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Thank you Daddy Mi

Shared by Abimbola Olukayode-akanni on August 13, 2021
My dear darling dad…

Growing up and having you to call you as Father, Daddy, Friend is one of Heaven’s gift to me.

You were indeed KIND, putting others ahead of yourself. Daddy .. you were to kind to everyone.. the high and mighty and all the low and unseen persons… you gave everyone your time…

Thank you being a shoulder to lean on, thank you for all the guidance, thank you for showing me how to show God’s love. Thank you for teaching me soo many hymnals…. Daddy you loved to sing… and now you are singing with the Heavenly Host, Praising our God.  
Thank you for helping me see the best in people, thank you for all the advice, thank you for showing me the benefits of patience, forgiveness and love. Thank you for all the happy moments and the stern corrections.  

Thank you for being a father to sooooo many others like me… giving us direction, encouragement and hope.

I’m blessed because you were here… I LOVE you daddy and I’m grateful to God for granting you His strength and His peace through life and His Eternal life now that you’ve gone to Him; because He has always loved you and He still does…you are basking in His love.

I miss you Daddy mi… Please give a hug to my Father whom I’m sure has welcomed you home in Heaven thanking you for being my Dad all these years. 

Rest on Daddy mi …..
Shared by Folake Leah Oyelowo on July 5, 2021
Not a single day has passed that I have not felt your physical absence so badly Dad. I know you're smiling & praying for GOD'S divine grace for Me in it all..... IN JESUS NAME AMEN.
You were such a very special being,that you so forgave so effortlessly. Even if you were reminded of any known evil anyone had done you,you'd say I have forgiven,so you all should learn to let go and Let GOD.
Also My dad had a kind of sweet character such that if Dad gave anyone any money or gift no matter how big it was,if anyone of Us ever heard of it,it wasn't through or from Daddy, NEVER!!!
Maybe through his drivers(GOD forgive Me) who might have just said it casually or through anyone outside our Family who was close to him and actually We heard mostly from whoever he was opportuned to bless.
I saw Dad go out of his way even at his Old age to bear & carry some people's burdens & pains with them in their time of pain & for whatever reason,one of them painfully drifted off from dad & he came to My house & discussed with Me about it.THANK GOD,HE was able to forgive before HE departed to meet HIS MASTER,MAKER AND SAVIOUR. No wonder,he so loved singing," Kosogbon to le da,kosi wa to le wu,kosan to le gba,to le fi te'aye lorun o.
May FATHER Abraham graciously be empowered to shower you My Dear Dad Noah Bankole Oyalade with all the LOVE & HEAVENLY BLESSINGS of a Faithful Servant who did exceptionally splendidly when on Earth. You too might be seeing Me,I am terribly missing you Beloved Old Man( Dad). Greetings to all loved Ones who made it there too like you Dad. Fondly remembered by Leah Oyelowo.......


Shared by OLADEJI Niyi on June 10, 2021
Daddy, as I fondly called you, I did not have the inkling that the conversation I had with you a day to your demise was a way of bidding me goodnight till we meet to part no more at Jesus' feet. Though, your in law,  you took me as your first son and a friend. We discussed on various subjects, ranging from ministry, career, business to family and politics. Oh! How the entire family of Oladeji will greatly miss your gentle fatherly voice and tender care. Your care over us was beyond comprehension. You never missed any of our birthdays as you normally called to shower blessings on each of us. Whenever there was storm, without being told, you were already aware, and always gave assurance of standing by us in prayers. You will surely be missed by Marvellous, Oyinda and others. You promised to come and spend a week or two with us after the demise of your daughter,  Ruth Adetola. Daddy rest on until the resurrection morning.
Shared by monisola adedayo on June 10, 2021
  • Daddy Oyalade was a good counselor. Fun to be with when we were in school. A very generous soul, you can always expect a treat when he comes around. Even in old age, it was always fun talking to him.You can't feel age in his voice.  He used stories a lot when he counsels.He stood by me when I went to Zaria to serve. A good chriatian father.I thank God for the value he added to me. I pray that we will leave positive memories when we leave too. Sleep in peace daddy.

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