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Nneoma Christiana Chinenyenwa Ahaghotu (Nee Ugorji)
  • 79 years old
  • Date of birth: Jun 30, 1935
  • Date of passing: Dec 21, 2014
Celebrating a Woman of Strength


Monday, 6th April, 2015: This day will never be forgotten in our history....the whole onicha and obizi stood still for a mother, a woman of strength, a vituous woman, an example of motherhood......we marched through the roads of onicha and obizi, the undertakers dancing to the rhythm of the march band.....the heroic welcome at her elder sister's compund in umueleagwa and her place of birth in umuchima Eziala Obizi was awesome.
Nneoma, today we bid you final farewell. The whole people testify of your examplary life....Today we say good night. Sleep on and take your rest 

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Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Chiedo Ugorji on 26th December 2016


Your brothers are home this December. I could not make it home with them. Hope to visit home with them next time. We miss you and we love you so much!

Chiedo Ugorji"

This tribute was added by clara ahaghotu on 22nd December 2016

"Mama, nnedim and nwanyi ekpere, I can not believe it's two years that you suddenly left us. Well, I have been trying to hold on to your beautiful memories. It has not been easy though knowing I can't call you or hear your bubbling laughter and soothing voice. Mama, FYI,  the love you planted in our lives continues to grow rapidly and nonstop.  I promise to hold onto your loving footsteps and to take care of the Ukanwanne household.  You were the best nnedim any daughter inlaw would love to have and emulate.  Please continue to rest peacefully and protect us from wherever you are resting with papa- nnadim.
Bye until we meet to part no more.
Yours Ntanne- Adanne Chidi"

This tribute was added by chidi Ahaghotu on 21st December 2016

"Mama, 2 yrs ago today you joined your maker in heaven. May your soul continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord. We miss you every day."

This tribute was added by Obinna Ahaghotu on 21st December 2015

"Big Grandma, it is  officially 1 year since you left us on December 21, 2014. Your big absence left a huge void in me, which can never be replace. Big Grandma, you remain in my heart forever. Continue to Rest In Perfect Peace! I love you!"

This tribute was added by Tony Okeahialam on 30th June 2015

Today would have been your birthday if you were still here with us. the vacuum you left is still too big for us to fill. Everyday reminds us all of your constant love, care and prayers, We miss all of that. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord. Happy post humors birthday"

This tribute was added by Loretta Covington Claye on 20th May 2015

"Chidi, Clara, thank you for sharing these fond memories. I heard so many things about your Mom through Clara who could make you laugh so hard with her drama. Your Mom remains loved just as my Mom who passed 2 years ago. You have a lot of support. Nevertheless, you may feel alone at times and at times you will feel her presence. I hope knowing your Mom knew and loved the Lord will ease your hearts as she is in a better place. We continue to survive on the prayers of our parents and forefathers. It was good to see Obina represent. I did not know I would see him just a few days ago. It only confirms that the Lord is with you all as he is growing to be a respectable young man. Blessings to you, the children, your family near and abroad from the Claye family."

This tribute was added by Ven. Dr. Chris Odoemena on 6th April 2015

"Danne, Words cannot express your worth, value and virtue. I really missed a mother like you. You were the godmother to my mother. You took me as your own son. I cannot forget all your good deeds to me. You encouraged me to be what I am today.Your christian life was exemplary. I am rest assured that you are resting in the Lord.
To Chidi and Clara, the lord will surely give you and your children the fortitude to bear this great loss. Be consoled she is in a better place. Danne Rest in peace. Amen."

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Njoku on 24th March 2015

"Danne, We thank God for given you to us (Umunne Gi). We Thank you for giving us  Chidi your son . All the tennents you laid down he has followed.You truely were Ezinne We thank  God for your life well  fulfilled, your joy in the lord knows no bounds, Christ is happy with you. Your father called you home. Umuchima Eziala Obizi will dearly miss you. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Adieu Danne Christiana.
Emmanuel and Ebere Njoku"

This tribute was added by Sam Uwahemo on 23rd March 2015

"Ngozi (Baby) Uwahemo.  

Late Ezinne Danne Christiana Ahaghotu,

She was one of my mothers, I was raised at my maternal home along with Chid Ahaghotu; we all grew up together as if we were siblings, as brother and sister, with love and decency.  Danne Christiana and my late aunty Malinda Ahaghotu taught me many lessons which I carried with me into my adulthood. Dignity, self-mindedness is just a few qualities that I learned from Danne and late Malinda Ahaghotu. Danne would often tell me that ‘the best is yet to come’. Danne thank you because you were right.
Danne Christiana was an industrious woman, one who is kind and always smiling, a true lover of life. Dana was a strong Christian, and a solid member of the church choir, I often recall the times Dana would call Chidi ‘ROCK’, one son that’s more than 10 children, as you all can see Danne, you have already blessed your son Chidi and the hand of the Lord is with him and his family. Danne, Nneoma we’ll miss you very much. You are the candle in the wind, but the light you glared will never be forgotten.

Rest in Peace."

This tribute was added by Udochukwu Ahaghotu on 21st March 2015

Danne, it is yet difficult to believe this news of your departure. Well, let me write of you but with a reservation that you might return from that hospital. What a Saintly passing on to glory; from an earthly thanksgiving service into a heavenly welcoming service.
Danne, you lived such a life of total commitment to the Lord; a life fulfilled in service to God; a life expressed in gratitude to the Lord God. You told me that you were the one who gave me the name that I bear - "Udochukwu" (Peace of God). You were born in peace, stood for peace, proclaimed peace, sought for peace and rested in peace. And so shall the generations of your seed experience and be guided by peace. You were "hard work" and "industry" personified.
My wife and children join in bidding you Good Night, though with heaviness of hearts.
Adieu Daa nne,
Adieu Counselor,
Adieu Energetic Woman,
Adieu Nwayi nwere mgbali.

Your "Ukochukwum"

+234 810 305 9108
The Vicar,
St. Barnabas Church, Okpu Umuobo Parish,
#84 Okpu Umuobo Road,
Diocese of Aba Ngwa North,
Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion"

This tribute was added by obinna ugorji on 9th March 2015

"Danne though you are gone with your affections and touch, you will forever continue to live in our minds and thoughts till we meet again at that glorious end and place! May you rest in peace in His bosom- Amen!"

This tribute was added by Chiedo Ugorji on 7th March 2015


If there is a right way to pass away from this world, you did it the right way. I do not have much to say. Except that we shall gather at the river, where bright angel feet have trod, with its crystal tide forever flowing by the throne of God. I love you so much. Ga Nke Oma!"

This tribute was added by Benjamin Ukeje on 7th March 2015

"Danne when I heard of your death I could not hold myself I kept pondering within me if this is true and until it was confirmed it now downed on me.
     We will forever miss you but one thing that  is certain is that we will meet again to part no more be rest  assured  that you are  resting in the bossom of the Lord, you have toiled for the Lord and he has choosed this time for you to come,  you call me Chiwuike ntam now no one will call me again by that name you do  assure  me God is able to do all things I am happy you did not  die a painful death you have gone to eternity to be with your maker, RIP."

This tribute was added by Tony Okeahialam on 7th March 2015

Honestly, my only pain was that we least expected your exit now. I never shaked when you spent 4 weeks at FMC came back stronger! I wondered what happened...
However, our joy lies on your glorious left in thanksgiving; an angel to add to the heavenly host!
We will all miss you. Your son Dee Chidi and his loving wife,their children Obinna, Kaka, Ozioma and Ngozi....they wish you were still here.
Your brothers Dee chidiadi and Dee Ebenezer wished you could stay longer.
My sister Dr. Amara, her husband and kids will never forget the only "grandma" they ever knew.
The Ugorji's and the Ahaghotu's will miss you
My wife never felt the absense of my real mother (your elder sister)..My children all think this is just a movie..maybe their cartoon.....they hope to see you back in Lagos soon.....For me, I am yet to come to terms with the reality! You made motherlessness so easy for me that I only talk about it in principles and never in practice....Good night Danne, Good night Nneoma!"

This tribute was added by pre Chim on 6th March 2015

"Daa Nne,you are d only mother in-law I had,I and ur son Chiwuike wl foever miss u,rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Larry Ukeje on 5th March 2015

"Nneoma, the news of your passing away was and is still so heartbreaking because I had plans (with your grandchildren) to spend quality time with you during the Christmas break. The slightest thought of you around me during my late wife's burial brings tears to my eyes and pain to my heart; you stood by me as a mother, you are indeed a mother beyond words, a great woman who axamplified motherhood. You lived a valiant christian life and like the christian soldier you were. You were never retreated in the face of life's complexities but always advanced as events unfold. You confronted crisis by always on to the conviction that one's existence here on earth has a divine purpose, a course to pursue and goals to achieve. You made me trust that there is power in the Word of God. Nneoma thank you for your sweet love and encouragement and believe me sincerely when i say that your sudden demise has created a huge vacuum that I don't have anyone else to call Nneoma, Mama or Danne again. We can't ask question but we have accepted that God Almighty fully knows and does all things well to glorify Himself. Adieu Nneoma!!!!"

This tribute was added by Pastor Matthew Ugorji on 6th February 2015

"Danne,as you fondly call me 'Pastor Nwannem',receieved the news of your demise with so much doubt.Each time there was a challenge,you will call "Pastor Nwannem" pray to God for His intervention "Kadurum Chineke" and God had never and will never let us down,God really saw you through each time you had a challenge,but this time around we are not permitted to ask WHY?? Though,the why is coming,because we agreed to do the thanksgiving urgently,which you did.I tagged your exit a 'Saintly one' because you fulfilled all righteousness.Tears are uncontrollable because I needed to see you once more,to share with you,to see your lovely smiles and to hear once more 'JEHOVAH wu EZE' Danne,my own mother,your sister in-law and Childhood friend Snr.Mother Margaret Ugorji is not finding it easy,but what can we say?Only to say Thank You JESUS for the hope of resurrection,where we will meet to part no more.The good Lord will never leave us without the comfort of the Holy Spirit,especially to your only son and child Chidi,to Tony Okeahialam and family,Amarachi Alilonu and family,the Ugorjis,the Ahaghotus,friends and well wishers.My family and the entire Matthew Ugorji' Evangelism for Christ Outreach bids you a lovely farewell.You are indeed a rare gem.Adieu Danne!"

This tribute was added by Ikenna Iweajunwa on 3rd February 2015

"Danne (as my chairman fondly calls u), u were indeed a model mother. The little time I was close to u makes me say so. I remember when u advised me to be serious with d work I do with "Engr Tony" for he is a good man. Goodnight Danne! Have a good rest!! May d Angels waft ur soul through d skies to eternity!!! Amen"

This tribute was added by Michael D on 16th January 2015

"I am so sorry to that you have loss such a kind person. You have my deepest sympathy. I didn't know her personally but she sounds like someone who was fond of the Bible. So I know all can take heed to John 5: 28, 29. And we can then rejoice when death is done away with forever, Isa. 25:28. I hope that comforts you the way it has my family when we loss a young family member. May the God of all comfort be with you."

This tribute was added by Ogey-favor Akor Igolo on 13th January 2015

"Mama bro, may your soul rest in perfect peace. Death is inevitable. We love you and would miss you, but God loves you most.!!! From: Ogey and family."

This tribute was added by Chidiadi Ugorji on 10th January 2015

"December 21, 2014 has come and gone and it is now history, but it is a day that remains memorable in our hearts. Devastation is an understatement in describing how I felt that fateful Sunday afternoon at about 2:50pm when I received that call from my nephew, informing me that his mother (my sister) had passed. It is very hard to believe that after a joyous thanksgiving service in the church, praising God with friends and relatives ended sorrowfully.  

Who are we to question God and His ways? I know that if it was within your power, my sister,  not to answer this Godly call, you would have said “No” at least because of your only son Chidiadi and your remaining siblings (Ebenezer and I) whom you always prayed to God for their protection.

I will not forget to mention Tony Okeahialam and Ebere Alilonu nee Okeahialam whom you accepted as your own children after the passing of their biological mother on the role they played in your life.

I will miss your usual way of answering my phone calls to you, “owu Nnaa?” Is it you, Nnaa? Nnaa being the pet name you had always called me, with that infectious laughter followed by “Jehovah wu Eze “God is king”. It is very sad that I will never hear my pet name and Jehovah wu Eze from you again.
One thing is for sure, you are with Him where you know longer have pains.
I say to you, my dear sister;
Jehovah wu Eze
Goodnight my sister

Your brother Chidiadi James Ugorji"

This tribute was added by Dinma Anekwe on 8th January 2015

"Nneoma, the testimonies of you urged me to queue in this tribute! You have lived a good and religious life.... your legacy lives! Death is inevitable, but God knows the best time for you. May you rest in the bosom our Lord.  Adieu! Adieu!! Adieu!!!"

This tribute was added by Agnes Onyeukwu on 5th January 2015

""Danne", You decided to show the World  how unique and special you were. You liked to make grand entries, and look how you existed also in "Style". Washington DC. Metropolitan still remember your grand entrance during your grandson Obinna's christening when you came with a new song "A gam apara Aliluya apara"
Rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Nnamdi Onyekwuluje on 4th January 2015

"Tribute to Mama by uchechukwu Akor.Death you are wicked! I was hit by this irreplaceable loss.I said,I won't cry knowingly fully well that you died a peaceful death.Onyem(My person),i know you are  resting in the bossom of the lord.Adieu onyem"

This tribute was added by Nnamdi Onyekwuluje on 4th January 2015

       Mrs Christiana Ahaghotu fondly Mama Bro. Mama is a kind of woman that is so specific, Mama is a jovial kind of woman. Death has taken one of the person that makes me happy each time I remember her advice. mama is more like a mother to me. Oh mama your soul must surely rest in the bossom of the lord. mama that always call me OLUGOD.
.      I remember on my wedding day mama brought EGUSI that helped me served everybody to saturation. Mama, may your soul rest in the bossom of the lord."

This tribute was added by Clinton Esonu on 2nd January 2015

"My dear sister in Christ, When they told me you died. I was sad and emotional. I asked what happened because we had earlier celebrated your recovery from sickness in church. But when they told me how you exited then I knew you didn't just die, but went to keep an appointment with the Lord. You went with joy in your heart and thanksgiving on your lips, You went caring for people and sharing what you had with them. You life and your exit are indeed a testimony to the fact that it pays to serve Jesus, that Jeovah wu Eze, that God is in control, that death is not a thing to be feared by the children of God, but a door way to a larger life. Gaa ije gi nke oma."

This tribute was added by Hyacinth Akobundu on 1st January 2015

"My Mother in-law I'm sorry that you have pass. I will miss you very much. May your soul Rest In Perfect Peace. Amen."

This tribute was added by Hannah Ijeabuonwu on 30th December 2014

"I never met my friend's Nnedim but a few weeks ago I was privileged to hear her voice. There might be a reason I had the opportunity witness the easy banter between a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law, it was intriguing. One could sense the shared love between the two of them. My friend's Nnedim's voice was sweet as I overheard her making a request for the church, there was a response of "mama why are you speaking English"? Her essence came through, "give and it shall be given unto you" Mama I never met you but you touched so many lives, your kindness was felt far and beyond. Your love of God was legendary, it permeated into every fabric of your life, I have heard people testy to. As you go to meet your maker, we who remain will endeavor to continue your service to the church you loved so much.
My friend's Nnedim Ga nke Oma, Da yie,goodbye and may your soul rest bin perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Charles Ukeje on 30th December 2014

"my  wife will miss you much mama RIP"

This tribute was added by Charles Ukeje on 30th December 2014

"Denne  we miss you much me and my family  mama ure the mother we have, but now ure no more  well we don't need to question GOD only him knows best  may you rest in pace, greet ur  sister Cathrine over there  we miss you all RIP  From Charles Uchey Ukeje and family"

This tribute was added by Obinna Ahaghotu on 29th December 2014

"Big Grandma, I think I am the only one who still can not believe this crisis. Honestly, I won't believe the death of my Big Grandma is real. You called me "Obi Daddy" and I replied "Big Grandma", we talked casually so often, and I will miss that. Our conversations included anything that was on our minds, and I will miss that. Whenever, I traveled to Nigeria, on many of my trips, my number one personal reason of going was for you. It was so hard to write this tribute, because I am in denial and always will be of your exit; I still call your phone, hoping and praying one day of an answer by you. You were so loving and happy to everyone you came in contact with, I will always remember that. Enjoy heaven, I know you are rejoicing, celebrating and dancing with our Lord Almighty,  who you always praised till the day, he took you. You Are Gone But Not Forgotten. I will always remember my Big Grandma!  I love you!  Rest in Paradise Big Grandma.

Obinna Ahaghotu, Okpara Chidi & Clara Ahaghotu"

This tribute was added by Chidi's Children on 29th December 2014

"Grandma when you died I was crying so much that It was hard for me to stop. You were one of the best grandma ever. I wish that you had never died, well you are in a better place now. I will miss you. From, Ngozi Ahaghotu"

This tribute was added by Chidi's Children on 29th December 2014

"Grandma may your soul rest in peace. You were a jovial person. You always said to me to be a " Good girl " which I have been and I will continue to be. You were such a positive person in my life. You made everybody happy with your smile . Grandma I will miss you so much. From, Ozioma Ahaghotu"

This tribute was added by Chidi's Children on 29th December 2014

"Grandma may your soul rest in peace. You were a God-fearing lady. Every weekend I always look forward to her your voice. You taught my siblings and I to love,care for others and wrong from right. You blessed the hearts of many people. You were a symbol of joy, love, and hope. I miss you grandma and I will love you forever. Rest in Peace. From, Nnaemeka"

This tribute was added by AMARACHI ALILONU on 29th December 2014

"Danne , I still can't believe that you have gone....we spoke less than 24hours before your death. You didn't give me any clue about what was going to happen. My Children are still asking me if I am sure that Grandma is dead.
You have been my Mum for so many years now since I lost my biological Mum. You have been so wonderful to me and my brother Tony. I am missing you terribly know why?? You used to back me up in prayers whenever I am faced with life challenges. Whenever I call you and tell you any of them, you will always say this: " Eby ntam, don't be afraid, my knees are always on the ground interceding for you people"
I always feel better whenever I hear such reassuring and encouraging words. God always hear your intercessions for me and my family.

Dannem, thank you for everything!!!

I am going to really miss you!!!

May your soul rest in perfect peace!!!!"

This tribute was added by clara ahaghotu on 29th December 2014

You are another mother I received the day I wed your son (Nwannem)
In order to stay close to Nwannem, you stayed closer to me, Ezinwanyi, your daughter in law to whom he gives his heart
As I am crying for your lost, I'm thanking you for being the best mother in law any daughter in law could ever have
Thank you for teaching your only child LOVE because they say men are what their mothers make them...........
Thank you for being a mother who looked to God above
A thousand words could not bring you back.....
I know i have tried
A thousand tears could not bring you back ....
I know because I have cried
When you died you took my heart with you
I have been anxiously waiting for our early morning phone call on my way to work but still could not hear your heart warming bubbly infectious laughter
I miss you......
Nwannem and the kids miss you....
I can't imagine what Tony, Amara, Chiommy and their kids will do without you
Although, your soul is at rest and body free of pain
The world would be like heaven if i could have you back
First my mother in law
And forever my friend.....
Good bye Nnedim until we meet again
Please, hugs n kisses to Nnadim!!!!"

This tribute was added by ijeoma Sonny-Echendu on 29th December 2014

"I am honored to say a few words about you Danne,as we all called you. You were a cheerful, fun loving person who was full of life. Your smile could light up a room and it was infectious. You made everyone around you happy.
God just wanted you to come home. Yes we know it has made us,
your family sore. You will always be remembered every single day. From the smile on your face to the things you would say. I will miss you and your unique way of shouting "praise the Lord'"at the church and at any christian gathering. Adieu Danne!!!!"

This tribute was added by Reynolds Chima on 29th December 2014

"Nwanyi lab. Your stay on earth is worth missing. I thank God for your life and those of us you affected positively. May you find rest in the bosom of the Lord and we find consolation in the knowledge that we will meet to part no more some day. Adieu nma dee Chidi."

This tribute was added by Nnenna Joy Ugorji on 29th December 2014

Honestly I don’t know what to say. I just don’t understand what happened. It is like a movie. Your glorious exit to our Father came as a shock to us, it was too sudden Danne. Could you have given us a hint? I guess not. Only God knows why he called you now.  My only consolation is that you did not experience any pain or illness during your transition; you gave thanks to God and invited people to join you and thank God for what He had done for you.  Danne I’m glad we were able to see again last year during my daughter’s wedding (Nneka). You know Nneka is very fond of you. Her wedding brought a lot of relatives together including your brother Ebenezer whom you hadn’t seen for over twenty years.  I remember exactly how excited you were when you saw him, you tried to carry him on your lap, funny isn’t it, how can you carry a grown man? But Danne, that’s you, always loving and full with energy.
The Ahaghotu Okenes, as they come by to mourn with us, each of them gave the same testimony about you, that whenever they visited their maternal home, you Danne would invite them; entertain them with food and drinks, you are known to care for people. Yes you have only one child, Chidiadi but the love and care you have for all of us show that you are truly mother of all, Nneoha, Nneoma, Ezinne.
Danne, I’ll miss you.  I’ll miss your playful argument you always had with my husband, your brother, agreeing and disagreeing, your high spiritedness, your continuous vivacious laughter during your conversations and your known phrase “Jehovah wu Eze”.  Danne, this attribute of yours will forever linger in my mind.
Adieu Dannem, Ezinne, Nneoha, Nneoma until we meet again."

This tribute was added by Cee Jay Mbabie on 29th December 2014

"Rest in perfect peace Danne. You were no doubt a good mother. A woman with a kind heart and fear of God. May the good Lord keep your soul in the place of His heavenly angels. Laa na udo Nneoma!"

This tribute was added by ogechi Nwachukwu on 28th December 2014

"Mama, words are not enough to describe you!
We blessed God for bringing you to us, you left joyfully
Dancing & singing, praising your God. what a memory!
  May The Lord whom you served cont to grant you
Peace in His  bossom. You are now an angel watching over your
Son Dee Chidi & his family.
    Ncheta anyi n'echta gi bu olu Oma gi
Ga Ije nke Oma!!"

This tribute was added by chioma prisca on 28th December 2014

"Danne...your sudden demise is so painful but we leave everything to God because He only knows why it happened now..i still find it difficult to believe you are gone and i won't see you again. l will miss you. You are unforgettable and  will always be remembered by us ( your chomi-chomi, your Tony baba, your Nemerem,  Zara Nwoke gi & Zara nwanyi gi)as you always called us! Goodnite Danne...laa nke Oma Ezinne"

This tribute was added by chidi Ahaghotu on 28th December 2014

"Mama, rest in peace!. I know if it was under your control, you wouldn't have left your only child in this sinful and wicked world. I will miss your protection and guidance, you were the best mom. Say hello to DAD!!
Your only child,
Ezinwa Chidi Ahaghotu."

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