Nne onye obi-oma

Shared by Ngozi Nnadi on December 23, 2014
Nma, your death was shocking but God knows best, as there 's time for everything. A mother of peace n love who bore no one any ill but would always assist in her own why. I can still hear her call me "Nwaokwukwe" . The seed you sewed in many will forever be remembered. A mother who couldn't bear to see anyone in pain or tears. She would always look for way to ease your pain. An embodiment of love who shared the last she had with the belief that God would never let her down. A mother with the faith of a mustard seed who kept preaching love and faith in God. Nma, Abadagu's children will never forget your love. God has blessed your soul. Ationu! Omenyi! Nnukwu nwanyi! Onye obi-oma! Nnekaraka! Nnekwuoto jee nke-oma as I know you are resting in the blossom of the Lord with Abadagu. Nma, Rest in perfect peace . 

One Christmas morning

Shared by Chinwe Nnite on November 6, 2014

It was Christmas some years ago and i was struggling to get out of bed though my Sister did her best to wake me. Then i heard my grandma calling me- chy-loving, chy-loving. of course i jumped out of bed and ran to her to know why she was calling. Mama told me of one of our relations that was sick and needed urgent attention and mandated me to go round the two compounds to wake all her children that were around for Christmas to contribute money for the person's treatment. 

I gladly did. i woke everyone, one by one, house to house, room to room and some were rather not pleasant with their comments but i could not care less because it was Mama's instruction and i had to carry it out to the letter. The sum needed was raised and given to the person. Some gave gladly but others gave out of compulsion because Mama said so. In all, this story reminds me of the true essence of Christmas which heralds the birth of Jesus Christ to save mankind.

Mama understood this need and did not defer the call to help others for after Christmas.  Though she did not have the sum on her at hand, she made sure it was raised one way or the other. 

Mama unlike some mothers would call her children, grandchildren and any relation around to help whoever is in need. My experience with some mothers is that they would hide their children and stop them from extending any form of assistance to anyone.  Even when the children give it to them, they will determine how much will be given to the beneficiaries. Most times the beneficiaries do not get 100% of what was given to them.

When i say my grandmother is special, believe me she is so special and unique. God bless her every second for all the seeds of love she sowed. I cannot forget that Christmas in a hurry.

Rip my sweet angel, sweet mother, dearest Omenyi, i love you more everyday 

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