His Life

Dear Nitin, You will be missed forever !!

Dear Nitin,
Our 23 years of deep friendship can never be erased. You will always remain in my heart as a friend, younger brother, super innovator, sharpest technical brain and most importantly, a great human being !

Whenever I think of you, you brought vivid memories when you joined as a college freshout in 1998 in our team. Since then, you were always there for everyone in thick & thin.. Even today it feels like you are around us and would appear anytime with your ever smiling face and brilliant idea’s which you always had no matter what the topic of discussion was!

We all are greatly saddened by turn of events due to covid and unable to get this feeling sink in. We often take our loved ones for granted and never say it, but I take this opportunity to convey how much me and numerous people around you loved you and cannot imagine a life without you. You lived a dignified life, created a lifetime of positive impact around you and you will be missed forever…Love you Nitin !

Good bye my dear friend,
Sanjay Gupta . 4 June, 2021