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Niel's Tattoo

Shared by Tamara Bod on July 22, 2021
Niel wanted me to get matching tattoos with him a few years ago.  I have never gotten a tattoo and really didn't want to commit to something permanently tattooed on my body.  Niel got his first tattoo in college.  It was Asian words/symbols on the side of his calf.  We teased him that it was probably a Chinese take out menu and that we could order off his leg.  He took the joking well and went on to get many more tattoos in his lifetime.  My favorite was the tattoo Nick and Niel got of their initials.  As much as I loved their matching tattoos, I still didn't see myself ever getting a tattoo of anything.  After Niel passed, I regretted not getting that tattoo with him.  Recently I decided to get a tattoo for him to honor his memory.  Nick went with me and held my hand.  It felt like Nick and Niel were with me...both proud of their momma who put her big girl panties on to FINALLY get a tattoo.  I love the poem...I Carry Your Heart With E. E. Cummings, and chose to use it for this tribute to Niel.  It says...I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart). That is how it is for me.  I will carry my precious son's heart in my heart forever. 
I love you sweet the moon and back!  Love Mom xoxo

Christmas blanket from Aunt Paula

Shared by Tamara Bod on June 2, 2021
Niel's Aunt Paula wrote  this memory down for us at Niel's Celebration of life:

Two years ago, I made lap blankets for Christmas.  I made them for everyone. Niel didn't know that I had made him one, so on Christmas morning when he opened his gift...he was thrilled!  He told me that he loved his new blanket, and he gave me lots of big hugs and kisses!  He told me it was his new best blanket, and that just melted my heart!  

Love Aunt Paula

Mother's Day Present

Shared by Tamara Bod on May 5, 2021
Ten years ago, Niel and Nick got me an epic Mother's Day present that I love so much!!!  They made me a book mark with pictures of them reading a book!  That was so like them...funny, crazy, loveable boys!  Together they were so hilarious!  I miss their teasing me together...they could be relentless!  When I would two are crazy...they would almost say in're crazy!  I was...crazy with love for these two!  

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