Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush
I am the swif
  • 40 years old
  • Born on March 29, 1975 in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, United States.
  • Passed away on June 14, 2015 in Desert Hot Springs, California, United States.

Nikolas Samouhos, 40, son, brother, friend, adventurer of Ridgefield Park, NJ, passed tragically on June 14, 2015. Sadly missed by his parents, Dionysios Samouhos and Eva-Maria Samouhos. Loving brother of George & Elena Samouhos. Cherished uncle and nephew.

Visitation at McCorry Brothers, 780 Anderson Avenue, Cliffside Park, NJ, 07010, on Monday June 22, 2015, from 2-4 & 6-8PM. Interment to follow on Tuesday June 23, 2015 in Fairview Cemetery, Fairview, NJ - we will meet at the McCorry Brothers funeral home at 9:30am. 

For more information about services see the McCorry Brothers site.

Instead of sending flowers, please donate to charity please.  

Posted by Andrew Reineke on 14th June 2018
We all miss you Nik.. You are always in our thoughts and hearts.. Much Love.. Your cousin Andrew and kids
Posted by KC Mitsui on 13th July 2017
Two years & a month after the day before your last, when I last heard from you in an earthly way, I finally gathered enough determination and verve to look and read through all posts and pictures with their great and touching stories to tell on your memorial site.   It was an experience in itself, a good one, bringing at times a teary eye or an appreciative smile.  How frequently same outstanding personality traits by the people who grew up with you, or those who met you before me, and those during the years I knew you, were noted and admired, in different ways and words; this was one of many things in what I read positive and reaffirming. Recently having heard from someone who lost their in life partner, I understand it took four years to do the same and read through a similar site for their partner.  Keeping this in mind, also brings me to think I'm not alone and can be understood on this road of missing your love. And with love, once from love that lasts, as we knew and so still know, come what may, stirs and warms from its thriving where it began, those years ago, without fading.
Posted by Elena Samouhos on 14th June 2017
I left a s'mores for you by the fire pit and a beer in the fridge. Honey Badger says "Hiiiiii". Pip Squeak, Half Pint and Baby Cakes too. 2 years without you is so very hard. I miss you. We all miss you.
Posted by Injeet Singh on 14th June 2017
We all miss you man..Wish you were here.
Posted by Andrew Reineke on 14th June 2017
Nik... The kids and I are missing you very much, we talk about the times we had together and the things we did together.. We all love you very much and sadness of your passing is still overwhelming.. Love, your cousin and friend Andrew, Austin, Kirsten, Skyler and Zak...
Posted by Frank Zhang on 14th September 2016
A glaring message entry appeared in our whatsapp group chat today, Nik Samouhos left. Even though he left the world, and us, more than a year ago, it felt like he was still with us in our group chat. We toasted to his birthday, mourned his passing in the chat, as if he could still hear us. When the carrier finally reassigned his number to someone else and that person left our group chat, it feels like another piece of him got pulled from our memories. We miss you my brother, I know you're watching over us. We visited your home land this year as promised, and we'll bring the memories of you with us everywhere we go. Cheers to you my brother, rest in peace!
Posted by KC Mitsui on 10th July 2016
Nik's family member wrote a message for Nik she wanted to share. I asked to share it where all others of his family and all who love Nik could read it & the reply was of course (I think it's the sweetest) .... .... To my love Niko. We are missing you, but I know you are together with Dennis and your other cousins. I love you, Argyrios, and everyone here.
Posted by Michelle Garcia on 22nd June 2016
My Meli, I regret not taking a lot of pictures of us. Remember when you bought me a camera for my birthday? Thinking now how I didn’t see the significance. This is one of the things I will forever regret. We had done so many things during our short lived bond which is embedded in my memory as well as in my heart, but it would have been nice to see the pictures. But what gives me some sort of comfort is that I have a few cherished ones. We also shared feelings about a future for you and me which included a family. I had children already, in which you had welcomed with open arms, but I was willing to have yours. I had always wondered if you had children and always hoped for that. I also regret not reaching out to you, just to tell you that I was sorry. I’d figured one day, I thought I had all the time in the world. It was not to rekindle what we had, but to say sorry I wasn’t able to handle the love you gave me. You know when something is too good to be true Meli? Well that was us! It was too perfect and I just didn’t know how to handle that. I’ve made a mess out of things and for that I will be forever sorry. I hope you know now what my true intentions were. “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” – Alfred Lord Tennyson
Posted by George Samouhos on 17th June 2016
It was an incredible and exhausting journey for me to go about collecting my brother’s belongings, documenting them and safely storing them. The joy and sorrow, inspired by the reflection I saw of him in each item, was priceless. Please paste the link on the bottom of this post into a new tab in your browser to access the photo archive of Nik’s Belongings… I am sure Nik is pleased with the care and affection shown while organizing his things and I am sure he is happy to know we are making them available to friends and family anywhere in the world.... for keepsakes or needs. Please go through the photos. Zoom in on them. If you see something that triggers a memory, makes your heart skip a beat or can be put to good use... then please post your thoughts and comments in dropbox or get in touch with me via email and let me know. Please forward this post or email it to anyone of Nik's friends or family you feel would benefit and please stay in touch by subscribing to this memorial site or emailing me at -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Posted by KC Mitsui on 14th June 2016
Unbelievable. A year passed since I heard your voice Nik-san, at least say anything new. There’s a recording or two, memories, and you have shown us where to start to get to our better selves too. Then there's what's in our hearts of our true love, and that’s from where we could never part.
Posted by Frank Zhang on 14th June 2016
A year went by fast, a lot of things have changed, and a lot of things remained the same. I'm sure you're up there watching over all of us, beer in hand and a smile on your face. I miss you brother, wish you were still with us.
Posted by Tim Egan on 23rd May 2016
Family and Friends will be gathering to share memories, love and support in remembrance of Nikolas Samouhos. Arms are open wide to all those that knew Nik as a family member or friend. Please let us know if you will be joining us so that we can ensure a comfortable gathering. Date: June 18th, 2016 Time: Noon Where: Fairview Cemetery (500 Fairview Ave, Fairview, NJ 07022; off 1&9 in Bergen County) Afterwards: Kaname Japanese Restaurant (783 Palisade Ave, Cliffside Park, NJ 07010) - Nik’s local favorite for Sake, where the doors will be open from 1PM to 4PM. POST AFTERWARDS PARTY: BEER-B-Q @ Nik's House - 7 Webster St, Ridgefield Park NJ. 6pm+ ALL NIGHT, just like Nik would want. If you need a spot to sleep, buy a tent. Again, like Nik would. Or a hammock. Or an RV. Yeah, like Nik would. Please just tell Tim, or Vinnie if you'll be staying over. Please pass on the invitation and make sure to contact Friends and Family that are not using the internet. We look forward to seeing all of you. Please continue to contribute your memories and tributes at: Please use the link here to RSVP. Thank you.
Posted by KC Mitsui on 2nd April 2016
So I have definitely been out of sorts Niku-san during this birthday week of yours. I've been putting down thoughts for a while, some over months since June, but our memories were over and what last for years. Look under "Stories" to find some of these memories. I'll keep looking up at the stars where you are, and what have put us both in awe looking up when together here on earth.
Posted by Lewis Paffile on 30th March 2016
I still find myself picking up the phone to text you. You're sadly missed, my friend.
Posted by Andrew Reineke on 29th March 2016
Happy birthday Nik.. You are really missed, it's still very difficult for all of us to grasp.. Love, your cousin Andrew....
Posted by Kelly Durante-O'Leary on 29th March 2016
Happy Birthday in Heaven Nik!!
Posted by Sean Volin on 11th November 2015
I have difficulty with the words to express the sorrow I feel even now having learned of your passing. The childhood memories we shared are some of the most incredible I have. Years and growing up filled with laughter and lessons learned. You are one of the smartest people I have met and yet we still did some of the stupidest things imaginable. Like the time we rode our bicycles (at 12 or 13yrs old) from Cliffside to Lyndhurst and back on Route 1 & 9 and Route 3 (no sidewalks or shoulders) not to mention getting separated on the way home, getting totally lost and ending up in Jersey City. So many more memories flooding my mind. I will keep them ready for when we meet again. Until then, you will be missed my friend. Rest peacefully.
Posted by Ana Maria Castro on 2nd August 2015
...Suddenly everything becomes so simple that scary. We lose the needs, the luggage is reduced. The opinions of others, are really of others, even if they are over us;It does not matter. We abandon the certainties that we are no longer sure of anything, and we do not need. We live by what we feel. Stop judging because there is no longer good or bad, but rather the life that chose each. Finally we understand that all that matters is to have peace and quiet, to live without fear, it is to do what gladdens the heart at that moment. And nothing more. When we discovered all that is when the full satisfaction arrives. The real true happiness :) .... I'll be forever grateful to you, everything you taught me and all that we live, you were perfect. Love you
Posted by KC Mitsui on 15th July 2015
My family wrote to me this message and for your family: “So sorry for your loss. I believe Nik will be watching over you from heaven. You will always be loved by him. Our whole family sends their love and condolences. Take care, one day at a time! With love”, via KC (and as Nik and immediate family knows me, Kimii) …. My family loves Nik, and his heart.
Posted by Frank Zhang on 22nd June 2015
I still remember meeting up with you in the lobby of the hotel in Vegas on Saturday and you said to me: just like old times man! I still can't believe that was the last time I got to see you, but I'm glad I did. You will be missed my brother, may you rest in peace.
Posted by Greg Torbick on 22nd June 2015
Though I didn't know Nik well, I was always impressed with his generosity and his good will towards all. Look at these pictures. Here is a man who LIVED. Such a spirit is in too short supply these days. The world is a less bright place without him. He will be missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him.
Posted by Anatoly Miller on 21st June 2015
Nik, I speak for many of your friends and former colleagues when I say we were devastated by the news of your passing. Your thirst for life and adventure was legendary and you followed your dreams with complete fearlessness. Despite all you had seen and done, you carried yourself with a simple humility and gentleness that touched so many people and made for countless friendships all over the world. "Go big" you would often say, part challenge, part exhortation. I will always think of you when I hear these words and remember your example of a life lived to the fullest. To Nik's family and friends, My deepest condolences and sympathies. I hope there is some measure of comfort in knowing that this truly exceptional person will be remembered by so many.
Posted by Joe Mitchko on 19th June 2015
Nik, I enjoyed the few times we got to hang out, and I greatly admired your adventurous spirit. I know that you would agree with me in my belief that a great life should be celebrated and not mourned, and that is what I will do. I will live as well as I can every day, and always try to keep your memory alive. Cheers, my friend.
Posted by Jose Fernandez on 19th June 2015
“I am always saddened by the death of a good person. It is from this sadness that a feeling of gratitude emerges. I feel honored to have known them and blessed that their passing serves as a reminder to me that my time on this beautiful earth is limited and that I should seize the opportunity I have to forgive, share, explore, and love. I can think of no greater way to honor the deceased than to live this way.” Nik, I learn so much from you at work until this day i still mention your name in my current job. Thanks for being an inspiration to me and for becoming my friend. This is not a goodbye its see you later... RIP
Posted by Linda Sorbera on 19th June 2015
How can a light so bright go out so soon. Every time I saw you you had an energy around you that just drew people to you. And a warmth and genuine love for life. I remember going with Sean to meet you in the city - sometimes with Charlie- and the night was always just starting for you guys no matter how late it was. I didn't know you that well. But this news has hit me deeply, partly because of the impact on your family who I love, and partly because the world has definitely lost some light and we all feel a bit of the darkness. Rest in peace Nik.
Posted by Cesar Anthony on 18th June 2015
Had a crazy good time with you and friends in DR last year, may you rest in peace, always
Posted by Rosendo Garcia on 18th June 2015
My thoughts and prayers with the Samouhos family. "God's plan for him is better that ours... someday we`ll know"
Posted by Grisell Cruz on 18th June 2015
Nik, you will always hold a special place in our hearts. Your east side family will miss you much. We will fondly remember sharing holidays and just chatting the night away at Francisco's.. RIP dear brother we will always keep your memory alive in our hearts
Posted by Lewis Paffile on 18th June 2015
No more texts from around the world and cocktails at our favorite dive bar. You were a good friend and I pray you're climbing some fantastic mountain or snowboarding down an awesome run wherever you are. You are sadly missed, my friend. Rest in Peace...
Posted by Max Mueller on 18th June 2015
I am deeply saddened by the loss of one of the greatest members of our NJIT Fraternity. Nik was a man I looked up to heavily as a young member of the brotherhood. He was an outstanding role model. He was dedicated, skilled, knowledgeable, and capable both technically, morally, and in life experiences. When you were with him, you could see in his eyes and feel in his presence that he was there for you, that he sincerely cared about you as a friend, and that you yourself would be a better man for knowing him and emulating his energy. I will never forget my fraternity brother Nikolas Samouhos and what he taught me, first as a teacher, next as an equal, and forever as a friend. My sincerest condolences to the family of this great man, who have lost an irreplaceable part of their life.
Posted by Melissa Tesh on 18th June 2015
May each and every beautiful, loving, and sweet memory you've ever created Nik, live forever in the many hearts and souls you've so preciously touched...Your legacy and loving presence shall endure forever. May the promises of heaven....The strength of faith...The power of prayers cover everyone hurting during this time. God Bless and Keep You Forever.
Posted by Karin Leanti on 17th June 2015
Nik, you were such a wonderful friend! I will never forget the good times!!! RIP my friend, till we meet again.
Posted by David Merritt on 17th June 2015
Nik, I remember you from my younger days and when I saw this it just reinforced to me that life is short and you have to live it in such a manner that brings you joy. You will be missed my friend
Posted by Nicklas Hardman on 17th June 2015
Nik, my friend. I am so sad to to hear about your much to early passing. I remember our great nights out in Barcelona and the great days we had when you visited me and my family in Sweden. You will always be in our hearts. RIP Nik Nicklas, Sun and Philip
Posted by Day Lekic on 17th June 2015
My heart is heavy my friend. I will never forget your contagious smile and I am saddened at the thought of the world never witnessing it again but grateful to know I have the memory of it. RIP Nikki. You will never be forgotten.
Posted by Sutter Free on 17th June 2015
God bless and keep you Nik
Posted by Donna Cavallo on 16th June 2015
Our family has suffered way too much loss. I can barely breathe or even imagine that you are gone Nik. You were a kind soul. Although I didn't see you often, you were so full of positive energy and always put a smile on my face when we did see each other. I've been reading of your adventures on Facebook and it seems like you were quite the adventurer. I hope you have enjoyed your journey. Your family will feel forever broken without you. Love you!
Posted by Elena Samouhos on 16th June 2015
My beloved brother, what does my bleeding heart do with almost 39 years of memories? Tell me how to sleep at night after we shared a room with bunk beds for so many years. Who will hold my children's' hands on the way to school like you were supposed to when we went to kindergarten and first grade? Who will play epic games of Monopoly for 3 days straight with me? Ski with me for the first time, bear hug me, cheer for me after dance recitals, slurp mussels off the shells with Tabasco, dance to Depeche Mode and Cure, call me by ridiculous nicknames, watch the Santorini sunsets with me, race me out to the dock on the lake, protect my heart when it broke for the first time and each time thereafter... Pray tell me who will teach my children as you have for me? Live in the moment, believe that you can, laugh out loud, reach for the stars, be each other's heros. When you came to me last year down trodden and asked what you should do, I said to travel, fill your heart with everything you always imagined. You said you were afraid to go... Afraid to be alone. I smiled and waved my hand. 'You will never be alone. The traveling community will welcome you with open arms'. I'm so glad you actually listened- It was the happiest time of your life. You are everywhere and in everything around me. I love you always.
Posted by Mario Mendoza on 16th June 2015
Nik hosted me in NY last year and he made NY felt like home. Now I know heaven will have a great host and is becomed a better place ! Thanks my friend !
Posted by Christopher Scrivanich on 16th June 2015
Nik words can't describe how I feel. You left us too soon but your legend will live on forever. I know your smiling down on us from the heavens above. Untill we meet again friend! We will always have Vegas!
Posted by Arelis Abreu on 16th June 2015
Wow Nik we was just together in Las Vegas this past Saturday... I am in such disbelief that we all was just hanging out having a great time enjoying life .. You even requested "let's take a group picture" not knowing this picture was our last picture with you... May you RIP
Posted by Navnidh Dhani on 16th June 2015
My very first good friend in a new country, Nik. Always there for help and making sure you always have a good time with him. Learnt so much from him in short span of time we were together. I was devastated to hear the news. Always in my memories. Absolutely delighted to meet him in some time of my life. Absolute gem and that awesome humor. RIP, friend.
Posted by Joe Dangelo on 16th June 2015
Nik may you have peace and your family have strength during this time may you rest in eternal peace....
Posted by Leah Samouhos on 16th June 2015
Hold those you care about close to your heart. Never forget to tell them how much you love them because in an instant life changes and loss is experienced. Dearest cousin, I love you so much and always had fun with you. Rest easy ❤️ You were always there, year after year every Easter celebration from the time I was a little girl you were always there. The only regret I have is that I didn't get to see you more. I will always love you and I know you are around me forever.
Posted by Meryl Weintraub Samouhos on 16th June 2015
You may have only been my brother by marriage but you were 15 yrs old when I first met you and I watched you grow up and make your way in this world with your own unique spin on things and I've always thought of you and loved you as my little brother. You had a huge heart and you made this big Sis proud of all you'd accomplished. I think I'll miss your hugs most of all. Too soon little bro, way too soon!
Posted by Abraham Jacinto on 16th June 2015
Rest In Peace brother Nik. Condolences to the loved ones you leave behind. May the Almighty Father receive you in his home and join in eternity our friends who passed too suddenly. Your memories will live in our hearts and minds forever. Each time I remember you, I will always have a smile.
Posted by Shashi Rajasekaran on 16th June 2015
Nik, it was fun working with you, there was energy in our interactions right from an email to bar.. you will be missed buddy. Deepest condolences to your family. Rest in peace.
Posted by Alex Lankios on 16th June 2015
Dear Nikko, It was a real privilege working with you for 8+ years. I've always admired your passion to build things to perfection and never settle for mediocrity. You were always so vocal and influential to those around you. You will be truly missed. My deepest condolence to family and friends. Αναπαύσου εν ειρήνη.
Posted by Arkesh Tripathi on 16th June 2015
I enjoyed many wonderful years working with Nik. His love was evident in the care and detail he took in creating such balanced elements in his work. Condolences to his family. May god bless all his family,-- Arkesh.
Posted by Jason Acevedo on 16th June 2015
Nikko, can't even begin to express how much you will be missed dude. You taught me a lot while we worked together...technically, about the job it self and most importantly on how to balance it out. You were always smiles and we had a lot of good times. Will always have a spot for you in my heart Nikko!

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