However if me and the other the other girls do have a reunion we will be sure to dedicate it to you and pray you can join us in spirit! Sure would love to speak to you again! <3
Posted by Heidi Dean on 1st July 2013
Happy Birthday in heaven Nik. I still can't believe you're gone. I only knew you for a short time but in those couple of months you taught me so much and touched my life in so many ways. Words can't explain how lucky I am to have known you. My life will never be the same because I met you. I love you and miss you. Party with the angels. <3
Posted by Leroy James on 1st July 2013
Happy Birthday Big Sis I know it took my awhile to post I had to find the right words for your tribute. Today all of us are celebrating your time and experiences that you left us and even though you're body isn't with us anymore no one can even forget your spirit. I'm glad we were to share some very similar experiences before you left us but I'll try to make you proud..
Posted by Lauren Brooks on 30th June 2013
Nik, you were such a light to this world. And even though your physical body is gone, your light still shines down on us all, your aura surrounding us with your love. You were such a caring soror to us scared little neos and embodied what Delta is all about. You and Nat became more than sorors, you became our true friends. You have left your spirit upon our hearts forever. Missing you.....
Posted by Ronald Gray on 30th June 2013
Nik... we miss you and your jokes FAR too much. Just got engaged yesterday and I was unable to give you the great news. Just know that you'll always be missed and your intelligence, drive and commitment to TRUE friendship will never be forgotten....EVER. There will STILL be a table at my wedding bearing your name as a guest. We miss you, Nik. -Ron Gray
Posted by Carrie Wood on 30th June 2013
East Falls~ Not a day goes by that thoughts of you don't pop out of my heart, reminding me of how much I miss you. The tears continue to flow as I miss everything about the beautiful gift your friendship was to me. Tomorrow on your birthday, those angels better sing loud & a bit off key for me. I love & miss you more than words could ever say. ♥
Posted by Erica Bush on 20th June 2013
We argued, we laughed, we worked.. and I miss you. God put us together for a reason. Miss our conversations, going to tech events with you, and playing xbox rap star..u hooked me on that. I know you are in heaven and I wish you did not leave us so soon. You taught me not to take no one granted because you never know how long we are going to be on this earth.. RIP.-.Erica Sterling Bush
Posted by GINA GREGGS on 17th June 2013
Miss your smile, laugh, and even the way you seemed uncomfortable when I said" Nik I love you girl"! That didn't bother me or anyone else who loved you we just poured our love on you more. There aren't many people who can come in your life in adulthood, touch your heart and then you consider them like family. You are one of those people who had that quality.See you at the Afterset! Love u
Posted by Aisha Peterson on 15th June 2013
My cousin, my first friend!!! I remember Uncle Leroy and Uncle Arthur taking us to the zoo when we were little (gotta search Mildred's house for that pic!) and us running up and down Ashmead Street all day! I will miss you forever!!! Rest well cousin!
Posted by Lakia Taylor-Elam on 15th June 2013
There are no words for the void of you not being is insurmountable. There are so many constant reminders of you and our friendship. You never ever realize how important and how much of a big part of your life someone is until they are no longer a part of it. You will forever be loved and missed....keep resting Nik we will see each other again.
Posted by Margaret James on 8th June 2013
It has been almost 3 months since you have been gone and the pain seems to be getting worse. I am still in shock and disbelief. I keep looking for you to come in the door shouting, Sheila , were u at or fatty, get up here , referring to dad. Most days are teary days. I love and miss u soooo much, smooches baby gurl , rest in peace♡♡♡♡♡♡ oh and Mr. Cat said to tell you hello☆☆☆☆☆☆
Posted by Leroy James on 28th May 2013
i would love to here your voice one more time
Posted by Leroy James on 18th May 2013
missing you so much gone to soon

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