This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Noe Hamer 42 years old , born on July 4, 1977 and passed away on February 6, 2020. We will remember him forever.

When you grow up with and spend a lifetime loving someone, losing them in an instant is far beyond what anyone can imagine and/or understand.

Noe meant so much for so many of us. He was a big part of our lives in so many different ways. He touched everyone’s life who crossed his path in ways only each of us could express, think, or speak of.

As I look back and remember all the times I spent around Noe, those times were so real. Real in a way that only he and I could understand. When we laughed, we laughed, when we cried, we cried and when we were quiet, we were still communicating.

Very few people on earth could make us feel the way Noe did: the way he made us laugh, try new things, sing as loud as we can, dance without music, throw jokes like confetti, love unconditionally, and enjoy the tiniest things in life.

Gradually, we will heal this constant pain, but we will not forget the great feelings Noe set in our hearts. Knowing Noe my whole life, he often said to me “I like expressing myself.” Noe was true to his heart, he did not keep his feelings inside and allowed all of us to see who he was. I will always take my memories of him and keep them very close to me.

I created this memorial website for our family and friends. For us all to share a memory, or two, or all of them. Post a picture or two or all the ones you have of him. Come here when you want or when you need to. I have received so many pictures and stories that I would want to share with all of you.

Posted by Rosalba Hamer on July 4, 2022
To Noe in heaven I loved you so thanks for being there every step of the way happy birthday
Posted by Nina Principe on July 4, 2022
Happy bday sweetheart I hope you are watching over us and flying high ur always on my mind miss u lots 
Posted by Michael Hamer on February 6, 2022
I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have a dream about you everytime I sleep I dream that your here with us happy as you can be I’m fighting my depression I’m not going to let my depression get the best of me I made you a promise that I wouldn’t stop taking my meds or my therapy and I’ve kept my word I hope when I see you noe I can hug you and tell you how much I miss you I still can look at your picture because everytime I do it makes me cry because of so much I miss you love you bro
Posted by Nina Principe on February 6, 2022
I can't believe it's been 2 yrs already I miss u dear friend
Posted by Peter Pompilio on February 6, 2022
2 years ago I last my only brother.. I still cant believe you're gone brother.. I miss u everyday. Really wish you were here to help me through my depression. Today going to be very hard but I knew u r smiling down on me and rosalba and the rest of us.. I miss u brother.. Love u always..
Posted by Peter Pompilio on November 8, 2021
Just thinking about how noe would feel about the niners right now. Probably mad as hell.. Still think about you everyday my brother.. I miss u and need your guidance as im in a very bad financial rut. Help me please noe!! I miss u so much man.
Posted by Rosalba Hamer on November 7, 2021
Love you miss u so much  
Posted by Peter Pompilio on July 23, 2021
over a year later and I miss the only brother I've ever had. I miss you ever day Noe. I cry when I think about you. Still wish we were hanging out at your house with the dogs and the family watching baseball or just shooting the shit. Was hoping we'd hang out and watch the Niners on the tube this season and hope they go to the super bowl but if they do it wouldnt be the same without you going crazy lol. you were such a special person in my life. I lost my best friend in the world over something so careless. I wish you were still here so I can talk about my financial problems and maybe help me out. I'm still trying to take care of your sister rosallba. ill do my best to continue to take good care of her for you brother. I miss you so much and I hope you're having a good time in heaven. I'll see you there when I get there man.
Posted by Nina Principe on July 4, 2021
Happy bday my dearest friend I miss u so much
Posted by Michael Hamer on February 6, 2021
If feels like just yesterday I was talking to you cracking jokes like we always use to do I miss you so much I'm always thinking about you and missing you all the time I know your up in heaven with Dani's dad having a blast and I know your always watching over us as you always have done the only brother that I ever had I miss you so much I love you so much please rest in peace noe
Posted by Nina Principe on February 6, 2021
I can't believe that a yr has passed already every time I look at lola I tell her uncle Noah loved u I miss hearing ur voice and ur fur babies. Nor u r my best friend we became friends at the dog park cause of our dogs u and Zoey connected instantly I know she's with u I miss u dear friend luv u rest peacefully
Posted by Nina Principe on July 4, 2020
Happy bday my dear friend I luv and miss u dearly plz keep watching over us with ur Zoey she loved her uncle Noah always.
Posted by Lorena Uraga on May 25, 2020
We always had fond memories of Noe when we were children. We remember him as a fun, happy, and kind person, and who always the life of the party. He will be missed.

-From Lorena, Lissette, and Abel
Posted by Donna DelTufo McPherson on May 20, 2020
Noe was a special person to our family. He lived next door to us for several years and instantly became our family. His family also became our family and invited us to share holidays and special times together. We have so many special memories of the fun and crazy things Noe did but also the love he shared with everyone he knew. We got to see Cotton and Sugar get added to his house with Candy, we were there for his learning about suburban living and all the things he never knew about not living in the city, we were there for his motorcycle and watched his learn to ride, we cheered and booed football games and were sad for him when the niners lost both superbowls. Noe was a brother to our sons and a friend to us all. Not a day goes by we don't miss him.
Posted by Amber H. on May 16, 2020
A Poem for You

I miss you every day
I miss you every night
I miss you every hour
And know you’re watching when I see the sunlight

You are an everlasting thought in my mind
And I know you will always be
I know I will never stop thinking of you
Till dusk, till dawn, you’re even in my dreams

I miss you dearly, I truly do
Wish you never left, you are constantly thought of
I wish you were still here but are in our hearts forever
You are an angel now, looking down from above

Love you, my BFF ❤️
Posted by Michael Iannacone on May 9, 2020
Dear Noe,
I know we never got to meet in person or get to know each other. I have gotten the opportunity to learn about your kindness, generosity, and how you lived your life to the fullest through the many stories from your family. Whether it was a car broken down in the pouring rain, goofy phone calls, or just being there for your family, you always helped and were there in your own way. If there were some words I could use to describe you, they are loyal, funny, and loving. Loyal because you were and will still always be there for your loved ones. Funny for the goofy things such as throwing flip flops across a parking lot, or just being silly singing in videos. Most of all is love, the love you gave to your family and others lives on in them, and the love they have for you lives on. I don’t know what you would have done if we met but I have heard many amazing stories about you and know you will be guiding us and looking over us.
       Thank you,
       Michael Iannacone
Posted by Amber H. on May 6, 2020
Thinking of my beautiful Noe always:

“And think of him as living in the hearts of those he touched...for nothing loved is ever lost and he was loved so much” ❤️

Posted by Jacqueline Cashin on April 27, 2020
I met Noe when my son's good friend from the Marines was graduating from boot camp. He was one of the most charming, caring people that I ever met. I was able to keep in touch on Facebook. He was always so supportive and loved to post pictures of his dogs. Although we didn't speak as much after my son got out of Bootcamp, I will always remember him as a kind angel on Earth. I can't believe he is gone and the world is a little less bright without him here. I guess God needed one of his angels back....I'll miss you, Noe. -Love Jackie Cashin
Posted by Nina Principe on April 27, 2020
Noe was a best friend to me we meet in jhood park, candy was a puppy then and my late Zoey loved playing with her. We became insistent friends. When Zoey passed away he helped me get lola he was her Tito he make a beautiful tribute about Zoey he adored her gid has gained a wonderful angel I miss him dearly my heart still hurts for my best friend
Posted by Fernando Hernandez on April 23, 2020
Well what I can say about Noe is that he was an amazing person. He was very funny and always had a smile on his face. I can say that I never saw him angry or in a bad mood. I always remember when we used to get together at my brother's place to watch a football game or simply to listen to music and have a good time. Noe really liked bachata and everytime my brother played a song by Antony Santos he used to grab my leg or my brother's leg and made believe he was playing the guitar with it. This was really funny the way he did it and we used to laugh a lot. I still think about those times and I start laughing.
When I heard what happened to him it really hurt me, eventhough I am far away he was still my good friend. Noe was a good son, a good brother and an excellent friend . Thanks Noe for being part of our lives and for being like a brother to my brother. Will always miss you...
Posted by Amber H. on April 20, 2020
Thinking about you today and every day...forever. Miss and love my BFF ❤️
Posted by D. M. on April 19, 2020
Noe. When I hear his name now I’m filled with love and sadness all at the same time. There is nothing I can say that will properly honor my beautiful Noe. Noe was painfully taken from us at only 42 years of age, for on February 6, 2020 he took his last breath. To say Noe was just an uncle doesn’t justify what we had. Noe took on the role of a brother and that of a second dad. I have so many memories with my beautiful Noe, so many that I will probably leave this earth and not remember them all because there are just that many. We shared a love and appreciation for life that most wouldn’t understand. We painted his first apartment, we gardened in his first house, we’d go on long drives and randomly take any song that came up on the radio and turn the lyrics into ones that would represent which foods we loved the most, we went into so many food comas together, we’d have family sleepovers and when everyone else fell asleep Noe and I always stayed up until the sun came out to let us know we missed our bed time. We shared our favorite songs, our deeper secrets, and we talked about saving all the animals, we laughed until one of us fell on the floor, and we cried til there was nothing else to say but just hug. One of my favorite childhood memories with him was when he took me to see the Backstreet Boys at TRL. I remember thinking to myself, why does my really cool uncle want to hang out with me? I’m so little and young, doesn’t he think I’m boring? But he didn’t. He loved it. That was Noe. Noe would always put himself last. We fought about this a few times, but that was him. To say my heart is suffocating is an understatement and I know it will never be relieved. My beautiful Noe, my uncle, mentor, best friend, our best-man, a soul that will never die so long as I shall live and longer for what I had with Noe is not materialistic but a indescribable love and his light of life will forever burn in my heart. My beautiful amazing uncle, I miss you so much and am so grateful that you enjoyed every texture you touched, every color you interpreted, every scent you inhaled, every note you heard, and every flavor you tasted. You taught me so much about life. In all this darkness, my light is that I cherished my beautiful Noe every single moment I spent with him. We made an abundance of great memories together and for that I will be forever thankful. For everyone reading this, keep this in mind; life is short and time keeps ticking. My uncle didn’t teach me that when he passed, he taught me that when he was alive. Don’t waste your time and live the life that you dream of. Changes are sometimes scary but they can hold great futures. Enjoy those you love and spend lots of time with them. May You, Noe, rest in the eternal peace of separation from the worries. I love you so much from the deepest depths of my heart and soul. Until we meet again, ❤️.
Posted by Amber H. on April 19, 2020
My beautiful Noe. What to say? I do not know what to say in a time like this, in a time of sorrow due to the loss of such a being that is irreplaceable. Noe, my uncle, was taken away from us on February 6, 2020. There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe my feelings for my beautiful uncle, Noe. Writing this feels surreal; we were BFFs...and always will be. Noe was a second dad, brother, best friend, and so much more. I would look at Noe and say, “I want to marry a man like that,” with his beautiful attitude, outlook on life, perspective of different aspects, and everything else that cannot be put into words...because he, himself, cannot be put into words. I will forever and always be your best friend forever. Until we meet again, my beautiful Noe ❤️

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Posted by Rosalba Hamer on July 4, 2022
To Noe in heaven I loved you so thanks for being there every step of the way happy birthday
Posted by Nina Principe on July 4, 2022
Happy bday sweetheart I hope you are watching over us and flying high ur always on my mind miss u lots 
Posted by Michael Hamer on February 6, 2022
I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have a dream about you everytime I sleep I dream that your here with us happy as you can be I’m fighting my depression I’m not going to let my depression get the best of me I made you a promise that I wouldn’t stop taking my meds or my therapy and I’ve kept my word I hope when I see you noe I can hug you and tell you how much I miss you I still can look at your picture because everytime I do it makes me cry because of so much I miss you love you bro
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to my beautiful brother noe

Shared by Michael Hamer on September 13, 2020
How I miss you so much there is never a day that goes by that I don't think about you I can hear you guiding me in the right way as you always have I even feel you next to me anywhere I am I know your not in pain anymore and I know your always watching over all of us and you will always be in my heart I love you so much rest in peace my beautiful noe til we meet again I will always think of you first always and forever 

P. S. I'll never forget that you got me my first tattoo by the way Dani says hi homie lol we love you ❤️❤️
Shared by Rosy H on June 24, 2020
Talking about tattoos was something Noe and I talked about. We talked about why people got them, what they meant and the reason behind why people would get them. Noe's tattoos were a part of who he was. Noe told me that he wanted to get a tattoo that represented all the important women in his life and wanted it to start on his shoulder and extend to the front of his chest. Time had passed and a few days later we picked up the conversation about this tattoo that he had become so interested in. He mentioned how he had finally decided what tattoo he would get next. He then began asking me the birthstones of the women in our family and the colors of the birthstones. As time went by, I guess his tattoo artist had started working on this mysterious tattoo and Noe would occasionally say things like “You’re going to really like this”, or “ I can’t wait to show this to you all”. Finally, the day came and he told me, “I got a rose for each one of you and it was colored with the birthstone colors." It must have been days later that I saw it and Noe just smiled, lifted his eyebrows up and down said “It’s nice right”. I loved it... I just smiled and nodded.
Shared by Francisca Hernandez on May 19, 2020
Yo queria  mucho an Noe.  El era un buen muchacho,humilde, respectuoso, ovediente y muy educado.
Tengo dos recuerdos de Noe que nunca se me olvidaran.  El primero es en la boda de Darcy cuando estabamos en la iglesia el fue al frente se arrodillo a horar y eso fue muy maravilloso de el.  El segundo es cuando el me llamo en Enero y se ofrecio a llevarme a las citas de medicos si Mario no podia llevarme.  Esa llamada se me ha quedado en la mente para siempre.  Mas nunca voy a olvidar a Noe.  Que Dios te tenga el la Gloria, que Dios te vendiga