This memorial website platform (always available year in and year out) has been created in memory of our beloved and cherished lady,  Mrs Nnedi Odedo, 57, born on August 10, 1962 and passed on to glory to be with our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ on December 17, 2019.
She will be sorely missed and remembered forever by her nuclear family, extended families in Nnobi & Nnewi, classmates, schoolmates, friends, colleageues, associates, brethren in Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International Nigeria & beyond, ECWA Church, Christian fellowship groups, and many others.
Despite her unexpected transition at this time, our sovereign LORD who knows everything is ever faithful, in control and reigns always! Hallelujah!!

Posted by Richard Y. Daudu on December 29, 2019
I looked across the pews to where you usually take your place during Church services, but you were not there. Then I remembered you have joined the "Cloud of Witnesses". We will miss your glorious expression and raising of Holy hands in worship to God during the services. Dear sister, rest in the bossom of the Lord, until we meet on that Resurrection Morning to worship the Most High God together, forever. May the Lord comfort your dear Husband, Eld. Odedo, and Children in Jesus Christ name.
Eld. & Mrs. Richard Y. Daudu, ECWA Wuse 2
Posted by Kyangchong Sambo on December 29, 2019
You were the most peaceful and happy person I have ever met. You always made sure no one felt small around you, you had a way of making everyone feel special around. I know you are in a better place and we will all meet soon. Rest well Mummy Odedo you are loved.
Posted by Jeswills Eleke MCMA on December 29, 2019
There was always something welcoming about you. I also knew that you were a strong woman, who battled in the spiritual realm. You knew the Way and from stories I have heard about you, you showed the way of love to others. Your light will continue to shine in your family and loved ones. Remain in peace in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by Christophine Nnabuife on December 29, 2019
Tribute to Lizzy Nnedi Odedo nee Ike.
The sad news came to me as rude shock... We were classmates of 1979 set of Queens School. You met me again in Abuja where my two daughters participated at your wedding as flower girls.
In July you hosted us, Pacesetters class of 1979, in our 40th year Reunion... little did we know it was the last time !!! Chai ,onwu melu alu!!
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.. Amen
Jee ije gi nke oma...
Posted by Stella Alaukwu on December 29, 2019
"So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom"psalms 90:12
 My beloved sister Nnedi, you indeed numbered your days and applied wisdom.
  We prayed and fasted fervently for your recovery... On the 16th, when the whole picture was shown to me, i called you in a loud voice, but you did not stop... Adieu my beloved sister.
  We came to know eachother in FGBMFI, you were a devoted lady in the fellowship when your husband was just a member and when he became the president, i recall you saying that "we are all called to serve"
-You were humble, faithful and principled to the extent that you never deviated from the constitution of the ladies of the fellowship.
- You were a committed intercessor to the extent that you fixed days of prayers from your sick bed for the ladies of the fellowship.
- You reorganized the booklet of ladies of the fellowship, Which has helped us to have a well organized structure.
-Your financial accountability and transparency is commendable.
-You are beautiful, inside and outside, a soft spoken lover of all. Although your life was quite short, God understands why it should be so. Goodnight, sister Nnedi, until we meet at the feet of Jesus to part no more.
Posted by Berret Gwazah on December 29, 2019
I only had the pleasure of meeting you early this year...but my few interactions with you.has been memorable. You had genuine concern for my wellbeing and i felt the calm of the holy spirit in you. God knows best. I have no doubt you are resting in a place where there is no pain or sickness. Good night Ma. Till we meet again.
Posted by Pokyes Kavwam on December 29, 2019
Quite shocking! May the good Lord comfort the family and our great fellowship on this loss. I pray that the great works she did while on earth will fortify us to keep on until we meet again at the Master's feet. May her soul rest in peace.
Posted by Kayode Oladipupo on December 29, 2019
A great woman of God. Her humility, deep spiritual content and friendly disposition deepen the phenomenal growth our great fellowship, FGBMFI witnessed in the recent time. May the good Lord comfort our President, the children and the entire Fellowship in Jesus name. You remain forever in our hearts.
Posted by Jerry Toyin on December 29, 2019
This news came as a shock.
I pray the almighty God to grant her eternal rest and grant the family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. We love you but God loves you more. May her gentle soul RIP.
Posted by Emeka Herbert Agbasi on December 29, 2019
The shock riveted my soul days ago upon learning of the sudden death of my sister, Nnedimma Ike Odedo. I relished my joy of often dropping her to her father's house whenever Fellowship was over in those very beautiful early days of Full Gospel, Nnewi Chapter in the late 80s. I used to call her Nkpulumma Jesus. I loved her marriage to a great man whom she actually nurtured in the Lord. As painful as it might be to us whom she left behind, I am sure she has finished her race gloriously and untainted and is called to a deserved rest. Adieu, great daughter of Uruagu, Nnewi, our worthy ambassador.
Posted by Louis Ike on December 29, 2019
Nnedimma Odedo was the fifth of six children of Augustine O. and Francisca O. Ike now deceased.
Nnedi as we call her was my younger sister and was love herself. They say love is the greatest, most enduring power in the universe. Then again, there is no other power. God is love and life and Nnedi was love to the family.
Though I do not remember much of our childhood interactions, I remembered there was always plenty of love. Nnedi was a beautiful woman and very intelligent. The queen of our world. Our parents raised us, teaching us the meaning of love and Christian values that have been the core of her life. I have always wanted a companion as beautiful as my sisters. Hence, also when I grew older and wiser, I wanted more of her soul. Nnedi had compassion, care, and love for anyone she encountered.
Her love for God was instrumental in giving me courage and will to trust God in the most challenging times of my life battling liver cancer and later two liver transplants in 2002 and 2003. She was the first to visit me and had some encouraging words that got me through. She said “what would mother do if she was here?” Those words were enough to channel my energy where it belonged, to God.
I have to admit, I miss out on most of our childhood fun and games, partly because of age difference and partly to my been away to boarding schools. As faith would have it, we regained most times when she came to USA for treatment of breast cancer in 2016-2017. Nnedi went through all her treatments with strong faith and strong will to live. We were very impressed with the manner in which she handled all her treatments. She made it look easy. I knew it was not that easy for I had walked that path. No one new she went through all that chemotherapy and radiation treatments. She looked beautiful as ever. Her doctors were very impressed and loved her. All her medical teams gave her exceptional care that only God would have planned.
I remembered during her treatments, she asked her oncologist permission to travel to London for her son’s doctorate degree graduation. Where she got the strength I don’t know, but strength that could only come from her faith and will to witness her son’s graduation. Nnedi was an amazing mother to all her children and children that crossed her world. We were very blessed to have the opportunity to take care of her.
Nnedi came to life to give love. She treated everyone the way she would want to be treated. I witnessed the strong bond she had with our sister Eucharia. She saw the good about everyone and in everyone, even when they make mistakes.
Love is when a husband decided that his wife would receive the best treatments available in the world. Brother In-law Ifeayi Odedo you are love and loved by us all. You did not give up, you gave it all that is possible to we humans. Love is who you are and what you do. We will all miss our beloved sister and queen of our hearts Nnedimma Odedo.
May her soul Rest In Peace. Amen.
Posted by Fola Aguda on December 29, 2019
Sister Nnedi, yours was a very simple but obviously a prayer-driven life. Your approach to issues was peaceful; you quietly gave counsel that brought peaceful resolution to issues. Your appearance introduced glow and love. You were simply amazing. We would fondly remember you even though we are in denial of your exit. Surely, you are our loss that Heaven has gained. May the Lord keep your husband; children, and all of us until we meet again at the feet of our Master Jesus Christ. Amen.
Posted by Ekaete Uteh on December 29, 2019
Heaven gained a precious woman.

We met in ICAN class and immediately there was a catch between us, we shared great times together, during one of our exams she accommodated me in her hotel as we read together. She indeed lived a life of impact, a fruitfully glorious life! I am in deep shock, confusion and sorrow but the word of God assures me that she has gone to gloriously best place. My prayer is that the gracious Lord will grant us his mercy and make us end our journey rejoicing to heaven, comfort the entire family and indeed all of us she left behind! SISTER EKAETE UTEH.
Posted by William Dogoh on December 29, 2019
It is truly a very painful exit but we are urged not to mourn like unbelievers(1Thess 4:13-18).
A profoundly treasured colleague and my Bible teacher. A virtuous woman who inspired us to love Jesus and care for others. You lived a fulfilled life by touching many lives. That is why you have been called to a higher place of praise and worship.
May the good Lord comfort the entire family and the body of Christ during this trying time IJN.
Posted by Anche Silas on December 28, 2019
Thanks for a life well spent. Your life has been a model to many and your humility as mother, wife and sister has infected many. Rest In Peace mummy.
Posted by Apostle Timothy Fwans on December 29, 2019

(Mummy Nnedi Odedo)


We received the news of the demised of our mother in Israel with great shocked and heavy hearts.
We couldn't imagine it or expected such sad news at this festive season. But what we know is that the comforter who created her and gave her great opportunity to share in His life on Earth, has prepared a better place for her in His bosom. She came! She fulfilled!! and has conquered with Grace and great Glory!!!

God has given us these powerful consolation through His word in :

Job 5:11 The lowly he sets on high, and those who mourn are lifted to safety.
Psalm 27:13-14 I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. ...
Isaiah 41:10 Don't be afraid, for I am with you. ...
John 16:33 I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace.

Mummy Odedo, was a woman full of life, she was a great icon of unity and love for others, a very strong mother with a voice of courage and strength, she was a giver and an inspiration to millions of women folks, she was indeed a silent labourer who labourered her ways into many Nations through the platform of FGBMFI.

May the Lord reward your labour of love to humanity and may you receive the crowns that fits your angelic heart of hospitality and love.
You will forever be missed by all of us.
We appreciate your constant prayers for missionaries and the work of missions in general.
Mama, you've gone ahead to wait for us and watch how we too can win the race. may we also finish strong in Him and may God give your husband Arc. Ifeanyi Odedo, the children and the entire body of Christ in Nigeria the fortitude to bear the irreparable exit, the vacuum you left can only be filled by the Holy Spirit. Good night mum, till we meet at His feet someday!

Posted by James Barka on December 28, 2019
Please accept our condolences.The lord gives and the lord taketh. Thank the Almighty for revealing to us his words in such trying times. "In everything give thanks". I and my wife always see her as a symbol of love and kindness. Very humble. Is worth testifying that she had a life well spent and worthy of emulation. Am most convinced that she is with the lord. For the husband and the children, may God grant you peace all the days of your life In Jesus Name.Amen. Amb&Mrs James S. Barka. ECWA W2
Posted by Ada Eta on December 28, 2019
Dear Mrs Odedo. Even though I never met you, your testimony stands true. You were beautiful in and out, a great mother and a good Christian. I am rest assured that you are resting in the bossom of the King. You are loved and will surely be missed.

Keep resting with King Jesus. Till we meet again.

Ada Eta.
Posted by Obioma Kez Okeke on December 28, 2019
Nnedi was the first daughter of Chief& Mrs Augustine Ike of blessed memory. A wealthy family popularly known as IKE KANO, from Uruagu Nnewi , Anambra State.
She was the carbon copy of her Mum, a piece of beauty, intelligent and resourceful.
She grew up in the midst of plenty, yet she turned out a bundle of humility.
She was a priceless jewel.
She has gone too soon. She will live in our hearts till eternity.
May the Lord grant her gentle soul eternal rest. Amen.
Posted by Johnson Moses on December 28, 2019
Our dear Sister, Mrs N. Odedo, you left us suddenly but we’re comforted that you’re resting in the bosom of our Savior Jesus Christ, we miss you especially the Bible Study preparatory group but God loves you more. Rest In Peace. J. A. Moses family EWII
Posted by Sahr Gbamanja on December 28, 2019
Our dear Sister, Mrs. Odede, the news of your premature passing on into the Great Beyond came to Sierra Leone as a great shock. To me, last year November looks like yesterday when you sat with my wife at the Convention of the FGBMFI at the Police Head Quarters In Lagos. We have always met you at FGBMFI Conventions supporting your dear husband do the work of God. Now you have gone to work directly with the Lord Himself. As you rest under His blossom, remember also that FGBMFI Sierra Leone morns your departure heavily.
Sleep on sister.
National President,FGBMFI, Sierra Leone.
Posted by Chinwe Njoku on December 28, 2019
Dearest Sister Nnedi, it was indeed very difficult to believe that you no more... You fought a good fight, so humble and gentle... we love you so much but God loves you more and had called you back. My only consolation is that you died with the Lord. You are indeed beautiful inside and out so generous. May you continue to sleep with the Lord and I prayed that God really console your family.. sleep on dear sister.. ...
Posted by Peter Peters on December 28, 2019
I've had some rude shocks of saints going home suddenly lately, but Sister Nnedi's is so surreal! One of the most humble and ever smiling women I've ever met. Heaven has received another faithful servant, while we on earth mourn because we'll miss her. May the God of all comforts comforts her beloved husband our brother Arc. Odedo, the children, extended family, FGBMFI & ladies of fellowship. The Lord be praised!
Rev Peter Israel Peters
Worship Leader/Lead Pastor
C4R church. Ellesmere Port, UK
Life member FGBMFI
Posted by John Friday Akpata on December 28, 2019
My very first close contact with the departed delectable Sister Nnedi Odedo was 30yrs ago at the prestigious Nicon Noga Hilton Hotel as it was then called. Occasion was her wedding reception after signing the dotted line with my brother and President, Architect Ifeanyichukwu Odedo.Sister Nnedi's face shone like an Angel with her infectious smiles. Never have I forgotten that encounter as I made my way to have a hand shake with her.
Years rolled by,sister Nnedi remained the same humble lady I saw 30yrs ago, humble,simple,elegant, quiet and sober.
She did not reflect the everyday woman whose family has been favoured with resources to be loud. A godly and virtuous woman .Under God I have not come across a single person who have had reason to discuss in the negative. She understood the ephemeral nature of vanities hence,she set her affection on those things above and not beneath. Yes,Sister Nnedi is gone to be with the Lord, but had left us a question mark on our individual race,how will I be remembered and how will you be remembered? As you journey home sister Nnedi,may the very God of peace sanctify you wholly,and I pray God that your spirit, soul and body be preserve blameless unto the coming of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.
Adieu #daughterofgrace#
Lola &John Friday Akpata
Posted by Mlosh Abuja on December 28, 2019
My Dear sister Nnedi, my encounter with you during that early morning visit at Nizamiye Hospital not only comforted me but encourage me that transition of a child of God indeed is a gain. That calmness I saw in and about you despite your Clinical condition can only be demonstrated by a true child of God. You told me that God is indeed in the centre of your condition.
Posted by Aboidun Fijabi on December 28, 2019
There goes a godly woman. Beautiful inside and outside. A woman of great virtue. A devoted wife. A caring mother. An endearing friend to many. Hi She made her world a better place. We mourn her death. We would wish she were here longer. But we are comforted that heaven rejoices at her homecoming. Living on, sweet soul. Goodnight, Nnedi.
Posted by Tony Tanto on December 28, 2019
Beloved PILGRIM - Elder Odedo. believe me sir, that Queen Nnedi Odedo now in glory was a holy spirit filled servant of the most high God - Elohim. she was a God own general. and she was an accomplished minister of the gospel of salvation grace of Christ Jesus our Lord and our King. Mrs Nnedi Odedo was a profound Bible Study Teacher. Her Bible Study Class At Ecwa Church Wuse 2, Abuja was always contagiously a beehive of several bible study students over and above the limit of 20pple. her class was always an overflow of 30 to 40pple in attendance. this with out equivocation was a proof of her proficiency in communicating the word of god to reconstruct and rescue perishing souls. Mrs Nnedi Odedo was a front burner counsellor that was always counselling altar call respondents. Mrs Nnedi Odedo was a Shunamite woman that opened her home for the comfort of ministers of the gospel of grace. prov 31. 20-31 Mrs Nnedi Odedo was the virtuous woman god talked all women emulate as meek,
gentle and boundlessly generous. acts 10.4 like Cornelius, Mrs Nnedi Odedo was a profound philanthropist who always made herself poor so the observed less privileged people and children go to school with no hinderances of school fees challenges. 2 cor 8.9 like Jesus Christ, Mrs Nnedi Odedo emptied her resources so others become rich spiritually and financially. eccl 11.1. May God almighty abundantly lead her beloved children to find and harvests her investments on many waters in Jesus Christ name amen. 2 cor 1.1-11 may the Holy Spirit comfort our erudite Bible Study Teacher Of Teachers - Elder Ifeanyi Odedo in Jesus Christ name amen. we claim for the entire Elder Ifeanyi Odedo family God promises of gen 15.1, prov 11.25 and Eph 3. 20 and 1 pt. 1.8. may we all finish well and strong so we meet our angel - Queen Nnedi Odedo at the feet of Master Jesus Christ. Mrs Nnedi Odedo till we all come to join you in heaven on our own date of transition to glory, we say that you enjoy your well deserved eternal glory with Master Jesus Christ whom you loved and served diligently around the globe in Jesus Christ name amen. Thanks Ma.
Posted by ANGUS NDIRPAYA on December 28, 2019
Sister Nnedi Odedo,if prayers were needed to save you,you would still have been alive. If fasting was all that was needed to keep you alive,God's people fasted for you to live. If show of love was needed,it was shown. If it was resources,nothing was spared to see that you lived.But it pleased your maker,our creator to take you home to eternal blissful rest.

What is life but a temporary assignment,which you have completed and did it well. You indeed fought the good fight,run your race successfully,you kept the faith and you have return to receive your crown of righteousness. We wished you had tarried longer,much as we love you but our God loves you best. We will miss you very dearly but we are consoled with the knowledge and conviction that one day we will meet you to part no more.
Adieu Sister.
Elder Angus Ndirpaya
ECWA WUSE 11, Abuja.
Posted by Emmanuel Abanida on December 28, 2019
Our dear sister, Nnedi Odedo, our hearts are sore with grief, our legs wobble because of pains. But we have courage and we are certain you're having a perfect rest in the bosom of our Most High Jehovah. You fought for 57 years and won the race. We miss you here on the mortal earth ( the body of Christ, the fellowship groups, etc). But Eternal rest our God is granting you, till we all meet @ His feet to part no more. Rest on our dear a palace of eternal joy
(Justina & Emmanuel ABANIDA)
Posted by Skam Michael on December 28, 2019

If tears could have brought you back, those of Aba South Ladies Of The Fellowship could have done the magic.
Many still remember your testimonies as you addressed/ministered to the LOF at 2018.Lagos National convention.
We were hoping to hear more at 2019 Owerri SE regional convention which you never attended.
SED 3 LOF opened prayer platform praying for your divine healing.
The foot prints you left behind will be difficult to erase.
We love you but God loves you more.
Our National president Arch Ifeanyi Odedo and FGBMFI NIGERIA family , may the JOY OF THE LORD BE OUR STRENGTH.
Adieu nwannem nwanyi Nnedinma, till we meet to part no more. Mrs Akam Charity.
Posted by Olukoya Adeola on December 28, 2019
Dear Mrs Odedo, if money could be given in exchange for your life it would have been done, if tears could wake you up it would have done so since. Your life has been tremendous blessings to us and it is hard for us to believe you have gone beyond to join the great cloud of witnesses cheering us up not to give up, to keep moving on and make it for you have made it. We will greatly miss you here, your family, friends, FGBMFI international, national, Plateau and my family. We love you but God loves you more than we do. It is our prayer that God will comfort everyone especially your dearest husband and the children. You remain precious in that special place in our hearts and lives, you can never be forgotten. Sleep on sweet wife, dearest mother, adorable sister and friend.
Posted by Emmanuel Ebinne on December 27, 2019
We couldn't believe you have gone to be with your Lord and Saviour. God knows better. We cherished the life you lived as woman of God who effectively supported his general Arc Ifeanyi Odedo. Rest on in the blossom of the Lord great woman of God, an intercessor of our time till we meet to part no more. Emma& Chika Emmanuel Ebinne.
Posted by Emmanuel Ebinne on December 27, 2019
We couldn't believe you have gone to be with your Lord and Saviour. God knows better. We cherished the life you lived as woman of God who effectively supported his general Arc Ifeanyi Odedo. Rest on in the blossom of the Lord great woman of God, an intercessor of our time till we meet to part no more. Emma& Chika Emmanuel Ebinne.
Posted by Julius Okojie on December 25, 2019
The Scripture enjoined us to give God thanks in all things. So we thank God even in this situation, the exit of our Sister though painful, but God knows better.
Just as it was with Jesus, it was full of pain and anguished but God made grace available even unto death. The death and resurrection of Christ brought Salvation to mankind.
So I likened this to Jesus experience. We can't comprehend or seam to factom any thing or even make any sense out of this painful situation right now.
However, by and by we shall understand.
Sister Nnedi is a friend of mine and a beloved Sister from another mother. I know her heart beat which is doing the will of God at all cost.
Some of the Brethren of old gave their very lives just to preserve the Gospel.
This is yet another offering of faith that the Gospel of our lord and Savior Jesus Christ shall not be preserved for generations to come.
My Sister has fought a good fight, she has kept the faith and has now received the Crown of glory. God alone be glorified.
To my brother and Friend Arch. Ifeanyi Odedo and Family, the grace of the lord is Sufficient for you.
The lord alone is able to comfort you at this time. It is well.

Prince Julius Okojie.
Posted by Ngozi Asinugo on December 23, 2019
Nne. So very surreal to even think about your passing. I know that you are in a better place though You never joked with your faith. Growing up; you exhibited these sterling christ like qualities. You have fought the good fight. Go have your rest beautiful lady.
The best wishes for Arc Odedo and the wonderful children you left behind. And the multitude of family. Friends and colleagues. You shall be sorely missed. But our loss is heaven's gain.
Sleep - sweet darling. In your creator's arms. Till resurrection morning. Amen
Posted by Edwards Mona on December 22, 2019
Heaven Gained, the earth lost...
Posted by Evelyn Chika Nwosu on December 22, 2019
Epitome of Humility. I learnt a lot watching your leadership styles during Conventions. To me you were a role model. You loved GOD so much and that can be seen on the way you supported your husband--Our President--Architect Ifeanyi Odedo. Rest in perfect Peace until we meet to part no more.

Okey & Chika Nwosu. FGBMFI, Sapele.

Posted by Martin Animashaun on December 22, 2019
You are the Rose of our current FGBMFI-N;
The shining flower of our fellowship.
You shined so bright that we had to watch in admiration. We watched in admiration of the glory of GOD in you.

No wonder our President shines because he had a great support;
A solid foundational support.
Our only contact with you was mainly at conventions and on the Voice but we saw the glory; the glory of GOD in you.

When the stories are being written,
When the tales are being said,
It will be;
To GOD be the glory; for all you have achieved through HIS power,
How you allowed yourself to be an instrument of support for our National President and for the fellowship.
Glory be to our LORD JESUS, for the glory of GOD in you.

What can we think?
What can we say?
What can we do?
Mummy Nnedi Odedo
We love you but GOD our maker loves you more. We will remember and act in good faith. We hope to meet you again in HIS glory; in the glory of our LORD and Saviour, JESUS CHRIST.

Mr&Mrs Martin Animashaun.
Posted by Nathan Okoye-Chinwego on December 21, 2019
Nnedi, yours was the life of the virtuous woman in the Bible. This is seen in the height to which you and your husband has taken the Fellowship in Nigeria. You were indeed a great suport to him. The news of your demise came as a rude shock that is hard to bear. Our confidence, however, is that you are resting in the bossom of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. May the Almighty God grant your husband, your family and the Full Gospel family the fortitude to bear this loss. Rest on sister.
Posted by Aboderin Olubayonle on December 20, 2019
Mama Nnedi Odedo, what a painful things to hear you have gone to be with your Lord,if millions of tears can bring you back we would have gathered millions of people to come and shed tears, if our prayers can bring you back we would have called for prayer retreat, but all these can't bring you back because the heavens had gained. Well , our comfort is that we will meet again. Good night ever smiling leader
Posted by Chinyere Geneive on December 20, 2019
I found it hard to process and accept the news of your death! It came like a bombshell! You were such a beautiful soul

Life is really not how long but how well. You impacted a lot of lives positively through Ur humble and Christ like way of life.

God is still faithful and I believe you were called home for a purpose.

Your legacy in FGBML and the world in general will live forever

Sleep on mummy till the resurrection morning

And I pray that God will give all of us who love you the fortitude to bear this inreplacement lost especially Ur immediate family and our president the man after God's heart.

Posted by Patience Eworo on December 20, 2019
This is you! !!
The you that captivated the hearts of nearly all ladies of the Fellowship who met you.
I remember ladies asking publickly if they could be friends with you;beyond LOF meetings.
Am sure they were sincere for you had such an amiable and Charming disposition.
What about the way you responded to very :"Annoying and unreasonable questions by some of us???
That made my heart melt for you and i coveted that Grace earnestly.
This is You####
All we have now is your picture to gaze at.
Am glad i had the opportunity of telling you how amazing and Challenging you are.
I remember the "Thank You" with your infectious Smile"
Wish tears could bring you back?
But i hear you say:
"Its no use coming back"
Its not possible to leave this place of:
"Victory, Glory, and beholding the face of HIM i longed to spend eternity with"
Our first Lady.
We celebrate you even in death.
And look to meeting you someday in Glory.
Posted by Ayemoba Bosun on December 20, 2019
I remember u with so much love and smile. Your voice still echos in my head and gentle smile still melt my heart. My humble God fearing boss, i , personally will miss you. May your gentle soul rest in peace IJN
Posted by Isaac Ojo on December 20, 2019
You served God and supported your husband in serving God till the end and now you have gotten heavenly wings and flew away to continue your service to God by joining the twenty and four elders. We rejoice and bless God . We pray for the family you left behind. Good night.
Posted by Chidiogo Okeke on December 20, 2019
Adieu my beloved Nnedi, lover of Jesus. Heaven rejoices over the home-call for a higher promotion in everlasting presence of her maker.
 She lived a fulfilled life to the glory of her maker, a life worthy of praises to God. Humble, unassuming, lover of God and the Brethren.
Her death is a wake up call for all Christians to return back to our first love for Jesus when he called us.
God of all comfort will comfort our brother, Arc Odedo and the entire family for this irreparable loss.
Posted by Nigeria Christian Corpers... on December 20, 2019
We commiserate with the entire family of our Daddy Architect Ifeanyi Odedo over the Call unto Glory of our beloved mother , Late Mrs Nnedi Odedo.
Mummy was a huge blessing to us. Her life was well spent and worthy of emulation. Having her as Matron was something we always did with pride because she had proven herself to be a true mother to the fellowship who always had the fellowship at heart.
Her Home call was a fall of a star from the galaxy of Nigeria Christian Corpers' fellowship, Abuja Board of Patron/ Matron/ Advisers. Though, gone, but her legacies live on. We will always remember you Mummy.
May the Lord grant the family, loved ones and every other person affected, the fortitude to bear this loss in Jesus name.
Rest on Mummy in the bosom of our Lord, till we meet to part no more.
Long live the Odedo's family,
Long live the Nigeria Christian Corpses' Fellowship, Abuja Chapter.
Posted by Adedayo Ojo on December 20, 2019
The support you have your husband in his ministry assignment was visible to all. The Lord will grant the entire family the revelation to make your demise bearable in Jesus Mighty Name.
FGBMFI, Ado Area
Posted by Charles Mgbemena on December 20, 2019
Nnedi Odedo, wife of our beloved National President, was one whose bodily presence spoke volumes in virtue, even without a word.
FGBMFI, and indeed earth, lost a Gem, Heaven gained an Angel.
Charles & Amaka Mgbemena.
Posted by Oscar Ossai on December 19, 2019
Just heard less than ten minutes about Nnedi passing on .Nnedi Ike , quiet , focused and always had a smile was a few years my junior and was with us in SCM in UNN .
We will greatly miss sis Nnedi .
We know that to be absent in this body is to be present with the Lord. We cannot but allow ourselves to be human .Chaììi
Nnedi , we will fellowship together agsin on resurrection morning .
Adieu , dear sister . 
Posted by Kenny Olubanjo on December 19, 2019
What a lovely, humble and God loving lady you were. Never carrying an air of position around you, but always desiring spiritual growth, wanting progress in the things of God and directing people towards the one you loved most, Jesus.
During my last visit to Abuja, you were really excited to see me and immediately asked that I accompany you out next day.
I appreciate you always.
Sister, as you've finally made your entrance to that city, I can imagine your presence will cause more activities of singing and admiring the one you always loved. Shouts of joy that you made it at last and the applause of angels welcoming you home.
Be reminded though, that right here our hearts are heavy and broken. The remembrance of our Father's consolation brought some relieve but you will always be remembered. Your departure has created a very big gap.
I join other brethren to pray for our brother Ifeanyi and your children that they will be comforted by the Holy Spirit and have an experience of peace that passes all human understanding.
Sleep on beloved sister, sleep and take your rest till the resurrection morning.
Kenny Olubanjo
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Posted by Izu Godson on January 17, 2020
Words fail me. Mummy Nnedi; an elegant beauty, full of grace and candour. A most suitable wife to Arch. Ifeanyi Odedo; our ever inspiring National President at FGBMFI Nigeria. Your seat is vacant and you will be sorely missed. Rest on great woman of God.
Posted by Aisha Ndahi on January 17, 2020
I had always admired you from afar and felt truly blessed when our paths crossed.Your soft words of wisdom remain stamped on my mind.You were a modest,humble and amiable woman.You remain a mentor even in death.
I followed you to the last JLA meeting .Little did I know it would be the last time I was going to hear you speak.I have put my jottings from the meeting in thesame bag as my credentials because I need them to remain safe.
We love and miss you ma.
Posted by James Alabe Bako on January 16, 2020
You came, lived and conquered; now you are waiting to receive your crown. May the facts of the Lord's words comfort your dear husband, the children, the family and the brethren as they prepare to join you as set out by God. Rest on in the Lord
my sister, rest on.
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Shared by Ngozi Emenogu on December 30, 2019
It was a rude shock to hear of the home-going of Mrs Nnedi Odedo, the beloved wife of the National President of Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International- Nigeria, but I thank God that it is well with her soul.
She was a virtuous woman who touched and influenced many lives for the Lord Jesus Christ. She will be greatly missed in the Fellowship and all other places where she impacted people's lives, especially by her husband, Arc Ifeanyi Odedo.
Our joy & consolation is that she died in the Lord, therefore she's blessed and her good deeds are following her.
The Lord shall console our NP, Arc. Ifeanyi Odedo, their children and the FGBMFI- Nigeria, as He grants our departed sister eternal rest.


Shared by Moses Kuzhe on December 29, 2019
It was shocking news, a dark and heartbroken news? We're short of words and weak to question God as how and why? As believers we are always reminded of this transition to always be prepare.
May the peace of God which transcends all understanding guide the family's heart and mind in christ Jesus. 
We will forever missed Mummy's ever smilling face, the radiance of God's glory that surround her presence wherever she was. We can only be comforted because we know where she is.
The psalmist says. "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints" ps 116:15 Remember this song writter; "When peace like a river attendeth my way, when sorrows like sea billows roll; whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say, "It is well, it is well with my soul."
Mummy Mrs Odedo has fought the good fight, she has finished her race and has kept her faith. We shall all see her someday and celebrate at the feet of Jesus.
It's well with the family. Peace 
 Pst Moses Kuzhe and Family 


Shared by Edwards Mona on December 22, 2019
Precious in the sight of the LORD Is the death of His saints. Psalms 116:15.

The Righteous is delivered from the evil to come... 

We are not pained because the Kingdom has gained. 
We missed you sorely but surely we will meet to part no more. 
We shall meet on that beautiful celestial shore.

You have  immortalized yourself by your impacts in us. Your legacies will forever live on. 

Rest on ma!