This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Noah Oyalade, 81 years old, born on April 5, 1940, and passed away on May 28, 2021. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Shayo Sanni on June 11, 2021
Dear Grandpa,
          I will never forget you. I remember when you used to help me out with my Yoruba and math homework. I remember the nickname I gave you GRAMPS THE GRAMPS and you liked it when we called you gramps. For someone to say that you are the best grandfather on earth it is an understatement you are the best grandfather in the solar system. I know that one day Jesus will come and carry us all to Heaven at the right time anyways until then we will meet in Heaven. I will definitely miss the way you made me laugh and feel special. I will also miss eating with you and all the times you took us out for shopping or just sightseeing and made my mum feel a little jealous. You were indeed a most excellent and amazing grandpa. I love and miss you
     From your beloved granddaughter Oyinkansola Sanni
Posted by Shayo Sanni on June 11, 2021
Dear Grandpa,
   I love you sooo much and will miss you dearly. As you've gone to be with the Lord, I promise to carry along what you loved the most - hymns, music, peace and many more. I will never erase you in my mind and hold you in my heart till the day we will meet in heaven. I will miss my grandpa's ears that listen genuinely, arms that always hug and hold you always, a love that is eternal and a heart made of gold. I honestly loved the way you loved my mum and dad and especially we your grand children. It is only great fathers that get the promotion to become grandfathers. I am lucky that my grandfather is among the great ones. My grandpa was a person who brings warmth, happiness, wisdom and love to every soul that he touched. I will always miss your funny acts. I am grateful for having such a wonderful grandpa like you.
All my love your granddaughter AYOMIDE SANNI
Posted by Lydia Umar on June 11, 2021
Daddy, there is so much to say yet not enough words to say it. You knew how to love well, you had a big heart with room to love and love and love again. It feels like my daddy just died again. You were an amazing man, a friend in deed and a lover of God. Rest Daddy and give big hugs and kisses to my mum and dad. I miss you all so much. Bola Laka iyawo Nathaniel
Posted by Folake Leah Oyelowo on June 11, 2021
THANK YOU JESUS. Daddy was a very peaceful man.To think I wldn't physically see you again is my deepest pain.I have cried everyday,Everytime there's quiteness around Me,I instantly remember you're gone & cry sadly.I am extremely very THANKFUL that I was empowered by GOD to take good care of you,in my own little ways. I have tried not to say in my everyday tributes that I pitied him at a point,but it is the truth especially in the year 2020 as so many loving and dear ones of my dad died. He was sad.I showed Shayo ystrdy a little jotter we found by his bed,after he was gone & he wrote 2020 My year of sorrows. He wrote the names of all his loved ones who died.
Hum! I particularly felt a deep sorrow within my dad,when one of my aunt's by name Ruth had died,just as my uncle's death( Dad Tunde Ladapo) affected him. O YE O JESU! My dad loved to read till his death. Dad also was hurt that some one or two had drifted away from him towards his passing,whom he had so loved & Am happy he told Me abt it 2 days before he died & I said,Dad receive GOD'S peace,let it fly off your heart....He felt My pains.He never looked into My eyes,never.If I cried,dad will cry.If I laughed dad will laugh.This is how I stay awake most midnights crying.By GOD'S grace,We shall meet in HEAVEN but IN JESUS NAME many years from now,except at the Sound of the Trumpet.Bami I love you more in death. Thanks for loving Me & all knew. Thanks Sir. Adieu Bami.Ki OLUWA te yin safefe rere Loruko JESU AMIN. Folake ni o
Posted by Ifeoluwa Owolabi on June 11, 2021
I never met grandpa Oyalade but I met his grandchildren and I heard so much about him. He was fondly spoken about and there's so much love in all they say about him. His daughter in love also spoke so much about him. She mentioned he was full of love for everyone. Granpa will be greatly missed. I missed not meeting him. Sleep on great man.
Posted by Shayo Sanni on June 10, 2021
Daddy, my dearest darling daddy.
Friend, gist partner, confidant, pillar of support, God loving, peace maker, humble, kind,honest, hard working, adviser, shoulder of support, fun to be with, the one who lovingly squeezes my hand in loving reassurance, my banter companion, my funny never a dull moment dad, the one person who understands you without a spoken word. You were one of a kind father. Every child was your favourite child you were so fond of us, it beats me how you loved us equally so seamlessly.
My first 'boyfriend' you were, everyone's friend indeed and. You took us out on interesting trips and excursions, you were thorough and very intelligent. Always ready to help and lend a hand to whoever needed it. You shared yourself, your time, resources and all.
I'm lost for appropriate words.
This is obviously world's rudest shock.....
I love you and miss you forever.
Definitely the best of men lived amongst us. Greet Jesus for me, you left albeit too soon.
Posted by Oladejo Mac on June 10, 2021
Daddy Oyalade was indeed a great man to be with. I met him first in one of the Nigerian Baptist Convention where Bro Folarin had told him to plan meet his Pastor. On meeting baba, it was as if he had known me some years before then. I loved haven to meet daddy. Daddy, I celebrate your strong blood because even some of your grand children look so much like you than there parent, lol. Sleep on oh dad. We love you. OLADEJO MAC
Posted by Tomi Ayano on June 10, 2021
Revelation 14:13
Then I heard a voice from heaven say, “Write this: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.” “Yes,” says the Spirit, “they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them.”
Posted by Saratu Edo-Amure on June 10, 2021
I call him Fola's friend. He wasn't only a Father but a Brother , a friend and a confidant. I can still remember those days when he would call Fola , they would gist and laugh before our day at work starts, they virtually talked about anything and everything . A relationship I always admired a very rare and beautiful bond between a father and son. Always caring, kind and humorous above all God fearing. He's memories will always be cherished and fondly remembered....
Farewell Papa.

Posted by Salami Mathew on June 10, 2021
Better to rest in the lord than remembering our actions and inactions that brings tears at very old age, Rest on Dad
Posted by Folarin Oyalade on June 10, 2021
There was never a dull moment with dad. Always smiling. He knew alot and his hand writing was so beautiful , it grew better as he aged. He loved writing and still thought me mathematics. Daddy my tributes to you never stops.

I will ask God for the same dad over and over again. You are one of a kind. Rare and beautiful at heart.
Posted by Adetunji Idowu on June 10, 2021
A few days before my brother and friend went to be the Lord I called him and my wife and I spoke with him at length .We joked ,we laughed and we remembered the good old days in JOS.
Little did we know that that would be our last talk ,jokes and fun together before he went to be with the Lord in heaven where there will be all joy and laughter praising the Lord of Lords and the king of kings.Rest in peace.

Mr & Mrs Tunji Idowu
Posted by Esther Adeonipekun on June 10, 2021
Our dear loving Daddy! What can I say? You are the most loving, caring father. I will not forget your word of advice always. Always singing hymns to me whenever I feel discharged.
Tou were the chairman at my wedding I will not forget how you made people laugh that day.
Whenever you are in Abuja, you always stay with me at the Baptist guest house were any guest that is fortunate to be there when you are around is always bless both black and white missionaries. I can go on and on .
I know that you are in a better place my dear Daddy. Rest on till we meet again.
I will miss you dearly.
Posted by Oladipo Oluwakemi on June 10, 2021
The news of your demise came to me as a rude shock because I never expected it so soon. We chatted on the 27th of May till around 12:36am when you gave me your final word "Go and sleep my friend. good night " I never knew you were trying to pass a message across. you are a rear gem, a friend, a father, a giver per excellent, lover of children and a lover of God. my encounter with you has thought me many things, your love for my family is not here, Who will call me my Beloved Lady K again. Your memories would forever live in our hearts. You have fought the good fight you have kept the faith. continue to rest on the bosom of your creator till we meet to part no more. Adieu! Engr. N. B Oyalade
       BY:  Mrs Oluwakemi Oladipo (your Beloved Lady K)

Posted by Ifeoluwa Olaopa on June 10, 2021
Grandpa you live a life well fufiled,you took me has your very own, you are full of encouragement a day before you left this earth we talk till some minutes to 12am that day not knowing that,that is the end,you make me no alot of things in my business,you are my number one ambassador,the love you showed me was unconditional that my siblings are also jealous of it,you always tell me how you will be sitting during my wedding has my Grandpa,your advice I will always keep to it,till we meet and part no more Grandpa
I love you so much
Posted by Philip Audu Nwamagyi on June 10, 2021
Daddy Oyalade lived an exemplary life throughout his sojourn on earth. His life epitomized humility, love and always blinked the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He taught me that the most important thing in life is love for God and care for family and the people who needs help.
As you left to be with the Lord your maker whom you served diligently while on this side of life; may your soul finds eternal rest. May the Lord comforts the family, UEBC, NBC and the body of Christ here on earth. Rest in peace sir. Adieu Daddy Noah Bankole Oyalade!
Posted by Olusegun Falope on June 10, 2021
We met about 40 years ago, and clicked as an older friend and Elder brother. From sharing the burden of a widow we graduated to other issues of life and became close. I eventually became his confidant and a shoulder to lean on until his death.
He was a Christian indeed. His life was spiced with simplicity, forthrightness and concerns for others. He would rather inconvenience himself than hurt anyone. He was humble and showed great respect to all. We laughed over almost all issues. He believed all things can be reduced to “bitin” (little) so that one can remain on the light side of life.
He finished well and captured the very essence of life. We shall miss him but we believe that to be absent in the body is to be present with the Lord
Sleep o well, my brother, until we also finish here.
Dr. Olusegun Falope
Posted by Adigun Tunji on June 10, 2021
Daddy was my first mentor in the late 60s while I was a teenager in Lagos.He was always smiling and always enthusiastic each time he saw me.His commitments to diligence and spiritual matters are unequalled.He was such a lover and helper of everyone around him.
In 1999 he had somethings to do in Ibadan and he chose to stay with us for about two weeks despite better options of accommodations ;he spent the time encouraging us and chatting with our children and always telling us stories.
A week before he passed on ,he responded to a daily devotional(The Family Menu) which I post daily to friends and relatives; and was raising some very inspirational topics as well for my consideration.God bless his gentle and loving soul.
We shall definitely miss him, but we rejoice in the hope of eternal life which he held unto till the very end.We shall all meet soon at the Master’s feet to part no more.May the Lord comfort our mama and everyone of us in Jesus name amen.

Pastor Tunji Adigun.
Posted by Peter Yamai Bobai on June 10, 2021
I can't forget Daddy for he was a very humbled, humerus, a great teacher, so kind and caring to all no matter your gender, tribe,

age or status. A daddy that was always ready to gift for the growth of the Church especially the Baptist denomination. His legacies continues to inspire all of us at UEBC.
Rest On Baba In The Bosom Of The Lord!!!!!.
Posted by Ezekiel Ojediran on June 10, 2021
Uncle Noah, as I fondly called him, has been known to me ever since I learned to recognise people, that's for about 70 years! In all the years I have known him the following attributes have stood clear about him:
1. Simplicity and Humility.
2. Love for unity
3. Infectious smile
4. Extreme generosity
5. Exemplary Christian life.
6. A disciplinarian of repute

Those of us who were lucky to be associated with you, will definitely miss you. We are comforted by the fact that you are resting peacefully with our LORD.

Engr. Ezekiel Ojediran
Posted by Folarin Oyalade on June 10, 2021
When I was told that grandad was gone, I was speechless. I asked my mum, which grandpa because I was shocked. She told me your dad's dad. I bust in tears because I knew that I would never see him again until Jesus comes. Grandpa was a loving, caring and humble person. He was a person you could tell anything. He was trustworthy. He loved me so much and I loved him too. He was a very great friend. He was there when I always needed him. I learnt a lot from him. He was kind and friendly. He feared God and was always ready to lend a helping hand. A perfect shoulder to lean on. He always puts a smile on my face and that of everyone else. A happy man indeed.I am really going to miss him. I love you grandpa. My love for you will never die. See you later. Rest in perfect peace.
Oyalade Anjolaoluwa Damilola
Posted by Folarin Oyalade on June 10, 2021
My dad was my best friend . He called me Old boy while I normally call him old man although he loved me calling him young man. We did everything thing together. We shared secrets,prayed together and jisted alot. We jisted a day before he died. My dad lived his life for God and others. He worried more about others than himself. He treated us the same way he treated others. He was a good man. He loved God and worked for God. He called me on Wednesday before he died and asked me to take care of my sisters and mum and to remain a good Christian and told me alot about some many other things and so I was worried. He loved travelling and driving. He knew the world. While going through his bedsheets I a note book with birthday of everyone I knew and didn't know. Daddy I miss u. I LOVE YOU DADDY. U WILL MY DAD AGAIN AND AGAIN. If crying can wake u up u would have woken up. Baba rest on. I love you my paddy of life.
Posted by Folake Leah Oyelowo on June 10, 2021
1,There's a land that is fairer than day,And by faith we can see it afar,For the Father waits over the way,To prepare us a dwelling place there.
 In the sweet by and by,We shall meet on the beautiful shore;In the sweet by and by,We shall meet on the beautiful shore.
2,We shall sing on that beautiful shore.The melodious songs of the blest,And our spirits shall sorrow no more,Not a sign for a blessing of rest.
3,To our bountiful Father above,We will offer the tribute of praise. For the glorious gifts of HIS love,And the blessings that hallow our days.
 REST IN PEACE My Sweet Sweet Daddy!
Posted by Faith modebola on June 10, 2021
  Oh my beloved Grandpa, if there was an award for the world's best Grandpa, I believe it should be given to you. You loved everyone regardless of their tribe or status. You lived a life of great legacy.
  Grandpa impacted everyone's life positively, whether young or old. You were a reliable, trustworthy and generous man. You loved the things of God and you never ceased to do good and godly things.
  I part of me wish you were still here but I know you went on God's timing. I thank God you went peacefully. Grandpa I miss you, your smile, your Love e.t.c.
  Till we meet again and part no more by God's Special Grace Amen. I love you Grandpa .
Posted by David Oyelowo on June 10, 2021
Grandpa was the nicest grandfather on earth , he was kind and generous .Grandpa was a man who never believed he should do something for himself alone , he did for everyone. He told some stories that really impacted alot of values to our lives,he was just the best grandpa anyone could ask for and really loved everyone.Grandpa was really the greatest dad and grandfather on earth ,he always loved to be called a young man despite him being old .He loved going out for strolls around the neighborhood in which I escorted him most of the time .He remembered everyone's birthday and always gave gifts to the person.I liked it when he gave me a kiss in my hands saying he loved me .Grandpa shared some funny and educative stories and he loved to be called current ,he never missed watching the news and he bought newspapers everyday .There was always a smile in his face and in others faces when around him. He was a legend everywhere he went and always to be remembered in our hearts for all his good deeds .Grandad was a hero ,a motivator ,a supporter ,a good example and most of all a loving and kind man .     
Posted by Folake Leah Oyelowo on June 10, 2021
Explaining how I feel is just beyond Me. My daddy was honestly very good. He feared GOD ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. He impacted very positively into every Life,GOD made him meet.He was so dependable.He was a very faithful friend. He loved all his friends children.He was an encourager.Daddy loved everyone. He made even poor people he met feel rich & loved.There was no dull moment with him honestly. Every morning before he died,dad would kneel down before GOD & pray.He cared for many. Someone even told us after his death that," Ati gba ti Bami ti pada si ile,ebi o tun pa mi mo( since Baba returned home,she hadn't been hungry again). He just lived helping the needy,making people smile & happy. That made him fulfilled.Dad also forgave very easily.He loved to sing hymns. But thanks to GOD who gives us,the victory through our LORD,JESUS CHRIST. Daddy,daddy,daddy I miss you so much. Only GOD can grant My soul HIS comfort. Thanks for loving Me so so so much. THANK GOD you're in a better place.GOD showed Me & some have come to say likewise.Sun re,Sun re,Sun re Baba Mi owon,Noah Bankole Oyalade Loruko JESU AMIN. Until we meet to part no more on the Resurrection Morning IJN AMEN.
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Posted by TOluwalogo Dayo-Okedele on September 21, 2021
Ao pade lese Jesu, nibiti a ko ni yara ri ra wa, ao yo mo'ra wa Jesu ni yio je Alaga wa. Love you forever dearest Pop
Posted by TOluwalogo Dayo-Okedele on September 2, 2021
Dearest Pop.....a day hardly passes without thinking about you. It still feels like you travelled and would be back soon. Who are we to question The KING whose call you answered? You are sorely missed on a daily on Dearest Pop till we meet to part no more AMEN. Love you forever
Posted by Folarin Oyalade on August 15, 2021
Missing u daddy. I really miss u. I can never be like you . I am trying my best. Trying to keep quiet a lot of time so I don't offend peope. U kept quiet till the end. U were an angel in human skin. I pray we meet again when Jesus comes for us all.
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Thank you Daddy Mi

Shared by Abimbola Olukayode-akanni on August 13, 2021
My dear darling dad…

Growing up and having you to call you as Father, Daddy, Friend is one of Heaven’s gift to me.

You were indeed KIND, putting others ahead of yourself. Daddy .. you were to kind to everyone.. the high and mighty and all the low and unseen persons… you gave everyone your time…

Thank you being a shoulder to lean on, thank you for all the guidance, thank you for showing me how to show God’s love. Thank you for teaching me soo many hymnals…. Daddy you loved to sing… and now you are singing with the Heavenly Host, Praising our God.  
Thank you for helping me see the best in people, thank you for all the advice, thank you for showing me the benefits of patience, forgiveness and love. Thank you for all the happy moments and the stern corrections.  

Thank you for being a father to sooooo many others like me… giving us direction, encouragement and hope.

I’m blessed because you were here… I LOVE you daddy and I’m grateful to God for granting you His strength and His peace through life and His Eternal life now that you’ve gone to Him; because He has always loved you and He still does…you are basking in His love.

I miss you Daddy mi… Please give a hug to my Father whom I’m sure has welcomed you home in Heaven thanking you for being my Dad all these years. 

Rest on Daddy mi …..
Shared by Folake Leah Oyelowo on July 5, 2021
Not a single day has passed that I have not felt your physical absence so badly Dad. I know you're smiling & praying for GOD'S divine grace for Me in it all..... IN JESUS NAME AMEN.
You were such a very special being,that you so forgave so effortlessly. Even if you were reminded of any known evil anyone had done you,you'd say I have forgiven,so you all should learn to let go and Let GOD.
Also My dad had a kind of sweet character such that if Dad gave anyone any money or gift no matter how big it was,if anyone of Us ever heard of it,it wasn't through or from Daddy, NEVER!!!
Maybe through his drivers(GOD forgive Me) who might have just said it casually or through anyone outside our Family who was close to him and actually We heard mostly from whoever he was opportuned to bless.
I saw Dad go out of his way even at his Old age to bear & carry some people's burdens & pains with them in their time of pain & for whatever reason,one of them painfully drifted off from dad & he came to My house & discussed with Me about it.THANK GOD,HE was able to forgive before HE departed to meet HIS MASTER,MAKER AND SAVIOUR. No wonder,he so loved singing," Kosogbon to le da,kosi wa to le wu,kosan to le gba,to le fi te'aye lorun o.
May FATHER Abraham graciously be empowered to shower you My Dear Dad Noah Bankole Oyalade with all the LOVE & HEAVENLY BLESSINGS of a Faithful Servant who did exceptionally splendidly when on Earth. You too might be seeing Me,I am terribly missing you Beloved Old Man( Dad). Greetings to all loved Ones who made it there too like you Dad. Fondly remembered by Leah Oyelowo.......


Shared by OLADEJI Niyi on June 10, 2021
Daddy, as I fondly called you, I did not have the inkling that the conversation I had with you a day to your demise was a way of bidding me goodnight till we meet to part no more at Jesus' feet. Though, your in law,  you took me as your first son and a friend. We discussed on various subjects, ranging from ministry, career, business to family and politics. Oh! How the entire family of Oladeji will greatly miss your gentle fatherly voice and tender care. Your care over us was beyond comprehension. You never missed any of our birthdays as you normally called to shower blessings on each of us. Whenever there was storm, without being told, you were already aware, and always gave assurance of standing by us in prayers. You will surely be missed by Marvellous, Oyinda and others. You promised to come and spend a week or two with us after the demise of your daughter,  Ruth Adetola. Daddy rest on until the resurrection morning.