Posted by Wk Yam on July 26, 2021
Dear El,

You know what? I'm so grateful to have you and so glad knowing you.
You always there when I need, listen to all problems without judgemental.
You were such a great soul and you have done your best as a friend.
I will pray for your happiness there, may Allah give the best place for you and grant you the highest jannah.
It's really hard for me to accept this and I will try my best. You will be missed El, you will forever in my prayers and my heart.
I love you, El.
Posted by Wk Yam on July 26, 2021
You have been a pillar of strength to me and to everyone. One who is selfless, always look after and care for each other, comfort us with kind words and loved by everyone.
I am grateful to have known you. Thank you for everything you have done, giving me the best memories that I will treasure, sharing moments together.
I will forever long for your advice, your company, jokes, laughs. May Allah repay all your kindness and good deeds, placing you the highest rank in jannah and ease your journey. I will always remember you and I love you.

Posted by Wk Yam on July 26, 2021
I contemplated so long about writing this. It's as if by doing so, I'm admitting that you are gone. And I'm not ready to admit just that.

Elena, you were one of the kindest and selfless people I know. Allah knows what you have been through, and surely He knows what's best for you and your family.

It would be crushing to get back in office, knowing that you're not going to be there, in your cubicle, with your colored sweater, and your endless supply of snacks...but I know you're in much better place...

Rest well, my friend..I will keep your memories close to my heart...
Love you, Wanie
Posted by Wk Yam on July 26, 2021
Just like your colourful dress and shoes, you add colours and vibrance to my life. You are the best friend I could ever ask for, and you’ll always be. It’s hard to put what I feel for you in words. You will always be in my heart, sweet, loving, caring, kind, selfless, and supportive Elena. I will always keep you in my prayers.
Posted by Wk Yam on July 26, 2021
Elena is the best lecturer we’ve ever known. A truly good person with a big heart. Our forever best friend, who was always there for us. We will cherish our memories forever. We love and will miss you El - Salina.
Posted by Wk Yam on July 26, 2021
Dear Elena,

Your passing was indeed a rude shock for me.
I cannot believe you are no longer with us anymore on 21st July 2021 as we just communicated a few days back regarding your vaccination experience.

Your easy going attitude will always be missed,
Your laughter will always be our pillars of strength,
Your voice with typical accent will always be remembered,
Your smile will always be the sunshine of our school,
Your cooperation and hardwork in making sure our program run smoothly will never be forgotten.

You cried when others left us but your absence will always leave a void in our life.
Rest in peace, Elena.....

Lee Tze Yan
Posted by Wk Yam on July 26, 2021
Woke up with the most unexpected news that I lost you, El
07.21 My day is colorless
I am not ok
There is nothing I can do
I wished all these are just nightmares
I wanted to go back to my sleep wishing everything can undo
But your news and our memories filled everywhere
Smack on me this is reality
You have long gone until I realized
For what we have gone through together, I am thankful and I truly treasured a lot!
For who and where I am now, I am lucky to have met you!
You helped me build a better inner-self, you supported my dreams!
You would never imagine your words and your influence lasts a lifetime to me!
May you rest in peace in God’s loving arm.
My prayers will always be with you.


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