In Loving Memory - Lolo Comfort Nnenna Ogwo
Lolo Comfort Nnenna Ogwo
  • 66 years old
  • Date of birth: Apr 24, 1949
  • Place of birth:
  • Date of passing: Aug 14, 2015
  • Place of passing:
    Aba, Abia, Nigeria
Let the memory of Our mummy - Nnenna be with us forever

“Your health challenges never affected your qualities and the love you had for your husband and family. Now as we mourn your departure, we know that you have lived a fulfilled life and we know that God has you in His glory. Rest in peace”

Lolo Comfort Nnenna Ogwo (nee Ogbonnaya) was born in Cameroon on April 24th, 1949 to - Late Mazi Ogbonnaya Ojukwu of Amukwa Okoko Item, a renowned business man in his time and her mother Mrs Ada Ogbonnaya.

Nnenna had a mix culture, her early years of life were spent in Cameroon with her parents and siblings untill when they finally returned to Nigeria where she later lived with her uncle Hon.Dr. M.I. Kalu. She learned a lot about the value of hard work, respect and humility over the years. She was the oldest of five children and from a young age she was also helping to raise her siblings. The mix of upbringing, culture and experience she had from an early age shaped the rest of her life. Her complexion and stature made her stand out among her peers.

She dreamed of becoming a teacher and pursued her dream by enrolling to the Women Training Colleage – Umuahia after her secondary school education in Ovim Girls’ School – Ovim where she finished in record time and in flying colours. It was during this time that she met her husband Joseph. They both fell in love and moved to Lome after their wedding in December 1975. They returned back to Nigeria in 1978 and she continued her career as a teacher. This can be seen in the way she pronounces her words, just like a learned teacher. She later attended Alvan Ikoku Collage of Education, Owerri , Imo State an affiliate of University of Nigeria Nsuka for NCE Certificate. She was a knee sport woman and won several laurels during her formal schooling years. 

Her teaching career, started in Akanu Ohafia Central School, Ohafia in 1975 taught in  several schools within her state: Constitution Crescent Primary School, Hospital Road Primary School, Ehi Road Primary School, Azikiwe Road Primary School to mention a few.

Nnenna was a woman with an open and a lion’s heart. She graced through every challenge as though they were easy and is a source of testimony to many that got to know her. She lived to make other people happy throughout her life she took in people who needed help when she had so little to offer.

Coming to her Religious life, she was a core and dedicated member of Assemblies of God Church who loved God and was ever ready to contribute immensely to the church growth. She stood for the truth at all times which lead to her conferment of Ezinne title in the year 2012.

Over the past twenty years, Nnenna has seriously gone through challenging moments – for those that know the story and details really knows that she is among those that really had God’s abundant grace in their life. In fact, we all can agree she is more than “a cat with nine lives”. Even with challenging health issues she lived a humble life worthy to emulate. She drew inner strength from God and her family.

Comfort Nnenna married Hon. Chief Joseph Chukwu Ogwo at Methodist Church Nigeria - 156 Tenant Road Aba, on 13th December 1975 and their marriage is blessed with five children – a girl and four boys (Ogechukwu, Ojiugo Josh-Maduka, Omejua and Chinomso) and three grandchildren. Nnenna will be sorely missed by her in-laws, siblings, friends, colleagues and family.

May her gentle soul rest in peace.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Stopa Okoro on 15th August 2017

"Rest In Peace mama obere Agu"

This tribute was added by Josh Ogwo on 14th August 2016

"A year have gone still seems it was yesterday , the joy of life was lost when ever I remember your gone to be with the Lord . Me and my family with always remember you mum .: miss u with all the love you gave me.. You are the reason why  I am live .  Rest in peace ."

This tribute was added by Josh Ogwo on 14th August 2016

"A year have gone still seems it was yesterday , the joy of life was lost when ever I remember your gone to be with the Lord . Me and my family with always remember you mum .: miss u with all the love you gave me.. You are the reason why  I am live .  Rest in peace ."

This tribute was added by Kingsley Ndukwe on 14th August 2016

"Just a year ago today, Mum passed away. I miss everything about you. Every moment I see how you spent your days serving God and mankind. Seeing that everyone around you is happy even if it affects your own happiness, you never stopped showing love and care to us.
My inner joy was gone, my smile was gone when I heard about your death. You were our joy, our everything. Life has never been the same without you. The void will never be filled. I miss your loving presence, my friend, my confidant. There are times I'm screaming and crying inside with the grief, but no one can tell on the surface.
Mum was beautiful, loving, giving, caring, strong, independent and an evolved soul. She gave her all for us. I just keep missing you and our life together, wishing I could have her back. Continue to rest with the Lord, mum, I miss you."

This tribute was added by Reuben Kalu on 7th December 2015

"It's hurting to hear this. But God knows it all, who can questions Him. Our consolation is that you dwell in His bossom. I still remember your words of encouragement that come amidst smiles filled with hope inspite of the situation you found yourself, you were a rock to reckon with.
Rest in perfect peace till we meet to part no more!"

This tribute was added by Patrick Umeh on 3rd December 2015

"Mummy! As we all called you. I am saddened to know of your exit from this mortal journey. However, I rejoice as I remember him who overcame death that we might live.

I became one of your favorite boys and you took every opportunity to make me feel a sense of belonging in your family where I was a total stranger. You played Ludo game with me and you enjoyed it as though I was anywhere close to your social status at that time. Your kitchen was open to all. I can vividly remember you asking "Esther, have you given him food to eat?" That question came again whenever I visited. It's been 17years since the last time I saw you but memories of your kindness has never left my mind. You were a choice daughter of our father in heaven. Some of us realized He relies on people like you to take care of His children.

On that ugly Friday when the son of God hung lifeless on the cross, death stood triumphant but on the 3rd day He broke the chains of death. On that faithful Sunday, the son of God gave us the power to ask "O death, where is thy sting"

Each of us will experience our own Fridays' but in the power of our great redeemer; Sunday will come!

Rest in peace mummy! Till we meet again on the resurrection morning.

Lots of Love!"

This tribute was added by Jeswills Eleke on 23rd October 2015

"I know one thing for sure is that her goodness has been passed on to her children. As she rests in the bosom of the Lord, may God give light to her children's path to showcase the works of the Lord. Rest In Peace mama. I know you will be remembered for all your humility and good works. Adieu mama"

This tribute was added by Peter Adeyeri on 23rd October 2015

"Rest in Perfect peace Lolo Comfort Nenna. We really did not have very close contact but i know your great ambasador in the person of Ogechukwu Ogwo. He represented you well. I came to conclude that you must have been a great Mother who shaped your children's life for a great future. You indeed were very great. May God keep and protect the family you left behind including your loving husband and children. Adieu!!!"

This tribute was added by Nma Uduma on 21st October 2015

"Mum ...... It hurts, but it's well. I miss u so Much. U were not only a mother to me but u were also a friend. You were indeed an epitome of Beauty, soft spoken and kind hearted.I take solace in the fact that u are resting in the bossom of ur maker."

This tribute was added by Benedict Agu on 21st October 2015

"May our good God grant you peaceful rest, and as well console those you left behind, especially your immediate family members."

This tribute was added by Ibezim Nwonu on 21st October 2015

"Very sad news. Truly a mother with all the qualities without a comma. Always smiling and she has never been angry. A teacher in school, a teacher at home. A kind woman. Treated everyone as equal no matter the discomfort. She made sure I was accommodated in that Volvo even when it was obvious the car was overloaded just to make sure I got home too and that I was not left behind after school. Maduka had whispered "Mummy my friend Ibezim will be joining us, his father isn't coming to pick him." She responded "but you know there is no more space in the car" she looks at my disappointing face and turns to Chinoso, and says "Nono ngwa bia mee kuru gi". Oh! that solemn voice of hers, very comforting. I remember all vividly just like yesterday. Your kindness to all will forever live on. Adieu Madam. RIP."

This tribute was added by Stopa Okoro on 21st October 2015

"Mama obere Agu!Rest in peace in the lord.we miss you."

This tribute was added by Stopa Okoro on 21st October 2015

"Mama obere Agu!Rest in peace in the lord.we miss you."

This tribute was added by Dike Obasi on 20th October 2015

"May she continue to rest in perfect peace"

This tribute was added by joseph udeala on 20th October 2015

"Is very painful to endure your pass-away,but to glory be to  for a well lived life.You were a loving mother,caring mother you understand everyone who comes your way.Ezinne May God grand you a perfect place in his  bosom,amen R .I . P.(Joe)"

This tribute was added by Maduka Maduka on 20th October 2015

"I was not ready to say goodbye.
I never got to say goodbye.
l will miss you. You have always been there for me.
I am blessed knowing you all my life.
Go well mummy.I know you are with God.Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Ngozi Ikoro on 15th October 2015

"It came as a shock hearing about your passing..Though, I didn't have an immediate contact with you,  I remember you always smiled at me whenever I came to the house. Your smile made me feel comfortable even without altering a word. Your truely a Rare gem and I know that your Resting in the bossom of the Lord Mama. May your soul rest in peace. Amen. My condolences to the family of Hon. Chief Joseph  Chukwu Ogwo"

This tribute was added by Nnamdi Nnadozie on 15th October 2015

"Mumcy!, I cant imagine or think of the words to say goodbye because you were like a mother to us all and you showed me the same love like i was one of your own children. Your passing came as a shock to me & my immediate family but my consolation is that you lived a life worth and pleasing to the Almighty and i know that you will be welcomed into the blossom of the lord with open arms. Ezinne gaa nke oma..
May your Gentle soul Rest in perfect Peace... Adieu"

This tribute was added by nasir kurawa on 15th October 2015

"May the soul of our dear sweet mum rest in perfect peace. Take heart my dear brother.."

This tribute was added by Ugo Madubuike on 11th October 2015

"As a child, I grew up spending my holidays with your family, both in Lome and Aba. Your place was my second home. No one could tell I wasn't one of your kids. You always had that smile on your face. Always referred to yourself by your name. A perfect hostess. You were a great woman, even in adversity. All life must come to an end. It's not how long but how well. Death has nothing on you. Ugo"

This tribute was added by Eleke Chuku on 11th October 2015

"Your quiet strength always amazed me. I could never imagine anyone else who went through all you did, who could have fought as hard as you did and with your head always held so high.

I travelled with you and witnessed with shock your acupuncture treatments. Needles pierced so deep in your joints and you endured it all.

Your love for your children and your family was always your soft spot. You just knew love, you didn’t have the heart for anything else. With satisfaction you always used the term ‘my child’ ‘my children’. You appreciated the worth of the fruit of the womb. It was always clear what your priorities were.  

You constantly amused me with the reference to yourself as ‘Nnenna’. With your mock horror, you always exclaimed in igbo ‘ah, you want them to chase Nnenna out from her husband’s house’. Lol. You always said that.

You sometimes came across as quiet and distant but that was just a guarded countenance.  You were soft spoken no doubt but you were anything but quiet when you had something to talk about. My goodness could you chat :) and throw jokes mostly at yourself saying Nnenna this and Nnenna that.

Your son Oge, your beloved first told me after my father’s death, that they usually say the dead go so they can make a path for others to come. Knowing you, you would have excitedly gone to work by now and started to create a grand path and make as welcoming and less scary as you can for the loved ones you’ve left behind.

You will live on inside all you’ve left behind and more and you will be missed much no doubt.  

Rest in perfect peace Aunty Nnenna."

This tribute was added by Tosin Sofoluwe on 21st September 2015

"No one is ever prepared to lose a mother. To what will the worth of a mother be likened? Even though I never met you, I felt the pain of your loss when Oge sent me that three worded text message. From all that is said here and all I have heard, you were a woman worth her weight in gold. As much as our hearts are heavy with sorrow over this, we thank God for a life that has touched many other lives.
Rest, Mama, in the glory and bliss of God. And on that great day, when all souls will be called to Jesus, we will see you again.

Adieu Mama...

- 'Tosin Sofoluwe"

This tribute was added by Godwin Oko on 20th September 2015

"Mmom Nnnenna! my beautiful Aunty! Mama! Nwami Azummini! My always Smilling Aunty! Thank you so very much for all your love and care,you were my second mother. You taught me how to let things be, Aunty you always insist on forgiveness,no matter what or how.You made sure I become the man I am today,your prayers,your piece of advice,your unlimited care.Even when I argue with your children,you are always there to tell them to leave your little brother alone for you. You are indeed an EZINNE! You accommodated a whole lot of people,you took absolute care of us all. To all your children's friends and relatives you totally treated all with equal love and care. Aunty you are an avoid woman of substance! You lived a very good life my Aunty! But you left me heartbroken,well since its the wish of THE ALMIGHTY GOD,go and rest where I am absolutely sure you are resting now;At the bosom of our LORD GOD.Good night Mmom Nnenna!"

This tribute was added by Obie Obichukwu on 18th September 2015

"When peace like a river attendeth my way, when sorrows like sea billows roll; whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say, It is well, it is well with my soul.
I know that every person has their own special memories of Ezinne Comfort, that’s the way it should be.  God plans our lives that way. Let’s continue to share our memories and make sure that her spirit lives on in all of us, let’s celebrate her wonderful life.
We love you Ezinne Comfort - You truly were a special, special woman and mother! You may have passed on, but your memories would always live on. May God strengthen and console the entire family in Jesus Name, AMEN."

This tribute was added by Eze Igwe on 18th September 2015

"Hey Mama! It came as a shock when I got this email. I remember so vividly my one and only encounter with you in 1999, just like yesterday. None of my friends ever had a funnier mum. The jokes. The vibes. The youthful flair. You were simply amazing and I still tell that story everyday. "Ra Nwa Ewu" gimmicks. Oge, you had/have an awesome mum and you were so generous to share her with us. May your gentle soul, Mrs. Ogwo continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord."

This tribute was added by mercy Eze on 18th September 2015

"Ezinne comfort though have not seen you but have heard about your lovely and caring hands devoted to your family; as a mother you did all you could to keep and sustained your home with the spirit of meekness in you before death stretched his hands and stole you away from friends, families, in laws  etc. oh death why have you decided to do this at the time we needed her most.

Ezinne oma Laa n'udo till we meet in Gods Kingdom."

This tribute was added by Kingsley Ndukwe on 17th September 2015

"Mom when I was called to be told that you are gone, I refused to believe it could be true. How could I allow myself to even imagine saying goodbye to you? You were an angel here on earth that I learned so very much from you. You were so gentle and so kind, your smile always saw me through in every challenge that I found myself. You will always advise me on how to love unconditionally and how to be my very best in all I do whenever I come to you. You gave your all to God and your family. You were more than a mother; you were a friend and a great listener too. How I miss our special talks and all the fun things gave to me. Mom I can never say goodbye to you, because I could never bear the pain. Instead I say I love you Mom, forever in this heart of mine, an everlasting bond, you’ll stay, until we meet again someday."

This tribute was added by Chima kalu on 7th September 2015

"A Mother's love is something that no one can explain, It is made of deep devotion and of sacrifice and pain, It is endless and unselfish
and enduring come what may For nothing can destroy it or take that love away
........I always called you "Mummy" cause you represented all that a mother means to your children and people around; a love which trickled down even to your children's friends and family.
I will miss you dearly but you will forever be in our hearts,
Rest in the Lord dear Mum.

-Mr. Chima Kalu-"

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