This memorial website platform (always available year in and year out) has been created in memory of our beloved and cherished lady,  Mrs Nnedi Odedo, 57, born on August 10, 1962 and passed on to glory to be with our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ on December 17, 2019.
She will be sorely missed and remembered forever by her nuclear family, extended families in Nnobi & Nnewi, classmates, schoolmates, friends, colleageues, associates, brethren in Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International Nigeria & beyond, ECWA Church, Christian fellowship groups, and many others.
Despite her unexpected transition at this time, our sovereign LORD who knows everything is ever faithful, in control and reigns always! Hallelujah!!

Posted by Victor Olisaemeka on December 19, 2019
"Though the Christian has no immunity from death and no claim to perpetual life on this planet, death to him/her is a friend rather than a foe - the beginning rather than the end - another step on the pathway to heaven rather than a leap into a dark unknown" (Dr. Billy Graham).
Mrs Nnedi Odedo, who is my professional colleague was humility personified. She has joined the saints triumphant, having run God's appointed race. Her legacies that are manifest in her husband, children, FGBMFI and Christians generally will always speak for her.
Though her exit is painful, we are comforted by God's Word that she died in the Lord and having her rest in God's paradise. May God strengthen the husband, children and everyone reading this and make us ever ready to meet the Lord and our sister; to part no more again.
Posted by SEWUSI TAIWO.O. DAVID on December 19, 2019
It is well with the righteous, precious in the sight of the Lord the death of His beloved for eternal rest is their potion (emphasis added ). Rest well at the bossom of the Lord. You lived and fulfil purpose. You will ever be remembered for the live you have impacted. Adieu.
Rev &Pst Taiwo Abigail Sewusi
Posted by Jc Ayoka on December 19, 2019
Mrs Nnedi Odedo was an exceptional personality. The length of her days may have been short but the impact was surely great, her exit may be painful but it is surely a transition to greater glory. We pray for the unlimited grace and strength of the almighty God for Arc Ifeanyi Odedo, his family and the FGBMFI family.
Mr & Mrs Jude Ayoka.
Posted by Sunny Ndubisi Nnoli on December 19, 2019
Even though your works and legacies are speaking volume on earth, but Mummy you left so early. Rest on in the Bossom of the Lord. We greatly missed you
Mrs Miracle Ndubisi- Kano Zone
Posted by Sunny Ndubisi Nnoli on December 19, 2019
We, the Land Lift kano zone was thrown into deep sorrowful mood on hearing the heart breaking news yesterday. I, personally was like "Lord why will it be your servant, Arch Odedo" ? "Lord why now?. I am sure if there is one thing this loving couple desired so much in life, it is to retire into old age together when they will sit and share their memories of how they served the Lord together. What an unrealized expectation?
A woman that my wife so loved, always reading of her at any given opportunity, A woman I so much looked up to while moulding my wife into the service and the work of the vision. If there is someone we expected for this loss, she is no where near the list. What a shock? Many questions still going on in my mind which the Lord alone will answer. May the Lord fill the gap for us and console His servant Arch Odedo and her children in Jesus name
Posted by TIMOTHY DURU on December 19, 2019
It is well. God's faithfulness is sure. We have another angel added to the heavenly host. God bless Odedo's, ECWA and FGBMFI. Amen
Posted by Chibuike Amaechi on December 19, 2019
All my eyes could see was you waving your hands at Lagos National Convention 2018 when you were introduced by the MC That Friday Night. When the News of you sleeping in Glory got to me,I never knew you were waving to tell us ' see you on the other side of eternity'. You were more than what The MC described That Night. We will not weep like people without hope because I'm so sure we will meet on that resurrection Morning. This great Family FGBFMI will surely miss you especially The Ladies of the Fellowship. Sleep Well Ma.
Posted by Amaechi Obinna on December 19, 2019
Mrs. Nnedi Odedo, life is a mixture of various steps, there is time for everything here on Earth and in Heaven above. Our faith teaches us that the death of the righteous is a continuation of life in eternity. Life has just changed not ended for the faithful people of God. Your life has just been changed accordingly. Your death should be understood as transformation and not destruction. Your transition was fully divine, while reposing our hopes in the promise of resurrection and life eternal.
May your works and memory provoke inspiration for greatness and development in Fgbmfi Ladies of the Fellowship. Rest in peace Nwanyi oma.
Posted by Silas Aruah on December 19, 2019
You have not just passed on but my convinction that your labour of love for the unbelievers to turn to Christ and your generosity in reaching out to others will make way for you in the everlasting kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Rest in peace my dear sister in the Lord and may God grant your husband, children, family and friends the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss by your exit. Amen.
Posted by Nnaji Ifeoma on December 19, 2019
WOG, you will be greatly missed. May your soul rest in the bosom of God almighty
Posted by Emmanuel Udensi on December 19, 2019
My wife and I joined FGBMFI 1987 at the Launch of the Minna City Chapter of the Fellowship. Less than five years after Arc Ifeanyi Ofedo became my Field Representative while I was the Chapter President. The Odedo and Udensi families became family friends ever since then. Nnedi had always been my wife’s boss in FGBMFI but a combination of friendship and Nnedi’s rare humility would always wipe away disparity in positions. I recall when the two families landed at Abuja airport together some few year ago and I thought of sleeping at Sharon. Ogam, as I call Ifeanyi, refused but yours was vehement. You said to my wife, ‘Julie, we are sleeping in the house, not hotel’. My family will indeed miss a member. Good night Nnedi. Prof Emma and Prof Julie Udensi, fnip, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration) FUT, Minna & DC NCII FGBMFI
Posted by Gbenga Omotowa on December 19, 2019
Mama Full Gospel Nigeria as we fondly call you, my wife and I couldn't believe the shocking news as we read on a friend's WhatsApp post to us and later on NC1 and NC5 Platform. Each time I look at you all I see is a replica of our National President both physically and spiritual. You have imparted generations. Today, the entire world is speaking of your good works even when tested with fire it can't be burnt. A mother and woman of steel you are. We shall ever cherish you and the memory of you will ever be fresh. Continue to live on till we meet at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ where we shall part no more. My family can't say goodbye. We love you ma.

For the Omotowas
Posted by Ebere Okonkwo on December 19, 2019
We prayed, and the Lord answered...He is our father who loves us and you too. You have done your race, you will be missed! You mentored women, raised and strengthened our ladies of the Fellowship, My wife in particular had just one meeting with you and says what a beautiful soul you are.

We will meet again...on that morning, yes and the righteous do not die, they just changed address.
Posted by Adebola Olubanjo on December 18, 2019
I remember vividly when I met Nnedi as the wife of my friend and current National President of Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in Nigeria and she informed me of serving in Benin city for her NYSC . She served in the office of Pius Momodu &Co , one of the leading firm of Chartered Accountants in Benin City at that time . I was running a Firm of Charteted Accountants in Benin city but I did not meet her . From that connection to Benin City and accountancy profession I became interested in her professional development . I was greatly impressed and happy when inspite of marital obligations and work requirements, sat for, and passed the finals examination of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and was inducted as an Associate member ACA . She became a great asset to the profession and was ever proud and satisfied to be a member of the profession upholding the ethics and code of conduct strictly .
She called me her uncle while I honoured and called her my colleague . In her humility, she would reply by saying we are not in the same category . Humble , lively and cheerful she wouldn’t hurt a fly . Nnedi respected elders always . Wealth, position , education and family background never hindered her from respecting or honouring of elders . The last time I saw her at Asaba in a meeting held at the instance of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International she humorously told me my jacket made of material printed with FGBMFI Convention logo was special and beautiful . I did not expect that it will be the last time I will ever speak to the beautiful ,caring , lovely ,spiritual and highly professional Nnedi .
Nnedi you were a star in our profession . Your type is difficult to find . We cannot forget you . You have gone ahead of us . We look forward to meeting you on the resurrection day . It is not good bye . It is good night . Rest In Peace . 
Posted by Tomi OLUGBEMI on December 18, 2019
Nnedi, we the family of FGBMFI cannot express our shock at the news of your sudden death. It was the rudest shock ever. But we have our comfort and solace in the Lord that He gave and He takes. We thank God for your well spent life in the Kingdom work. You made an indelible mark as a wife, mother and in the Kkngdom work. Your memory will remain with us forever. Sleep on in bosom of your Lord and maker until that day when we shall see to part no more.
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Posted by Izu Godson on January 17, 2020
Words fail me. Mummy Nnedi; an elegant beauty, full of grace and candour. A most suitable wife to Arch. Ifeanyi Odedo; our ever inspiring National President at FGBMFI Nigeria. Your seat is vacant and you will be sorely missed. Rest on great woman of God.
Posted by Aisha Ndahi on January 17, 2020
I had always admired you from afar and felt truly blessed when our paths crossed.Your soft words of wisdom remain stamped on my mind.You were a modest,humble and amiable woman.You remain a mentor even in death.
I followed you to the last JLA meeting .Little did I know it would be the last time I was going to hear you speak.I have put my jottings from the meeting in thesame bag as my credentials because I need them to remain safe.
We love and miss you ma.
Posted by James Alabe Bako on January 16, 2020
You came, lived and conquered; now you are waiting to receive your crown. May the facts of the Lord's words comfort your dear husband, the children, the family and the brethren as they prepare to join you as set out by God. Rest on in the Lord
my sister, rest on.
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Shared by Ngozi Emenogu on December 30, 2019
It was a rude shock to hear of the home-going of Mrs Nnedi Odedo, the beloved wife of the National President of Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International- Nigeria, but I thank God that it is well with her soul.
She was a virtuous woman who touched and influenced many lives for the Lord Jesus Christ. She will be greatly missed in the Fellowship and all other places where she impacted people's lives, especially by her husband, Arc Ifeanyi Odedo.
Our joy & consolation is that she died in the Lord, therefore she's blessed and her good deeds are following her.
The Lord shall console our NP, Arc. Ifeanyi Odedo, their children and the FGBMFI- Nigeria, as He grants our departed sister eternal rest.


Shared by Moses Kuzhe on December 29, 2019
It was shocking news, a dark and heartbroken news? We're short of words and weak to question God as how and why? As believers we are always reminded of this transition to always be prepare.
May the peace of God which transcends all understanding guide the family's heart and mind in christ Jesus. 
We will forever missed Mummy's ever smilling face, the radiance of God's glory that surround her presence wherever she was. We can only be comforted because we know where she is.
The psalmist says. "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints" ps 116:15 Remember this song writter; "When peace like a river attendeth my way, when sorrows like sea billows roll; whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say, "It is well, it is well with my soul."
Mummy Mrs Odedo has fought the good fight, she has finished her race and has kept her faith. We shall all see her someday and celebrate at the feet of Jesus.
It's well with the family. Peace 
 Pst Moses Kuzhe and Family 


Shared by Edwards Mona on December 22, 2019
Precious in the sight of the LORD Is the death of His saints. Psalms 116:15.

The Righteous is delivered from the evil to come... 

We are not pained because the Kingdom has gained. 
We missed you sorely but surely we will meet to part no more. 
We shall meet on that beautiful celestial shore.

You have  immortalized yourself by your impacts in us. Your legacies will forever live on. 

Rest on ma!