Though we are left behind to grieve, I know the true joy that lies in store for those on her journey ahead.
  • 66 years old
  • Born on April 13, 1946 .
  • Passed away on February 16, 2013 .

        Today, we mourn the loss of "Nina" Jean, God's newest and brightest angel.  Indeed, it is a tremedous loss, especially to those that were never blessed to know her.
     However, today is filled with so much more than sadness.  It is a time to celebrate her LIFE and the joy she brought to so many.  Her smile was like magic and certainly contageous.  Most of us can remember a time (not so long ago) when her charm could capture the attention of an entire room.  Few that met her could resist falling in love with her and it is impossible to say just how many thought of her as, "Mamma".        
     I am convinced that she charmed her way 
into a seat at God's VIP table, and righfully so.  I am equally sure that God insisted hers be the most majestic and beautiful wings in the whole place...if not, she would have probably sent them back until they met her specifications anyway.   ; )
     She was a loving Daughter, a devoted Wife and she treasured true Friends;  She was definately adored as Aunt Nina, and she idolized her siblings (Aunt Alice and Uncle Bud) until the day she died.  Spread near and far, she truly cherished her role as Grandmother and 
GREAT-Grandmother, (she even adopted one along the way)!  And as a Mother, I would have chosen no other.
     Mamma didn't always have easy roads to travel in life and there is no doubt that she had more than her fair share of heartache and pain.  Yet, no matter how the cards were stacked, she always played the very best hand possible. 
     It is in that spirit that I say:  Mamma lived her life the very best she knew how.  And after spending 41 years as her son, I havn't a single complaint or regret.  She is, and will always be, my Mamma and my friend.  I will love and celebrate her forever. 

"Enjoy your perfect health, sweetheart.  I love you."

I hope you will contribute stories and memories to prepetuate the love and life of our beloved 'Nina' Jean.     

Posted by Sandy Clemons on 13th April 2017
Happy Birthday Nina Jean! You are loved and you are missed. And your son Rick has turned out to be a charming did a good job!
Posted by Sandy Clemons on 17th February 2016
Thank you, dear sweet momma, for leaving a legacy...your adorable son and my friend Wayne Leu. You did a great job and I hope you are proud of him. I know I am. Your pictures are adorable and I see you lived life with fun and passion. Thank you for bringing Wayne into the world. He blesses many people.
Posted by Wayne Leu on 17th February 2016
I can't believe that 3 years have passed since I last saw your beautiful face. Although I see it everyday, in my mind, it just isn't the same without your laughter in my ears. I miss you honey; so very much. And although days like today are cause to write you letters, not a day goes by that I don't wish you were here to tell me that everything is going to be OK; and to remind me how much I am loved. NOBODy can hug me quite the way you did. And with everything that has happened this year, both the good and the bad, I know that you would have helped to ease my fears...both the good and the bad. But I know that you are watching over us all and that does help. I may not get a verbal reply when I ask your advice or for guidance, somehow, I still feel like you have everything under control. I know that you know when I stumble. But I also know that you are still proud of your baby boy. Just as I am proud that you were my Mamma and I treasure the time that I had you. We are all working very hard to ensure that your name is never forgotten...forever. I love you, today as I did yesterday.
Posted by Wayne Leu on 14th April 2013
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMMA; we gathered in your honor today. We tried to keep it light even though it was so hard to publicly say good-bye. You would have been so proud of little Natalie and Chy (they even stood up and spoke words of love about you. As a finale, the kids blew out your candles and the adults "raised our glass" as P!nk led us in a final Margarita toast. You are so loved.
Posted by Stephanie Helms on 2nd April 2013
i miss my grandma so much!!! ive cried alot for missing u!!! i wish i could of been there when u took your last breathe. no one has no idea how much i love u!!! forever missed to nina jean leu!!! u were my favorite grandma!!! forever loved by stephanie helms!!!! ;)
Posted by Tyler Leu on 27th March 2013
momma, i love you so much... always have, and always will... you meant the world to me, and still do.. i wish you could be here for many more laughs, and to be able to talk with me like we used to.. tell god to give you a phone so you can call me! and make sure to win lots of bingo games. hope your happy and at peace. your loving sons miss you momma...
Posted by Regina Schulz on 20th March 2013
I loved you. Just adored you. Your crazy wacky way of seeing the world. Your ready laugh. The way you could make people feel really special. I wanted more for you. More happiness, more choices, more dreams coming true and things working out. More time.....with you and for you. But I know you had a great time some of the time and I got to share a little of it. Love you forever Aunt Nina!
Posted by Regina Schulz on 20th March 2013
How to describe you to those who did not know? Would it be your willful countenance, Your ever youthful glow? That sassy spark of pure deviance The phoenix from the ash? Or the charming seductress Building easy alliance Always more goodwill than cash.
Posted by Wayne Leu on 17th March 2013
It's hard to believe that a month has come and gone without you. It seems like only days ago that we were deciding what to have for dinner. Yet it also feels like I have not seen that pretty smile for months. I just want you to know that I am doing ok. But, God I miss you so much. I think about you ALL day, EVERY day. Your even in my dreams. I love you.
Posted by Tommy Gibson on 14th March 2013
I never met met her, but I know Rick and she would have to be a special lady to have such a great son. My thoughts are with you.
Posted by Cheryl Glenn on 13th March 2013
I met you and your mom right after my mom had passed away, God's timing of course! Mom eased her way into my heart to fill the maternal void and she did it perfectly! She had a smile that would light up the house! But she was surely a spitfire!! LOL We had our 'mother/daughter' talks & she always knew just what to say. I will truly miss her. I love her with all my heart & soul!! Love you!
Posted by Michael M. Lee on 13th March 2013
I did not know her long, but in the time I did get to spend with her, she made me feel like I was, and had always been, a part of her family. I loved her as if she was my own mother. I will always remember her for the the love she shared with me, and every time she made me laugh! Rest in love Mom, and when you get a break from singing, peak down on us from time to time. Love you always.
Posted by Wayne Leu on 18th February 2013
I am so proud to be your baby boy. Not once in life did I doubt your love. How could I when you showed it so often? And the world saw it too! How blessed I am that you gave me life! Even in your final days, and until your last breath, I saw a bravery and a grace that I never knew possible. I can only hope to have your courage when my journey ends. Eternally in my heart...

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