Posted by Paula Cummings on June 11, 2021
When Tammy made this website tribute for Niel I couldn’t put my adoration and love for Niel in words. Niel and his cousin Jake were two weeks apart at birth. These two boys were identical in personality, playfulness and mischievous. I can’t look at my son and not think of Niel and what a gigantic whole there is without that sweet boy Niel.

Some of my best memories was when Tammy, Niel and Courtney would pile up in a tiny truck to drive to Flaming Gorge for week of family fun. Two memories in particular come to my mind. The first was one year on our camping trip we got the boys cameo outfits because they were double trouble. They both had one leg of grandpa’s they were wrapped around. They hung on like super glue to his legs causing grandpas pants to come down more than they should. Of course they told grandpa they got him. They were maybe three or four at the time. The other memory was again at flaming Gorge camping, aunt Susie came up with an idea to paint sweat shirts l using the grape as the character. So these two had squirt gun grape kids on their tee shirts. It turned out they got squirt guns and not the little ones. They were super loaders. So at every turn, and when you least expect it you’d get a drenching from the boys. What were us as adults thinking??

Niel came to visit me and my husband in Florida for a week with his girlfriend. He had just gotten Max his dog who I called humps lot!! So being the aunt I was I took inventory of his girlfriend for his mom and had nothing good to say about her. In fact she kept insulting Niel!! She was with a man she didn’t deserve!! So I told Tammy my opinions and worries, not thinking it was a group text with his mom and me, I reported my issues. Tammy told me Niel read everything!! I was paralyzed with concern he’d be offended and wouldn’t want to stay with me anymore. As it turned out he agreed with my evaluation and hugged me and told me he was glad I had his back. Not mad at me at all!!
Niel grew up to a beautiful soul, handsome and I’ve always said his father had to be George Clooney, and lovable. He always made me fill loved and adored. His smile lit up the room, his sense of humor was epically funny, his caring and compassion was who he was in his heart. He had a love for Tammy that was unique and so special. Definitely a mamas boy. He loved Bruce so much he changes his last name to Bod. My heart breaks because he left this world to early! He had great and wonderful things and accomplishments to do. He is one soul that was loved and adored by all who had the honor to have him in his life.
I know he’s in Heaven with his grandpa whom he adored so much. Niel your aunt Paula loves and misses you greatly!
Posted by Jacob Rohrer on June 4, 2021
I met Niel when I was young enough to not remember how old I was. Every chance I got to see him he was always brimming with joy, smiling, and laughing. He’ll forever be missed.
Posted by Kristi Charaba on May 23, 2021
Oh what a special guy Niel was! He had a way with really connecting with people. Whenever you were with him you really felt like he saw you and he got you.

I met Niel when he was about 12. And have been a close family friend since.

I was lucky enough to get to be included in Friday’s on the lake with the Bod family. What a good time that was. Niel was always so fun and personable. My son Cameron would come and even though Niel was with his friends he always took time to make my son feel welcome and included. He was quite something on the wake board and tubes as well. He was fun to watch.

I absolutely loved the relationship him and his mom Tammy had. It was so sweet how close they were and how much they loved each other. Niel would download songs and send to her expressing how special she was to him. It melted my heart.  Since My son was younger I looked up to their special bond hoping someday I may have a fraction of that with my son. They were such a great role model and inspiration .

One of my fondest memories is when Niel was in high school and the mascot for the school. There was a special pep assembly he was performing in at school so his mom and I and another friend all went to the school to watch him do his thing as the FW eagle. He was so excited we all came and gave us lots of attention while there. Most teenagers would be embarrassed if their mom and her friends showed up but not him. He made us all feel so special and welcome. That’s just the kinda of guy he was. He could make you feel like you were the only one that mattered.

I also loved the one on one time I would get as his dental hygienist after his mom retired. We would have some great conversations really getting to dig deep and connect on a deeper level.

Niel Bod was a special guy, loved by many and there is a huge void in this world without him.

RIP sweet Niel.
Posted by Dennis Bod on May 12, 2021
I have so many great memories I would like to share with you such as Father's Day at Safeco Field (T-Mobile Park). I asked the boys what did they get their Dad for Father's Day? They looked at one another and said nothing.  I told them don't you think you should buy him something? Both of them look at one other and said they had no money. I offer them my credit card and told them to go over to the customer counter and pick something out. A few minutes later they returned all smiles and proud as punch.  They brought Bruce a "club jacket: which I think he still has. They promised to me pay back later with chores and odd jobs around the house.

Another memory I had with Niel was Easter Sunday. We use to have a Easter
Sunday egg hunt before breakfast. It started with me hiding 100 eggs with a 
slip of paper inside saying either $ .50, $1, $5, & $10. This required a lot of Duck tape for holding the eggs to the bottom of chairs , tables, etc. Anyway, it's a good way to clean the basement. Everyone competed with each other for who got the most money. Of course they never found them all (ha-ha) The Easter Bunny had the last laugh.

As the years passed, Niel moved around a lot but he never changed from his fun loving ways. I always kidded him about his long hair and beard. This was just a way of showing him I envied him. He lived life to the fullest with no regrets and all his wishes fulfilled. I wish we all could say that.
Posted by Tamara Bod on March 23, 2021
On September 3rd, 2020 we lost our precious son Niel. Our hearts are broken without him. Niel is loved profoundly and missed more than words can say.  Niel was, and will always be a cherished blessing in our lives. He had his own special brand of sunshine, and if you knew him…you loved him. Niel had a way of making everyone feel special. That was his superpower…he loved with his whole heart. We will forever miss his radiant smile and the warmth of his vibrant soul. He was and will always be a beloved son and brother…a treasured grandson, nephew, and cousin…and a special friend. Niel was friends with everyone; he could make friends easily and usually did. We would often see him talking to a stranger like they were life-long friends. When asked how he knew this person, he would say that he didn’t…he had just met them. That was our boy! Niel was welcoming to all…everyone was worthy of being his friend. People were drawn to his warmth and good nature. He was so very loved and cherished by his family and friends. On this site we will do our best to share with you Niel’s love of life, his beautiful story, his sense of humor, his amazing heart, and his wonderful soul. There are so many things Niel loved…his “fam”, his little brother Nick, his puppy Max, his friends, celebrating holidays and birthdays, SPORTS of any kind, his COUGS, his Seahawks, traveling, FOOD, holidays, boating, wakeboarding, snowboarding, music, and going on any adventure. He loved life and lived to the fullest. Our sweet son is with his beloved grandpa and his dog Max now. I know that heaven is a more joyful place with him in it. Niel blessed this world and blessed our family more that we could ever tell you…but we will try with stories and pictures of him on this site. If you love and adore Niel like we do, please add your stories here. The only relief from the loss of our son is sharing him with others and having them share back with us. Forever missed but never forgotten. Love always sweet man. 

A Mother’s Tribute:
Every single day I will keep all the wonderful memories of Niel tucked deeply in my heart. His beautiful smile, his sweet nature, his wicked sense of humor, his joyful laugh, and his kind and compassionate heart will all be profoundly missed for as long as I live. I will forever honor him and remember what a sacred blessing it was to be his mom. Niel and I would always say to each other…I love you to the moon and back. That was our special way of expressing how much we loved each other. Niel brought overwhelming joy to me the moment I held him when he was only eight days old. Although he was adopted, Niel could not have been more loved than if I had given birth to him myself. When I looked into those big brown eyes, his little soul spoke to my heart, and I felt the bond of mother and son cement into place. That bond is what holds me up through this most unbearable loss. I’m not sure what I did to be so blessed to have been his momma, but I will be eternally grateful for the honor that was given to me. Niel was a pure bundle of joy as a baby! He smiled and laughed most all the time and was easily comforted when he did cry. Growing up, he remained the same happy soul and was a never-ending source of joy to our family. We called him “Buddy” because he was our buddy. I took him everywhere and he was such a good little guy…never cross…always happy. I called him my sunshine boy…he was so loving and affectionate. When Niel was a teenager he was a self-proclaimed momma’s boy and proud of it. How I loved that! The teenage years can be challenging, but with Niel, it was pure joy! As Niel grew into manhood, he stayed true to his nature; he was a fun-loving happy soul with a beautiful smile! What a treasure he was and will always be! How can I say good-bye to my Baby Niel, my Buddy, my sunshine boy, and my cherished son? I can’t, so I will say…I love you to the moon and back sweet man. You’re my heart Bud…you will be forever missed…until I see you again. Love Mom XOXO

A Father’s Tribute:
I first met Niel when he was 4. I was playing flag football against his mom and he was sitting on the sideline being such a good boy. I was shocked at how well behaved a 4-year-old could be. While dating his mom I felt like I spent as much time with Niel as I did Tammy. He was just so easy going and fun; being around him was a joy. We loved getting Little Caesars/Round Table pizza, Slurpee’s, and just about anything else that was bad for us. Shhhhhh! Don’t tell mom. He played soccer, football, and baseball while he was growing up. He loved every minute of it except one time playing soccer when the coach put him in at goalie. It was cold, rainy, and windy. He never got any action and by the end of the game I could see him crying because he was so cold. It broke my heart to see that, so I opened my coat, brought him in and held him tight to get him warm. That was the moment I knew he was my boy, my buddy, my pal. We had a tradition growing up of going out to breakfast the first day of school each year and then driving the kids to school for a picture of the first day. While all the kids loved the breakfast, Niel was the only one who loved getting his picture taken at school, even up to his senior year. He did not care what anyone thought seeing mom and dad taking pictures. Niel loved helping me with projects and learning how to do just about anything I was doing. Well, until high school and then he just wanted to be with his friends and sleep. Even up to the last year of his life he was helping me with projects like remodeling the Master Bathroom. He was such a great help, but he was a bit slow. We always laughed about that. I would try to rush through things and make mistakes and he would just be slow and steady. I would tease him that if he were going any slower, he would be going backwards. He would just remind me that going slow took the same amount of time as doing it twice like me. I would always start my conversations with him “hey buddy,” and he would always say “hey my man!” The very last text I received from him the day before he passed away was “Thanks my man!” 
I love you Buddy and I miss you more than you could ever imagine!  Dad

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