Thank all of you that continue to remember our beautiful and talented daughter,Nina Marie. There is not a day that passes that I don't thank God for giving her to us, though brief as it was.

Jim and Nina Larkin
  • 45 years old
  • Born on November 18, 1968 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.
  • Passed away on October 1, 2014 in Amarillo, Texas, United States.

This site was created in celebration of our love, Nina Larkin Kalb, 45, born on November 18, 1968 and passed on October 1, 2014. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Rebecca Cohn on 22nd December 2018
Merry Christmas Nina in the Heavens! Give my parents hugs for me. Love and miss you!!
Posted by Rebecca Cohn on 1st October 2018
Thinking about you today Nina. I just posted your picture on my facebook profile. I've been thinking about you a lot and how warm and comforting you always were. Always missed and never forgotten! <3
Posted by Kat James on 21st November 2017
Nina! Thank you for reminding us that you are still with us in so many ways even when it hurt to not have you hear laughing out load with and hear you doing your funny "meorwww Meow meow". Love love love you. We all miss you sooooooo.
Posted by Rebecca Cohn on 20th November 2017
I look at this page a few times a year just to see you and your wonderful family tribute. Missed forever dear friend!!
Posted by Rebecca Ayverdi on 19th November 2017
On this day...a day after would have been your 49th Birthday, I left my home for work early dawn as the sun was rising in the background I was heading to SF, when a beautiful shining star fell from the sky! (Not kidding) now, that I see most be a sign from you and even greater symbolism of what you represent!
Posted by Kat James on 1st October 2017
You keep telling me it has just been days but for those of us heavily here it has been so so long without you here. I see you in so many ways that sometimes I flicker a moment where I think you are still here! Love you so. Thank you for reminding us that you hold us.
Posted by Lauren Parda on 13th April 2017
Nina, I met your father Jim today, and you are still the apple of his eye. It is clear that the lives that you touched while you were in this earth will live on forever! There is no better legacy than the power of touching others!
Posted by Kat James on 6th December 2016
Love you so. Thank you for holding us still and always taking our calls! Blessed
Posted by Kristie Prinz on 1st December 2016
I had Nina on my holiday card list and was looking for her address, since a prior card had been returned, when I came across this tribute. I am so very sorry about her loss. I had no idea she had passed shortly after I met her. She seemed so very full of life at that time. As a Vanderbilt graduate myself, how sad that she would pass on a trip back from my alma mater. My thoughts and prayers are with you in your loss.
Posted by Rebecca Ayverdi on 19th November 2016
Remember you from a child with a strong grew up to an even stronger woman! Still can't believe that you no longer are gracing us with your presence on earth. However, you are in spirit form in the heavens taking care of a lot of your loved ones on earth! Thank you, Angel.
Posted by Louise Just on 18th November 2016
Gone but never forgotten. Recognizing your Birthday.
Posted by James Larkin on 18th November 2016
Dear Nina Marie, Happy birthday today! Keith, Nicole and I had lunch today to remember the joy you brought into our lives. Your loss is one I have not yet fully accepted nor will I ever until we next meet on your side, I love you and think of you daily, Dad.
Posted by Yaji Tramontini on 18th November 2016
Happy birthday Neen. I still feel you with me. It doesn't compute that you're not here. Love you always.
Posted by Kat James on 29th September 2016
Not a day goes by that you do not continue to touch!! Love love love love love your light. And miss your standing here laughing and loving us
Posted by Louise Just on 18th November 2015
Our friendship was brief, but you left an impression. Thinking of you on what would've been your Birthday. Keeping you in my fond memories. I'm sure you are busy being everyone's guardian angel. I felt you there in the MRI tube. Thank you. XO
Posted by Heather Ribbs on 2nd October 2015
Hi Nina, Thank you for your beautiful beaming smile, for your friendship and sisterhood. thank you for the rainbow beam of light cast on the wall in a dark room in the early morning while I was meditating and needed to know that you were there. You are still an angel in my life and I am grateful that we crossed paths. Forever loved and remembeted, you live on in the memories and the Light that you are in my heart, Heather Ribbs
Posted by Jerika Steele on 1st October 2015
Doesn't seem like its been a year. I think of you each and every time I go to make a decision, its as if you are there in my head helping guide me down a better path, better than the one I might be inclined to travel down. I was taught that time heals all wounds but with your passing I learned that is not the case. I still cry, and I still wish I could hear you laugh just one more time when I would share one of my stories about what my cat did that day. You were the one that helped me, a self proclaimed rockaholic, see that the light at he end of the tunnel was not an oncoming train but it was a way up and out of the rabbit hole I found myself in. Complex PTSD sucks and everyday is a struggle but i know I will heal as a tribute to you...I will do it for me but you are my inspiration. Love you .Jerika.
Posted by Louise Just on 30th September 2015
Dear Nina, As this one year marker has come around, it's still hard to believe that your are no longer on this same vibration with us. I still have so many questions for you. I feel at peace that I got to thank you for some gifts you gave me, but I didn't get to thank you for the other lessons I was still yet to learn. You helped me carve out a new future for myself, and I'm forever thankful. When I was inside the MRI tube last month from being diagnosed with breast cancer, I felt a hand touch my hand inside the tube. Not once, not twice, but three times. As I struggled to stay perfectly still, my mind went to you immediately. It calmed me and made me smile while face down in there. It's so ironic that we both met at a cancer benefit a year and one month before your passing; and just shy of 12 months before my own diagnosis. It's crazy how life happens. All I know is that you had a pure true heart, and I'm happy that you got to share that with a solid and loving life-partner. Our prayers are also with Jeff on this one year mark. My prayers are with your friends and loved ones who still find themselves adrift without your loving guidance that only you had. Your are deeply loved and miss by so many. XOXO
Posted by Kat James on 16th July 2015
This is me calling you today like 1000 times before as if you have not transitioned to another place. I love you so and miss you love. Never good bye! "Just call me when it works best for you" as we would say. Love love love the love your brought and bring my life! Kisses
Posted by Michelle Arani on 12th May 2015
You are missed - I think of you frequently and still have trouble understanding how you could be here one minute and then gone the next.....
Posted by Allen James on 25th February 2015
I can't believe the Lord would take someone like Nina away from all of us. She was such a pleasure to be around and she made everybody smile. One reason why I think about her and never will forget her is the fact that when we dated some years ago she turned me on to shower gloves that I use every time I'm in the shower. There are other reasons too, but every time I use my gloves I think of Nina. I miss you Nina! R.I.P.
Posted by Stacey Reichert on 9th December 2014
Nina, I sit here with such a heavy and sad heart! You helped me in so many ways I cannot thank you enough! I called today to book an appt. its been about 6 months! I'm in Shock! I will miss you and your kindness and understanding but most of all your wonderful soul!! Thank you for your friendship and healing you gave to me! I will always think of you!
Posted by Susan Lehman on 20th November 2014
For those of you in the SF bay area- there is a nonprofit organization called KARA that offers grief support, drop in groups, etc. They are based in Palo Alto. 650.321.5272 or I've heard great things about them;)
Posted by Kat James on 19th November 2014
Dear Nina Marie, The pain of your loss continues and yet I believe you are with Mom and continuing to share the last 19 years of your life with her. I also know she now has the opportunity to tell you how proud she’s been of you with your accomplishments in your short life while here on earth. I’m going to celebrate what would have been your 46th birthday today very quietly with you in my own way this evening, I love you and Mom , Dad From: Jim Larkin
Posted by Eva Clark on 19th November 2014
Happy Birthday
Posted by Fran Miller on 18th November 2014
My darling friend, Nina Marie I celebrate your birthday by remembering all the birthdays that you celebrated at the Zalewski house. You were there for Jill's, Andy's and Brian's. We had a great time with you from the third grade on. You were a happy, dancing sprite who had a bright light wherever you were. We spent many fun Halloweens with you and your beloved Mother. May angels surround you and your Mom and know what an impact you made on so many lives. I love you and keep you in my heart!
Posted by Jeffrey Kalb on 18th November 2014
Baby, what an incredible gift you shared with me for 15 years. Today is YOUR heart aches for your touch, to hear your loving voice and to see your radiant smile. I miss you sooo much. My life will forever be changed because of you and all the joy you brought into my world. Happy Birthday Baby, I love you more than words can possibly express.
Posted by Renée Epstein on 18th November 2014
Happy Birthday, Nina Marie. You are so loved and so missed.
Posted by Jerika Steele on 15th November 2014 were the only one...what happened. I dont have the words to express how much pain I am were my therapist and a were the only one that did more than heard me and you helped me begin to heal. Losing you is something I don't know how to handle ....maybe one day I will hear you tell me what took you so soon but please know this. I remember everything you ever taught me and once I stop crying I will try very hard to breathe. I love u were my therapist and friend, I miss you.
Posted by Susan Lehman on 9th November 2014
This is the full message from Nina that I read in part at her Celebration: Nina Oct 23, 2014 I am here as we are here, always and forever one. We are the light, we are the oneness, we are God. We are all one. The dark and the light are simply one. Darkness is an illusion. Only light exists in its truest form. All else is illusion. As you saw dear Susan when the one you thought was me with the dull sad eyes crumbled away. As Archangel Michael said it is only a reflection, a projection of everyone’s grief and pain at what they see as the loss of me. Yet I am here, in my full glory and highest light, ready and willing to bestow blessings on those who ask and those who don’t. See me as I truly am. Some of you already do. I am the Beauty of God, the Light you seek. We are one. There is no need to look outside yourself for the Light or to follow anyone else. Look inside at your bright light, connect it to the Light above and Mother Earth’s heart below. We will guide and protect you. The earth as you know it will be no more and all will become what it has always been, Light and love. Past present and future are one. Treat your tears as sacred, as they cleanse and heal you, and in so doing bring healing and support to others in sacred waters. Treat your bodies as the sacred vessels they are, for it is through you that we are able to communicate and care for you and many others. See the light in one another, and know you are one. Be kind, and bring light into thoughts that are not kind. It will illuminate the truth- that you are all Light beings and always have been and always will be. Call upon me with whatever name you wish, as I will know, we will know, you are calling upon us in the Light. Some of you call me an angel, I am that and so much more. God is so much bigger than your brains can conceive. There is much knowledge, joy and much for me to do in order to support you, my loved ones I leave behind. I am always with you. When I walked the earth I thought it might be boring to be in the light all the time. It is not, I assure you. I am learning and growing even now, and am with each and every one of you, showing you I am here. Some of you see my signs, some do not. Know that when you wonder if it is a sign from me, it is. If some of you feel guilty on my behalf or wish to apologize, let it go. There is no need. I have no judgment and only see you through the eyes of the greatest love in existence. I said before, No I’m sorrys and no regrets. It is what it is. All is in divine order. Many of you feel it was too soon, yet I was called Home. Again, know that all is in divine and perfect order. My love, indeed our love for each of you surpasses your understanding. Know that I serve you, along with all the guides, ascended masters, angels and the oneness many call God. God has no need of worship, we worship all of you who walk the earth at this tumultuous and difficult time. You have many worries and fears. We say Fear Not, as we walk beside you and create a New Earth, one that is pure light and love, and cares for everyone and every creature, plant, mineral, rock in all of earth’s kingdoms. Know that I am Love, and that you are love, and you are deeply and irrevocably loved. And so it is, dear ones. Channeled by Susan Lehman
Posted by Rebecca Cohn on 9th November 2014
Neen, you will always stay close to my heart. You have touched me and many close to me, we have so many memories we have shared. They will never be forgotten. Your time here was a blessing to all, you achieved so many things you are truly an inspiration.....see you on the other side dear friend <3 xoxoxoxoxo, Bec
Posted by Lisa Sipko on 28th October 2014
Love is the most powerful source in the universe, even more powerful than death. Our love for you, and yours for us, will always be present in our lives, and held close in our hearts.
Posted by Rebecca Ayverdi on 26th October 2014
The loss of a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, and a friend is profound! I first met Nina Marie through some neighbors in St. Mary's Gardens (a close-knit group) when she was just a child. Even as a child, Nina Marie had a vivacious personality! You dare not call her simply Nina...her name was "Nina Marie!" Although, I did not see her after her late 20's - early 30's. I knew that she became a wonderful young woman! I know that her bright light is shining in heaven and she is at peace with her beloved Mom. Respectfully, "Becky" P.S. I had first hand experience of the haircut by Jenna Also, Marit & Tracey from the "old neighborhood" offer their heartfelt condolences to the Larkin Family!
Posted by Barbara Thomas on 25th October 2014
So many happy memories of watching you grow up when I came over to spend time with Keith. You made a huge difference in my life, and in that of others whose lives you touched. I will always love you, Nina and you will be missed.
Posted by Jill Giovas on 22nd October 2014
My heart is breaking. From that first day of 3rd grade when Nina became my forever friend, I have been so blessed. I have so many stories of how her friendship impacted my life, but for now, I just pray for peace for Jeff, Amanda, Jim, Keith, Nicole, Sean, Nicholas and Juliet. I pray for moments when we can all feel her beautiful light in our lives and in the lives of those we love. Every time I picture Nina, I see her in her mother’s arms. For that I am grateful. She shares her mother’s beautiful spirit of compassion, light and love. My beautiful friend, you will forever be a part of me. I love you, Nina.
Posted by Jenna Wilkin on 21st October 2014
Nina - I was so devastated to hear of your passing. I can't remember (literally) a time in my life when you weren't part of my world. I remember when we were five and you were "little Nina". i remember the bicentennial at your house. i remember dance classes and your pool and cutting your hair (sorry about that). I was so happy to be back in touch and I feel an incredible sadness knowing you're no longer in this world. You grew up into an incredible vibrant, talented and kind person. I'm so sorry the world is without your incredible light.
Posted by Donna Mandrell on 20th October 2014
"Nina, it was such an honor to have met you. You brought such happy energy to our workouts. You will live forever in our hearts."
Posted by Victoria Attanasio on 20th October 2014
Nina, I am grateful that we ever met. Even before we spoke in class I could tell you were simply....very special. We will miss everything...your effortless smile, your constantly positive demeanor, gracious welcoming hugs, your Ujam moves....yes, girl you had the moves down! Getting to know you and realizing that this beautiful person also spent her life helping people, I was always amazed by you! I truly cannot believe that you don't grace this place anymore but I know you are lighting up the heavens and now when I look up at the night sky I know your are there, the brightest of the stars. Love you and miss you and we promise to take care of each other.
Posted by Susan Lehman on 17th October 2014
I wrote under "Stories" Thank you!
Posted by Ron Haynes on 14th October 2014
I echo Angel Lion's sentiment as another member of Nina's CIIS cohort. I will only add that Nina's legacy for me is one of joy. She's accessible, present, and compassionate. I am honored and proud to be associated with her and the powerful yet gentle spirit she personifies for me. I wish so many things but will just say that I hope those of us who are left to struggle through this veil of tears will seek to connect in the joy of knowing one another and provide comfort as we grieve. Nina is forever with us and of us...
Posted by Angel Lion on 14th October 2014
Nina, I hope you can see your CIIS cohort down here as we have gathered in your name. We celebrate you, remember your love and light, and grieve your absence on this planet. We all had a special bond of growing and developing through a poignant and pivotal time and were blessed to have you and each other during that phase of our life. Thank you for sharing a piece of your life with us and for the lessons and gifts you have left. It's hard to believe you have moved on to something else so soon, but how blessed the planet was to have your light. you've been called to spread that light in other ways. Wish I could have seen you one last time. The years have passed so quickly. But I've been reflecting on the times we did share. You are a gift. You will be terribly missed. I love you. Your CIIS cohort loves you.

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