This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Nneka Okaro. We will remember her forever.
Posted by John Abah on April 4, 2021
Nneka came to see me just after my fire incident in 2016 bearing gifts! The ONLY person that did from my Facebook friends.
The last we spoke I told her "I've been quite busy making money" so I can travel foreign land in her guide.

Such a sweet human. A brilliant writer and tourist.

Rest well, Nnex.
Posted by Mandu Gabriella on April 3, 2021
It's so surreal to know that we laid you to rest today.
We didn't talk too often but when we did, I knew you were truly my friend.
I was so looking forward to that trip we were planning. I told Shuga about it and when you died, it was so hard to tell her that mommy's friend was gone.
You were the only birthday mate I knew. I looked forward to sending that happy birthday message on our birthdays.
That day will never be the same again.
We love you Nne, even in death.
You truly were a rare gem.
Your kind and selfless heart will never be forgotten.
Posted by Philipp S. on March 31, 2021
I was about to meet Janine in person on 26th of March. We have been in contact for over one year. Due to the pandemic I had to postpone my travel plans several times. I merely have known Janine as a tour operator to showing me around in Lagos, Kano and Abuja.
Nevertheless, I will never forget her kindness and her positive attitude. May God give her eternal rest and the family the strength to bear the great pain.
Posted by Nwoye Uchenna on March 31, 2021
I met nneka okaro sometime back in 1996/97 at UNN then in our school days in IMT Enugu when her younger brother nnabike okaro where ran out of pocket money and he said let's go to nsukka and see my sister that she should be able to help.
On seeing her she was welcoming and receptive too,I think she took us to the cafeteria that evening and we had a meal and the next day she gave us some money and we were back on our way. I have come to know her since then.

Ada Jim as I used to call her is who I would call a full package of a lady,she is brilliant, intelligent, focused and a goal getter as in whatever she sets her mind to do she gets it done,she's disciplined and respectful and let me not forget the smile.

There was a time I called her Ada Jim tell me how did you do it and she said what and I said you left your job in the bank and decided to step out and your own thing and she said its all about remaining focused and being ready to pay the price.

Ada jim was full of wisdom of which I used to consult her on some issues and she gives good counsel, a very good writer and most importantly a pillar in her family due to her leadership qualities.

As I write I keep seeing your smiles and the way you hail me whenever we see or meet and I remember our discussions in ogidi at Elokas traditional marriage that was when I came to respect you the more.
Your death came as a big blow and a big shock to me but what can I say.I cannot question God even though your death is still hard to believe.

Ada Jim my friend, my sister rest in peace.
Posted by Karin Sinniger on March 30, 2021
I know you as Jeanine of Jeanine Tours. It took your death for me to learn your real name is Nneka....

You have perfect scores for customer satisfaction online from people all over the world who you welcomed to your country. You inspired utmost confidence just from your e-mails.

I was supposed to meet you at Lagos Airport on 2 April for a few days when you would show me around. Incredibly, two days after your death, your family thought to track me down to assure me my trip would be refunded. After all the pain they are going through and so much to do they thought of a stranger in a distant land. These are the people who shaped you and who you grew up with. Good, kind, honest people, just like you were. I can therefore understand why there are so many moving tributes to you here and on travel sites.

I am so sorry I never got to meet you in person. I am the poorer for it, but hope that your soul is at peace and happy.

With warm regard from the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland.
Posted by Gozie Okoye on March 30, 2021
An extraordinary woman. Philanthropist, entrepreneur, feminist, traveler, intellectual. I remember our uni days. Our NYSC days. Then how we would always "jam" randomly in PH. Our debates on Facebook. It's hard to imagine you're gone. Hard to accept. Rest in peace Nneka. Rest in peace.
Posted by Ahunna Onyenso on March 30, 2021
My Beautiful Friend - Nneka

Nneka was, no, is my beautiful childhood friend. Our fun filled frolicking as next door neighbours and family friends on our vibrant, happy Ogunlowo Street are memories that deserve to be made indelible in history so the next generation understand what childhood really meant!

From sharing a lesson teacher (yes you were also the ultra brainy one at Mr. Mensah’s lessons), to playing ten ten together with Amaka and Ify. Remember your bedrooms faced our kitchen? We would shout across at each other before bedtime even though we had spent the day playing together. Then it was the trips to the lady that plaited our hair, I used to hate getting the back of my head done with the ‘shuku’ style...the stench was unbearable when one had to sit face down in the lap of one mama or the other. Afterwards we would stroll back home, you chewing your extra long locks that swung past your mouth....I on the other hand was lucky if I could just about see my locks hovering above my eyelid!

We went to our FGGC secondary schools and always returned to tell adventures, even writing each other (you gave me some letters I wrote age 13 when I saw you last year!)

Through the years as I moved back to the UK we always kept in touch. Through the loss of your Mother and my Father; good and bad relationships with humanity, we would always continue wherever we last left off as if it was yesterday rather than years. You met my children and were always a presence in my life, no matter how fleeting.

Last year you were instrumental in my return to Nigeria to bury my older brother, Obi. You sorted out my chartered flight ticket even though Nigeria airspace was closed. When that flight was cancelled last minute, you asked me if I would come through my ride n die chic, I said yes and you even came to pick me up. We had an amazing time in August 2020..sharing a bed, laughing, gisting and planning for our future. We chatted every other day since then, even breaking a record by speaking for 6 hours straight one night (as you would had receipts!). Even on that faithful Wednesday the 17th of March 2021 we were chatting on WhatsApp up to 2 minutes before you were last online. Our friendship was frozen in time on that day. Time stamped for good measure.
Our future together as cackling old (stinkingly rich) ladies jetting around didn’t come to pass alas, but the memories we created will stand the test of time.

Nnex Pikin, I miss you. Girlie, my kids miss you. Bebeh, The Onyenso family miss you. Babes, The whole world it seems, miss you.

My beautiful friend. Beautiful inside and outside. Loving, generous, kind but at the same time passionate, tenacious, unapologetically conscientious and a lover of justice. You came, you saw and you most definitely conquered. My babe, the legend. Love you
Posted by Uche Erinoso on March 29, 2021
Nneka, you were one of a kind.
You stayed true to yourself through the years.
Full of fun and you could have passed for a comedian
I was inspired by your fund raising activities
A genuine human and a great fighter; you will be sorely missed.
Nodu mma ezi nwanne
Posted by lizzie Okaroh on March 29, 2021
Deeply sadden to hear of your untimely death.. words can not express the heartache we have all felt.
Loved ones are always within loving hearts and this brings memories of good times to help move through the pain.
Rest in peace Nneka xox
Posted by Funke Deji-Makinde on March 29, 2021
Dear Nex,

Hmmm...the time has come to say goodbye though it still feels so difficult referring to you in the past tense.

You were a force to reckon with as you were a trailblazer in every sense of the word. What a loss for us! But heaven has gained an angel as you were that angel in the lives of so many people.

I, and the rest of the Fediben 94 girls will cherish your memory for the rest of our lives.

Bye Nneka. May your gentle soul rest in peace. Amen
Posted by Natalie Usen on March 29, 2021 had the kind of heart that was always ready to help others. When anyone reached out to you, you never made them feel small or inadequate. The news of your passing still feels like a dream, it’s something I still can’t digest even if I tried. I said we’d finally get to see after so many years now I’m in your city... I was waiting for you to get back. But you didn’t, that wasn’t the plan. Thank you for being a kind and wonderful soul to me. And thanks for reminding us to live life on our terms -as you did. I’ll really miss you.
Posted by Vanessa N on March 29, 2021
I still can't comprehend this. Such a humanitarian, with a warm heart. Nneka, you were so full of life and adventure which makes this reality even more difficult to accept. I see you everywhere, on my social media, my many messages and articles and discussions we shared. Your love for travel and discovery was unparalleled...and I will forever cherish our trip to Morocco. You were fearless, funny, unapologetically a feminist...Statuesque. You will be forever missed and will remain forever young in our memories.Till we meet again Nneka.
Posted by Jane Nsunwara on March 28, 2021
Rest In Peace dear friend, traveler, activist, feminist, business woman extraordinaire, all round amazing sister. Still heartbroken, annoyed, and in pain over your loss. Thank you for loving bold, loud, and beautifully.
Posted by Erhio Obodo on March 28, 2021
It's hard for me to say goodbye
Because I'm still hoping it's a lie
I'm hoping to see another post
Of you being a perfect host
Showcasing Naija at its best
Especially to those from the west
I'm finding it hard to deal
It just seems so unreal
Connecting my vibrant friend
With such a tragic end
Ahhh my Tomato Jos
Natural skin and hair
Not too dark not too fair
Slim-fit for life
We used to eat without thinking twice
Life eeeeeh
This shock
O di kwa much oo
Na so you just start your journey home
I'm sure if you could still call my phone
You'll tell me about bright lights
Beautiful sights
And heavens delights
With so much excitement in your voice
In this case I have no choice
I guess it's really time to let you go
Everyone you know
Is in pain
Calling your name again and again
In due time
We'll realize that we are the ones still far away from home
But like I said in due time
Na sooooooo
Nnex Nnex Nnex
Thank you for being a sister
Thank you for being a listener
Thank you for being tall
Thank you for spreading joy to all
Thank you for being kind to others
Especially mothers
Thank you for saying it as it is
Thank you for the ginger which we sorely miss
You have taught us how to cherish every minute we still have
And reminded us to prepare for the journey beyond here
We know this world is not our home
Yet it's hard to let go
I no go lie
It's too hard to say goodbye.

Instead I'll just say
Safe Journey ❤️
Posted by Theresa Akomode on March 28, 2021
I took a deep breathe again. It seems that's the first thing I do again and again and again when I think of you...deep breathe again.
I looked forward to seeing you in one of our trips...deep breathe again.
I really don't know what to say but I pray God that your soul finds its rightful place with Him who loves you more than anyone can...deep breathe again.

Take care Nneks. Take care. Adieu babe!...deep breathe again.
Posted by Ngofaka Koko on March 28, 2021
My friend and sister... More than thirty years after, I now understand what forever means. We can't speak again forever. We can't plan anything again forever. You were everything and more to many people. This is not the plan. May the light of God guide you to the right place. Amen.
Posted by Osen Iyahen on March 28, 2021
Dear Nexx, it still feels unreal to think you are no longer with us. Although, you may not be here physically, I believe that your beautiful spirit lives on in joyful activity. You were truly one of a kind... vibrant, intriguing, courageous, creative, globetrotter and so much more. May your path be blessed and may the good Lord grant your loved ones the fortitude to bear this loss.
Posted by Omoh Daniels Dike on March 28, 2021
Nnex... hearing the sad news, was really heart breaking. You were too full of life, filled with so many plans, filled with so much to give and death had to take that all away. Bebeh.... still can't believe we won't hear your voice again or read your chats or see you again. Rest with angels girl and know you will truly be missed.
Posted by Iriowen Uwaifo on March 28, 2021
Nexx, words fail me. God rest your soul.
Posted by Toyin Atolagbe on March 28, 2021
Nnexx our sweet girl! You have departed this world leaving all of us so shocked. Your genuine love for all will be missed. A jolly good fellow and friend to all! Your humility, love, wisdom, and courage will be missed. Adieu dear friend and faithful one!
Posted by Ola Sho on March 28, 2021
She was a true leader. Good night sis.
Posted by awala vivian on March 28, 2021
still in shock of the news, I always wish that all those we know will go in old age. Unfortunately God decided to take back one of his angels. Tallest like I always call you. I still remember vividly the way you will lift me up from the ground and I will say don't worry when I come to the world next time I will be very tall just like you. Your smile, your laughter, so confident and passionate about your work. You will be greatly missed but heavens gain. Sleep on sister and rest in the bosom of God Nneka tomato jos.
Posted by Winifred Duru on March 28, 2021
The bull!!! This is how I describe you. Vivacious, no nonsense you. I so love! because we share similar personalities. The right thing must be done. Your demise broke me. I couldn't get sleep for two nights,cried all nights, I was shaking to my butts. Can I forget the way u listen? There must be solutions, there must be a way out. I didn't even know u are the first daughter like me. Adaukwuibem!! I know better why we share similar personalities. We met last November in jibowu and we talked about the down turns of events in Nigeria, and how we will relocate to be better. What happened to ur plans?!!! Is well. You couldn't even fight like we always. I would have being there to help nurse you to heal because if I was the one, you'll do more. This sad event has reminded me to pursue God more. It was an awakening.... Nexxx. May God grant u rest till we met again. I love u and still do even as u are no more.
Posted by Oge Nnabuike on March 28, 2021
Nne o! So this is all I could hear? not you changing bank? Not changing career? Not even those Facebook private dm gossips! Not you lying down on your bed in bumshorts and v necks reading all those novels. Nneka Okaro! Your death got me like no other. My mind skipped for days. How can Nneka die like this? You were careful in all you do. No! Its not possible, unfortunately I am faced with that reality, yea it was one of the hazards that comes with the Job. You returned to your maker doing what you love. Truly men may not understand but God picked you knowing that you fulfilled the purpose of your coming. Go well sis till we meet on ressurection morning . May God recieve your passionate soul Amen!
Posted by Chineze Udoeyop on March 28, 2021
Bebeh! You were there for me and always so willing to help. You called me on my birthday and we laughed, goofing around as usual. You had a large heart and such a sweet soul. Even my kids are saddened by your demise. You will forever be remembered Nnex; your laughter, your walk, your unchangeable model figure and your long hair. So much to say but I wish you were here.... Rest on my Tomato Jos!
Posted by Nkechi Omeokwe on March 28, 2021
Nne!! Nne!! I refused to drop this.. But on a second thought I decided to do it to know if I could come to terms with this reality.. Yet it still feels surreal.. Nne!! My inspiration.. My boss and friend and sister. The supervisor that pushed me to be more than I can be. You opened my inner power and made me believe more in myself.. Nne!! You go the extra extra to be the problem solver.. Nne!! That's what I call you cos you can be the mummy and be the baby at the same time. A leader per excellence... Nne!! No.. I cant believe this is what I should be doing now.. But.. Chukwu ma.. God knows best. I let it rest with God. The earth have missed a rare gem.. A golden heart.. A strong willed personality.. A friend.. A lover.. Nne!!! Rest on... Rest on... Rest in the blossom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Posted by Amara Bosua on March 28, 2021
Nne Tomato Jos, Nexx, sometimes I lost track of your names. I looked forward to the new name you would bear but never did I prepare for 'Gone Too Soon'

Words fail me! You were such an inspiration, and I was looking forward to the book you said you might write one day. So young at heart and goofy and happy and serious and...... Oh Nexx! Heaven knows best. We would pretend eventually to be alright but not just yet cos this vacuum can never be filled *tears.

Rest on with the Lord my big sister.
Enfin la mort n'est pas la fin, jusqu'à ce qu'on se revoyions
Posted by Ofordile Tony-Okeke on March 28, 2021
I’ve got nothing to say as everyone reading this already know how adorable you were. It’s our loss but Heaven’s gain. Continue to rest in peace, Amen
Posted by Tokunboh Oyekoya on March 27, 2021
Dear Nneka,

This came as a rude shock to me just now... I can't believe u ve gone... although I met u for the first time last year through ur best friend turn sister, Ahunna, u were so nice to me like we ve known each other for years. I met exactly wat ur friend described u as. It is sad to loose someone like u. May ur soul rest in peace dear and ur sins be forgiven. I hope all these tributes will count on d day of judgement . U will definitely be missed.
Posted by ALICE ACHI on March 27, 2021


Words alone cannot express the pains and suffocation I feel since the news of this unfortunate incident, but I cannot afford not to say farewell!

Like a Light, you came, shone through all that you came in contact with and left indelible marks.

Who would have imagined that a while after you posted a very long eulogy to me on the social media, I will be one writing a tribute to you today!

I recall how you will call me very sharply when I would not respond to your messages or chats early enough ..... "Madam, check your whatsapp chats" ...was all you will say and soon after we will commence chatting.

When you called me on Saturday the 13th of March, 2021, you asked me to arrange for a 'Local' who can speak the local languages and that will go round with you when you commence your "Tour" of historic sites in Cross River State. You came into Calabar on your "advance trip" and left on Monday Morning. Our last chat was around 11am when you were an hour away from Ogoja. After that, you neither took my calls nor responded to my chats again. I convinved myself that you got busy that Tuesday but I got worried when your calls were going into diverts on Wednesday..... Then the call that changed the whole narratives came through on Thursday. ...

Where are all the "I am coming back..." promises that you made? How about our planned vacation for September Nne?
Everyone around me now bears Nneka as I can't seem to coordinate myself any more.

As a practicing Christian, I know that I am not to question GOD, but I am tempted to ask Nne, why? Why you? Why now?

You were not just a colleague in Stanbic Bank but you were a Sister and a Friend Indeed. You sure knew how to "be there for others" when they needed people around them!

Nne, you were a very selfless person, an upright personality, greatly determined, highly focused and upwardly mobile! You stood for what you believed in at all times and will go all the way to get things done! I recall vividly how I tore your first resignation letter in the banking hall in Trans Amadi and asked you to go and set yourself up in Business before I released you. 

I felt fulfilled when eventually you got your certification as an Image Consultant and started carving your paths in life. My satisfaction increased each time I saw you progressing in your chosen vocation. But now this wicked death has cut all that short and left us all in bewilderment.

I am however strengthened by the fact that you gave yourself up doing what you loved to do most.....

May the Good LORD comfort your family & loved ones, and grant your soul eternal rest.

*Dr. Mrs. Alice Achi*
Posted by ijeoma onwuneme on March 27, 2021
Nexx! Words fail me at this moment. You were too much for this world. You will always be remembered as that bright eyed girl who lived according to your own terms. You stood by me all the way when I lost my dad. You simply were amazing to me and my family then. And many other instances where you showed your heart made of pure gold! I'm beyond words. I can't believe you are gone. You will always be in our hearts Nexx. Rest on till we meet again. Adieu my lovely friend! Adieu...
Posted by Ify Ojiegbe on March 27, 2021
Nex, words fail me. My heart still breaks over and over again. I cant believe u are gone, that i'll never see u again. What of d Benue yams we joked about?

I wish i could rewind time. All we are left with are memories of you.

May ur beautiful soul continue to rest in peace,amen.
Posted by Osa Bazuaye Muogbo on March 27, 2021
Nneka... I saw you last 3 years ago on holiday and spent 4 glorious days together not knowing it would be the last. You were so graceful humble kind.
The world is a lesser place without you. My heart is so heavy and words fail me. Rest my friend.
You are so loved.

Posted by Jennifer Olatunde-Thorpe on March 27, 2021
Yo Bebeh... thats what you would say back as soon I as buzz you with a Hi... and I wld smile... I look at our chats on the 15th of March and wish I had said more...

Bebeh you had a heart of Gold.. still feels so unreal , wish it was not true, but like they say God knows best.

I miss you the girls miss you..

Keep resting Nne Tomato Jos, your memories live in our hearts.
Posted by Joice Ize- Iyamu on March 27, 2021
Bebeh! Did I think this is where I would write about you? Never!
I miss you so much, pretending to be strong but broken inside.
Remember when we bumped into each other at the mall, we cancelled everything and just spent the day goofing around, eating and laughing, I felt so good because you were just there being my Sista. Hanging out with you was always the best thing.

For you, Nneka;
The angels looked down from heaven one night.
They searched for miles afar,
And deep within the distance
They could see a shining star.

They knew that very instant
That the star was theirs to gain,
So they took you up to heaven,
Forever to remain.

Look down on us from heaven.
Keep us free from hurt and pain.
You'll always be within my heart
Until we meet again.

Love you my friend, my Sista, my love Nneka. Continue to Rest in perfect peace Amen.
Posted by Adesuwa Iyengumwena on March 27, 2021
Nnex, as I usually call you......a friend from FEDIBEN. When we met again in Port Harcourt, we took off from when we left Benin. Being a lover of travelling, we had lots of things to always talk about. I would surely miss you.
Rest in peace Bebeh.........
Posted by Chikodi Ezenwugo on March 27, 2021
Dear Nneka,

This is really difficult to take in. Just a few weeks ago we had a conversation on wassap. You were such an impactful person. I remember how you would tease me and call me bebe . Anyone who encountered you knew you were so full of life with so much positive energy. You always had words of encouragement to dish out. Nneka you were the entrepreneur to look up to. I remember your kind words to me . I will miss you dear friend. Rest in the Lord's bossom.
Posted by Awele Onelum on March 27, 2021
Nneka my friend your departure came to me as a rude shock. Just on my birthday you expressed how happy you were to see my face again. May God bless your soul for cheering people up, celebrating them and putting smile on their face. I will miss you dearly. Rest in peace my dear friend
Posted by Omo Agbonwanegbe on March 27, 2021
Dear Nneka, this is still a shock to me that you’re no longer here. Like a candle in the wind you lived your life, though short but very impactful. You were a people’s person and you looked out for everyone that came close to you even the ones you knew from a distance. You’re a rare gem and you will be sorely missed. I’m glad I had the opportunity to see you one more time after high school days and I will cherish your memories forever dear Nneka. Keep resting Nne Tomato Jos, your memories live in my heart. Rest in peace dear sis, rest in peace.
Posted by Efe Obiomah on March 27, 2021
Dear Nneka,

You left just when l was thinking of our next adventure. Thank you for your simplicity. Thank you for living life on your own terms. And thank you for that amazing trip to Singapore; the memories we created will linger on.

Because our hope in Christ is not in this life only, we are not miserable. Rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Posted by Ugwu Sandra on March 27, 2021
Nneka, i have always admired your good-naturedness. You make everything especially when it comes to travels and tours easy. You have always advised me on tour packages and all. You don't hold anything back. You give it all. You give your all. I am certain that heaven has gained an Angel. I find it difficult to accept this reality that hit me like a bucket of ice thrown in my face. I am heartbroken but I have to give all glory to God who knows it all. Now you can look after your dad and siblings from above. May your soul find perfect rest in the Lord. Amen
Posted by chinwe iheanacho on March 27, 2021
Nexx, I can't even write because tears keep rolling down, this doesn't seem right my sincere, honest principled cousin. Lady with a heart of Gold, always ready to wear your helping shoes no matter who is affected, our investment mogul. A woman of justice!!
You acted your script of life so well and am beginning to rewrite mine with you as a model. You fought the good fight Nexx! You ran the race!! May God have mercy on you!!!

Je nke oma cousin #4
Farewell Tomato Jos
Forever in my mind cousin!!
Posted by Chris Ugwu on March 27, 2021
Death is the inevitable end of all creature but when it comes too early , it leaves heart breaks and devastation in its wake! Nneka, it’s had to believe you are truly gone!
While I commit your soul to God’s eternal care, we are consoled by your doggedness, can-do spirit and never-give-up attitude!
The lord keep you till we meet on the resurrection morning!
Posted by Chinelo Olisaka on March 27, 2021
Tomatoe Jos, Unachukwu Okaro.
Your passing has been a reality check for me. I couldn’t bear to write RIP. I can’t even stand the look of your picture on family display pictures and status. 
Hey cousin, tears can’t stop rolling down. You have left us too soon. You inspired many, one thing I have learnt recently from your death is to live a selfless life.I am glad our paths crossed.
Till we meet again, Rest In Peace Nwanneka.
Posted by Eloka Okaro on March 27, 2021
Words cannot convey the deep pain I feel at your passing.
You were such a supporter of all things growth. A very strong, vibrant lover of life and the good things thereof.
You worked so hard and so smart at everything you set your heart to.
You fought for the rights of people you didn't even know.
Only the good die young they say...maybe those words would give us some solace.
Safe passage on your travels, until the final journey to the ground.

May we meet again.

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Recent Tributes
Posted by John Abah on April 4, 2021
Nneka came to see me just after my fire incident in 2016 bearing gifts! The ONLY person that did from my Facebook friends.
The last we spoke I told her "I've been quite busy making money" so I can travel foreign land in her guide.

Such a sweet human. A brilliant writer and tourist.

Rest well, Nnex.
Posted by Mandu Gabriella on April 3, 2021
It's so surreal to know that we laid you to rest today.
We didn't talk too often but when we did, I knew you were truly my friend.
I was so looking forward to that trip we were planning. I told Shuga about it and when you died, it was so hard to tell her that mommy's friend was gone.
You were the only birthday mate I knew. I looked forward to sending that happy birthday message on our birthdays.
That day will never be the same again.
We love you Nne, even in death.
You truly were a rare gem.
Your kind and selfless heart will never be forgotten.
Posted by Philipp S. on March 31, 2021
I was about to meet Janine in person on 26th of March. We have been in contact for over one year. Due to the pandemic I had to postpone my travel plans several times. I merely have known Janine as a tour operator to showing me around in Lagos, Kano and Abuja.
Nevertheless, I will never forget her kindness and her positive attitude. May God give her eternal rest and the family the strength to bear the great pain.
Recent stories
Shared by Sarah Joe on March 28, 2021
I met Janine as I called her through my cousin for a trip. We chatted for almost a year till we finally met at MM2 on our way to Singapore. The folks there thought I knew Nneka from before. That's how simple and great She was.
Nneka was my roommate for 10 days And It is a period I can never forget. I never laughed so much. Nneka had stories. Nneka had adventure. She loved experimenting with food. She was very generous with the little she had. Thank You Friend
I was privileged to hear some of her dreams and I am very sad death did not allow Janine achieve them. 
Even though I didn't know her as long as most, Nneka made a great impact in my life and I will miss her booming laugh, her jokes and her equanimity towards life. 

May God console her family. Amen
Shared by Nwamaka Okafor on March 27, 2021
My sister, my friend,my leader. This load is too heavy to bear.