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This tribute was added by Chinwe Onuora on January 27, 2020
Nne m, the child of my youth ,my determined defender! I wonder how I am going to cope with out you ?I ll strive to assist in all your plans. My hope and trust will continually rest with Christ Jesus our Lord! Fare thee well my pretty! The Best Daughter anybody would wish to have . My fashionista, my ‘sister ‘and ‘ friend ‘. Goodbye my Lioness!
Chief mrs Chinwe Onuora ( Mum )
This tribute was added by Chio Ikechebelu on January 16, 2020
It has finally dawned on me that you have departed this earth. A rude shock that I hope to recover from. It is hard to believe that you have indeed gone to meet your Creator.

Your life was full, happy and with positive impacts. Each time I look around, I am still seeing many memories of you; is it your gifts, your pictures, our gists and challenges we had overcome? It is impossible to forget you in a hurry.

I always remember my Mum telling me how they (our Mums) coped taking care of us as first-time Mothers whilst studying in school, especially meeting up with their morning lectures. I will always remember the moments we shared when we both carried our babies (Cheta & Ifenna, Chima & Chimdi) same years to full term and the enormous joy of celebrating and dedicating them to God.

Nne, you have left a huge vacuum in the lives of those who met and knew you. God has permitted that you join Him at this age of your life, we cannot question the Almighty.

I am certain that God has your Husband, three Sons, Mother and Brother fully covered. He will always sort them out all the way irrespective of your absence.

As hard as it is, with heavy tears in my eyes I write; "Nneka Onuorah-Isiadinso, rest in the bosom of the Lord until we meet on the resurrection day".

Laa n'udo ezi nwanne!
Laa n'udo ezigbo oyi!
Ga ije ike oma!
O ga adiri gi nma!
This tribute was added by Barbara Udoewah on January 6, 2020
My darling Nini little did we know that morning God was to call your name.
In life we loved you dearly, in death we do the same.
It breaks our hearts to lose you. You did not go alone for part of us went with you the day God called you home.
You left us beautiful memories and though we cannot see you, you are always at our side.
Our family chain is broken and nothing seems the same, but as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again.
We’ll always love you and never forget you.
This tribute was added by Florence Madu Mbaoji on December 27, 2019
To my professional colleague, Pharm Nneka Onuora.
In fact, it was a great shock to me when I got the news of your demise and that shock is still reverberating in me. I could not fathom the mystery of death which quickly snatched you away like a kidnapper from us. It is quite unbelievable that you have gone home to rest leaving everyone that knew you in a state of confusion. My only consolation is that you ran your race well. May God continue to repose your soul while he gives your family members and all of us the fortitude to contain this tragedy. RIP the great Pharmacist.
This tribute was added by Uju Okeke on December 25, 2019
Zeeba!!!I have been trying to avoid writing here, what better day of doing it than today. Where do I start from? You are the best friend I have ever had. We spent most of our adult years closer than sisters, the ying to my yang. No one knew you better. With all my flaws, my shortcomings , you accepted me warts and all. You are the perfect hype woman, always cheering people on and genuinely happy over the success of others, that is a rare gift my friend. In a world filled with sanctimonious people, you always spoke your mind, albeit, in a more polite way than me. A phenomenal lady, class act, best dressed human I have had the honour of knowing. Through the roller coaster that was our friendship, the love never dimmed. I have spent weeks asking all the what ifs and I have now accepted that God needed you. Most people do not know you sing beautifully, I hope you have joined the choir of Angels. My heart breaks for the family you left behind. Together with all of them, we mourn your passing. Watch over your family from Heaven, keep them safe and healthy. My heart breaks for Aunty Chinwe, you best believe she will look after your boys and we will provide her with as much comfort as we can. I miss you and I love you immensely. Rest in peace Zee.
This tribute was added by Adaobi Mogbana on December 21, 2019
Baby Girl how far?

I'm still speechless over what happened. Still can't believe it. But God knows why. Maybe he wants you to be with Him, far from this world of toil and tears. May God give you eternal rest and to your family, fortitude and comfort; especially your hubby who could not keep his hands off you on your wedding day; your little boys, when will they see mummy again? And your Mom, Enyi. God be with you till we meet again.
This tribute was added by Chioma Chukwuanu on December 20, 2019
Nneka, you were an amazing lady. Your demise is so unbelieavable and heartbreaking and you will forever be missed. Rest on in the Lord dear colleague.
This tribute was added by Nneka Aneke on December 19, 2019
Shocking, used to see you full of energy way back at uni days. What happenned to u at this prime. Rest well Pharm. God loves you more. May he give your loved ones fortitude to bear this loss.
This tribute was added by Chinyere Achusim on December 17, 2019
Dear Nneka,
It is hard to say rest in Peace to you. I pray you find Peace. I will miss you now more than yesteryears. God keep your beautiful soul till the resurrection morning.
This tribute was added by Nnenna Eke on December 17, 2019
This must be A big Joke!!!
May God comfort Us all.
I am trying to figure out what to write.
Goose pimple all over
This tribute was added by Chioma Okonya on December 17, 2019
Nneka, cant believe you are gone. Still in shock. God grant you family eternal peace and heart to bear this huge loss.
This tribute was added by Adaeze Isiadinso Chime on December 17, 2019
I never really met you but the void you left behind is so tangible. What happens to your boys? This is so painful.

However, God remains the author and finisher. The middle is where we play our part of finding and knowing God, our maker.

IN everything and FOR everything we are admonished to return the glory back to Him! He knows best. Our gratitude is an indication that we trust Him no matter the circumstance and that He is faithful to abide with us for the long mile. Of course, if God be for us who can be against us???

This tribute was added by Chidebelu Anuli Cynthia on December 17, 2019
Rest on my esteemed colleague. May God accept your soul.
This tribute was added by Imeri Ezinne on December 17, 2019
May the good Lord accept your soul and comfort all whom you left behind.
This tribute was added by Nkiru Ibemesi-Anumba on December 16, 2019
Nneka...where do I begin. You are greatly loved and cherished by all who have come across you. I'm still shivering, wishing this is not true. May God Almighty receive you into his kingdom. I pray for your Husband and kids. May God's strength enable them to bear this heavy loss. I will always remember our friendship. You're are greatly missed. From me Nkiru Ibemesi-Anumba
This tribute was added by Julie Don-Adinuba on December 12, 2019
Zeebarity, Zeebarity, Zeebarity, this pain is soooooooo deep! I am still stunned! A rising star! An epitome of a daughter that every mother would love to have! Very dependable, thoughtful, compassionate, humble, focused, committed! You were doing sooooo well in your career - a career you cherished and were passionate about and proud of. Nini, your auntie Julie is in deep pain!
I remember how I used to accompany your mum (my friend and big sister) back then in 1987-1989 to drop you and your late brother, Achike at UNEC Nursery and Primary School, I was an undergraduate then at UNN. We witnessed your growth physically, spiritually, academically, socially. We all converged at your wedding. I was there each time, with my children and friends to celebrate the birth-thanksgiving/birthdays of all your boys. I had looked forward to celebrating so many more high-points in your life! I had told my daughter, studying Pharmacy in Rome, that you will be her mentor! Zeeba, where do I start? Your mum is devastated! Holy Spirit, the Comforter, we plead that You comfort Chinwe! Comfort Uchenna and the 3 Boyz! Comfort Onyii- my Godson, comfort the Isiadinso and Onuora family members and friends.
God Almighty, you assigned Nneka to the Sprint-Race Category in her pilgrimage on Earth! Nneka has fought the good fight; Nini has finished her SPRINT RACE perfectly; Zeebarity has kept the faith! Lord, may it please you to grant her kind admittance into the light and peace of Your presence! Eternal rest OH LORD, grant unto our daughter, Nneka Jennifer Isiadinso nee Onuora, Ojiabu's Zeebarity, may your Perpetual light shine upon her and may her soul rest in peace. You will be exceedingly missed! Heaven has gained an angel! Fare thee well Zeeba!
This tribute was added by Ekwensi Chinelo on December 11, 2019
NNE my heart bleeds ewooo chi ewelu ututu jie,my beloved Chinwe take heart may Jehovah console you. . NNE may your beautiful soul rest in Peace Amen. Gudnite Ada Ojiabu.
This tribute was added by Temitope Kupoluyi on December 10, 2019
Pharm Nneka,

The news of your demise got me distressed for days. It really hit me hard! In all I choose to hold on to your words to me on the day we last saw. I choose to keep with me the memories of fun and laughter we had while we worked together. May God indeed console your family.

Rest easy Nneka.
This tribute was added by Munir Mustafa on December 10, 2019
You were truly a cool person with an amazing soul... I smile with teary eyes when I see your pictures and remember what a burst of positive energy you were. God knows best... rest in peace Nneka.
This tribute was added by Chioma Onyedikachi on December 10, 2019
Still Speechless, Nwanne m! My heart is broken in tiny pieces!
This tribute was added by Chidinma Okoli on December 9, 2019
I am still speechless even though it's been a few weeks. I keep checking this page hoping it's one big lie that you're gone. . .

Pharm Nneka you were simply amazing! I learnt a lot from you in the two years we worked together. So organized, so jovial, so intelligent, so family-oriented, so focused, so proactive, so hardworking! Gosh! You loved me like your own sister and I remember people kept asking me if I knew you before I met you at HP, simply because of the way you were always ready to defend my case and ensure I get the benefits I deserved. Even my father who has never met you was shocked when I told him of your demise because of how well I told him you treated me at work.

This is such a painful loss and sometimes I wonder why life is so unfair. But I am consoled with the fact that you'll be resting in the bossom of the Almighty.

Continue to be the shining light and watch over your little boys. May God grant your beautiful soul eternal rest.

Adieu. . .
Chidinma Okoli
This tribute was added by Juliet Kapena on December 9, 2019
My heart is so sore and I am speechless...  Your memory will live on in my heart forever. Love you forever and a day my dear friend. May your soul rest in his perfect peace...
This tribute was added by Amaka Tessy on December 9, 2019
I don't know you but I'm touched...... it's a pity
This tribute was added by Caroline Ereh Oriss on December 7, 2019
I couldn't bring myself to believe this, I still wish that someone will wake me up from this reality...

I remember our moments in Jos during the ACPN/PSN conference, I didn't know you could be that playful... one week of playing naughty and laughter..
I will hold that memory forever in my heart...

Pharm. Nneka..
Rest on in the bosom of the Most High until we meet to part no more.

This tribute was added by Bolaji Isiaka on December 6, 2019
Dear Pharm Nneka,

I am still hoping somebody will call me that your death news is fake.
If this is really true, we do not have a choice than to thank God for everything.
I pray that God will give your family fortitude to bear the irreplaceable loss.
Good night Pharm Nneka.
This tribute was added by Ijeoma Emery-Ibie on December 5, 2019
Dear Pharm Nneka,

Just 3 weeks ago I spoke to a colleague to help me get your number, only to hear barely a week later of your demise!
It was and is still very shocking and saddening. My heart is so heavy each time I think of you, I cannot begin to imagine what the family you left behind is going through. The Holy Spirit will comfort them as only He can. I will cherish the fond memories we shared at HealthPlus Pharmacy. Rest in Peace Pharm Nneka, till we meet to part no more.
This tribute was added by Haruna Abdulkadiri on December 5, 2019

R.I.P. Boss
This tribute was added by Chima Ezenachi on December 4, 2019
Even if I don't feel so, I will stay in the positive. What a race it was for you. Your family were the luckiest to have you, your friends were blessed to have experienced you. You rolled up your sleeves and played all your part. You were strong and conquered all that came your way.
Fierce, Kind, Loving and contagiously merry.

We all have no clue how to fill this hole.
But go on and rest in peace now you sweet soul.
This tribute was added by Ije Obi-Agbo on December 2, 2019
My heart is aching, but heaven is one star brighter. I can't believe I won't hear your voice again. I still remember our last conversation 2 weeks ago. How do I describe your selflessness and loyalty? You never missed an opportunity to encourage me.

I think about the family you left behind everyday. You were a mother, a sister, a loyal friend, a focused and smart pharmacist. Zee, your loved ones will miss you but God knows best. Thank you for being not just a friend but a sister.

Rest in Peace Nneka.
This tribute was added by Chioma Onuegbu on November 29, 2019
Nne, still speechless!

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