This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Nigel Frazer, 50 years old, born on June 18, 1962, and passed away on August 1, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Dave Goodenough on August 2, 2020
Always Remembered - Dave
Posted by Dave Goodenough on August 1, 2019
Always thinking when this day comes up, that I will do my best - to keep the remembrance going with the others who lives you were involved in.

Still gone to soon mate - Dave
Posted by Norma Frazer on June 19, 2019
Another birthday, another painful year. I can't send you a card but I can send all of my love. My heart breaks afresh with every birthday and anniversary. I can only hope you are truly at peace and know how very much you are loved and missed by all of us who you left behind.
All of my love--Mum x x❤️❤️
Posted by pam gallagher on June 19, 2019
Dearest darling Niggy, another birthday rolls around and our love and sorrow has not diminished. You are with us every single day in our thoughts and conversations, I still find myself unable to comprehend and accept the loss of you my darling sweetheart, my heart aches with regret and sadness, you are not forgotten, I miss you terribly. All my love to you brother. Pam xxxx
Posted by pam gallagher on August 2, 2018
My darling brother, you are still with me and my memories of you are just as strong as ever, time has not diminished the cherished memories i have of you; your voice, your sense of humour, your wisdom, your outlook on life, so many times I have wondered what Niggy would have done, and often your words come into my mind immediately; often making me laugh too! You will never ever fade away with time, your presence is a real force, you come up in our conversations every single day, you have not been forgotten my sweetheart, I love you with all my heart, you are the best brother in the universe, you leave behind a legacy of high standards and a sense of humour; a great combination. We feel sad that Mary's beautiful son Jonathon is without great Punkle Niggy and often talk about what you would call him. We came up with "little fatty" and then you would point at me and say "big fatty", we miss you terribly and I will apologise properly for not being there for you in your time of need and taking you for granted when I get up there one day, until then, my presence is required down here as I am now a Nanny to little Jonathon who has brought us much joy; tempered by the sadness of not having you in his life. Until we meet again my beautiful, I love you, Pam.

You left six years ago today
six weeks, six months six years is all the same they say,
tears stain like a regretful tatoo,
our heart still ache at the loss of you
still hard to comprehend your'e gone
we often ask “where was he from?”
recalling the tapestry of this unique man
honouring your legacy as best we can
This hurts, its hard, we can't go on
but somehow we do and the day goes on
Your wisdom, your humour, your memories prevail
and we all push on under the widows veil.
Posted by Ian Frazer on August 2, 2017
Rise up with wings like eagles.. you run, but not grow weary.
Remember you pointing that U2 lyric out to me. Will never forget that. Miss ya bruva, but your always with me
Posted by Mary Gallagher on August 2, 2017
Missing u so much my beautiful, not a day has passed by without missing u. Words fail me when it comes to describing just how beautiful and special u r. I'm so lucky to have had all your love and support growing up. I could not have had a better role model, best friend, listening ear and gentle sole to be my advisor on navigating my way through school bullies, unfair teachers, rude co workers and bosses and boys. I will never ever forget ur warm embrace and will never let u go again when I get up there so just u be ready to dedicate eternity to hugging ur neice!! Till we meet again my beautiful, rest in peace, all of my love, Mary
Posted by pam gallagher on August 1, 2017
Time will never diiminish our sorrow, pain and immense love for our beautiful brother, son, uncle. Every day, every month, every year, we remember him with love. God guide you home my brother, peace to you now.
Posted by Norma Frazer on August 1, 2017
Rest in peace sweetheart.I just miss you more than you could imagine and will love you for as long as I live.
One day we will all be together again.Until that blessed day,be happy and at peace
God Bless x x x x
Posted by Jewel Hall on June 18, 2017
Unfortunately I didn't get to meet you but I know you were deeply loved by all who knew you. Sending little Angel Wing messages. Love to all and a special hug to your precious Mother. I know you are just beyond the curtain.
Posted by Norma Frazer on June 17, 2017
As yet another birthday rolls around ,I still struggle to come to terms with losing you.All I can hope is that you are reunited with Dad,Nanny and Pop,,and Peter,and that you are truly at peace and celebrating your birthday with them all .I can't give you a card or gift but I CAN send you all of my love and a piece of my heart.You will ALWAYS have that.
I miss you so very much and the sadness never leaves me.I Love you with all my heart Darling Son.and long for the day when we can be together again.
God Bless you Nigel
Forever loved
Mum x x x x
Posted by Sonja Lee Martin on August 1, 2016
Loving Memories of a Special Man. Beautiful Nigel. Forever Young. Gone Too Soon.XXX Forever.
Posted by pam gallagher on July 31, 2016
Darling brother, you are with me every single day, the four years that have passed have done nothing to diminish my sorrow and grief, I miss you so very much, I adored you then, I adore you still, your laughter often permeates my thoughts, especially when something funny happens, or sometimes I imagine what advice you would give me if you were here. Your love for my children was un-surpassed, we miss you and treasure the memories we have of you. We speak of you so often, you are never far away from our conversation. I know you by heart. Your sister forever and ever x
Posted by paula gerrard on July 31, 2016
It is so v hard to put into words , expressions of comfort,remembrance etc and find it enough to suffice such loss and heartache. The world needs joy big smiles laughter more than ever before. Thank you Nigel for bringing so much of that into each of our lives. Your joy and love for life is missed, cherished and an ongoing inspiration- From Paula and Col and family
Posted by Norma Frazer on July 30, 2016
As yet another anniversary comes around ,it's sooo hard to think 4 years have passed since I lost my precious Son.It hurts today Nigel just as it hurt on that terrible day when my heart was broken.
We gathered here today to celebrate the life of a much loved Son Brother and Uncle.You will always be in my heart ,and my prayers ,and I hope you are now at peace darling Son and safe in Gods tender care
I'll love you for ever,and I gain comfort from the belief that we WILL be reunited one day.Today is the hardest of all days
All my love
Mum X X X X
Posted by Sue Blainey on June 17, 2016
Dear Norma and Pam what a wonderful memorial page for our beloved 'Niggy'. He was one of the most beautiful-est souls I have ever known. Always thinking of others, trying to make others at ease and important. Just seeing him for a few minutes would brighten up my day.  Everyone was drawn to him and he was loved by so many. Our whole family will never forget him. I know Niggy will live in our hearts forever. He is waiting for you - he will never leave you and until then I will be at your side walking this hard road. Remember all the wonderful times and all the amazing laughs. He would want that. Love you all so much.
Posted by paula gerrard on June 16, 2016
Remembering you Nig- if I had to sum you up in one word, it would be Sunshine. That is such an honourable legacy, and one we continue to see buoyant in the welcoming smiles and laughter of others. It seems apt to light a candle as testimony to someone who always will be remembered for brightening many a heart
Posted by Adele Dewar on June 16, 2016
Happy Birthday Nigel.....
You are soaring free among the angels and 4 years past, we celebrate your life. 
Posted by Jewel Hall on June 16, 2016
Norma, what a sweet and handsome son. I know you miss him desperately and I sure can understand that. What a precious mother he has, a lady I love, respect, and adore. May the beauty of this wonderful son always walk by your side. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Love you....Jewel
Posted by Marty Chavers on June 16, 2016

I wish we had met. But instead I met your Mum through you. You see she understood what I was going through a year ago and she became a sister Mom who held me up when I entered into our worst nightmare. I hope you have met my son, Michael, and y'all (yep from Louisiana) are as close as your Mum and I. Please take a moment and share a piece of Heaven, yourselves, with us. We will forever keep you in our hearts and prayers. Until we meet. ♪♫Happy Earth Birthday♪♫

Marty Chavers
Posted by Dave Goodenough on June 16, 2016
I dont know what to say, apart from the guy I went to school with, who had the biggest smile, who loved the Band called Kiss, who was the first person I knew from England, and that amazing Accent. Iam glad our Parents knew each other, Just Sad, that when I went to see how you were, you went went too soon.  I keep in touch with your Mum. Until the time we meet again. Dave and my Family Theresa and Chantel.
Posted by Maree Carley on June 16, 2016
Hey birthday boy, cheers to a drink on the 18th & a huge happy birthday to you! Geez, where's that nearly 4 years gone, it seems like just yesterday. You're a great man with so much love. You're a loving son, loving brother, loving uncle & loving friend to so many. There's a piece of you still dear to my heart & it will always remain there. Hope you're still bashing those drums, think of you often. Fly high handsome! Loving hugs & thoughts to you & your family xx
Posted by pam gallagher on June 15, 2016
This memorial page is dedicated in proud and loving memory to Nigel Leonard Frazer who left us all heartbroken on July 30th 2012. The effects of his passing continue to permeate our lives today as the ebb and flow of our sorrow shifts with the passage of time. Nigel has been described by his peers as inspiring, brave, unique, respectful, talented, creative, funny, generous….I could go on. To me he was one of the beautiful people, a man with the common touch who could talk to anybody, a man of the people. As a brother he was simply loved and adored. As an uncle, treasured, respected. A son – loved beyond measure. As Nigel’s birthday and anniversary roll around once again, we hope you will join us by adding your thoughts, pictures, poems or otherwise in honour of this beautiful man. Lest we forget.
Posted by Paula Hamer on June 15, 2016
Another birthday Nigel remembering you God bless xx

John and Paula.
Posted by Fran Holmes on June 15, 2016
We knew each other as kids and I wish that we had met as adults. I only know you by the void you have left in your mum's being. Her strength while coping with your loss and memories are an inspiration. I know that her love for you and her faith keep her going until you both meet again. Blessings to you from us.
Posted by Norma Frazer on June 14, 2016
As another Birthday approaches my Darling Son,we remember you with so much love.My heart was broken beyond repair the day you left us behind.I hope you have found Dad Eric,Nanny and Pop and Peter and that you will be celebrating with them all.You will be forever in my heart and I pray you have found peace at last ,safe in Gods loving care.
God bless you my precious Son
I'll love you until the day I leave this place and can see you again
Mum x x x x
Posted by Pearl Parkinson on June 14, 2016
Remembering you always with love Nigel. Rest in peace. God Bless.

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Posted by Dave Goodenough on August 2, 2020
Always Remembered - Dave
Posted by Dave Goodenough on August 1, 2019
Always thinking when this day comes up, that I will do my best - to keep the remembrance going with the others who lives you were involved in.

Still gone to soon mate - Dave
Posted by Norma Frazer on June 19, 2019
Another birthday, another painful year. I can't send you a card but I can send all of my love. My heart breaks afresh with every birthday and anniversary. I can only hope you are truly at peace and know how very much you are loved and missed by all of us who you left behind.
All of my love--Mum x x❤️❤️
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