His Life

 when we found out I was pregnant with you, I will not lie we were scared  that history would repeat it self and i would miscarry you , but as the weeks passed we thought we be OK and were going to tell your sister and brothers you were there . but that week i started bleeding and had pain and guess that when i knew, they tried to find your heart beat but was not to be found . you were to be our baby but a angel you were born

  You never took a breath in this world, but you were there. You touched mine and your dads life in the weeks you were growing into a beautiful  boy. We love you and you will be in our hearts ... 

 Mother     Annie Willis             Father    Tom Willis

 Name of baby     Noah Reece Willis

Date of birth 23rd June 2010      Date of death  18th june 2010
Time of birth  10.15 am
Gestational age at birth    15 Weeks  Weight at birth 3.53 oz Length at birth 11.6 cm