her Life

Gone Too Soon.

 Nicole Eilene Simms 27 yrs old of Jacksonville, Florida was called home by Jesus on November 27th, 2011 after a long battle with moyamoya.  Nicole was born on July 14th, 1984 to the proud parents of Dwight Harrison and Stacy Clark.

All through childhood she was spoiled by those who loved her.   She wasn’t like other kids, she didn’t enjoy the same things.  She had a very close relationship with her Nanny and Paw Paw and loved spending time with them. They were able to take and do things with her that most kids only dreamed of like going on trips and Disney cruises. Nicole loved animals and was even able to swim with the dolphins.  Nicole grew up to be a very vibrant young woman.  She loved to have fun and be happy.  She was a very free spirited girl.  Anyone that was close to Nicole would be able to tell at least a dozen or more crazy stories about their wild adventures together.  Unfortunately during her lifetime, she suffered many heartbreaks.  Nicole always gave more of herself than she ever got in return.  She was so eager to love and to be loved.  She had a heart that allowed her to fall in love easily.  She would open her heart time and time again even though she knew  it may end in another heartbreak.  She did not dwell in hurt feelings, instead she would pick herself up and move on.  Because of the way Nicole lived her life she was ridiculed by many and became the focus of many jokes.  She never let this get to her and always held her head high.  She was happy with her life and didn’t allow the judgmental views of others to alter her.
Nicole loved people and had a lot of friends she loved dealing with the public and therefore loved her job of being a waitress.  It kept her around people and kept her in the lifestyle that she loved.  She touched a lot of lives in a lot of ways during her short 27 yrs.  Nicole was funny and could make light of any situation.  She loved getting attention and would sometimes do things to get just that.  One of the biggest things I remember her doing was getting a certain tattoo and although I wont go into details here, it had the whole town talking.  Only Nicole would be brave enough for that one.
Aside of her crazy life, Nicole gave birth to four beautiful children whom she loved dearly.  Although due to certain circumstances she was unable to be a daily part of their lives, her love for them never faltered.  Never a day went by that they weren’t on her mind and in her heart.  She was proud of them and she was the best mom that she knew how to be.  She loved her kids more than anything in the world.  Now even in death I believe she is still with each one making sure that they  are protected and safe.  She is and forever will be their guardian angel.  
Nicole suffered from moyamoya a rare disease that affects the brain and causes strokes.  She was diagnosed at a young age with this disease and due to the rareness of it, the doctors that treated her did not have enough knowledge about it to treat it adequately.  She suffered migraines and they were only getting worse until she had back to back severely debilitating strokes causing severe brain damage.  She had fought this disease for far too long and had grown tired.  God knew that it was time to call her home.  Even in her departure from this world, she was thinking of others and had performed one of the most selfless acts imaginable.  She allowed a lot of lives to be saved that day and even though her family is no longer whole, she was able to keep other families whole.
Nicole leaves behind so many people that will love and miss her.

Her Children : Mackenzie Harrison of Jacksonville, Florida, Kade Leach of Jacksonville, Florida, Dailyn Johnson of South Carolina, and Colie Simms of Jacksonville, Florida.  

Her Parents : Dwight Harrison of  Beattyville, Kentucky and Stacy Clark of Jacksonville, Florida

Her  Siblings: Shawn Harrison of  Beattyville, Kentucky and Brittney Hatampa of Orange Park, Florida.

Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers and keep them uplifted as they deal with this loss.

Services Will Be Announced At A Later Time.