Keep the music in the middle...
  • 45 years old
  • Born on July 16, 1971 in Prahran, VIC, Australia.
  • Passed away on June 1, 2017 in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved friend and colleague, Noah Costelloe, 45, born on July 16, 1971 and passed away on June 1, 2017. We will remember him forever.

Noah passed away after a long battle with cancer. Noah was a valued partner, colleague and friend, but most importantly he was a caring father to his children Sinead and Luke, and loving husband to Mary. 

Noah was one of the founding members of the EY Sydney Advisory team and was a great inspiration to the EY values and Advisory legacy. Noah’s contribution to EY went far beyond his passion for his work in developing a global community of procurement experts. The generosity of his character and the positivity that he injected into his professional and personal life will live on in his colleagues and those whom he coached, mentored and guided through their careers.

Please join us in sending your thoughts and prayers to Noah and his family and share stories, photo's, video or his favourite music on this memorial website.

As the great man said himself,  “May the music always be in the middle”. Let’s use Noah’s inspiration and passion for living life to it’s full in all things we do!

Posted by Adelisa Jones on 8th October 2017
NC, went to send you a message today, to check in and talk about our mothers. To laugh and share with you. You kept everything bright, light real and funny Af. In my heart always and im forever thankful for your time, your nature and being your mate. Mares, I hope a thought for you is a shoulder for your grief. Much love NC. Always. Be Good Johnny! X
Posted by Mary Goodwin on 7th August 2017
I just heard the news this past week that Noah lost the good fight. I knew him as someone who certainly didn't give up easily - so this news caught me a bit by surprise - I just naturally thought that this was something of course he'd beat. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him on the Queensland Government project - his insights, personality, spirit, leadership, ability to deliver and sense of humour - are all things that will stay with me for a lifetime. I'm glad I got the chance to meet you Noah - you will be missed.
Posted by R Jones on 2nd July 2017
Dear Family and Friends of Noah, in the days to come please take refuge in the Sovereign Lord Jehovah. He is a source of strength and comfort especially during times of distress. He truly understands your sorrow and pain because he too suffered loss of his Son Kesus Christ. Imagine his joy when he resurrected his Son. He will do the same for us. Revelation 21:3-5, Job 14:14-15
Posted by Shanna Souter on 21st June 2017
Noah I am so saddened to hear of your passing - what a loss for the world. I still remember when you first showed up at EY - huge smile, full of energy, doing it your way (which didn't always fit what was expected back then!). I immediately knew you were someone I wanted to work with! Although we didn't work together for that long, I'll never forgot you or your spirit - im so thankful to have seen you again recently. Take care my friend, you will be missed - Shanna
Posted by Mary Costelloe on 11th June 2017
Miss you x Noah I been cryin tears for days can't believe you've gone away Please help me on my way So lost so lonely today Please tell me where you are I can't believe you've gone so far I miss you so so much Please guide me on my way My heart is so broken today x
Posted by Suzanne Young on 9th June 2017
Noah, I was devastated to hear of your passing and astounded when I opened a card from you on Monday morning. Wish we'd had a chance to catch up one last time. I am in Byron Bay this weekend and last night had a glass of champagne to celebrate your life and the impact you had on mine. Not what has happened to you, but what you do next. As a client I enjoyed your fierce intellect and our robust debates. Loved your passion and joy of life. Admired your love of friends and family and enjoyed hearing stories of what you and they were up to and I happily shared updates of my crew. We agreed we were very fortunate, actually "bloody lucky". I feel so lucky to have known someone who is so hard to say goodbye to. RIP
Posted by Rob Haggett on 8th June 2017
Thank you Noah for being a great mentor and taking a chance on a guy who has spent much of his career working in recording studios and not-for-profits. It was always a pleasure catching up, whether we were pushing for better outcomes in the disability sector or discussing the genius of Rodriguez. I promise I'll do you proud. Thanks for everything. Rob
Posted by Geoff Stalley on 8th June 2017
Noah, so full of life and an inspiration everyday...loved every minute of our time together...discussing world events over dinner, working together on challenging projects and Admired the way in which you approached your situation and how you never gave up..farewell my buddy...I will remember you for ever. Geoff
Posted by Abitha Maniyan on 8th June 2017
Dear Noah, You were a wonderful human being who lived life the way it is meant to be lived. We will miss you.
Posted by Stephanie Gigliotti on 8th June 2017
On behalf of the Department of Human Services: It was an honour to work with such a great man. Your leadership, integrity and drive will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family. Your DHS Colleagues
Posted by Mark Dingle on 7th June 2017
I feel deeply fortunate to have met you Noah. I took great encouragement from your interest in my work with Indigenous Australians and was humbled that a leader like you sought out ways to advise and contribute. There are many legacies you leave Noah, and EY's Indigenous Sector Practice is another place you have left your footprints. While we feel loss for your passing we are so much more for knowing you. My thoughts, prayers and love to your family and friends. Mark
Posted by Simon Rowe on 7th June 2017
Noah, I fondly remember your generosity and patience with all who needed time or support. I fondly remember our lunches and laughs in Canberra and I fondly remember you taking a punt and giving me a start. RIP mate Simon
Posted by John Evans on 7th June 2017
Noah - you were a great colleague, friend and mentor. I will forever remember your passion, humour, and humility. To laugh often and much, to win the respect of the intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world. - Ralph Waldorf Emerson
Posted by Lorraine Mackin on 7th June 2017
If anyone epitomised the phrase "top bloke" it was Noah - whilst we only knew each other for 4 years I learnt so much and you were a role model and friend for an entire generation at EY and beyond. You were there for Claire and I in our darkest hours with wise advice and compassion - I'll never forget you mate and proud to have known you xx
Posted by Scott Blackwood on 7th June 2017
Noah was an inspiration to many. A true legend professionally and personally. Always giving and looking out for others while full of positive energy. We will miss you matie. You're a huge loss but will never be forgotten... your legend lives on with all those you have done so much for. The Blackwood Family
Posted by Daniel Williams on 7th June 2017
One of the first people I met when I joined EY, and you made me excited about the work we do for clients and want to do a great job. You are a lovely man and I'm glad I had the chance to meet you, only sad it wasn't longer. Love Daniel and Family
Posted by Jenny Young on 7th June 2017
Noah, thank you for the wonderful perspective you have on life. Your smiles and infectious joy will be very much missed. You won't be far from us and we will remember you often. Rest in peace Noah.
Posted by Kerry Rogers on 7th June 2017
Dearest Noah my brother from another mother, I will miss you. So many memories, our uni days together, driving in your yellow car, our walks and chats, you sharing your music books and ideas, your love of Lukey n nade n my girls and your big squeezey hugs. So grateful to have been able to hold your hand and say goodbye. May the sun be warm on your face and the waves gentle. All my love kezza x
Posted by Bronwyn Sloan on 7th June 2017
Noah, Remember the amazing Vietnamese salads from the dodgy Chinatown food court? Managing to transition from the title of ‘Best Consultants Ever’ to in the dumps in just a few short days? Oh and the time you estimated we’d save 10% of all spend, then had me spend 8 weeks in an excel assessing spend categories to calculate our savings….which turned out to be as you guessed... 10%? Which of us did have the worst car there by the way? I was always amazed by your hyperactive energy and love of the work, your ability to put aside time to mentor, your knowledge of the theory behind the projects and desire to teach it, your inclusiveness of team members at all levels, your passion for all things surfing, music, movies, footy… and your love for your family. Such a proud father! Signing off as a proud Noah’s Angel! I will miss your laugh, your guidance and your friendship! You have had such a big impact on my development professionally and personally and for that I will always be grateful! Bron
Posted by Klara Gadeeva on 7th June 2017
Noah, dear friend, Today I’m remembering all the fun times and conversations we shared. A few come to mind: …My first few weeks at EY, singing with you “How I can just kill a man” in the club room at 680 George street (startled a few colleagues I reckon;) ). Lunchtime chats about Bill Mandel and his McCarthy hearings. You were always interested to learn about what other people were going through. Your true passion - music. Here’s a text from you about Jimi: “Yeah Stevie (Ray Vaughan) is good, but Jimi always so tasty and lyrical, never overdoes the chops. My fav Hendrix is Killing Floor Live at Monterey opening number. Have tried to play it and can do my own version but just can’t get the same feel..” Your love for all and curiosity for the history of the world, culture and literature. Your many questions about characters in the great Russian classics, their naming conventions, terms of endearment etc. “Why is Sonya in this Dostoyevsky book called Sonyechka? Is it like Stevo for Stephen or Davo for David?” (What a good Aussie you were Noah, so much fun). The best Advisory meeting ever, when you assembled a band of 20+ amateur but passionate “musicians” to rock the house for all. You had so many talents and generously shared them. My thoughts today are with your wonderful family that’re your pride and joy. Noah, I imagine you, easy like Sunday morning, riding that Maroubra wave, swimming in the crystal waters of North Bondi, smiling at the never-ending sun and to all of us. Thank you for your joy, your resilience, your empathy. K
Posted by Josh Stirling on 6th June 2017
Noah (Cuz) your passion and energy for life and in particular family was admirable and infectious. I will forever miss our footy banter whenever the Swannies and Hawks play and our mutual love for Buddy!! You will forever be remembered in everyone's hearts south of the boarder x
Posted by James Hickey on 6th June 2017
Noah, you were a kind soul and a gentlemen. Although we just worked together, it was enough for me to truly know you loved what you did, you loved life and your family and you loved our people. Thank you for coming into all of our lives Noah. You will be missed. RIP mate.
Posted by Claus Jensen on 6th June 2017
Noah, you were with us from the beginning and we will be with you and your family at the end as we say goodbye from all over the world to a true friend, a great colleague and an inspirational person.
Posted by Daryn Saretzki on 6th June 2017
Noah - what a fantastic person you were. Always smiling, always a kind word to say. You were genuine, honest and a just a good bloke. You will be missed
Posted by Justin Greig on 6th June 2017
You bought the band Into the band of brothers Will we ever know another? Aloha Noah Are you bustin down the door? Are you done Foo fighting? Is the music in the middle more? You are a passionate man my brother Will I ever know another? You, the most loyal father, say 'Nothing compares to you Sinead. Luke my pride (in the name of love) Mary my tender lover... I will never know another' Statistics... Round 1 [Sing the chorus from Rage against the machine!] Round 2 [Rage again (you know what I mean)!] Round 3 ...I'll be the outlier guy! Excuse me while I kiss the sky... We love you Noah. A lover and a fighter. We will never know another. Epilogue - in the office How many times did I pass your desk? How many times did you say g'day as I was walking past - away? When last did we laugh together Noah? Why didn't I make it yesterday... Miss you already Noah. Justin
Posted by Jenelle McMaster on 6th June 2017
Hey groover, what a mark you made on this world. Your friendship, your honesty, your willingness to call bullshit, your love of family, your determination, your strength, your courage, your dedication to your team, your willingness to nurture talent, your priorities, your sense of justice, your passion, your musicality, your soul. I - along with so many others, will miss all of it. But we are all forever changed for having known you, and forever richer for having had you in our lives. Your groover buddy, Jenelle
Posted by Friends And Colleagues on 6th June 2017
Matey, Champ, Big fellow...... soo many ways you said hi to people around the office when you came in always with a big smile I can see you sitting in the kitchen in 680 George St eating the lunch from Chinatown which you loved so very much. I can vividly picture the whiteboard sessions when you drew Procurement Models and we were all in awe with the amount of circles and lines the diagrams had and the passion you showed explaining them. You were miles ahead of us. I remember you at Summer School or at the Xmas parties on stage rocking it away. Often dressed like Elvis. New joiners always asking who is that?? All of us proudly saying. "That is Noah". I remember going through the ranks together and providing each other tips and guidance often discussed at the Civic over too many beers. I remember you telling us all you got sick the first time. The energy, strength and determination you had to beat this thing I remember you beating it again second time over. The clarity of what is important in live and your sheer mental strength I remember you telling me it came back the third time........ But what I most remember above all is the love you have for your family and the beautiful person you are, your smile, your laughter and the great friend you are and will always be..... Matey, rest in peace my friend. We will miss you heaps. DJ and Nicholle
Posted by Tim Scadden on 6th June 2017
You leave a legacy of giggles, smiles, dodgy jokes and an example of how to live life to the full whatever it throws at you. Hope they have Roast Duck, rice and veggies up there.
Posted by Brent Gray on 6th June 2017
Noah my Sydney Brother, day 1 buddy and one that was always there....huge mana from a man with a passion for life/surf/ family and our people Kia Kah bro....stay strong, go well I miss you…
Posted by Louisa Francis on 6th June 2017
So many quotes, songs and stories to remember Noah by. 'Life gets busy but remember the important things in your life' was one of the first things he said to me after I had my first baby. It certainly did! I learnt so much from Noah and had great pleasure in our catch ups once I left EY, although too few and too far apart he was never far from my thoughts - especially when attempting to teach my boys to surf!! Such an amazing gentleman who I will always remember. Xx
Posted by Andy Burgess on 6th June 2017
Noah, a true gentleman. Someone who never failed to make you smile! He was inspirational, proud of his family and loyal to his people. Simply put... a champion bloke who will be sorely missed and forever remembered!
Posted by Donia Saeidi on 6th June 2017
Thank you! It was an honor to have known such a great person. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Sarah Farrell on 6th June 2017
Noah, thank you for all the songs, smiles, support and advice. You're a true gent and I feel so lucky to have known you. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. RIP. x
Posted by Ian Fisher on 5th June 2017
I think of you every day & night, Your friendship, laugh & smiling face. Staying strong whilst in the fight, You show us all your incredible grace. A man of great spirit and big heart, One who thought deeply before he spoke I liked you right from the very start. You are the definition of the great Aussie bloke. I think of you every day & night, Family, music, surfing, footy & friends These are your guiding light. Your love for them never ends. Friend to all, loved by many, Your straight shooting, second to none. Your bullshit radar is uncanny, Suffering of fools, never done. I think of you every day & night, You never leave my mind. You never gave up the fight, Even when life was so unkind. So, it's not farewell, not goodbye For me, you'll always be here. That's why I smile, not cry And know you're with us year after year. Love you champ Ian & Louise Fisher

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