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Most of the Ordances Violate your Rights!


Unconstitutional City Ordinances are Unenforceable.
Learn what you need to know here:
Then stand up for your rights and tell those minded numbed city officials they are violating not only your property rights but your human rights, civic rights, and constitutional rights as well. 
If anyone in particular representing city government tries to harass you, record your conversations when you can, make notes and get their names, badge numbers, email and phone numbers.   Also, have them provide you with the name of the complaining citizen. If they refuse this is further evidence of harassment. 
Our constitution says that the accused has the right to face their accuser, keeping this a secret is criminal deceit. Have them put it in writing and have them send it through the mail so later if it is discover they lied to you they will have also committed mail fraud.
Videotaping and posting to Youtube is also a good thing so us fellow citizens can see how our tax dollars are used against us. Be polite but firm. Always ask who their supervisor is and record their names. Also have them provide you with the complete list of all ordinances not just the ones pertaining to your case because not showing you all the laws is deceit by fiat. 
If they attempt to charge you for the complete listing of all the laws, tell them to email the whole thing to you. If they refuse to do that call the state attorney general and the secretary of states offices and report that the city of Nixa is trying to punish you for a law they can even demonstrate exists. Do not settle for just one ordinance but all ordinances.
If all else fails start a grand jury investigation on why any particular city official has single you out for unconstitutional harassment.  If enough people are being harassed the it is time for a class action suit.
If you need help in these matters go to a local meeting with people who are fighting not only city government but also Agenda 21 and out of control city officials who trample the constitution. Go  to;

Nixa, Mo The Progressive Choice of the Ozarks


When you are looking into what a Progressive is you find it’s darker side is that of Socialism and Communism. This is why Home Rule rules in Nixa.  “The Progressive Choice of the Ozarks.

Hitler's Birthday April 20th


On Hitler’s birthday, you must ask yourself where did he get the finances to rise to power. George Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany.
What's that have to do with Nixa? Where does Nixa get it's grant money? From the federal government? A fedral government that prints fiat currency and then creates strings that are attached to Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 alive and well in Nixa


Social-Communist developed a plan to take over the world. The game plan is called Agenda 21 and Home Rule fits nicely into their plan. Learn of the evils of this dark plan at:

Death of a Republican Form Of Government.


The Republican form of Government in Nixa, Missouri died the day Home Rule was adopted April 6, 2009.
What does that mean? It means Mob rule is now the law of the land. It means if a group of 1,000 citizens of Nixa want to make gardening in your backyard illegal, they can, if they want to enact agenda 21, they can, if they want to concoct their own tax system, they can, if they want to outlaw backyard chicken or rabbit growing, they can.
Home Rule Mob-rule was an anathema to our founding fathers. You must ask yourself why. Why because it lacks the checks and balances our founding father put in place at every level of government. It lacks particular people to be responsible for positive or negative things impacting the citizens. Mob rule is as smoking is to pot. One leads to the other just as socialism leads to communism.
A Republican form of government utilizes representatives who are responsible to know more than a mob about particular issues. It they are not responsible, they lose their job. How do you replace a group of people that have been duped, conned, or swindled by the bureaucrats running the show, you don’t.
Home Rule sounds so touchy feely but not so, when you are the object of the mob. Entrepreneurs, business owners, shopkeepers beware, the Mob is out to get you!