Celebrating the life of Nina Morningstar
  • 71 years old
  • Born on August 28, 1945 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States.
  • Passed away on September 8, 2016 in Black Canyon City, Arizona, United States.

This site celebrates the life of Nina Morningstar who joined us on August 28, 1945 and departed on September 8, 2016. She will always be a part of us.

Posted by Terry Braaten on 8th September 2018
Can't believe it has already been two years. Time is going so quickly we will be together again soon. Love you and miss you forever. ❤️
Posted by Bill Schultze on 8th September 2018
Have another poem for you called “Life After Life”. One of my favorites. Just read it to you
Posted by Bill Schultze on 8th September 2018
Another year since you left us behind. I’m sad that you are gone from our earthly presence but excited that we will meet again. I went to Lauren’s wedding in Denver and the only thing that could have made it better was if you had been there!
Posted by Peter Dellos on 8th September 2017
One year since her passing, memory of her still strong. Her laughter and love for life is maintained in this world by her children.
Posted by Bill Schultze on 8th September 2017
It's hard to imagine that a year has passed since your passing. I am patient and still waiting for you to contact me. I do know that your energy is one with the universe and someday we ALL will know each other again. This life we have chosen for yet unknown reasons propels us forward to where we need to be, however, I so miss your earthly presence! I love you sister! See you soon.
Posted by Terry Braaten on 8th September 2017
A year already. How time flies. You are in eternity now and time probably isn't important. Miss you so much. Love you always. ❤️
Posted by Welles Geary on 28th August 2017
Oh Dear Dear Nina, In ALL My Memories, You Are So Vividly & Vivaciously Alive ! Your Birth & "Presents" Given to Others Were Gifts, Indeed!! Thank You For You!!
Posted by Annie Ryan-Hans on 28th August 2017
Happy Birthday Nina, May your journey cintinue to be amazing.... Much love, Annie
Posted by Welles Geary on 1st May 2017
Dear Dear Nina," I have been far away from computers and other such "connecting" stuff. I weep with this news of Your Mortal Passing. I am currently stuck on not believing this truth. I must quickly go and easily retrieve all the living good times You shared in our Friendship.
Posted by Bill Schultze on 25th September 2016
My dear big sister, the one I became closest to, I will miss you sooo much. I will miss - your wise council, your love and support, your "ear" and being a fantastic listener, a woman of few words but each word meant something special, your companionship, you always being there when I needed you, the special birthday get to gather's you always had for me, the many stories and pictures you shared with me of your life, for always being the one to take care or our mother, of having and raising four fantastic boys and one special girl, your respect of mother earth, your spiritual guidance, and your "Mona Lisa" smile. I could go on. Suffice it to say I will miss your presence here on earth terribly. I do know that I will be reunited with you in the light of the universe when my time is at end here.
Posted by Andy Braaten on 12th September 2016
My earliest childhood memory of Aunt Nina was a family trip out "West" when they lived in Colorado. My cousin Brett, who would end up being one of my closest buddies growing up, gave me a first hand tour of the west. I remember climbing on the "Mountain" (small rock on their land), riding horses, riding motorbikes, eating deer chili and playing with the animals. We will miss you, Aunt Nina. May her soul rest in peace and may God reward her for her care of Grama Gigi.
Posted by Carol Jacks on 11th September 2016
I remember you cousin when we were children. We had lots of family get togethers on the holidays and loved Grammy Bert and Grammy Gula. Spending the night at the Schultze's house was a highlight. In 1964 we were in each other's wedding. A few years later toddlers Nick, Peter, Shannon and Brad had lots of fun when we all got together at my moms house. As people began moving away we lost touch but still have the memories. I know you are missed by many. Love, Carol
Posted by Peter Dellos on 11th September 2016
My Aunt Nina lived life to fullest, and always on her own terms. Her children, my cousins are testaments to her loving nature. She loved the outdoors, horses, dogs and the beauty of the world. Her memory will live in all those she touched in her life. She was a great lady.
Posted by Linda Durkee on 10th September 2016
Nina, (my friend Lynn); I am so saddened to learn of your passing. I know that you are with our Lord and you will be soon riding in the wind. We have so many years together...wow I guess I would say almost 40 years. We always had such a great time together, getting in trouble, dancing, living the life. You were always a free spirit and as I write I see you talking to me. Remember when you and Shannon lived upstairs at my house in Rock Island for awhile and the kids would run up and down that hallway!! Oh and I was so glad I got to see Brett & Shannon for a motorcyle ride and our visit at Shannon home. Love you and your sweet memory will be with me forever. Linda
Posted by Deborah Burch on 10th September 2016
Born the middle child of five ....and a loving mother of five, a grandmother, long term caretaker, lover of animals and my sister. A cowgirl from the git go, with a gypsy spirit always ready for an adventure. A life lived fully, sadly cut short. You will be missed by so many.
Posted by Dawn Dellos on 10th September 2016
So much life packed into a too short life. Many memories of your early love of horses and your fearlessness in dealing with them. It seemed you put that fearlessness to work throughout your life...many adventures, many friends, many projects, but then there was the caring piece of you who loved her children fiercely, then cherished each grandchild, then became a devoted and loving caretaker to Jo, then to our mom. That took a special loving strength. I'm so sorry your life was cut short, sis. Thankful you passed peacefully in the arms of your family. Love you dearly and your memory will live on in my heart.
Posted by Karen Karlixsmith on 10th September 2016
Being the youngest (Karlix) child of the youngest Schultze (Ellen), I have minimal memories of Nina but loved & enjoyed my cousin, especially when she asked me to babysit for Shannon & Brent in my early teen years. Rest in peace dear Nina! My condolences to the family. With love, Karen
Posted by Shannon Durkee on 9th September 2016
I am privileged to belong to this amazing family you created. Thanks for teaching us to be fearless. Love you Mama.
Posted by Terry Braaten on 9th September 2016
I don't have the words to express how much I'm going to miss you Nina. The memories of all the visits over the years will live on...just as you will....forever.... in my heart. I love you always.

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