Posted by Folake Leah Oyelowo on July 24, 2021
Mo yin OLORUN ISRAELI LOGO,iku ye Bami Owon N.B Oyalade. Didun ni iranti olododo. You chose to be there for people,GOD raised people too for you Daddy.Ase otito nla Ni pe,Ko sa segbe laye yi.What a man sows,he will reap & more! Just like you told Me on Thursday morning,d 27th of May,that people were dancing,rejoicing & drinking and d water didn't finish.O ga Daddy,the drinks honestly didn't finish by GOD'S grace.
I prayed for you,barely two weeks to your departure from this Earth,Pe ki OLUWA ninu anu RE,jeki iku ye yin & you said AMEN thrice in Yoruba. Haa Bami o,Aye Ope NLA Yo.
We thank Baba Revd I.Akanji, Baba Revd J Olawuyi,Baba Revd V.Oyelowo and Baba Revd Salako. They all did so well. Ayo le fi gba o.
Daddy,Awon MMU nko,I salute them. GOD bless them all ati awon excellent Royal Ambassadors,haba big kudos to you all. GOD bless you all & GOD bless all our Dad's, mum's, uncle's,aunt's,bro's,sis's, cousins, in-laws,neighbours, Church members,biz parterns,collegues and everyone. We love and appreciate you all indeed. Eyin Bami yio da fun gbogbo wa pata pata Loruko JESU AMIN.
On a lighter mood,Dad am sure you might have asked of a Baptist Church in Heaven,but I doubt there's any church there.Even at your burial service,they called you Baba Baptist. It least through the Nigeria Baptist Church,you gave Us all solid Christian foundation. We thank you Dad. We can't stop talking. As I daily talk wt you dear Old Man.Aaya,I heard your daughter Bimbo cried so much on just seeing your casket in church. We all miss you Dad!!! Okayyy byeee & Greet all loved ones there too. Oh LORD help Us all to live well and to at least end well and above all make HEAVEN at last in JESUS Precious NAME AMEN.
Posted by TOluwalogo Dayo-Okedele on July 21, 2021
Your Memory is Forever Blessed and Cherished.
Posted by TOluwalogo Dayo-Okedele on July 21, 2021
My Dearest Pop......can't just stop thinking about you. You indeed fathered us well, May your sweet spirit continue to rest in peace AMEN
Love you forever

Posted by Faith modebola on July 17, 2021
My dear beloved Grandpa, so for real I will never see you again except in my dreams. Seeing your body today really made me sad, that so one person I really loved and loved me back has gone. I know you're in a better place now. You were one person I knew if I needed help I could count on. Grandpa I never knew you were going to go so soon, I never knew that two days before you died when you came to see my mum and I told you bye was for the very last time, how I wish I said see you soon by God's grace, without me knowing that was very last time I was going to see you alive, smiling, talking and cracking jokes with me. You were one person who would call my mum everyday, talk with her, giving her hope, advicing her, encouraging her, telling her you love her. Oh my Grandpa I miss you dearly. Pls be there for me and be my guardian angel. I know you can see and hear me. Bye Grandpa, good night sir. Modebola loves you.
Posted by Esther Adeonipekun on July 16, 2021
Dear Daddy!!! It is even harder to believe I will never see or hear your wonderful face and your sweet voice here on earth again.
I miss the way you call me. My beloved lady, oloko anty mi etc.
Daddy I missed you so much, I missed your monthly encouraging messages always assuring me all will be well, I missed the way you usually hold my hands and squeeze it. I miss how you will always come back with goodies whenever you are in Abuja at the guest house.
Daddy I love you beyond words. Continue to rest in peace with the Lord. I shall see you on the resurrection morning. Sureo Baba mi dada.
Posted by Folake Leah Oyelowo on July 16, 2021
Bami owon,it's just too hard to believe you are gone.Its damn hard. Yesterday was a bit tough. I kept wondering,Ha ha,so it's daddy,My Daddy,Our dearest Daddy N.B Oyalade that We were holding memorial service for.Kai o ga o. Daddy May your spirit see us through.Shike came to My house ystrdy morning & laughed at Me for putting your pix everywhere.She said jokingly,it wasn't enough,I should add more. I just LOVE you beyond words. I miss you every second. Haa,I don't think,I believed you were ever going to die. Bami Bami,no no no please Daddy,don't leave Me alone.GOD knows Emi lo ye. We were best friends.I LOVE YOU Eternally. Keep enjoying HEAVEN in JESUS NAME AMEN. Sun re Olufe Mi owon
Posted by Christie Bawa on July 14, 2021
Daddy my Daddy! I will miss that soft voice that speaks to calm the situation down when we do wrong and our Daddy Engr. Ezekiel Agboola Laka wants to flog us or scold us for doing wrong, that voice that calls me 'Beloved, Ezekiela' you were indeed one of a kind, being there for us when our Daddy was no more. Remembering our birthdays each one of us! Always being the first to send me a 'Happy Mother's day' greeting. Showing us indeed what genuine friendship is all about and how it should be.
Lord help me walk in this manner and be a blessing to those around me.
Rest on and send my love to my Parents Engr and Mrs E. A Laka ❤️.
I love you all ❤️
Adieu till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Jumoke Owoyeye on July 13, 2021
Daddy I want to first thank God for a beautiful life you lived. You were so special to my dad and that love was passed unto us.

I can't forget your lovely tribute to my dad at his funeral. All I have to say to anyone is "do you remember the daddy that told us how he stole plenty meat from my dad when they lived as bachelors & how he has finished a cow?", they will laugh and say yes we remember him.

Daddy continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord. I love you & will miss you & yours calls and messages. Sun re O!
Posted by Victoria Adebayo on July 11, 2021
You were not only an Uncle to us but a father. A caring and dearly beloved brother to your only sister; our sleeping mother!
The news and shock of your passing on is still so strong. It feels like a dream.
You stood with us, giving us strength and courage for living after Mom's demise. You were a father to us in everything: giving us reasons for a better tomorrow.
Now you have joined our beloved Mom and Dad.
You lived for Christ, our redeemer, to the gain of heaven. And for as long as memory lingers, you will live on in our hearts.

Writing a tribute because of your unexpected passing is very painful. Words cannot describe this difficult moment, but if this is the last time we get to say goodbye, then we know we are doing so because we are so blessed to have lived this life as your nieces and nephew. Your love for us is one that is only comparable to that of a mother, this is so because it’s indescribable.
We can never forget the joyful countenance, cheerfulness, and unending generosity you always exhibit whenever you see or hear about any of us; It was your unique identity.
You kept the ties of kinship with us till the very end. We are so grateful for this.
We never imagined
that your departure would come so soon. Our comfort is in the fact that you have fulfilled your destiny.
You lived for Christ to the gain of heaven!
You finish your race well.
You will always remain in our hearts and be forever missed.

Good night Dear Uncle, a.k.a Baba Kaduna, until we meet in glory!

Posted by Folake Leah Oyelowo on July 10, 2021
The Best Dad is Gone!!! I didn't know the pains wld be this much. Please pray for all we your loved ones,not finding sleep Daddy.Your best friend left also told Me on Wednesday,I've not been sleeping well, someone I least expected told Me ystrdy,just after his death,she didn't sleep all through d midnight &kept thinking,is this how it is? Here I am,Dad My left nose is totally blocked since.I am terribly missing you Daddy.If tears could wake the dead,My own tears should have woken you up since.Thank GOD I talk with you Everytime.If Faith still cries till now just from missing you,how much more Me Dad? I miss you too much Beloved. Bami owon. THANK GOD for your well lived life Dad. I prayed for you,just less than 2 weeks before your passing pe," OLUWA YIO fi iku ro yin lorun Loruko JESU" And you answered AMIN,AMIN,AMIN JESU!!!
Daddy you have even made things far easier for Us. Some people have been so kind, remembering your love and kindness to them. Dad Sam Adetoro just sat wt Bros & I ystrdy,like you used too in love,talking like our biological dad used to with Us( Oh GOD). May GOD grtly bless him.No wonder elders say,Owo fun ni ko to eyan. He's been there all d way and to think he cared to talk with Us. Hum. Your prgm dad,I know you know whose stood as your loyal son again and so so many others.We thank them all. Eyin yin yio Dara fun gbogbo won pelu O Loruko JESU AMIN. One of My late mother's( Dns Omobola Ayano) used to always tell Me then,Omo Mi,ore o gbe,ika na o si gbe o laye,sugbon ore lo pe.Dad,I am sure she's damn happy you've arrived o( crying & smiling) . If you're reading,pls appreciate your parents especially the one whose very good at heart. I massaged My dad's legs very well on d Wednesday b4 he passed.A day plus after,Bami you left o.
Above all, Modupe lowo OLORUN tori pe,Aye ope yo.I write to relieve My pains and deep sorrows. By GOD'S grace,May We meet at JESUS FEET again on d resurrection morning. I would so huggggg you Daddy. Sun re lese JESU,besides Father Abraham!!!
Posted by Folake Leah Oyelowo on July 7, 2021
Dad's burial is fast approaching,hum. OLUWA E gba gbogbo ogo ninu ati lori gbogbo eto na Loruko JESU AMIN.
Yesterday d 6th of July,as I was buying some fruits,d seller said,Ebami ki Baba ooo. I said,Se Baba to ti ku. She shouted. I smiled and she started saying very nice things about My Daddy. I also went to Dad's Pos man( An Alfa) to collect some money and they all started testifying about Daddy.They said in their short period of knowing themselves. Dad wld come and buy minerals for everyone around.Theres a woman frying what is called "beske" in ilorin,it's a soya milk wara what is wara called nowww ....ok cheese abi? I heard dad wld buy 200# worth for each persons there when he went there. And ystrdy dad's driver cldnt buy 100# beske for himself until after I heard & said so you can't buy for yourself. People love awuf sha. Even d beske woman just kept blessing Me,all because of the noble and very godly character of a man called Noah Bankole Oyalade. THANK GOD for your Life Dad.Till this morning even dad's doctor and lots have posted Dad as their profile pics. Bami you were honestly a good man. Ki OLUWA mu ki eyin yin dara fun gbogbo wa to fe yin Loruko JESU AMIN.Daddy Mi toh,I THANK GOD! Sun re Bami owon,Sun re Olufe Mi Owon, Sun re Bami Oni nu re Loruko JESU AMIN.
Posted by Folake Leah Oyelowo on July 5, 2021
Not a single day has passed that I have not felt your physical absence so badly Dad. I know you're smiling & praying for GOD'S divine grace for Me in it all..... IN JESUS NAME AMEN.
You were such a very special being,that you so forgave so effortlessly. Even if you were reminded of any known evil anyone had done you,you'd say I have forgiven,so you all should learn to let go and Let GOD.
Also My dad had a kind of sweet character such that if Dad gave anyone any money or gift no matter how big it was,if anyone of Us ever heard of it,it wasn't through or from Daddy, NEVER!!!
Maybe through his drivers(GOD forgive Me) who might have just said it casually or through anyone outside our Family who was close to him and actually We heard mostly from whoever he was opportuned to bless.
I saw Dad go out of his way even at his Old age to bear & carry some people's burdens & pains with them in their time of pain & for whatever reason,one of them painfully drifted off from dad & he came to My house & discussed with Me about it.THANK GOD,HE was able to forgive before HE departed to meet HIS MASTER,MAKER AND SAVIOUR. No wonder,he so loved singing," Kosogbon to le da,kosi wa to le wu,kosan to le gba,to le fi te'aye lorun o.
May FATHER Abraham graciously be empowered to shower you My Dear Dad Noah Bankole Oyalade with all the LOVE & HEAVENLY BLESSINGS of a Faithful Servant who did exceptionally splendidly when on Earth. You too might be seeing Me,I am terribly missing you Beloved Old Man( Dad). Greetings to all loved Ones who made it there too like you Dad. Fondly remembered by Leah Oyelowo.......
Posted by Folake Leah Oyelowo on July 1, 2021
O death where is the Victory. I keep wondering how those who are without parent(s) whom they loved or who loved them are coping through Life.
My Old Man would have called & still texted Me to pray & wish My Family,A happy new month. You were such a caring and kind and Godly dad. Even when you weren't obliged to do some things,you still did them in love for your GOD and people. I think since your death,I have overlooked at your pics as if I was going to later write an examination based on what I saw in the pix.Anytime I jokingly said,dad you're old don't worry,maybe if I said something & you didn't hear well or your attention wasn't there & I said it,Dad will lift a finger towards Me like a child & say,take your time or don't say that again,am a young boy. I have never met anyone who loved peace like you. THANK GOD you're in a place of eternal peace & joys & rejoicing,cause of the Fear of GOD you had and becos of the goodness of your heart. I am missing you so much Dad. HEAVEN we are told & have read is a Wonderful place. You sure deserve it as your final resting home.Greet GOD ALMIGHTY YAHWEH and JESUS and Father Abraham for Me. Oh daddy,I miss you,but am happy you have no more worries,or lack or wants or pains again. Emi na Ni again Leah your daughter.Sun re Omo Balogun who was so gentle( smile)!
Posted by Folake Leah Oyelowo on June 29, 2021
I am missing Dad in a way only GOD can understand.You're not at home to welcome Me and smile & say sometimes, "When did you come in"? Someone who called Me to greet Me on your death from Lagos,abt a week & some days ago,I also called to greet this morning too,as just day B4 ystrdy,he lost his father too. He joked and said We are same in d same parental group now. I knew what he meant and sadly said,No my own Dad is here & honestly quick tears just dripped down. I am just wondering if I will heal at heart over your sudden death Daddy. Faith just saw Me crying silently and said Mummy! I said,Am just missing My Daddy. No one who feared GOD ever met you in your Life Time and journeyed with you,that isn't missing you Sweet,gentle One.
Omo Balogun,Bami Owon Sun re lailai o. I love you more in death and miss you BADLY. May your sleep be very peaceful IN JESUS NAME AMEN.
Tnx to all who have written and or told Us such wonderful things abt you. We love you all.Ayo le fi gba o AMIN
Posted by Oladipo Adigun on June 28, 2021

It was a sad moment for me when the news of Engr. Noah Bankole Oyalade was broken to me on my recuperating bed exactly a month today 28th May, 2021. I am writing this on the 28th of June, 2021 just as I'm recovering my strength. "Noah was a bossom friend, my confidant and benefactor.
Well, alot of things can be said about us as we grew, lived together for several years in Jos and went to the same secondary school in Plateau State at Kuru.
Our life's were inseparable and we moved about like twins at the school and also always when on holiday vacation in Jos living together like twins brothers with many things in common.
Well it is sad that we were finally separated by his death leaving me to continue with the race we started together. God knows best. "Sun re o Noah" in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ till we meet to part no more.

*Oladipo Adigun.*
Posted by Oyenike Adigun on June 27, 2021
Daddy Bankole Oyalade a loving father, an encourager, adviser ever happy to see that one, succeeds in life. Your efforts and contributions in making the relationship with my husband leading up to marriage is still fresh in my memories. I will surely miss you but I rejoice that you are in a better place. May Your Soul Rest in Peace
Posted by Folake Leah Oyelowo on June 27, 2021
Daddy who ever knew events could make Me miss you this much. Truly you were a very very very good Man. You felt peoples pains because you feared GOD ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. You were truly a Special Being Dad!!! THE fear of GOD in you made you live a life of accountability to GOD & man. It is well. May your sweet gentle Spirit see Me through IN JESUS NAME AMEN. Sleep on in perfect peace at your MASTER'S FEET in JESUS NAME AMEN. It is well.....
Posted by TOluwalogo Dayo-Okedele on June 26, 2021
Dearest Pop....can't just stop recalling fond memories of you, to say I miss you daily is an understatement. I love love love you forever. Thank you dearest Pop for who you were.
Posted by OLADEJI Niyi on June 25, 2021
Ah grandpa , your demise was a shock to me ,we didnt know that you would leave this miserable world so soon. Thanks to you for loving and carin for us . When my sister came to told me that u were gone it really hurt , i thought it was a joke but dad later told us that u are gone .You will forever be remembered in our heart and your will forever linger on our fingers .Rest on Grandpa. From your granddaughter OLADEJI MERCY OYINDAMOLA.
Posted by OLADEJI Niyi on June 25, 2021
Grandpa ilorin as we fondly called, you would always remember our birthdate days up in ur memory. The man who cares for his own , being is a representation of the best ; a man who had the best relationship with God and man, you really left a good legacy for us all to live by.You really took care or should i say give birth to a woman that is the best LATE MRS RUTH OLADEJI . You said you would be coming to our house, but we didnt see you buy heard a sad declaration that you were gone to the other part of the world, a day after my grandfather rememberance . You gave me bithdate gift and would pray for us, saying you would come and teach me Mathematics but all i heard was your demise . I indeed love you but God loves you more . ADIEU GRANDPAPA OYALADE. From your beloved granddaughter OLADEJI MARVELLOUS MOBOLAJI
Posted by OLADEJI Niyi on June 25, 2021
Shared by OLADEJI Niyi on June 10, 2021
Daddy, as I fondly called you, I did not have the inkling that the conversation I had with you a day to your demise was a way of bidding me goodnight till we meet to part no more at Jesus' feet. Though, your in law, you took me as your first son and a friend. We discussed on various subjects, ranging from ministry, career, business to family and politics. Oh! How the entire family of Oladeji will greatly miss your gentle fatherly voice and tender care. Your care over us was beyond comprehension. You never missed any of our birthdays as you normally called to shower blessings on each of us. Whenever there was storm, without being told, you were already aware, and always gave assurance of standing by us in prayers. You will surely be missed by Marvellous, Oyinda and others. You promised to come and spend a week or two with us after the demise of your daughter, Ruth Adetola. Daddy rest on until the resurrection morning.
Posted by Engr. Temidayo Okedele. on June 24, 2021

Daddy was an amazing father-in-law. He sacrificed for so many people and his love for others cannot be quantified.
He loved God and it reflected in his priorities. Thank you for the good memories.
Good night N.B.

Your Abel.
Posted by Joshua Ogunwole on June 24, 2021
Baba Noah Oyalade was a father, adviser, encourager and friend to me as much as he was a friend to my dad (I couldn’t tell him that Daddy Oyalade has gone ahead of him). I became very close to daddy Oyalade when we were both worshipping at United English Baptist Church (UEBC), Kaduna. He was an epitome of humility; he was kind and exuded confidence. He looked down on no one and can make friends even with children. Baba played with us in spite of his busy schedule as MMU National President, etc. As I grew up, I realized we have in common the E.G. Kolawole’s family as close family friend and; it further knitted us. Baba Oyalade later put on the garment of an adviser, he had been a strong encourager to me in my current employment at Bowen University. Daddy Oyalade, with you, there was never a dull moment for your character was infectious; it can never be good night rather it’s good morning! You will be remembered by what you’ve done! Sleep on in your Lord’s boson till the resurrection morning. You will be greatly missed! Your life will daily be celebrated by those you left behind. ‘E kaaro Baba Noah Oyalade.’
Posted by Folake Leah Oyelowo on June 23, 2021
Ta lo da bi RE OLUWA,ta lo da bi RE,ninu gbogbo alagbara laye ta lo da bi RE OLUWA?
2,Ni gbogbo ona ESE,Ni gbogbo ona Ese BABA,Ni gbogbo ona ona adupe dupe,Ni gbogbo ona ESE O BABA.
3,YOU are GOD,from beginning to the end,there's no place for argument,YOU are GOD,ALL by YOURSELF.
I THANK GOD. Dad couldn't have lived forever. We loved each other very much,but GOD loved him most.
I go to Dad's house and he's not there to tell him,how My day had been.He's not there to tell Me,his plenty stories in My just not seeing him in one day alone perhaps (I smile).
I would sit so close to him,or normally put My own chair near him and all anyother person in d sitting room will be hearing,are just My laughter's and seeing dad's smile. Dad was the one saying things to make Me laugh but he would just smile. He and mum agreed on one thing, Baba Ebenezer Obey's songs.If dad sang a part,mum wld join & I'd just smile at them.
My people if you have a good parent,abegi cherish them o,before a surprise happens. Ask them tough questions,like where would you like to be buried? Snap happy memorable pics with them.Listen to them. Old people love attention and love alot.And incase any of you My "parents" is reading this,try to be on a good page with your children and especially love well & try not to hide anything from the love you love the most. You were such a gentle man Dad.As for Me,I wld love you to be a little tougher if there was another privilege to come to this world again. I would just take dad's tomtom sweets even if I wldn't take or lick them.You know how friends behave,that's how We behaved. Everyday since you passed on,I just freely cry.I miss you beyond words.You were a very good man.Pls pray for Me,it's been hard not seeing you and playing with you.Even mum just recently made fun of Me,that My gisting and talking friend,Is gone. My love for you,is titi lailai. You never stopped loving your mother and now I can understand better. I know you're always reading My thots. Ok bye Dad,Adieu My Father and Bestie.Love you Loads Baba Mi owon.
Posted by Folake Leah Oyelowo on June 21, 2021
Chorus; What shall I render,what shall I render,what shall I render to THEE O GOD? I will praise YOU O GOD and shout HALELUYAH,what shall I render to THEE O GOD.
2,Am rendering PRAISES,Am rendering PRAISES,Am rendering PRAISES to THEE O GOD,I will PRAISE THEE O GOD,I'I shout HALELUYAH,Am rendering PRAISES to THEE O GOD.
ALMIGHTY YAHWEH OF HOSTS,I heartily THANK YOU,for I know that am not in anyway better than those who didn't or who don't have godly and good fathers/ dad, Mori anu gba Ni. ESEUN LOPOLOPO ELEDA Mi. I have only received YOUR mercies,THANKS LORD.
At least everyone of Us whom Dad met Dad experienced the true and transparent love of a father( For all we who are like children to him)
The relationship Dad had with Us,is such that We all would know how the true and deep and transparent the love of GOD to each of We HIS(GOD'S) children is.
As Dad was so reliable,very dependable and exceedingly loving that and more is who and how GOD ALMIGHTY YAHWEH is to all of Us totally.
For all who didn't experience the love of their biological father's ystrdy and they are alive, remember GOD ALMIGHTY YAHWEH is your HEAVENLY FATHER and HE loves you and will never ever put Us to shame IN JESUS NAME AMEN.
Ojo ola yi yio dara,ki yio sin kan,Gbagbo le korin nu poju,Ki yio sin kan.....
Chorus; Am rendering PRAISES, Am rendering PRAISES, Am rendering PRAISES to you O GOD, I will PRAISE YOU O GOD,I'I shout HALELUYAH,Am rendering PRAISES to YOU O GOD.
Ki OLUWA to fi iku ro Baba Mi Noah Bankole Oyalade lorun,GBA gbogbo Ope Mi. I am able to think deeply and appreciate you DEAREST HEAVENLY FATHER. Daddy only GOD in HEAVEN can quantify the extent of how much or how BADLY or how terribly I miss you. It was a privilege and I am THANKFUL for having you as My Dad. No matter the situation when we were growing up,you just never abandoned Us. THANK YOU LORD. I love you Dad.Oh Daddy you so loved Light and brightness and that's so evident in your ilorin house and your bedroom,there are bulbs everywhere.Dad I know you're happier, because HEAVEN is brighter, everywhere THE LORD graciously showed Me just a day before you passed on,was just exceedingly abundantly Bright. You see how I miss you dear Old One. Please greet Lolade Adigun,one I so loved and still miss so much.Pls greet mum Funmilayo Owoborode, I know Sister Shade has hugged you so well,I dreamt of her a week b4 your passing.I saw Gbenga Adebowale's pic in your room amongst loads of Loved Ones pic,My love to him and to My dear mother,Omobola Ayano and to Our sweet Favour and to all the rest there above too.
In Life it's eventually not how long but how well we actually lived.
Bami Noah Bankole Omo Oyalade( Baba oni nu re) Sun re. Ki OLUWA fanu tu Mi ninu AMIN
Posted by Folake Leah Oyelowo on June 20, 2021
Do you see how we mortals make plans,but GOD ALMIGHTY YAHWEH sure has THE FINAL say,hum. I was unusually looking forward to this years Fathers Day,just for two reasons,1,To celebrate My dad 2,I already had & knew what I wanted to post to celebrate the many strong women who are now turned men( Fathers) in various Families for roles of Fathers played. But you see.... Thanks Yemi for your sincere tribute,I felt the sincerity in all you wrote & I cried well reading through. With time I got to know Daddy has many many many children. Do you know that dad treated us all with same Love? I wish to read someone's tribute and if not,no wahala. I wish to read Bimbo's tribute.She is one daughter, Dad never ever hid his love for. We saw Dad ystrdy,it was a fresh crying day again ystrdy morning. It is well. Sleeping is something,as I just wish Daddy was still alive or that someone came to tell Me down,he had little more time to live. Dad told Me to bring him fried fish and moimoi,he told Me this the Wednesday before he passed on. On Thursday he went out,even to the hospital for check up.On Friday,very early in d morning,mum asked if I could come make him lunch and I said,I will,cos she was to attend late Baba Ande's burial. Just some few minutes later,mum called to say,Ma bo nisin. Kai thank GOD,GOD SPIRIT held Me well,cos I instantly knew something was wrong,for it to have been mum calling Me. I was damn confused & fearful,as I walked up & down,up and down,uptil My daughter shouted and said,"Mum please stop". I knew mum's call had something to do with My dad & behold,I was so right. When I returned home that evening TiKristi ran to meet Me by the gate and he asked,"Mum is it true? I mean Grandpa". As I said yes,he ran off inside the house crying.I have heard of young children who had special bounds with Dad,that their parents had to pray and specially sit them down to tell them of Dad's passing.Two in ilorin & mum too knows they loved dad( they are undergraduates) and one in Akure.They might be more though. Whenever any child was angry with dad & he just effortlessly said,"Am sorry please forgive Me" I just used to wonder,cause all dad wanted was peace in the home. My Dad sure ran a good race of Life,he fought well and conquered gallantly. Omo Balogun,I miss you beyond words.I hope the pains of your sudden departure,will reduce I pray but I know you wldn't ever be forgotten Bami owon. You did well Sir. You touched every Life GOD passed through you very positively. Dad on Earth today is Fathers Day o, what's the menu in Heaven today for FATHERS DAY??? Lol. Greetings to Dad Laka Dad Adebowale,Dad Alabi,Dad Fatosin, Dad Suberu & other good dad's in Heaven. I am reluctant to stand up and check for the list of names you wrote of your departed loved ones,even an igbo Pst's name is there too. Am sure Heaven is merrier with My Dad joining his very funny friends and bothers. We pray for longer lives for your two bossom friends left IJN AMEN. The first is Dad Odedokun,Hum we fondly call Dad O,and Dad Okikiade who hasn't taken your departure well at all. Please LORD help Me sleep small too now o. It's 2:54a.m. Happy Father's Day,all living fathers( All fathers alive) Ire!!!
Posted by yummy yemmy on June 19, 2021
Posted by yummy yemmy on June 19, 2021
Dearest daddy, I have remained in painful denial and still can't string the words together. I stare into space and wonder if there's ever going to be a time when the pain in my heart would ease?
It won't be out of place to say that you knew me before I knew you. You were there from the start, a very close buddy to my dad. You called me Opeyemi, a name I later grew to be fond of because of you. You' d sing to me and I'd dance and you'd take me in your warm embrace and kiss me with a reassuring smile. You were my personal photographer and captured all the moments of my birthday celebration in a beautiful album. You never missed out on any birthday or celebration. You were my go to person for any solution. I wondered if you never got tired of listening; you always had a smile, always profered a solution and if there was a time I was in doubt, you'd ask me to give it sometime and you'd get back to me. A fine gentleman, a handsome one at that, aguntaso lo himself. You carried yourself with so much grace and charisma. You made me love native outfits, they looked so good on you. I remember teasing you about being stylish and you'd cross your legs and laugh heartily.
You loved God and served him. I watched you take the salute as the National MMU president and I beamed with pride. I told everyone that cared to listen that the handsome man in uniform taking the salute was my dad, we sang the hymn The king's business together and I took those words to heart. You were indeed a friend, I have searched for the definition of true friendship and brotherhood and I can only summarize as what you shared with my dad, daddy Laka and daddy Alabi. You all ate from same dishes, slept on same beddings and travelled together and went to same church you never missed an opportunity to be together, all 4 of you. You were the mediator and peace broker, you had a way with them all and knew how to sort everyone. The jokes were always rib cracking and the laughter intoxicating.
It broke my heart when my daddy went to be with the lord in September 2020, my heart broke Futher when I saw you because I wasn't sure how you'd cope with the loss. You said to me; Opeyemi, my beloved daughter, I have one mission here, bury my brother and go home to mourn my loss, I am not happy but first you all and mama Ronke your mother must be fine. You indeed ensured that it was a smooth ride and you sat by the graveside all alone in deep thought. You promised to be there but cautioned that time may not be long. I remember all our talks, I remember your counsel, I remember our last hug and kiss, I remember the promises, though you didn't wait for it all, I remember you daily.
I remain thankful to God for the gift of you, you were a full options package, limited edition, the once in a lifetime kind of person and I'd treasure the memories.
Indeed great men lived and walked the earth, I am privileged to have been yours, loved and taught of you.
I love you daddy( you never missed an opportunity to say you love me), I know you have to rest and you must be glad to reunite with your brethren.
Salute my daddy, please tell him that it doesn't get easy but I still try and I miss him alot.
Rest easy daddy, you sure did run a good race.
Painfully Missed, Forever loved.
Your daughter,
Opeyemi Adebowale
Posted by Adenike Olunloyo on June 19, 2021
Daddy Oyalade, as we fondly called him was an extraordinary individual who loved people so dearly. When we were kids, he visited us Zaria on many occasions, as he was a close relative of my dad. Whenever he arrived, he would go into our compound and help himself to some fruits before coming to knock on the door. He always felt at home. He has a free spirit, was very loving, kind and generous in so many ways. We were always happy when he came around, as we would laugh a lot and he would bless us with money when he was leaving. 

May the Lord comfort us all. You are greatly missed and the lovely memories we have of you sir, will forever remain in our hearts. 

Nike (Idowu) Olunloyo
Posted by Folake Leah Oyelowo on June 19, 2021
I miss my daddy so much. The pain of my not going to ever talk with you or kiss you or cook for you ever again just breaks my heart. When will I ever stop crying and can sleep well again? When will I be comforted & be able to strongly move you in this Life? Who Daddy can love me like you or be there for me like you. Kai daddy,has. It is well with me IN JESUS NAME AMEN. OH GOD ALMIGHTY YAHWEH graciously pity Me IN JESUS NAME AMEN. Please have mercy on me. I THANK GOD though dad that you aren't troubled or sad or in any type of distress or sorrow or fear again. You ended well. I love you eternally Sweet Old Man. I hope you're reading what am writing. I don't even fear to be sit alone crying and just missing and thinking of you. May THE HOLY SPIRIT help me through Life IN JESUS NAME AMEN. To all reading this,if any of your parents are alive, especially if you're blessed to have good parents or a good parent,note they might soon be gon,so love them well,treat them well,take pics with them,cook for them,wash their clothes,,hold their hands,ask them questions,gist & talk lovingly with them. One them you might be terribly missing them like,I am just terribly missing my sweet,sweet Daddy and crying here for hours,before I decided to write something and maybe have some peace.Even my nose is blocked from crying. Toh,GOD ALMIGHTY YAHWEH needed him to rest from his hard labours. Thanks Dad for loving me dearly. You kept saying thank you,thank you my beloved daughter,thank you , Sugbon you too know pe ko ye mi then.Bami Bami Bami Noah Bankole Omo Oyalade Sunre Sun re, Sun re
Posted by Oyalade Lade on June 18, 2021
Granpa why why why ? You left too soon. I was planning to spend my next vacation with you but you have gone to be with Jesus. It's so sad for me . You loved and cared for me. You always remember my birthday. You always told my mum not to beat me coz am a warrior. Granpa, you were the best.
FiyinfOluwa Oyalade
Posted by Nathaniel Umar on June 17, 2021
Daddy Kaduna, as he was fondly called was a part of our lives in more ways than we can list. He remembered our birthdays, our sad days, our anniversaries and always said a prayer at the end of a phone call. His company was quite interesting and enriching. He was a humble father who showered us with Christ-like mentoring, kindness and wisdom. He was a dependable encourager and discipler. We really miss his friendship, his calls and WhatsApp chats to say, "I love you, trust in God." So long to God's General.
Nathaniel and Lydia Omobola Umar
Posted by John Kuasi Oladipupo Gasp... on June 17, 2021
Hearing about the demise of Uncle Oyalade came with sadness but also joy, sad to loss someone we all knew and loved so dearly. but also thanking God for a life well spent. Uncle Oyalade was one of my Dad's closest friends, who would come to our house and him and my dad always had their jokes but what was special was his ever happy face and an infectious laugh when him and my Dad start their story!! He also played a very special role during our father's funeral and also supported us all with his fatherly love and advise.
Uncle will be greatly missed by me, my siblings and our mum.
To the family, we are with you and pray God to give you all the strength to bear this loss.

May His Soul Rest In Perfect Peace.

Mummy Gasper & The JK Gasper Family
Posted by ALL AFRICA BAPTIST FELLOW... on June 15, 2021
Baba Noah Bankole Oyalade is known to be caring. My contact with him affirmed the fact that Baba has the interest of people at heart. I believe his departure is heaven's gain. I pray God upholds and comfort the family, church and all in Jesus name, Amen.

From Duro Ayanrinola
Posted by Tayo Ojediran on June 15, 2021
Dear Grand Pa,you lived a good life and impacted me a lot.I remember my younger years,Christmas will not be fulfilled for us without visiting you and getting gifts from you.We look forward to it yearly.You are full of wisdom and funny,no time is wasted being around you.I wish i could tap from your wisdom longer.You were a great influence in my career choice,just wanted to be like you.Thank you for all you are and have done,your memory lingers forever.

Posted by TEMITAYO ADEOYE on June 14, 2021
Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad and that's why Daddy Oyalade was a "father of fathers".

Daddy lived a life of love and giving. He gave of himself whenever, wherever and however he could. He strove continually for peace with all men and this was demonstrated by his activities and associations he belonged to.
You touched our lives by being a father, prayer support, adviser, counsellor and friend. You were indeed a blessing and an instrument God used to enrich lives of too many to count.

Daddy was selfless and always puts others ahead of himself, he lived a Christ like life indeed. His impact on lives will remain long in our memories.
It was a privilege to be on earth at the same time as you were.
We know you are sitting at the right hand of our Lord Jesus with smiles on your face.

Till we meet again on that beautiful morning when the trumpet sounds and we shall be together with Jesus Christ never to part again.

We love you daddy.


The Babalola Family

Posted by TOluwalogo Dayo-Okedele on June 13, 2021
My Dearest Pop....I still haven't come to terms that I won't see you again on this side of the divide uhm. I keep thinking if it's true or I would still hear it's all a bad dream. I am consoled that you are now at home, the better place to be. To say I miss you is an understatement...I love you and would always cherish every fond memories of you. Too many thoughts....but I don't have the words.
Mo wo waju
mo wo eyin,
mo wo otun
Mo wo w'oke, mo w'ole ope lo yi mi ka
(This is one of your favourite choruses) I will sure miss our time together. I love you always my dearest Pop till we meet to part no more....your LC Folabomi
Posted by Adedayo Adigun on June 13, 2021
You are one in a million Daddy. You were there for everyone you knew as far as your strength could carry you. I thank God we shared thoughts on Christian Library Platform. You were versatile and always willing to share your experience to guide us. I surely will miss you. I just don't know what to say again yet I have plenty to talk about. One Sure Thing I Know is that the Angels have carried you to the presence of your Creator. Rest in Peace Sir till we meet on the Resurrection Morning. Aahh Daddy Noah Oyalade has gone just like that. Oga oh. Oh God give us the strength to carry on.
Posted by Afolabi Oyegbile on June 12, 2021
Daddy was a blessing ..Always smiling and full of the Holy Spirit. You are now with Jesus because nothing can separate you from the love of God. Romans 8:35-39.
Posted by Oyalade Lade on June 12, 2021
Still can't come to terms that Dad is no more. Still hard to believe I won't see him again. Still had pending issues to discuss on my next visit to Ilorin but alas ! He was everything anyone could ever wish for in a father. Daddy was a bridge between everyone the rich, poor, old, young, Christian, Muslim, Hindu name it. He was Christ personafied. Daddy to say we miss you is an understatement. Our only consolation is that you are at the feet of Jesus singing Hallelujah with the Angels.
Rest on Daddy.
Posted by Friday Godwin on June 12, 2021
Daddy, meeting you was quite a bundle of blessings, the moments I was privileged to be around you the lessons learned will never be forgotten, you are that Christian that help other believers conform to the image of Christ, I'll surely miss your fatherly advice, your sense of humor , and off course, your views and guardians on political matters . Daddy, it's difficult to understand why you will have to leave now that we need your guardians and your intercessory prayers the most, notwithstanding, I'm comforted by the fact that we shall meet again at the resurrection of the saints.
Rest on Daddy , until we meet to part no more.
Pastor Friday Apochi Godwin
Posted by Leye Adetutu on June 11, 2021
Thirty- some years ago i was about 11 and hated going to the barbers for haircuts. My mom was trying to force me to go to the barbershop one day, daddy Oyelade, just happened to be visiting at the time and asked why she was forcing me to get a haircut, when i didn't want one?
She said because it is always uncombed and looks bad most times.
Daddy Oyelade, turned to me and asked matter of fact, if i would promise to keep it combed and looking good hence forth?
"Yes daddy!" I said. It was like the first time any one ever asked what i wanted or even believed i was capable of committing to a promise! No longer a child!
Daddy Oyelade, prevailed on my mom to let me decide for myself! I have never had to go to the barbers ever since! It was liberating! Suddenly I had a choice! Not just about my hair, I was empowered to make choices for myself as long as I do my part and live with the consequences! That's how I have thought of and remember him since. A liberator in the footsteps of the master. Jesus came to set the captives free. That is what we have all been called to do. Daddy Oyelade has done this for many. Mentally and spiritually.
Rest in peace sir!
Posted by Mr and Mrs Adetoro on June 11, 2021
Engr. Noah Bankole Oyalade was a loving father, caring uncle and a mentor par excellence.
He was a committed Christian, dedicated to the LORD's service. He was a committed family man, who loved his family as well as the extended family.
He was a simple, forthright and generous man, always willing to share whatever he had with others. At our wedding in 1980, he played the role of a father and a prominent uncle.
Daddy bore his mind frankly, and lovingly without holding grudges. He forgave when offended and was quick to apologize when need be. He was an epitome of sincerity, gentleness and humility.
We will all miss him. Rest on in the bosom of the Master, Jesus Christ. Adieu until we meet to part no more at the Master's feet.

Posted by OLAWUYI Tunde shola on June 11, 2021
Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saint. The news of your death came as a shock to me,I would have wished it to be a mere dream.
Pa Noah Bankole OYALADE was a strong member of Hope Alive Evangelical Ministry(WhatsApp group chat).
God has used him in many ways for the group. Members of the group will forever cherish his impact that he has been taking in the group.
On behalf of HOPE ALIVE EVANGELICAL MINISTRY (Group Chat) we say it is well with the family and all of us that Pa Noah Bamidele Oyalade left behind in Jesus name. Amen
Posted by OLAWUYI Tunde shola on June 11, 2021
Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saint. The news of your death came as a shock to me,I would have wished it to be a mere dream.
Pa Noah Bankole OYALADE was a strong member of Hope Alive Evangelical Ministry(WhatsApp group chat).
God has used him in many ways for the group. Members of the group will forever cherish his impact that he has been taking in the group.
On behalf of HOPE ALIVE EVANGELICAL MINISTRY (Group Chat) we say it is well with the family and all of us that Pa Noah Bamidele Oyalade left behind in Jesus name. Amen
Posted by Shayo Sanni on June 11, 2021
Grandpa, I love you. You were my friend ever so loving and caring. You mean the universe to me.
I will miss our man to man talk, I will miss our evening strolls round the estate, Gramps the Gramps I will surely miss watching discovery Channel with you, I will miss talking to you about the latest books I just read, I looked forward to the many questions you asked me about them. Gramps you always saved me from my mum's spanking. You were so much fun to be with, you made us laugh so much. I enjoyed eating with you and going for outings with you. I enjoyed all the times you spent in our house and the lectures about science and technology. I already miss you helping me out with my Yoruba homework
We'll both meet in paradise someday. But until then I'll always love you.
All my love Korede Sanni
Posted by Shayo Sanni on June 11, 2021
Dear Grandpa,
          I will never forget you. I remember when you used to help me out with my Yoruba and math homework. I remember the nickname I gave you GRAMPS THE GRAMPS and you liked it when we called you gramps. For someone to say that you are the best grandfather on earth it is an understatement you are the best grandfather in the solar system. I know that one day Jesus will come and carry us all to Heaven at the right time anyways until then we will meet in Heaven. I will definitely miss the way you made me laugh and feel special. I will also miss eating with you and all the times you took us out for shopping or just sightseeing and made my mum feel a little jealous. You were indeed a most excellent and amazing grandpa. I love and miss you
     From your beloved granddaughter Oyinkansola Sanni
Posted by Shayo Sanni on June 11, 2021
Dear Grandpa,
   I love you sooo much and will miss you dearly. As you've gone to be with the Lord, I promise to carry along what you loved the most - hymns, music, peace and many more. I will never erase you in my mind and hold you in my heart till the day we will meet in heaven. I will miss my grandpa's ears that listen genuinely, arms that always hug and hold you always, a love that is eternal and a heart made of gold. I honestly loved the way you loved my mum and dad and especially we your grand children. It is only great fathers that get the promotion to become grandfathers. I am lucky that my grandfather is among the great ones. My grandpa was a person who brings warmth, happiness, wisdom and love to every soul that he touched. I will always miss your funny acts. I am grateful for having such a wonderful grandpa like you.
All my love your granddaughter AYOMIDE SANNI
Posted by Lydia Umar on June 11, 2021
Daddy, there is so much to say yet not enough words to say it. You knew how to love well, you had a big heart with room to love and love and love again. It feels like my daddy just died again. You were an amazing man, a friend in deed and a lover of God. Rest Daddy and give big hugs and kisses to my mum and dad. I miss you all so much. Bola Laka iyawo Nathaniel
Posted by Folake Leah Oyelowo on June 11, 2021
THANK YOU JESUS. Daddy was a very peaceful man.To think I wldn't physically see you again is my deepest pain.I have cried everyday,Everytime there's quiteness around Me,I instantly remember you're gone & cry sadly.I am extremely very THANKFUL that I was empowered by GOD to take good care of you,in my own little ways. I have tried not to say in my everyday tributes that I pitied him at a point,but it is the truth especially in the year 2020 as so many loving and dear ones of my dad died. He was sad.I showed Shayo ystrdy a little jotter we found by his bed,after he was gone & he wrote 2020 My year of sorrows. He wrote the names of all his loved ones who died.
Hum! I particularly felt a deep sorrow within my dad,when one of my aunt's by name Ruth had died,just as my uncle's death( Dad Tunde Ladapo) affected him. O YE O JESU! My dad loved to read till his death. Dad also was hurt that some one or two had drifted away from him towards his passing,whom he had so loved & Am happy he told Me abt it 2 days before he died & I said,Dad receive GOD'S peace,let it fly off your heart....He felt My pains.He never looked into My eyes,never.If I cried,dad will cry.If I laughed dad will laugh.This is how I stay awake most midnights crying.By GOD'S grace,We shall meet in HEAVEN but IN JESUS NAME many years from now,except at the Sound of the Trumpet.Bami I love you more in death. Thanks for loving Me & all knew. Thanks Sir. Adieu Bami.Ki OLUWA te yin safefe rere Loruko JESU AMIN. Folake ni o
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